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The Virtuous Heroes Podcast’s mission is to inspire people who feel disheartened with the lack of virtue in business by sharing authentic testimonials from values-driven executives so you feel motivated to continually pursue excellence and be your best self.

Spirit Consulting is an executive search firm that integrates work psychology to help frustrated organizations fill their most important roles. Our executive search consultants help organizations hire all-star executives so our clients can serve more customers and grow their business.

The Virtuous Heroes Podcast Christopher Gomez

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The Virtuous Heroes Podcast’s mission is to inspire people who feel disheartened with the lack of virtue in business by sharing authentic testimonials from values-driven executives so you feel motivated to continually pursue excellence and be your best self.

Spirit Consulting is an executive search firm that integrates work psychology to help frustrated organizations fill their most important roles. Our executive search consultants help organizations hire all-star executives so our clients can serve more customers and grow their business.

    Ep. 85 "Every Moment Matters" w/ Mark Mullins, Ed.D

    Ep. 85 "Every Moment Matters" w/ Mark Mullins, Ed.D

    In this episode, Chris speaks with Mark Mullins, Ed.D, an experienced Consultant, and Public Schools Superintendent. Watch this episode to learn more about Dr. Mullins’ passion for learning and helping others on their educational and life journeys. Dr. Mullins' first found his passion for helping others find their path after navigating his way through higher education after graduating from High School. Dr. Mullins' says that although he had the tools and the help to find his path after high school he still had issues deciding what he wanted for himself. Dr. Mullins' decided on Florida State University and from there went on to start his education career as a mathematics teacher.This furthered his passion for education and helping others and became the Assistant Principal after a few years. During this time, Dr. Mullins also learned more about himself and what kind of impact and life lessons he wants to give those he helps and interacts with. After his years in education and progressing to the role of superintendent Dr. Mullins' finds that always having a rough plan or idea of who you are and where you want to be is important for a successful career and life. Now with his years of experience and faith, Dr. Mullins' comes to impart some of his learned wisdom to our audience. Listen as Dr. Mullins helps us understand where our paths intersect with faith and our purpose. With the support of his loving wife of 35 years and children, Dr. Mullins joins us on the Virtuous Heroes Podcast this episode!More about our guest:Dr. Mullins’ teaching career began at Cocoa Beach Jr/Sr High School in 1994 as a mathematics teacher, Varsity Soccer Coach and Class sponsor. He later served as an Assistant Principal at Southwest Middle and Palm Bay High before becoming Principal of Clearlake Middle School in 2005, a Title 1 school. As principal, he has lead the school to improved student achievement, maintaining an “A” grade from the FLDOE and attainment of an authorized International Baccalaureate Program. As Area Superintendent he directly supervised 29 schools in south Brevard; school levels included: 19 Elementary, 4 Middle, 4 High, 1 Jr/Sr High and 1 Alternative School. Area schools served 25,000+ students across a diverse population including thirteen Title 1 schools and two application-based/choice schools. While Area Superintendent, schools maintained increased VAM scores and Instructional Culture Index scores above national averages. As Deputy Superintendent, he has initiated the district’s first efficiency review process to improve organization processes. He also leads the district’s revitalized strategic plan process that includes monthly “stocktakes” to monitor progress and reflect on organization-wide goals and objectives. Now as Superintendent, Dr. Mullins is continuing the strategic plan efforts toward increased security measures, enhanced mental health supports for students, ensuring the highest quality workforce and tackling the achievement gap between minority and majority students.Dr. Mullins served on the Junior Achievement of the Space Coast board as Education Chairman and the NAACP South Chapter – Education Committee. He is a 2015 LEAD Brevard graduate; He served as an United Way Organization Site Champion, Take Stock in Children mentor and Children’s Hunger Project advocate.https://www.linkedin.com/in/mark-w-mullins-ed-d-54445966/

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    Ep. 84 "Confronting your Morals through Leadership" w/ Dr. Johnny Guimaraes

    Ep. 84 "Confronting your Morals through Leadership" w/ Dr. Johnny Guimaraes

    In this episode, Chris speaks with Dr. Johnny Guimaraes, Vice President of Information Technology and Data Analytics at Thriving Mind South Florida. Johnny discusses his journey of leadership and how he ended up where he is now while sticking to his morals.
    Johnny’s adventure to becoming a Vice President at Thriving Mind came with many ups and downs. However, it is due to his morals and strict belief that doors would open for him that got him to his position now. Right after undergrad, Johnny found his first mentor at his first job at an insurance company. His mentor here always pushed Johnny to become better, stick to his morals, and gain more experience. This mindset is what fast tracked Johnny’s future endeavors.
    A couple jobs later, Johnny’s decision making skills and morals were truly put to the test. In this role, Johnny would do what was morally right or turn a blind eye to things against his morals. This became a daunting decision given that it would mean speaking out against a superior. Johnny stuck to his morals and realized this was the correct decision as he was rewarded later when he least expected it.
    Through experiences like this, Johnny is confident in his ability to do what he does best and to help others. As an adjunct professor at Miami Dade College, he teaches his students and others the importance of morals. He also emphasizes the importance of leading with morality because that is what other people will notice. One of his other biggest pieces of advice is to stay humble as humility goes a long way.
    As Johnny continues inspiring the next generation, Johnny leaves us with one thing: be open to any door that opens or closes. As long as you stick by your morals and stay humble, doors will open for you. He joins us now to share how he confronts his morals through all leadership positions he’s been in and how the next generation can do the same.
    More about our guest:
    A senior leader and IT Leadership Team member with over 30 years of executive and management-level work experience spanning financial and information technology with a specialized focus in information security, privacy, and data analytics. Well-versed in current and emerging threats and mitigating technologies. Applies extensive knowledge of technology standards and best practices, governance processes, and relevant metrics to ensure that IT is operating at optimum levels of effectiveness and appropriately managing risk. Recognized for working with cross-functional teams throughout the company to provide guidance and project management services for implementing security controls. Utilizes a servant leadership style and passion for leading and motivating cross-functional, interdisciplinary teams to achieve tactical and strategic goals.

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    Ep. 83 "Building Communities of Support" w/ Fernando Little

    Ep. 83 "Building Communities of Support" w/ Fernando Little

    In this week’s episode, Chris speaks with Fernando Little, Chief Diversity Officer at Atrium Health and Minister of Music for his church. Fernando emphasizes the importance of communities of support and productive conversations. He underscores the critical nature of active antiracism, especially from company and community leaders.
    Fernando draws on personal anecdotes and his experiences in the workforce to talk about building a community of support. He focuses on supportive leadership, inclusivity, and open dialogue in the workplace, spreading health, hope, and healing for all. Fernando emphasizes the importance of optimism and not letting fear hold you back.
    Fernando discusses the importance of helping and serving others, particularly in current racial and social justice movements. His focus on supporting the people in his organization and personal life helps to strengthen his relationships. It creates a two-way street where he both receives and provides support. As such, it heightens the quality of his relationships and benefits from a service-oriented mindset. Such a focus allows him to build a stronger relationship with his community. Establishing a community of service and trust also allows for a more significant impact of acts of service, and Fernando is a leader within this space.
    Fernando’s passion for service shines through in his work. Learn more about how to create similar communities of impact in today’s episode.
    More About Our Guest:
    Fernando Little is the Chief Diversity Officer at Atrium Health and Minister of Music for his church. He focuses on building a service mindset in his community and maximizing impact of service.

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    Ep. 82 “Inspiring Others with Kindness” w/ Dr. Matthew Pollard

    Ep. 82 “Inspiring Others with Kindness” w/ Dr. Matthew Pollard

    About this Episode
    In this week’s episode, Chris speaks with Dr. Matthew Pollard, Vice President of Intermountain Continuous Development at Intermountain Healthcare. Matthew discusses his journey to discover his passion for leadership and how he uses continuous kindness to inspire others.
    Throughout Matthew’s childhood and later in life, he found mentorship and guidance from surgeons in his community. These figures inspired Matthew to pursue a career in medicine while helping others the way they helped him. Matthew learned how to align his priorities with his values from his mentors. As such, he began his career as an emergency department physician not only seeking to treat but to lead. From the early phases of his leadership journey, Matt sought to become a similarly reliable mentor for others.
    For Matthew, the path to becoming a leader was not a straight or easy one. At each step of his career, Matthew sought to fine-tune best practices and processes while ensuring patients are the top priority. His dedication to patients came with strong opinions, and, sometimes, they were seen as aggressive. Instead of taking this personally, Matthew realized there may be something that he needs to change to accomplish his goals. He’s used lessons from this experience to teach and inspire others to become more self-aware while uplifting one another.
    No longer directly treating patients as a physician, Matthew’s role is to continuously improve healthcare operations. His aim is now to inspire those in the healthcare industry to have humility in leadership, respect for every individual, and inspire the next generation. Matthew follows these cardinal principles throughout his personal and professional life. He joins us now to share his journey of inspiration and now joins us on the Virtuous Heroes Podcast to share his experiences.
    More about our guest:
    Mission: Improving healthcare delivery and patient outcomes through Continuous Improvement.
    Vision: To engage physicians and caregivers at Intermountain Healthcare in a relentless pursuit of the perfect patient experience.

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    Ep. 81 “A Calling to Connect” w/ Dr. Rhea Fernandes

    Ep. 81 “A Calling to Connect” w/ Dr. Rhea Fernandes

    In this episode, Chris speaks with Dr. Rhea Fernandes, Chief Operating Officer at Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health. Rhea discusses the origins of her passion for leadership as well as how she best supports her employees and patients and connects with them.
    For most of her early life and into adulthood Rhea grew up with her family in India. During this time she attributes her family, her father in particular, to creating her passion for helping others and leadership. When Rhea was young, she would watch as her father would help others in their community however he could. Through watching him use his connections to help others, Rhea’s passion for helping others and leadership grew.
    Once older, Rhea began to pursue a career in Psychology, contrary to what her parents had expected from her. After earning her bachelor’s degree in India, Rhea decided to pursue her graduate education in the United States. She moved and enrolled at Chestnut Hill College, while at the same time starting in a position at NHS Human Services. During this time, she gained experience from her education as well as her hands-on role as a Psychotherapist and Resource Coordinator.
    While enrolled, Rhea advanced through NHS Human Services to the position of Executive Director. From here she switched to her current company, Devereux Advanced Behavioral Health, in 2015. Here she can follow her passions while also doing good for the world and being a voice for the voiceless. She continues her journey of leadership and creating connections every day and now joins us on the Virtuous Heroes Podcast to share some of her experience and wisdom.
    More about our guest:
    Doctorate in Clinical Psychology (Psy.D), Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). COO at one of the most advanced non-profit mental health organizations in the U.S. Progressive leadership experience in behaviors health combining sophisticated management and clinical skills to achieve the best quality and fiscal outcomes through program turnaround, team building, outcomes monitoring and effective stakeholder relationships. Non - profit board of director experience. Currently serve as board member, NAMI Montgomery County.

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    Ep. 80 “Finding Glory Through Suffering” w/ Danny Ciamarra

    Ep. 80 “Finding Glory Through Suffering” w/ Danny Ciamarra

    In this week’s episode, Chris speaks with Danny Ciamarra, Executive Director of Kingdom Learners, an organization that awakens the hearts of believers in Christ through various organized tools and resources. Danny emphasizes the importance of humility, perseverance, and grit when going through challenging moments, and reminds us to always look for the light at the end of the tunnel.
    Danny has worked as a teacher, consultant, and a coach in the past. He takes what he learned from those experiences to offer free religious and life management courses, home churches, and daily prayers. Kingdom Learners emphasizes the importance of community through conversation. With established home churches, people can pray together during the weekdays, share their struggles and thoughts, and be able to provide comfort to one another in a more intimate setting.
    Danny, having struggled with drug and alcohol abuse, is able to now teach what he learned throughout his own life to others struggling with similar issues today. Danny explains that there is always something to be grateful for, even in some of the hardest situations. Always staying focused on the positive side of things will determine how a specific situation will play out.
    Danny’s passion for uplifting his community through Church is easily apparent, and he is eager to help as many people as he can through Kingdom Leaders. As a husband, father, and son, Danny knows he must continuously work on himself and those around him to maintain balanced relationships.
    Danny focuses on using his past life experiences to uplift and understand others. He is dedicated to making others' lives better, and teaches them to take every challenge as a learning moment. Watch to learn more about how you can make the best out of a difficult situation you are going through.
    More about our guest:
    Danny was a teacher, coach, and professor for nearly 20 years. Danny received his BS in Middle Childhood Education from Northern Kentucky University, his Masters in Education from Xavier University, and his Doctorate in Educational Leadership and Curriculum Development from Miami University. Danny is an ordained minister and passionate follower of Christ who desperately wants to see others find their kingdom identity and reach their God-given potential.

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10 Ratings

PinkSwag4ever ,

Exceptional Podcast for any Leaders

Anyone that wants to develop their leadership skills should definitely check out this podcast. It focuses on how to become better leaders in ways that are typically not thought of!

ggallic ,

Insightful Podcast!

This podcast is full of great interviews hosted by Chris Gomez. His questions always allow the guests to provide great insights into their career, their faith, and what makes them successful. Chris brings on a variety of hosts from different fields, walks of life, etc. It’s a great listen!

Max Greller ,

Great Episode (#23)

I just finished listening to episode 23 with Robert Davis. I thought it was interesting how he incorporated what he learned in his 8 years in the military to building a family culture in the workplace. He also talked about valuing flexibility and adaptability and how they can better accommodate patients within the medical sphere. I like how Chris added that flexibility is not only important in the workplace, but also at home with friends and family. Finally, Robert advises the audience to not let ambitions prevent an individual from enjoying the small wins and appreciating one’s accomplishments.

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