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The Women Talk About Learning Podcast is, well, women talking about learning and development. Underrepresented in senior roles in the learning function, this podcast amplifies women’s voices talking about all things learning and development related.

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The Women Talk About Learning Podcast is, well, women talking about learning and development. Underrepresented in senior roles in the learning function, this podcast amplifies women’s voices talking about all things learning and development related.

    The Creativity One

    The Creativity One

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    Episode Links:
    Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor
    Purposeful play
    Brain Writing
    The Hero’s Journey Narrative Structure
    Creativity as a Muscle
    Gender and Creativity
    The Fourth-Grade Slump
    Creativity and the Brain
    Creativity and being a generalist
    Creativity: A Short and Cheerful Guide
    How to Kill Creativity
    Gender and perceived creativity
    Hero's journey
    The anxiety that limits your creative genius
    Richard Herring's Would You Rather?
    23 Mind-Bending Questions to Ask Kids to Encourage Creative Thinking
    The Most Creative Types Are Introverts. And Extroverts.
    Who’s More Creative: Introverts or Extroverts?
    What is psychological safety?
    The Corporate Jester
    Speaking Truth to Power
    MindTools | Home
    How to Be a More Creative Problem-Solver at Work: 8 Tips
    Playfulness and creativity
    Fred Rogers
    ©AATH | Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor
    How To Increase Creativity in the Workplace (With Tips)
    This week’s guests are Beth Slazak.  She holds a BA from the University of Buffalo in History and Dance, a Certification in Education from Buffalo State University, a Masters of Science in Creative Studies from Buffalo State University, an MBA from D’Youville University, and she has completed a three-year Certified Humor Professional program. She has spent time at every level of the education world, from elementary schools to colleges, instructing minds in the tools and techniques of innovation, problem solving and deliberate creativity. Beth has led many Creative Problem Solving workshops, providing professional development skills to people in Canada, Mexico, Italy, and the US.
    Fran Harrison lives in Wiltshire, UK, and is Learning Technologies Strategist for the QA Group of Companies.
    A qualified teacher with a career spanning teaching, strategic and advisory work from early years up  to postgraduate level and now private sector, as well as various charity roles, Fran specialises in digital learning strategy, inclusion by design in learning, Generative AI, and educational technology implementation.A creative problem-solver and a keen advocate for use of narrative structure in learning, Fran recently co-presented a creative workshop on Universal Design for Learning at the Association for Learning Technologies Annual Conference.
    fran.harrison@qa.com /  feh2901-edtech@yahoo.com
    Lindsey Dinneen has 10+ years of leadership experience in multiple areas of marketing and business across medtech, education, performing arts, fitness, start-ups, B2B services, hospitality, and event management. As a professional ballerina, Lindsey founded and successfully ran a nonprofit professional dance company and a brick-and-mortar dance studio. She has been featured for her expertise and experience more than 30 times in publications including Authority Magazine, Entrepreneur, Fortune, and Thrive Global. She champions wellness through her online dance, stretching, and mindfulness courses, and serves as a consultant and fractional leader. Lindsey holds an MS in Management & Leadership and an MBA. 

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    The Invisibility One

    The Invisibility One

    You can contact Women Talking About Learning through our website, womentalkingaboutlearning.com
    We’re on Twitter @WTAL_Podcast
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    Episode Links:
    Katy Perry - Roar (Official)
    When Parents Tell Kids to ‘Work Hard,’ Do They Send the Wrong Message?
    Apply to a Job, Even If You Don’t Meet All Criteria
    Why Women Don’t Apply for Jobs Unless They’re 100% Qualified
    Perspectives on the skills obsession: Mirjam Neelen
    Servant leadership
    Gender inequalities in the workplace: the effects of organizational structures, processes, practices, and decision makers’ sexism
    Invisible Women
    10 Things Sheryl Sandberg Gets Exactly Right In 'Lean In'
    Reading group: Catch-22 by Joseph Heller
    Why Women Need A Professional Network
    Women in the Workplace 2022
    Recruit. Hire. Retain. Advance.
    Do ADHD Symptoms Differ in Boys and Girls?
    Podcasts - Tracy Otsuka
    Mary Portas On Why We Need To Forget 'Leaning In' At Work And 'Be Every Bit A Woman'
    WOLFPACK: How to Come Together, Unleash Our Power, and Change the Game
    Do Women Avoid Salary Negotiations? Evidence from a Large Scale Natural Field Experiment
    6 Quick Tips for Increasing Your Visibility
    Differentiations in Visibility-Male Advantages and Female Disadvantages in Gender-Segregated Programmes
    Society ‘disappears’ ageing women. So I harnessed that cloak of invisibility to do all sorts of ‘inappropriate’ things
    This week’s guests are Joyce Blommaert.  Joyce is currently a Global Agile Lead for ice cream at Unilever and looking for a new opportunity. She is a mum of 2 boys and she is a yoga teacher and mindfulness coach.
    Teresa Rose is an award-winning learning and performance consultant. 
    With over 16 years’ experience in organisational and people development, Teresa’s career has encompassed everything from program design through to large scale global change and transformation projects. She is also an executive and business coach. 
    Teresa has diversified  experience and has worked with e.on, DNV, The World Bank Group, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, Glaxo Smith Kline, NHS, Quick Release, Sodexo, Informa Group and University of Cambridge.
    In Teresa’s words, she’s had a very squiggly career. Her curiosity and inquisitiveness certainly hold no bounds. She got a love of tech from her Dad, who worked at a television company. He's also her role model when it comes to leadership.   
    Teresa has worked in retail management, media, logistics, not for profit, education, sales and FMCG. It does mean Teresa brings a lot of commercial thinking, realism and pragmatism to her work, and thinks deeply about how customers and employees feel and what their needs are. 
    Teresa is focused on evidence, evaluation, impact and latest research.  She brings this to her work. Away from work, she’s always learning. Whether it’s on the dance floor or lifting heavy weights on the gym floor.  
    Twitter @teresarose01 
    LinkedIn https://www.linkedin.com/in/teresar/ 
    Website www.consulther.co.uk 

    Ariel Wynn is a Master's Degree educated Marketing Professional and author; with her debut novel to be published in 2024. Ariel has spent 10 years in the modelling industry and is a current finalist for Miss Swimsuit British Isles. Ariel is currently the UK Chairperson for the Women's Network at her current organisation, PM Group; championing and leading over forty women for a fair, inclusive and empowered professional and personal environment.
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/ariel-wynn-42890a19b/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ari3lmari3/
    A 4th generation educator who couldn't fight her destiny, Alison Shea has held roles in all aspects of Learning and Talent Development, from developing learning products to running custom Learning Solutions for Financial Services a

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    The ROI One

    The ROI One

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    This week’s guests are Dr. Laura Sicola is a leadership communication and influence expert, speaker,  author of Speaking to Influence: Mastering Your Leadership Voice, and host of the  podcast, Speaking to Influence: Communication Secrets of the C-Suite. Her mission is  to transform executives into confident, inspiring leaders. A cognitive linguist by  background, she has trained and coached executives at Fortune 500 companies, and  non-profit leaders from around the world. 
    Laura’s TEDx talk, “Want to Sound Like a Leader? Start by Saying Your Name Right,”  has nearly 7 million views.
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/drlaurasicola
    LinkedIn Business Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/laurasicola-inc
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/VocalImpactProductions
    Facebook: Dr. Laura Sicola
    Twitter: @LauraSicola
    Instagram: @drlaurasicola
    Website: https://laurasicola.com
    Bo Dury is a learning impact enthusiast. Her mission is to build products and solutions that measure and drive organisational impact through learning. Bo brings together her analytical background from her Chemical Engineering degree, cross-industry experience from consulting and scale-up experience from HelloFresh.
    LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/bo-dury/ 
    E-mail: bo.dury@gmail.com
    Episode Links:
    The Power of Compounding Applied to Habits
    How To Measure the ROI of Management Training Courses
    How to Measure ROI for Leadership Development Programs
    Devastating Effects of Toxic Work Culture on People and Organizational Effectiveness
    Unveiling the Hidden Dangers Within Organizations: The Impact of Toxic Employees on Company Culture and Morale - Insights from Real HR Experiences
    ROI vs. ROF: Return on Investment Versus Failure
    The Opportunity Cost Formula That’ll Help You Make Optimal Marketing Decisions
    Net Promoter
    Moment of truth (marketing)
    How to Determine ROI for Life Coaching and Other Niche Coaching Services
    Unlocking the Value: Measuring the ROI of Leadership Training
    Elevate Your Soft Leadership Skills: The Real Power Skills
    20 examples of development opportunities that can level up your career
    Start with why -- how great leaders inspire action | Simon Sinek | TEDxPugetSound
    Return on investment

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    The Senior Management One

    The Senior Management One

    You can contact Women Talking About Learning through our website, womentalkingaboutlearning.com
    We’re on Twitter @WTAL_Podcast
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    This week’s guests are Jo Royce. Jo is an accomplished leader with deep expertise in brand-building, organisational change, culture and professional development - adept at leadership, building culture and delivering creative and innovative solutions.  Jo has led, managed, coached and trained numerous executives,  teams, graduates and interns.   She is a huge advocate for DE&I, sustainability and triple-bottom-line business strategy.   Jo lives in Buckinghamshire, with her husband, 2 kids, small furry hound and an oversized trainer collection.
    April Petrey is not just a seasoned Learning and Development (L&D) leader with over 20 years of experience; she's a transformative force in the field. As the founder of Allonsy Innovation, LLC, she's renowned for injecting strategic acumen and creative energy into the startup and venture capital worlds. Known for turning minimal initiatives into major impacts, April embodies the essence of impactful learning - significant growth from focused inputs.
    Her L&D journey is marked by significant roles in both mature companies and dynamic startups. April's passion lies in creating learning environments that do more than meet standards; they revolutionise how individuals and organisations develop and grow.
    Distinguished for her ability to mentor leadership teams and influence executive decisions, April is more than a strategist; she's a visionary. Her talent in identifying organisational needs and developing scalable learning programs has established her as an invaluable asset in any context.
    Away from her professional endeavours, April finds joy in playing board games with her daughters, delving into hand embroidery, enjoying a good read, and spending time with her pets, Pippin the dog and Oliver the orange cat.
    Episode Links:
    Social Psychology of Education
    Why Women Entrepreneurs Outperform Men
    Can learning be a core value? - Google Search
    Navi Radjou: Frugal Innovation - Doing Better with Less
    Frugal innovation
    What is frugal innovation?
    Why Leadership Training Fails—and What to Do About It
    Why Organizations Don’t Learn
    Why Some Managers Don’t Learn And Develop
    Why consultants should take notes from honey bees
    From Startup Founder to LEADER
    From Founder-Led to Founder-Inspired: How Founders Can Create Companies That Outlast Their Leadership
    Why is innovation so difficult? An ode to all innovators.
    The importance of lifelong learning for startup founders
    What do we mean by learning, training and development?

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    The Procrastination One

    The Procrastination One

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    This week’s guests are Anna Svitak and Katie Nall.
    Anna Svitak is an Organisational Psychologist, working as a Learning Advisor for Shell and a master at procrastination. She is passionate about topics such as motivation, growth and curiosity. In her work, she focuses on creating a supportive environment for employees to feel empowered to develop and grow. Anna has been selected for the 30under30 cohort of the Learning Technologies Conference 2023.
    LinkedIn: Anna Svitak | LinkedIn
    Katie Nall, Ph.D., is a Florida mathematician, a two-time TEDx speaker, a professional member of National Speakers Association, and an Accredited Master Trainer and Practitioner in Emotional Freedom Technique, (EFT or Tapping). Dr. Nall is a horrible housekeeper and worse cook with no desire for rehabilitation. She is still working on organising her photographs.
    Email: Hello@DrNall.com
    YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/KatieNallPhD
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/KatieNallPhD
    L-I: https://www.linkedin.com/in/KatieNallPhD
    IG: https://www.instagram.com/KatieNallPhD
    Episode Links:
    How to Calm Down When You’re Feeling Extra Anxious
    Therapist on TikTok perfectly explains 'glimmering' and how it's vital for our health
    Basic Procrastination Triggers
    Can Trauma Be Passed Down From One Generation to the Next?
    How to heal from genetic trauma
    Why we wait: the neuroscience of procrastination
    Why to-do lists don’t work
    8 Tips to Meet Deadlines Without Over-Stressing Yourself
    Do you overprepare?
    How to Actually Start the Task You’ve Been Avoiding
    Pomodoro Technique
    How to build a habit in 5 steps, according to science
    Do the Painful Things First
    Atomic Habits: An Easy & Proven Way to Build Good Habits & Break Bad Ones
    Procrastination: An emotional struggle
    Stop Dodging That Dreaded Task! 9 Ways to Halt Avoidance Procrastination
    Why Do I Procrastinate? 5 Root Causes And How to Tackle Them
    Why You Procrastinate (It Has Nothing to Do With Self-Control)

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    The Disability One

    The Disability One

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    This week’s guests are Jo Cook.Through her company Lightbulb Moment, Jo has specialised in training learning professionals about virtual classroom and webinar design and delivery since 2013. Jo is a speaker, instructional designer and classroom facilitator. Jo’s passion is in helping and supporting teams, professionals and organisations embrace the benefits of the live online learning technology and her background includes: further and higher education; the charity sector; small and large organisations, including CNN News and Bupa International.
    Find out more about Jo and her work on her website: www.lightbulbmoment.online and follow @LightbulbJo on Twitter
     Debbie Carter has been writing about and covering the field of workplace learning and development for over 20 years. As the editor of TJ magazine (formerly Training Journal) she led the publication through a number of mergers and acquisitions, and the many challenges faced by print-based products as digital transformation radically changed how we deliver all products and services.
    Debbie has cerebral palsy and is a permanent wheelchair user. She has a deeply personal view of the importance of belonging for those who face the difficulties of being different. While not an expert in the field of diversity, equality and inclusion – she has her own view of what it is like to be a disabled woman in a world largely dominated by able people.
    Married to David for 36 years, Debbie has two children and two grandchildren. She lives in rural Cambridgeshire and enjoys reading, particularly history and thrillers, cooking (a book of recipes is planned for retirement!) and theatre.
    Contact Debbie via LinkedIn or at debbie.inmotion@gmail.com
    Helen Todd, Founder and Director of Impact People Consulting.
    Known for her people-centric approach, Helen has comprehensive experience across talent
    acquisition and development, employee engagement and performance management. This
    experience has been gained in a range of industries from Technology through to Global Financial
    Helen’s YouTube Channel https://www.youtube.com/@ImpactPeopleConsulting and website
    Susan Strang started her career as a teacher in Northern Ireland in the late 1980s and early 90's,  teaching in both primary and secondary schools throughout Northern Ireland and in Berkshire, England.  She had a burning desire to travel and left her teaching job in England to explore the world! 
    After her travel hiatus, she returned to Northern Ireland where she worked as a researcher and newsroom journalist for a local radio station before returning to work in community education where she has worked for over two decades, coordinating and delivering education programs.
    She currently works as a training officer, tutor and mentor for a charitable organisation in Belfast.  Over the past 5 years I have delivered programs in Essential Skills literacy, employability and personal development to adults and young people who have a disability and / or health condition.
    Cathy Doherty is The People Navigator® known for seeing what others don’t and business owners can’t. With a rich background in guiding leaders through the intricacies of people, culture, and HR, Cathy's journey began at 8, witnessing her Dad build a thriving financial services firm from their home. Now, she collaborates with business owners caught in the challenge of breaking free from parental management habits, injecting fresh perspectives and fostering thriving workplace dynamics. Cathy doesn't just navigate; she transforms, turning challenges into opportunities for growth.
    Episode Links:
    People with Disabilities Are an Untapped Talent Pool
    What reasonable adjustmen

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3 Ratings

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