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Each episode, hosts A.C.E & Blvkm0nd4y dissect their latest singles, current events and the music industry with both in studio guests and callers.

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Each episode, hosts A.C.E & Blvkm0nd4y dissect their latest singles, current events and the music industry with both in studio guests and callers.

    GreyArea PodCast Episode 36: "¿¿¿N0 Man N0 Cry???"

    GreyArea PodCast Episode 36: "¿¿¿N0 Man N0 Cry???"

    Well, I’ll be…welcome back to THEGREYAREA PODCAST y’all. What can I say, it’s a sad day but a happy day all at the same time, as the gang sit down for BlvkM0nd4y’s last in-person episode (for now) before he leaves us to go rule the world from London. But what we’re not gonna do is get all mushy because men don’t feel. So let’s just get right down to it…

    BlvkM0nd4y and ACEXXI are joined in-studio by Chris Jackson & Junior Bevel as ACEXXI almost gets his Jamaican Card™ revoked tryna figure out which version of Bob Marley’s “No Woman No Cry” is valid enough to set the vibe (0:06). Once they sort that out, the squad gets right to it sending an R.I.P. to Kevin Samuels (9:38) and discussing whether his rhetoric was disparaging or just unpleasant truth (12:29).

    After that it’s time for another round of “Victory or Not Victory” (25:57) where we debate whether a Chicago Church’s fast from whiteness (27:14) and Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter (29:56) are truly triumphs or truly trash. The gang then get sidetracked into some problematic conspiracy theories about mass shootings (35:06) as well as some quick commentary on the Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard trial (39:45).

    Where else to go from there other than “The Toxic Corner,” (45:48) where the gang talk about some questionable BLM purchases (47:06) before getting sidetracked by one of the most heaven-sent inventions on this planet, The Jerk Chicken Nugget™ (if one person steals that and puts it on their menu, so help me god I will have Camille Vasquez tear you a new a*****e in a court of law. I mean it. Oh yeah, and timestamp: (50:51). After coming to grips with how good this chicken is we debate whether or not Amazon is wild’n for not letting employees use the word ‘restroom’ on a planned interwarehouse communication platform (I think that’s what you would call it, but I’m high so I’m pretty sure I just made that up. Oh yeah i forgot again… (51:35) and whether it makes more sense to turn a plane around if your pilot isn’t approved to fly (57:30).

    This week’s episode features features music by:

    BlvkM0nd4y & Phury
    “Perdidio (feat. YawnyBlew & Chris Jackson)”

    Now streaming everywhere

    I’m not crying, you’re crying. Hey look this is by no means goodbye. The pod’s not going anywhere and neither is BlvkM0nd4y…that’s what technology is for. We’re still gonna give you semi-regular episodes on a regular basis with a slightly tweaked format. Hey, with growth comes growth or whatever deep shit, anyways… WELCOME BACK TO THEGREYAREA PODCAST!!!

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    GreyArea PodCast Episode 35: "¿¿¿Trapp3d Gas???"

    GreyArea PodCast Episode 35: "¿¿¿Trapp3d Gas???"

    Hello, hello, hello. And welcome back to THEGREYAREA PODCAST!!!! *cues airhorns*. This week we present to your our Will Smith Slap episode. Weeks late? Yes. Giving a fuck? No.

    This week BlvkM0nd4y and ACEXXI are joined by Chris Jackson and Junior Bevel as they get right down to whether the slap heard around the world really constitutes as "violence," (7:46) and whether they think Will Smith is even wrong in the first place (21:48). (**Disclaimer: We did not keep his wife's name out of our f*cking mouths).

    Then ACEXXI talks the meaning of his new single "Chris from Hollywood." (39:31) right before another round of "Victory Or Not Victory" (41:37) where we figure out whether Affirmative Action hiring in the NFL (42:32), a new designation regarding reparations in California (52:04), and Lee Daniels & Mo'nique's reconciliation (1:00:10) are victories or not.

    After that it's another wonderful journey into the Toxic Corner (1:03:51) where the gang get down to it and try to guess who Tyler Perry is using his Madea voice with in bed (1:04:41), figure out how a little bit of gas caused a Brazilian singer a whole lot of trouble (1:08:43), and fidn out what happens when spousal lateness gets out of control. (1:11:45)

    This week's episode features music by:

    ACEXXI - "Chris from Hollywood." (35:58)
    Now streaming everywhere (except Apple Music for some strange reason...but hang tight we're workin' on it)

    Well, you know, look...we're really doing our beat to get to you guys on a weekly basis. We're doing our best to make that reality. But in the meantime, you know when you see us you be smilin'. So act like you know that we may not always be there when you call, but we're always on time. Good to see you again. *Ace sigh* WELCOME BACK TO THEGREYAREA PODCAST!!!

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    GreyArea PodCast Episode 34: "¿¿¿Mult!ple Str3ams of 0nlyFans Income???"

    GreyArea PodCast Episode 34: "¿¿¿Mult!ple Str3ams of 0nlyFans Income???"

    And we're back with another episode of TheGreyArea Podcast. Sorry for the wait. Will Smith Oscar's slap episode coming soon. But in the meantime, take a trip with us back in time to the Jussie Smollett verdict.

    BlvkM0nd4y and ACEXXI are joined by Kreesha Turner & YawnyBlew as the gang start off discussing Jussie Smollett's recent guilty verdict (8:47). We discuss how taking Pornhub out of Russia might have unintended consequences (26:22) and consider what would happen if they cut off access to Pornhub all around the world (30:25).

    Then we get into another game of "Victory Or Not Victory" (36:32) where we talk the LA mask mandate being over (40:13), whether Congress making lynching a hate crime is too little too late (46:50), how we feel about Daylight Savings Time becoming permanent (57:36), and who's sending the new biting lip emoji to who (1:01:23)...somehow this turns into a conversation about if men are really allowed to say "no" to sex (1:12:25).

    Then last, but certainly not least, we head on over to the Toxic Corner (1:18:58) where we talk whether masculine or feminine roles come from nature or nurture (1:21:00) and whether or not it's wise for men to show emotions (1:31:03)

    This episode features the following music:
    YawnyBlew - "Dusk [Acoustic Remix]" (31:53)

    Hey look, I know. You want to know what we think of the Slap Heard Around the World. Well...you've just gotta wait until the next episode for that. In the meantime, enjoy the timeless, the priceless, the most critically acclaimed podcast on the planet....WELCOME BACK TO THEGREYAREA PODCAST!!!!

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    GreyArea PodCast Episode 32: "¿¿¿N!njas Walking 0n Water???"

    GreyArea PodCast Episode 32: "¿¿¿N!njas Walking 0n Water???"

    And we're back ladies and gentlemen with another episode of TheGreyArea Podcast. This week ACEXXI & BlvkM0nd4y are joined in-studio by Kreesha Turner, Yawny Blew, & Sapps as we explore a multitude of topics.

    Now, y'all know normally I like to populate this area with what we talked about and timestamps and all that. But honestly, I've been editing this episode for a week and a half, it's 2:45 in the morning, I barely remember what we talked about, and I'm not about to listen to this nearly 2-hour pod at this hour of the night (but you should). I think we talked Arthur's departure from television, pirating music, DONDA 2, racist tattoos, and how men are making AI girlfriends just to abuse them...smh.

    Yup...it gets light, then dark, then light again this episode. I'll try to edit episodes faster. Until then...WELCOME BACK TO THEGREYAREA PODCAST!!!!

    We lost our IG...long story. But in the meantime you can follow everyone individually:
    BlvkM0nd4y - @BlvkM0nd4y
    Kreesha Turner - @ nvm you can't. she deleted her shit...she on IG hiatus
    YawnyBlew - @yawnyblew
    Chris Jackson - @itschrisjackson
    Sapps - @sir_sapps

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    GreyArea PodCast Episode 31: "¿¿¿F3t!sh???"

    GreyArea PodCast Episode 31: "¿¿¿F3t!sh???"

    Yes! We're still alive. We're still standing. We're still strong. We're still The GreyArea PodCast and we're back for another season of conversations, music, and interviews.

    On this episode BlvkM0nd4y & ACEXXI are joined by Chris Jackson and YawnyBlew as the gang shake the rust off and jump back into the s***s playing new music and discussing fetishes.

    Y'know, I was gonna do timestamps, but I figured you should just come on in and see what we about this week for yourself. Maybe next week I'll do timestamps. But right now, I'm tired. Besides I can't spoil what today's episode ended up being about (hint: it's in the episode title)

    This week's episode features the following new music:
    Chris Jackson - "Good Morning"
    YawnyBlew feat. Chris Jackson & ACEXXI - "Sirens"

    I'll edit and add onto this description later...or maybe I won't. We'll see. Anywhoo....WELCOME BACK TO THE GREYAREA PODCAST!!!

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    GreyArea PodCast Episode 30: "¿¿¿Open Wet Pu55y???"

    GreyArea PodCast Episode 30: "¿¿¿Open Wet Pu55y???"

    ...10 years later...and THE GREYAREA PODCAST IS BACK!!!

    Welcome back y'all! Pretend like we haven't been gone for weeks and dive back into the GreyArea Podcast. BlvkM0nd4y, ACEXXI, & Berry Boo are joined in-studio by Jennifer Jane and Chris Jackson. After ACEXXI makes the startling discovery that T-Pain is only 35 (10:51), the gang jump right into sending a quick R.I.P. to Biz Markee and Jennifer Jane tells us a story about her run-in with the legendary rapper and pioneer of hip-hop.

    After that the gang recap the LOX v. Dipset Verzuz (15:43) and the most recent DONDA event (33:41). Was this episode recorded on August 8th and being released nearly 3 weeks later? It absolutely was. Then, The GreyArea Podcast's very own Berry Boo plays us her latest single "In the Mood" and discusses the record (45:37)

    After that, you know the vibes. It's time for Victory or Not Victory (54:57) where we celebrate the announcement of Samuel L. Jackson receiving his lifetime achievement Oscar or whatever (56:34).

    If you're still reading this just go listen to the pod. I mean honestly to my knowledge unless you're listening on Spotify you can't even utilize these timestamps anyway. I just put them here so our pod can appear professional and whatnot. But truth be told we need to get our asses on to YouTube and be a grown-up pod. Currently we're a horrible public podcast.

    Oh yeah....welcome back to THE GREYAREA PODCAST!!!!

    • 2 hr 3 min

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5.0 out of 5
9 Ratings

9 Ratings

That guy in love ,


This is a horrible public podcast and I love every minute of it 🤣🤣🤣

GrassDealer99 ,


Hilarious. I don’t know what I thought this was gonna be, but I rock wit it! Keep goin y’all!

TheTalentedMsA ,

King DNA

The content is thought provoking, and puts critical thinking back into conversations!! I love the music and how you bring fun into your mind space. I am hooked!!

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