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Join Emilie and her guests as they dive into things that changed their lives -- everything from faith to fashion, culture to coffee, purpose to parenting, leadership to love -- they might just change your life too.

This Changed My Life, with Emilie McCormack Emilie McCormack

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Join Emilie and her guests as they dive into things that changed their lives -- everything from faith to fashion, culture to coffee, purpose to parenting, leadership to love -- they might just change your life too.

    Forget Not All His Benefits

    Forget Not All His Benefits

    My goodness, I can be so forgetful. I easily get caught up in my worries, fears, and longings that my mind goes in a downhill spiral fast. I am suddenly filled with fear and anxiety. My joy is gone and I forget the goodness of God. 

    I must pause and remember. I must pause and reflect. I must pause and contemplate the goodness of God. It takes a conscious effort and mental discipline. But wow, when I do...my joy is found. Have my circumstances changed? Nope. But I remember the goodness of God and then I remember He is with me and that can change everything. 

    If you can relate, I pray you are encouraged during this episode. And I pray you take a moment to pause and remember His goodness. I pray that moment turns into many moments. And I pray it changes your life. 

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    Just For Fun

    Just For Fun

    I love a lot of things. I love Jesus, and I love having fun and talking about fun things. 

    This episode is supposed to make you smile and also give you some practical ideas for Christmas-I hope it does both!

    I hope you also pause and reflect on how God has made you. He made you creatively different and unique and that is on purpose! I hope you remember that you can use your unique personality and wiring to give God glory and experience maximum joy! That's what this podcast is for me-at least that is my prayer! Love y'all!

    • 12 min
    If You’re Waiting, You’re Also Grieving

    If You’re Waiting, You’re Also Grieving

    What are you waiting for? Waiting can be brutal and beautiful. I know it has been for me. 
    "If you're waiting, you're grieving." -Anonymous 
    I am in an intense season of waiting right now that is paired with intense grief. It has been a million times harder than I ever thought. But it has also been a really sweet season where God has met me in the midst of the unknown and in the middle of my grief. 
    The waiting is never wasted. There is joy to be found in the middle of the waiting. There is comfort in the waiting. I am seeing over and over again, there is so much to learn on the journey even when the future is completely unknown. 
    This is what I feel like God spoke to me this week, and I feel it is also for you: 
    He sees you. He knows your longings & pain. And He cares. 
    I pray you, and I, believe it today. 

    This Advent season, two of my favorite people to follow on Instagram are Sara Hagerty & Jodie Berndt. I  hope you will be encouraged as you follow along as they reflect on this season of waiting called Advent.

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    Social Media. Let's Talk About It.

    Social Media. Let's Talk About It.

    We all have strong feelings when it comes to social media. I would bet many of us have a love/hate relationship with it. I know I do. I have experienced all the pro’s and con’s and I am constantly evaluating how to navigate it all.

    Here are just a few thoughts that I hope are helpful as we all try to be good stewards of this crazy thing called social media.

    Set a guidelines & set timer.
    Follow people and accounts that inspire you. Unfollow the ones that cause anxiety & comparison.
    Do it on purpose. Use your voice for good and be intentional.
    Use comments to encourage, not just flatter.
    Don’t be rude. Don’t be the person who’s always distracted by scrolling.

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    Learn To Live In The Tension

    Learn To Live In The Tension

    The tension of living in joy and grief can be extremely hard.

    But that is the reality for all of us.

    Every single one of us is experiencing a season of joy or a season of grief, on varying levels.

    We all go through times of great celebration and great sorrow-sometimes at the same time. Longings fulfilled, or longings unfulfilled.

    My hope is that we can learn to be present in both. That we can also learn how to love and serve people who are in a different season than we are. To comfort those who are mourning, and to celebrate with those who are rejoicing.

    I pray this encourages you to know you are seen and loved by God, no matter what season you’re in. And I pray this gives you eyes to see & love people who are in a different place than you. To have compassion and empathy the way Christ does for you.

    My favorite exercise bands:


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    For The New Mama

    For The New Mama

    This is a special episode for the new mama. It is also for the husband, sister, daughter, friend, or grandmother to a new mom. 

    There is nothing like being a new mom. In my opinion, it is the most tender and vulnerable time in a woman’s life. It can be beautiful and brutal all in the same breath. I have 5 kiddos and each new baby brought with them so many emotions. I have such a soft spot in my heart for moms with newborns. 

    My hope is for you to feel seen and not alone after listening. My other hope is to help your loved ones know how to love you well during this time.

    You are amazing, mama. 

    To the loved ones of a new mom, thank you for taking the time to listen. I pray you will be encouraged with new ways to love and care for the special mama in your life. 

    If you want to show a new mama some love, here are some ideas below:

    Lip mask


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    The most cozy Ugg Slippers


    Cutest Blanket


    My Favorite Devotional


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5.0 out of 5
105 Ratings

105 Ratings

carlajoy11 ,

So Encouraging!

Love listening to Emilie’s words of wisdom! Have only listened to a few episodes so far but have so enjoyed her honesty, encouragement and joy!

B3BMama ,

Soul stirring, heart filling, and joy filled

Love her compelling words that move me to consider my actions and thoughts. She’s honest and encouraging! Perfect length for a busy person or short attention span. (Me!) can’t get enough!

BooFrei ,

Love, Love, Love!

I love this podcast so much! Many of my new favorite things are because of Emilie! From household products to beauty, she nails it every time! She also brings biblical truth into life and parenting and I appreciate it more than words can say. I love that’s it’s 10 minutes or less because I can easily get though an episode during my busy day!

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