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Every week on This Had Oscar Buzz, film and entertainment writers Joe Reid and Chris Feil are going to be talking about a different movie that once upon a time had big-time Academy Award aspirations, and for one reason or another, it all went wrong.

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Every week on This Had Oscar Buzz, film and entertainment writers Joe Reid and Chris Feil are going to be talking about a different movie that once upon a time had big-time Academy Award aspirations, and for one reason or another, it all went wrong.

    284 – The Sisters Brothers

    284 – The Sisters Brothers

    If you think we are too dismissive of westerns, allow this week’s episode to contradict that notion! In 2018, Jacques Audiard made his English language debut with an adaptation of Patrick deWitt’s novel The Sisters Brothers. John C. Reilly and Joaquin Phoenix starred as gunslinging assassin siblings in 19th century America, with both on the pursuit of a detective and a scientist (played respectively by a reunited Jake Gyllenhaal and Riz Ahmed) with a plot for gold. Despite the reputation of everyone involved, the film received a mild reception at fall festivals before a quiet September release.

    This episode, we talk about the struggles of Annapurna to successfully switch from being a production house to a distributor. We also discuss the career of Reilly with the hopes of a career reappraisal, our feelings about the western genre and the attempts to revive it, and Audiard’s French submission contender in A Prophet. 

    Topics also include surprise Carol Kane, queercoding, and Jake going weird.

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    283 – Garden State

    283 – Garden State

    We’re finally diving into the time capsule that is 2004’s Garden State. The writing and directing debut of Zach Braff, the film stars Braff as a depressed actor who returns to his Jersey home to attend his mother’s funeral. Once there, he reunites with former friends and maybe meets the love of his life (played by Natalie Portman in an urtext manic pixie dream girl mode) who helps him reevaluate his life. The film was a Sundance sensation and unleashed a gangbusters trailer package, igniting the love of young cinephiles, if not the Academy. 

    This episode, we discuss what about the film has aged poorly and its place in Fox Searchlight’s very busy 2004. We also talk about the film’s incredibly popular and definitive soundtrack, Portman’s performance and career up to her first Oscar nomination, and Jackie Hoffman’s brief performance in the film hilariously singing Lionel Ritchie.

    Topics also include the personal stages of life we were in when we first saw the film, how gross it is to share headphones, and Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling winning Best Kiss.

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    282 – Music (Patreon Selects)

    282 – Music (Patreon Selects)

    On top of all the horrors of the pandemic, let’s not forget that that time also gave us cringe cinema directed by Sia. This week, we come to you with another Patreon Selects, where sponsor listener Stuart has tasked us with that very film. Initially shot in 2017, Sia’s Music cast Kate Hudson as a troublesome drug dealer tasked with taking over the care of her younger autistic sister, played by Sia protege Maddie Ziegler. The ill-conceived film earned a deserved firestorm of outcry for Sia not casting a neurodivergent performer and the singer’s initial dismissive reactions to the controversy, but then earned two shock Golden Globe nominations in the Musical/Comedy categories.

    This episode, we unpack all that makes this our presumed worst film we have yet to discuss. We also talk about supporting star Leslie Odom Jr.’s presence in the film in the same season as his dual Oscar nominations for One Night in Miami…, Hudson’s newfound music career, and the films that the Globes could have sensibly nominated in Music‘s place.

    Topics also include whatever the hell Mary Kay Place is doing in this movie, Hudson and Odom Jr. in Glass Onion, and the current hideous Globe statue.

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    281 – Fair Game

    281 – Fair Game

    We return to the work of Naomi Watts this week for a discussion on 2010’s Fair Game. Costarring with Sean Penn for the third time in a decade, Watts starred as outed CIA agent Valerie Plame with the film detailing the leaking of Plame’s identity amidst her husband Joseph C. Wilson’s criticisms of the Bush administration. With Doug Liman taking the director’s chair after a series of action films, the film is a surprisingly sober recounting of the Plame story and one of Hollywood’s better offerings deconstructing that era of American culture. But despite launching the film at Cannes and Watts’ solid performance, the film became yet another disappointment among the many political dramas of the period.

    This week, we talk about the career of Liman, including the fraught production of The Bourne Identity. We also discuss Watts’ period between her two Oscar nominations, the general landscape of Bush era politics and how few films successfully unpacked it well, and the relative box office disappointment of Edge of Tomorrow.

    Topics also include Feud: Capote vs. The Swans, Bush administration names like “Scooter,” and the National Board of Review’s Freedom of Expression award.

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    280 – State and Main

    280 – State and Main

    Forgotten cinema, you ask? This week, we’re coming to you with 2000’s State and Main, a Hollywood satire and ensemble comedy from lauded playwright David Mamet. A farce about a film production wreaking havoc on small town America, the film featured a very Mametian cast of Alec Baldwin and William H. Macy along with of-the-moment stars on the rise like Philip Seymour Hoffman, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Julia Stiles. An ensemble win from the National Board of Review helped coast the film through the season, but it managed little other award mentions despite strong reviews.

    This episode, we talk about David Mamet’s high (but waning) regard in the American theatre in contrast to his more under-the-radar film reputation. We also talk about PSH’s late-90s breakthrough years, SJP’s reign over the Globes for Sex and the City, and WHM’s surprising lack of an Oscar nomination since Fargo.

    Topics also include “so that happened” as a punchline, Fine Line Features, and NBR giving Best Picture to Quills.

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    279 – Nope

    279 – Nope

    With another Oscar ceremony coming to a close, it’s time to crack the seal on the Class of 2022 movies and we couldn’t wait to talk about Jordan Peele’s Nope! Priming audiences for a big summer alien invasion film, Peele also delivered a film with a lot on its mind about society’s relationship to witnessing and capturing violent spectacle, the film industry’s history of disregard for Black artists, and how we package our own traumas. With a terrific ensemble led by Daniel Kaluuya and Keke Palmer as siblings who discover an unexplainable phenomena in the skies, Nope is perhaps 2022’s biggest head-scratcher among films not recognized by the Academy.

    This episode, we talk about the 2022 box office dynamic that unfairly tainted Nope as a box office disappointment and its many, rich avenues for narrative interpretation. We also talk about Kaluuya’s underrated performance, Palmer’s contrasting performance that was campaigned in supporting, and what makes the movie a monster movie vs. an alien movie.

    Topics also include Gordy going off, Hoyte van Hoytema’s cinematography, and breakthrough star Jean Jacket.

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1K Ratings

cliobc ,

Must-Listen Show but please don’t guess on Irish names!

I love you guys, and I appreciate that you have always been upfront on your pronunciation failings, and I get your instinct to sidestep by going for what seem like a safe nickname…. but ‘Dom Gleeson’ is beyond the pale! It sounds like DOUGH nul.

Yendorrivere ,

Great chemistry

So good!

Elfherbie ,

Fantasy Oscars - Please stop

I had to stop listening because most of the episode is an advertisement for the fantasy Oscar pool. Was it a full third of the Beautiful Boy episode? I’ll probably add it back into my feed after Oscar season.

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