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Today We Tried is a parenting podcast brought to you by Colugo. In season 1, we brought you relatable and diverse stories and the best advice. Season 2 is all about the 4th Trimester. Listen to feel more confident and connected as you take on the adventure of parenthood.

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Today We Tried is a parenting podcast brought to you by Colugo. In season 1, we brought you relatable and diverse stories and the best advice. Season 2 is all about the 4th Trimester. Listen to feel more confident and connected as you take on the adventure of parenthood.

    Lori Bregman

    Lori Bregman

    What is a doula? Should I work with a doula? How do I find a doula? Christy is joined by celebrity doula Lori Bregman to answer these questions and more. Lori has attended more than 1200 births so she knows what she’s talking about when she shares advice on finding the right care provider, engaging partners during birth, setting a birth intention, and processing your birth. Lori also talks about what led her to start Seedlyfe, an innovative powder supplement company, and why she’s leaning into building community and educational resources to support people at all stages of their fertility and pregnancy journeys.
    And, more exciting news: use code seedlyfe15 for 15% off your order on seedlyfe.com!   

    • 28 min
    Brooke Cates

    Brooke Cates

    This week, Christy is joined by Brooke Cates, founder of The Bloom Method to talk about tapping into your intuition, reclaiming your power, and healing postpartum. It’s a must-listen if you want to learn how to heal through functional movement, the facts about diastasis recti, and why you should ignore anyone who tries to tell you what your body can and cannot do. Brooke also shares why self-care is a “non-negotiable” for her and how she finds time to fill her own cup – you’ll want to take notes, especially as we head into a busy holiday season.

    • 57 min
    Alison Workman

    Alison Workman

    Today, we’re talking about perinatal mental health with Alison Workman, a Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner at The Motherhood Center, and here’s the key takeaway: “When in doubt, reach out!” If you’re feeling overwhelmed or like something isn’t right, it’s always a good time to ask for help.
    In this episode, Alison lays out the different types of perinatal mood disorders and shares what symptoms to look out for and go-to resources to find a provider. She also talks about services offered by The Motherhood Center. Christy and Alison both talk about their own postpartum experiences as well, sharing things they wish they’d known the first time around. Listen for commiseration, connection, and easy ways to feel more confident as a new or more experienced parent.

    • 38 min
    Agata & Angela

    Agata & Angela

    This week’s episode is a deep dive into surrogacy. Christy’s guests are Agata Wisniowska, who grew her family through surrogacy after years of infertility and is now an intended parent coach, and Angela Pickering, a former surrogate and current owner of a surrogacy agency. Agata and Angela share their own stories and give advice for anyone considering a surrogacy journey. They also talk about how to prepare for the 4th trimester as an intended parent and as a surrogate. Their insights around the importance of healing your own trauma before becoming a parent, drawing boundaries, and embracing your unique path will resonate whether or not you are familiar with the world of surrogacy.

    • 56 min
    Blessing Adesiyan

    Blessing Adesiyan

    Christy is joined by Blessing Adesiyan, founder of MotherHonestly, fellow mom of 4 and inspiration to moms everywhere. This episode is full of real talk about the state of motherhood today – it can all feel a little dire with rising prices, lack of support and paid leave, and the feeling that we should be “doing it all.” But, Blessing and Christy also share solutions, like how to approach conversations with your partner about rebalancing the load at home and what employers can do to step up to help. They also chat about what works in their own homes, including Blessing’s story about how she discovered her husband is way better at bathtime and what they outsource. Listen for a chance to feel seen, celebrated, and ready to take action to find more equality at home and equity in the workforce..

    • 33 min
    The Formula Mom

    The Formula Mom

    This one is big: Christy is joined by Mallory Whitmore aka The Formula Mom to talk about how to have an empowered feeding journey with your baby, and why opting for formula instead of nursing can be the best choice for parents and for baby. Mallory shares how her own experience with postpartum depression and attempt to breastfeed her first baby led her to launch The Formula Mom, and gives her top tips for successful formula feeding.
    Christy and Mallory also discuss the upsides to bottle feeding, like getting your partners involved, and the potential downsides of “baby friendly hospitals.” Christy shares why combo-feeding (nursing + formula) her babies has helped her to feel more confident in the 4th trimester and beyond. Plus, Mallory chats about why her planned c-sections were super positive experiences.

    • 49 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
32 Ratings

32 Ratings

Ducky513 ,

What a delight!

This podcast made me smile, a short and sweet peek into what I imagine is a busy household! Very relatable, looking forward to future episodes :)

Theo294 ,

So thoughtful and so real

Christy and Colugo just get what modern parenting is and it shows - what a great listen!
I look forward to this every week.

RC123321 ,

Great podcast for parents

Love Christy’s style and podcast. Highly recommend!

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