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Trans Resister Radio is an original podcast that covers the topics of: transhumanism, Singularity, geopolitics, history, propaganda, mind control, occult symbolism, and much more.

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Trans Resister Radio is an original podcast that covers the topics of: transhumanism, Singularity, geopolitics, history, propaganda, mind control, occult symbolism, and much more.

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4.6 out of 5
16 Ratings

16 Ratings

James Anthony Sullivan ,

Make podcasts great again

I've been listening to TRR for some years now & its among the few select podcasts I've continued listening to over those years. Usually, at some point I get burnt out on most podcasts as they start to become repetitive, I begin to notice how they seem to be scripting out their episodes, as well as doing a lot of insincere stuff to present an expected image to the listener base, or whatever. But Aaron has always come across as an honest guy just presenting things he likes to talk about, without ever jumping to the kinds of conclusions that make other hosts (and audiences) less relatable. There is so much nonsense in the conspiracy-related world of information based on loose connections and simple hearsay. With TRR, Aaron explores these topics with a sense of humor & often an appreciation for things usually shunned such as occult philosophy, heavy metal and entertaining films. I was going to write a silly review just having a laugh, but I felt Aaron deserved something more real in this age of post-truthiness.

corgdotorg ,

Engaging Podcast

Thoughtful podcast. Takes the high road. Very listenable.

fgsm94gmail ,

TRR Review

TransResister Radio is hosted by its creator Aaron Franz, who also hosts the podcasts Uncle and Themes and Memes. I first heard Mister Franz interviewed on Porkins Policy Radio and Clandestime. Apparently, it is he we have to thank for the title of Clandestime. So he’s got a knack for puns. Also, he seems to be one of the few expressing a healthy skepticism for the transhumanist movement and the growing automation of our society. Honestly this was a topic of which I was largely ignorant excepting for a boss I worked for a few years ago who spent a whole workday memorizing some song about being a “Singularitarian” to the tune of “Modern Major General” and on another occasion convinced me I would be the racist of the future if I didn’t fully support the miscegenation of man and machine when the time came for their matrimony to be publicly declared. Luckily, I came across TransResister and Franz’s book Revolve: Man’s Scientific Rise to Godhood which gives a more level-headed accounting of Transhumanism and its ties to the Eugenics movement as well as the creation of Artificial Intelligence whose biggest funder is DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency).
TransResister also has informative episodes on related topics such as mystery schools, secret societies and the occult in general. A lot of things started to make sense for me since I started listening to the show, like what was up with that weird David Lynch video that was on the internet several years ago of him defending a bizarre friend from a crowd of uncomfortable Germans for more or less saying it was time to make their country great again. Probably the best thing about Transresister is the host himself. Aaron Franz seems to be one of the only in the alternative media capable of speaking about conspiracies and the occult without any personal arrogance or ego or raving in such a way that you become embarrassed for listening. He doesn’t claim to have all the answers, buts he asks the important questions. Listening to it helps me get through the nights I spend working for $8.50/hr closing the gas station that sits on the edge of the Wal Mart parking lot for reasons which will be obvious if you give a listen yourself. I highly recommend it.

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