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Two friends and scholars of religion talking it up after each episode of National Geographic Channel's 'The Story of God with Morgan Freeman.'

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Two friends and scholars of religion talking it up after each episode of National Geographic Channel's 'The Story of God with Morgan Freeman.'

    From the Voice of God to Donald Trump with James Younger #StoryOfGod #TheologyBeerCamp

    From the Voice of God to Donald Trump with James Younger #StoryOfGod #TheologyBeerCamp

    Theology Beer Camp was an amazing three days of fermented fun. I was extremely grateful that James Younger, executive producer of The Story of God with Morgan Freeman on the National Geographic Channel, was able to join us for a special screening and a live Homebrewed Podcast.

    You will here James discusses his journey from British scientist, to journalist, to producing a popular religion series with Morgan Freeman. Along the way he shares his thoughts as an outsider on American religion, politics, and the shifting shape of spirituality. Plus he lets us know just how his mind has changed over the course of the series.

    As part of beer camp we not only had delicious SoCal beer throughout, but Chapman Crafted brought two special beers in honor of the one and only Morgan Freeman. There was the IPA called “The Voice of God” and the dIPA called “The Rumble of God” in honor of Morgan’s most luscious pipes.

    While James was hanging with us he recorded a number of other interviews that will be showing up on the inter webs. You can go ahead and check out his conversation with Nathan Gilmour of the Christian Humanist podcast HERE and his time on the Newsworthy with (Luke) Norsworthy podcast HERE.

    If you aren’t hip to the news make sure you are subscribed to Barry and I’s companion podcast to the show – The Story of God-cast. 

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    the proof of God…kind of. #StoryOfGodCast

    the proof of God…kind of. #StoryOfGodCast

    Does God exist and can we know it?

    This question has occupied so many people across time and cultures. In the final episode of The Story of God with Morgan Freeman on the National Geographic we see a bunch of different responses to the question.

    During the episode you will hear me and Barry chat it up about divine intervention, divination, ice-box meditation, the Burning-Man and Ground Hog Day cross-over celebration, religious aesthetics, beautiful math, and a couple pretty awesome stories from Barry. We hope you enjoy this one as much as we enjoyed the show. Until next season keep it zesty!

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    Heaven, Hell, and things in between! #StoryOfGodCast

    Heaven, Hell, and things in between! #StoryOfGodCast

    Nothing brings the people together like discussing heaven and hell? Well if Morgan Freeman is involved it does.

    Get ready for me and Barry to rock out our discussion of episode 2 – Heaven and Hell – from The Story of God with Morgan Freeman on the National Geographic Channel.

    In this episode we discuss the role of ancestors, emergence of the afterlife, anxiety about death, exorcisms, speaking in tongues, Charles Taylor, Mayan caves into heaven, learning from the enchanted world of the past and how not to believe in heaven.


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    When Morgan Freeman Finds the Chosen One(s) #StoryOfGodCast

    When Morgan Freeman Finds the Chosen One(s) #StoryOfGodCast

    In the first episode of The Story of God with Morgan Freeman this season things take a different trajectory… Morgan goes on a search for ‘The Chosen One.’ Almost every faith has a figure believed to be chosen by God and some of them are alive today. The episode centers around Morgan’s interaction with a number of different ‘chosen ones’ and the different shapes they take across the globe and religions.

    Barry and I catch up in order to discuss the episode and a number of insights inspired by the show. If you haven’t watched the episode get on it!

    Episode includes…

    * Jalue Tsegyal – reincarnated Tibetan lama in MN

    * Former North Korean missionary Kenneth Bae – held prisoner for 2 years for leading Christian prayer group

    * Historian of Islam, Sajjad Rizvi

    * Kamya Arora

    * Mandeep Kaur Samra, a Sikh historian

    * Sociologist Dr. Andreas Schneider 

    * Karudee Chotithamaporn is a representative from the Bang Liao Dou Mu Gong Shrine – a center for Taoist worship

    * Chief Arvol Looking Horse, the chosen one of the Nakota, Lakota, and Dakota tribes – His latest battle is in South Dakota, protesting an oil pipeline being built under the Missouri river.

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    The Voice of God on your TV!

    The Voice of God on your TV!

    The second season of The Story of God with Morgan Freeman kicks off this week on Monday night, January 16th. I am pretty excited about the National Geographic Channel picking the show back up. I have enjoyed the show and all the conversations Morgan and friends have inspired. We are living in a time where awareness and understanding of the diversity of religions across the globe is needed and this show puts it on display.

    Barry Taylor and I will be bringing back the Story of God-cast

    where we discuss, unpack, and get nerdy about each episode. If you have yet to subscribe (or leave a nice review) do it!

    We also share a bit about our upcoming online class this February – Questions for the Believing Skeptic. You can sign-up for the fun today.

    If you love us make sure to go to iTunes & subscribe/rate the show. It is also on Stitcher and you can go old school and grab the feed directly here.

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    The Last Temptation of Christ #JConScreen

    The Last Temptation of Christ #JConScreen

    This is the first in a trinity of podcasts exploring the intersection of Jesus and film. Think of these as companion podcasts to help you unpack all of the cinematic and theological nuggets.

    Round one is Martin Scorsese’s The Last Temptation of Christ. Before diving into the movie, Tripp, Ryan, and Barry talk about Jesus films in general, what it means to interpret a film (especially about Jesus), culture, hermeneutics, and:

    * Why take movies seriously?

    * How not to watch a film about Jesus

    * Why do watching movies affect you differently than other art forms?

    Spoiler alert: this episode contains significant discussion of several scenes from the movie.

    If you are like Tripp and have never actually seen The Last Temptation of Christ then you can rent it digitally right now and nerd out with your screen out.

    Want to watch bits on youtube?

    The Last Temptation of Christ (1988) – Christ and Pilate

    jesus meet saint paul —-from temptation

    Judas Betray Last Temptation of Christ

    Here’s other thought provoking treats: Martin Scorsese on The Last Temptation of Christ & Lord Williams in Interview on Nikos Kazantzakis’ The Last Temptation of Christ,

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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5
6 Ratings

6 Ratings

Julie Garner ,

Laughter and The Mysteries of Life

I love this podcast! I’m a huge fan and devoted listener of Homebrewed Christianity so I had an idea of the intellect and humor that would go down each week in their discussions. I just love Tripp and Barry’s commentary! They bring life to the topics each week and great things to think about--and they are hilarious!!! They make me laugh out loud every time!! I hope Tripp and Barry continue having a podcast together long after the TV show is over since it’s only 7 episodes. If you love to ponder the mysteries of life and need more laughter in your life, this podcast is a must!

mama T. ,

Ear Blessings

National Geographic and Morgan Freeman working together was already exciting…commentary and reflection from two preeminent scholars of religion makes for a 5 star podcast! Tune in for hilarity and intellectual stimulation - you might even find yourself stimulated in other ways I dare you to find out for yourself...

aWilderLife ,

Weird Choices

I enjoy the show, but the hosts of the podcast are an odd choice, especially after the third episode. The two hosts don't seem to enjoy the show much. They tear it down constantly. It's like they are mocking you for enjoying it. I would describe the podcast this way: a couple of academics tear the show apart pointing out what they see is wrong with it, or not in line with their superior thinking, without offering any real commentary or conversation about the content. Just pointing out what's wrong in smug, self-satisfied banter you'd expect at a University coffe shop. This third episode was pretty frustrating. I'll likely stop listening. It's just a drag. I do listen to some of Tripp's other podcasts, but there are usually guests on them. I think that helps. Where's Peter Rollins when you need him?

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