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    BREXIT Update: What is next for Britain?

    BREXIT Update: What is next for Britain?

    BREXIT has been an active part of our vocabulary for over 2 years now. With October 31st having come and gone, what is next for Britain, the UK, and their relationship with Europe?
    The October 31 Brexit date has come and gone and Parliament has been given another extension by the EU. The last 2.5 years have been a political roller coaster in both the UK and EU. Britain, once a key player in European politics and planning, has been sidelined and austracised. The relationship between London and Dublin has been strained beyond measure. Scotland has pushed back again in its desire to leave the UK. And relationships between London and Brussels are arguably as bad as they ever were.
    And what about the British government itself? The British parliament seems divided and full of vitral. Will the British government survive? And what does the Brexit fiasco mean for those of us who do not live in the UK or Europe? Today’s guests have been watching the BREXIT situation closely and will provide you with powerful insights from the Bible.

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    Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

    Should Christians Celebrate Halloween?

    Halloween centers on dressing up in costume - often as witches and goblins, and asking for candy. Do you know the origins of this peculiar holiday? Why should Christians care?

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    Will Your Loved Ones Live Again?

    Will Your Loved Ones Live Again?

    When loved ones die it is very difficult for all involved. Death marks the end of life in the flesh. Will your loved ones live again? Are you sure?
    For those who do not believe in God or the Bible, death can be disheartening, because it means separation from our loved ones FOREVER.
    For those who do believe in the Bible, we often comfort ourselves with the thoughts that our loved ones are up in heaven looking down on us in peace. And we look forward to the time we will die and be reunited with them. But, is this what the Bible really teaches?
    More importantly, what does the biblical festival known as the Last Great Day have to do with the death of our loved ones… and billions of others?
    This is an exciting topic to discuss and our returning guests will help you see clearly from the pages of the Bible how your deceased loved ones, and countless billions who have lived in the past, will live again! For those of you who are atheist or agnostic - please give us a chance today - if you do, you will no doubt hear things from the Bible that you have never heard before.


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    What Will World Peace Be Like?

    What Will World Peace Be Like?

    World peace is illusive and seems to be only a pipe dream. Many nations have sought it, only to fall short. What could world peace be like? What will world peace be like? World peace! What does that phrase make you think of? Is world peace just a fiction, a pipe dream? Is world peace an idea everyone talks about, but no one believes can happen?

    About 30 years ago, shortly after the fall of the Berlin Wall and Russia’s new “openness” stance, world peace seemed just a little more attainable. Now, well into the 21st century, world war again seems possible and world peace feels like it will never come.

    Humanity has proven that it cannot usher in world peace on its own. Yet, the Bible reveals that world peace WILL come - It even reveals the details of this coming peace. Do you want to know what coming world peace will be like?

    Today our returning guests will discuss what this coming world peace will actually be like, and they will use the biblical Feast of Tabernacles to help shed light on this important subject.


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    What does the future hold?

    What does the future hold?

    Did you know you can understand the events of the future? Bible prophecy, and specifically the biblical Feast of Trumpets, sheds powerful light onto this often-dark and little-understood subject.

    We seem to be drawing close to the end of an era. And even the popular press is picking up on this. Notice this headline from a recent article in the Jerusalem Post: “MESSIAH ALMOST HERE AND ORTHODOX JEWS, EVANGELICALS KNOW IT, PASTOR SAYS. He admitted that while there may be some theological differences about who the Messiah is, the narratives are strikingly similar.”

    Did you realize you CAN know at least some of what the future holds? More specifically, you can understand what the last few years, before the return of Christ to the earth, will be like. The Bible makes these events far more clear than most realize - and God’s annual Holy Days reveal the details. The world is changing and the Bible, and specifically the biblical holy day of the Feast of Trumpets can actually show us what to expect.

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    Who Are the Four Horsemen of Revelation?

    Who Are the Four Horsemen of Revelation?

    The four horsemen of Revelation have captured the imagination of many Bible students, but few understand who they really are. Watch this program to learn the truth behind the four horsemen of Revelation.
    Many have speculated about the meaning of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse and the biblical book of Revelation. WHO or WHAT are these four horsemen? What powerful future events do they point us to? Are these horsemen just an allegory or do they represent actual events in the not-too-distant future? Why do YOU need to know who these horsemen are and how might they impact your life? These horsemen are really not that difficult to understand IF we allow the Bible to interpret itself.
    Today’s returning guests will clearly describe the four horsemen and point you to clear scriptures that make sense of passages of the biblical book of Revelation - a book often shrouded in mystery.


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12 Ratings

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