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Jason Louv brings together thinkers from the worlds of spirituality, high technology and the counterculture with some of the most challenging issues we face today. Change your focus, change your reality.

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Jason Louv brings together thinkers from the worlds of spirituality, high technology and the counterculture with some of the most challenging issues we face today. Change your focus, change your reality.

    Ep. 197: The Fall of Hyperion

    Ep. 197: The Fall of Hyperion

    A dramatic reading by Jason Louv of the 1819 poem "The Fall of Hyperion—A Dream" by John Keats, set to music by Jason. Not uncommon for the 19th century, it is awash in occult and Hermetic symbolism. 
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    The full text of the poem follows:
    "The Fall of Hyperion—A Dream"
    John Keats
    Fanatics have their dreams, wherewith they weave
    A paradise for a sect; the savage too
    From forth the loftiest fashion of his sleep
    Guesses at Heaven; pity these have not
    Trac'd upon vellum or wild Indian leaf
    The shadows of melodious utterance.
    But bare of laurel they live, dream, and die;
    For Poesy alone can tell her dreams,
    With the fine spell of words alone can save
    Imagination from the sable charm
    And dumb enchantment. Who alive can say,
    'Thou art no Poet may'st not tell thy dreams?'
    Since every man whose soul is not a clod
    Hath visions, and would speak, if he had loved
    And been well nurtured in his mother tongue.
    Whether the dream now purpos'd to rehearse
    Be poet's or fanatic's will be known
    When this warm scribe my hand is in the grave.

    Methought I stood where trees of every clime,
    Palm, myrtle, oak, and sycamore, and beech,
    With plantain, and spice blossoms, made a screen;
    In neighbourhood of fountains, by the noise
    Soft showering in my ears, and, by the touch
    Of scent, not far from roses. Turning round
    I saw an arbour with a drooping roof
    Of trellis vines, and bells, and larger blooms,
    Like floral censers swinging light in air;
    Before its wreathed doorway, on a mound
    Of moss, was spread a feast of summer fruits,
    Which, nearer seen, seem'd refuse of a meal
    By angel tasted or our Mother Eve;
    For empty shells were scattered on the grass,
    And grape stalks but half bare, and remnants more,
    Sweet smelling, whose pure kinds I could not know.
    Still was more plenty than the fabled horn
    Thrice emptied could pour forth, at banqueting
    For Proserpine return'd to her own fields,
    Where the white heifers low. And appetite
    More yearning than on earth I ever felt
    Growing within, I ate deliciously;
    And, after not long, thirsted, for thereby
    Stood a cool vessel of transparent juice
    Sipp'd by the wander'd bee, the which I took,
    And, pledging all the mortals of the world,
    And all the dead whose names are in our lips,
    Drank. That full draught is parent of my theme.
    No Asian poppy nor elixir fine
    Of the soon fading jealous Caliphat,
    No poison gender'd in close monkish cell
    To thin the scarlet conclave of old men,
    Could so have rapt unwilling life away.
    Among the fragrant husks and berries crush'd,
    Upon the grass I struggled hard against
    The domineering potion; but in vain:
    The cloudy swoon came on, and down I sunk
    Like a Silenus on an antique vase.
    How long I slumber'd 'tis a chance to guess.
    When sense of life return'd, I started up
    As if with wings; but the fair trees were gone,
    The mossy mound and arbour were no more:
    I look'd around upon the carved sides
    Of an old sanctuary with roof august,
    Builded so high, it seem'd that filmed clouds
    Might spread beneath, as o'er the stars of heaven;
    So old the place was, I remember'd none
    The like upon the earth: what I had seen
    Of grey cathedrals, buttress'd walls, rent towers,
    The superannuations of sunk realms,
    Or Nature's rocks toil'd hard in waves and winds,
    Seem'd but the faulture of decrepit things
    To that eternal domed monument.
    Upon the marble at my feet there lay
    Store of strange vessels and large draperies,
    Which needs had been of dyed asbestos wove,
    Or in that place the moth could not corrupt,
    So white the linen, so, in some, distinct
    Ran imageries from a sombre loom.
    All in a mingled heap confus'd there lay
    Robes, golden tongs, censer and chafing dish,
    Girdles, and chains, and holy jewelries.

    Turning from these with awe, once more I rais'd
    My eyes to fathom the space every way;
    The embossed roof, the silent massy range

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    Ep. 196: Dark Dungeons: Magick, the Occult & Tabletop Role-Playing Games

    Ep. 196: Dark Dungeons: Magick, the Occult & Tabletop Role-Playing Games

    Do tabletop roleplaying games lead to the occult? Spoiler: Yes. Dive into the mystical world of Role Playing Games (RPGs), where we explore the Top 5 Benefits of RPGs and unveil the Top 5 Occult RPGs of all time.
    Starting with the basics, we explain what RPGs are and how they can serve as powerful tools for enhancing imagination, visualization, connection, and communication. We delve into the rich history of RPGs, shedding light on the controversial association with occult and Satanism. We also reveal how this perception has evolved over the years, leading to widespread public acceptance.
    Discover how today's technology draws inspiration from the mechanics and storytelling of RPGs, and be amazed by the fact that 1 in 10 Americans actively engages in this immersive form of entertainment. Most enchantingly, we discuss the magical aspect of RPGs - how they create a safe space for group astral projection and teach us that life itself can be the greatest role-playing game.
    Join us on this journey to uncover the magic of RPGs and how they reflect, enhance, and sometimes transcend our reality. #RPGs #RolePlayingGames #OccultGames #Imagination #connection

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    Ep. 195: Secrets of Santa Muerte

    Ep. 195: Secrets of Santa Muerte

    In this evocative episode of Ultraculture With Jason Louv, we delve into the enigmatic world of Santa Muerte – the saint of death who also embodies life. Our guest, Dr. Cressida Stone, an accomplished anthropologist with a profound connection to the spiritual and the esoteric, unravels the layers of mystery surrounding Santa Muerte, a figure revered by millions yet often misunderstood.
    Dr. Stone, armed with insights from her groundbreaking book and years of fieldwork in Oaxaca, Mexico, guides us through the syncretic origins and the vibrant, non-dualistic tradition of Santa Muerte worship. From ancient death deities of the Aztec and Maya to the figure's clandestine growth in the shadow of Catholic condemnation, Santa Muerte emerges as a beacon for those seeking protection, love, and justice, transcending the boundaries of conventional religion and morality.
    As we navigate stories of personal transformation, magical practices, and the profound lessons learned in the presence of Santa Muerte, Dr. Stone challenges us to reconsider our relationship with death, urging us to embrace it not as an end but as an integral part of life's rich tapestry. This episode is not just a journey into the heart of a burgeoning spiritual movement; it's an invitation to explore the very essence of existence, where death and life intertwine in a dance as old as time itself.
    Join us for a thought-provoking exploration of Santa Muerte, where ancient wisdom meets modern devotion, and discover how this revered figure continues to shape lives, offering solace, guidance, and a deep, enduring connection to the mysteries that lie beyond the veil.
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    Ep. 194: Flight of the Bön Monks

    Ep. 194: Flight of the Bön Monks


    In this captivating episode of Ultraculture With Jason Louv, we delve deep into the harrowing tales of survival, faith, and rebirth amidst the Chinese invasion of Tibet in 1950. Authors Harvey Rice and Jackie Cole join us to share the profound narrative of their latest book, providing an inside account through the voices of three persecuted monks whose lives embody the struggle and resilience of the Tibetan spirit.
    Discover the true story of Tenzin Namdak, Samten Karmay, and Sangye Tenzin, who, after the invasion, embarked on a perilous journey from the clutches of occupation to the freedom of exile. Their quest was not just a flight for survival but a mission to preserve Bön, Tibet's ancient and nearly forgotten religion. From the sacred vows at the foot of Mt. Kailash to the daring escape across the Himalayas, and the unexpected alliances formed along the way, their story is a testament to the human spirit's capacity to overcome.
    Rice and Cole take us on a journey back in time to witness the violent insurrection in Tibet's capital, the monks' subsequent flight to Nepal, and their eventual gathering of Bön scriptures scattered by the turmoil. 
    This episode is not just a historical recount but a deep exploration of the Bön religion's tenets, the cultural genocide faced by Tibetans, and the monumental efforts to rebuild a nearly extinct tradition. Harvey Rice, with his extensive background in journalism, and Jackie Cole, a devoted student of Bön for over two decades, bring unique insights and a heartfelt dedication to telling this story.
    Join us for an episode that not only enlightens but inspires, offering a rare glimpse into one of history's most consequential escapes and the indomitable pursuit of cultural preservation.
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    Rice & Cole: Flight of the Bön Monks
    Magick.Me's latest longform YouTube: Interviewing Damien Echols, in person in New Orleans!

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    The Inversion: How We've Been Tricked Into a False Reality, With Kingsley L. Dennis

    The Inversion: How We've Been Tricked Into a False Reality, With Kingsley L. Dennis

    In this revealing episode of Ultraculture With Jason Louv, we dive deep with Kingsley Dennis, author of the new book "The Inversion: How We Have Been Tricked Into a False Reality." Dennis challenges our accepted reality, proposing that the world we live in is not what it seems, but a carefully crafted mirror-world, designed to keep us in a state of complacency and confusion. Kingsley meticulously unravels the myriad ways our perceptions are manipulated by a complex web of industrial, technological, and media influences, guiding us into a life that seems increasingly inverted from what is natural and true.
    'The Inversion' delves into the unsettling realities we often choose to ignore. From the social engineering of our spirits to the impending digital consciousness and the metaverse, Dennis sheds light on the entropic forces at play, urging us to awaken to the greater reality around us. This episode is an invitation to those ready to challenge the mainstream narrative, to see beyond the veil of societal constructs, and to step into a broader perception of reality.
    Join us as Kingsley Dennis offers not just a critique of our current state but also a beacon of hope for those willing to perceive and act beyond the confines of the inversion. Discover how to navigate this upside-down world with insight, resilience, and a renewed sense of purpose.
    Magick.Me: The Adept Initiative
    The Inversion
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    THEURGY, in Theory and Practice, With P.D. Newman

    THEURGY, in Theory and Practice, With P.D. Newman

    In this episode of the Ultraculture podcast, Jason Louv is joined by P. D. Newman, an expert in the fields of alchemy, Hermeticism, and theurgy, with over two decades of immersion in these esoteric traditions. Newman shares insights from his latest work, a profound exploration into the ancient practice of theurgy, tracing its origins beyond the commonly acknowledged timeframe back to the era of Homer. He highlights how theurgy, a magical practice aimed at divinizing the soul for mystical union with the divine, shares roots with shamanic soul flight practices and was articulated in the epic meter of Homeric Greek.
    Newman delves into the theurgic themes present in the Odyssey and the Iliad, such as Odysseus's journey to Hades and the funeral pyre of Patroclus, showcasing the interconnectedness of Greek shamanic practices and theurgical rites. He also discusses the significant contributions of Neoplatonists like Porphyry and Proclus, who described theurgy using Homeric terms and linked it to broader philosophical and ritual contexts.
    Through a detailed analysis of telestikē, the theurgic technique of statue animation, and the divinization of the soul, Newman illustrates the ancient and complex nature of these practices, connecting them to Egyptian and Greek traditions. His study not only sheds light on the philosophical underpinnings of theurgy but also provides a rare glimpse into the actual ritual practices of ancient theurgists.
    This is an EXCELLENT and very unexpected show that goes on some very, very, very interesting tangents. You're going to love it.
    Show Notes
    P. D. Newman: Theurgy: Theory and Practice
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4.7 out of 5
348 Ratings

348 Ratings

Green inns ,

Avoid the mob

Change never begins from the middle of the mob. Step out of the masses long enough to consider ANYTHING that’s not allowed. Kill your TV too…while you’re at it. Thank you Jason!!

Owlbarn66 ,

Good podcast

Listened to the Zerzan interview. The only way to save the planet is by a huge reduction in the human population. Some countries are experiencing declining populations but probably not fast enough or large enough to stop global warming. I agree with Louv that China won't become the leading global power. It's a very xenophobic country that freaks out when there is too much foreign influence. There are already signs that the current regime is losing its "mandate of heaven" and will begin to close off to the world. It's a cyclical pattern in their history.

Dijutal assassin ,


But listen for yourself if you like larpers

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