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Ultrarunnerpodcast is one of the oldest and largest podcasts dedicated to ultra trail running. We've got over 500 episodes with new runners, elite runners, dietitians, coaches, rock stars, and everyone in between. Episodes are 1hr long and are published each week.

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Ultrarunnerpodcast is one of the oldest and largest podcasts dedicated to ultra trail running. We've got over 500 episodes with new runners, elite runners, dietitians, coaches, rock stars, and everyone in between. Episodes are 1hr long and are published each week.

    Francesca Muccini – Overall Champion at Vol State

    Francesca Muccini – Overall Champion at Vol State

    Francesca Muccini has run—and won–Vol State before but her performance this year at the Lazarus Lake event has been called one of the greatest multi day performances of all time.

    Chart showing pace and distance between Francesca Muccini and 2nd place Bob Hearn. (Borrowed from Facebook)

    In this interview, Francesca–originally from Italy–describes her meticulous training on the roads and the gym and how she focused for a full year on breaking four days to complete the 500km course.

    Francesca fought extreme heat, a hard-charging-though-consistent Bob Hearn and ultimately extreme delirium, confusion, and hallucinations to cut nearly 24 hours off her previous best. Described as a “perfect race” by others and something resembling Dante’s Inferno with Bob as a “relentless war machine” by Francesca, this was the strongest ultra performance all year.

    L-R Greg Armstrong, Francesca Muccini, Francesca’s husband Mark

    Francesca Muccini Episode Notes:

    Be sure to read this report from her closest competitor Bob Hearn. Bob was also on URP and his interview on pacing theory is a must listen.

    Definitely read this report from Francesca’s crew chief (and course record holder) Greg Armstrong.

    Here’s another interview with Francesca Muccini from Jason Friedman’s The Pain Cave podcast. Jason was on URP in 2014.

    Here’s the list of ultramarathon world records for Italy. Toggle away to sort by country, age, distance, etc.

    More on Italian runner Marco Olmo.

    Intro music | David RosalesOutro music | AJ LeGrand

    Francesca Muccini

    Gear Reviews with Ben

    In this episode, Ben spoke about:

    Hoka Clifton Edge

    Skechers Go Run Razor Plus Hyper (no public info yet)

    • 1 hr 28 min
    Pam Reed Interview

    Pam Reed Interview

    Pam Reed has run ninety six 100 milers and finished 50+ Ironman triathlons. She’s set the record for 24 hours on the track, and won–outright–Badwater two times. Most impressive to many was her 2015 Western/Hardrock/Badwater triple. All three of those events occur within one month. Woof!

    Pam Reed on the trails in Yellowstone National Park

    In this interview, we talk about everything from Courtney Dauwalter (and candy!) to what it’s like directing a large marathon in the age of Covid. Has Pam learned anything during her races over the last few months? We talk about trail blindness, beer, eating disorders, and the insane article written about her in 2005.

    Pam Reed (r) and her friend Holly during one of Araivapa’s virtual 100 milers this summer.

    Gear Chat with Ben


    Brooks Catamount

    Inov8 TerraUltra G270

    Here are the Adidas Terrext ProtoHype trail shoes we talked about.

    TrackSmith Run Cannonball Run shorts

    rabbit EZ shorts 7″

    Swiftwick Pursuit merino socks

    Pam Reed Episode Notes

    Here’s the Outside Magazine article

    Here’s Pam Reed on David Letterman

    Here’s the interview with Courtney where we talk about trail blindness.

    Pam is the director of the Tucson Marathon.

    Intro music | David RosalesOutro music | AJ LeGrand

    • 1 hr 44 min
    Leah Yingling Interview and New Female Gear Reviews

    Leah Yingling Interview and New Female Gear Reviews

    Leah Yingling has been tearing up trail races in the Wasatch for a few years. From podiums at The Grand Traverse, North Face, Bear, Squaw Peak, and Telluride Mountain Run, she’s also reached out to put on a popular fatass that traverses 40 miles across some incredible terrain.

    Leah Lingying in the La Sal Mountains in Utah, 2018.

    Leah grew up in Pennsylvania, one of four girls in a very competitive family that saw all siblings on the same high school cross country team at the same time.

    From there, you’ll have to hear her story about college, trauma, training, diet, and her love for the trail community in the Wasatch Range.

    Pretty much the coolest race shirt ever. Pic courtesy Leah Lingying.

    Leah Yingling Episode Notes

    Here’s Jeffrey Stern’s excellent piece on Leah in Ultrarunning Magazine.

    Here’s the Melvin 2×4 IPA she raved about.

    Intro and outro music used with permission by David Rosales

    AC/DC Live at River Plate, Argentina. The concert I missed. And I dare you to slow your pace when any of these tracks come on.

    Connect with Leah!

    Gear Reviews with Lydia!

    Lydia reviewed the following garments from rabbit.

    rabbit Tops:

    Lighting tank top

    Bunny hop tank top 

    Flash trail top

    rabbit Shorts:

    Surf n turn short 2.5in

    Catch me if you can short

    Mountain climbers short

    As always, a disclaimer: We receive(d) complimentary products in exchange for honest, unbiased reviews. This site receives no payment or other compensation for reviews of products or services. All words are ours.

    • 1 hr 26 min
    Jason Hardrath | The Art of FKTs | Gear Reviews with Ben

    Jason Hardrath | The Art of FKTs | Gear Reviews with Ben

    Jason Hardrath has been raging FKTs on routes all over the West Coast, with a focus on the PNW. Recently he realized he was in striking distance of catching the King of FKTs Ben Nephew and is loving the challenge of chasing big solo routes in the mountains.

    In straight numbers, Jason is currently at 51 FKTs versus Ben’s 56. For reference, the third place guy has 27. Anton has 23, Kilian has 21.

    Jason Hardrath

    In this episode, we talk about how and why Jason transitioned from a solid triathlete and marathoner to a guy going after solo pursuits in the mountains. We talk about some of the similarities and differences between races and FKTs and the added elements of the former. Gear choices, route setting and finding, and FKT confirmation are all extra quirks that the athlete must bring to the table and Jason explains how he handles each.

    Jason Hardrath

    Jason Hardrath Episode Notes

    Here’s the interview with Ben Nephew.

    I mentioned Leor Pantilat. Here’s our chat with Leor from a few years ago.

    I used this Adventure Sports podcast as a source for this episode.

    Here’s the current list on the FKT website.

    Here’s a video of the Kalaupapa Trail I referenced. And here’s a writeup I did a few years ago about running on Moloka’i.

    Here’s more on Athletic Brewery.

    Gear Chat with Ben

    Disclaimer: All of these products were supplied to URP for gear testing purposes. No money was exchanged and all words and thoughts are our own. The Altra Timp link is an Amazon affiliate link and will put a few nickels into the URP coffers should you decide to keep the shoes.

    rabbit EZ Tee Perf – $45

    Ben says: “Light polyester with some spandex. Very breathable and light and it doesn’t cling to the skin when wet. Forty five bucks is a lot for a shirt, but it’s worth it.”

    (And here’s the tank I was referring to.)

    HOKA One One Torrent 2 | Summer 2020 release | $130

    Ben says: “This is my Goldilocks shoe…it does everything well.

    • 1 hr 36 min
    Meredith June Edwards | She’s back and stronger than ever.

    Meredith June Edwards | She’s back and stronger than ever.

    If you heard our last episode with Meredith Edwards, you know that she lives for the mountains. Whether it’s running, scrambling or skiing, Meredith travels the world looking for the biggest peaks and races and takes them all hard.

    Meredith Edwards on the trails

    So naturally it was a surprise to many when she laid low from the competitive circuit last year while she was fighting an energy, iron, and GI issue that threatened to derail her career, livelihood, and main source of joy.

    View this post on Instagram Just getting ready and training for the zombie apocalypse. All you have to do is not give up. This is me finishing and winning the @montreuxtrailfestival 35k. 2 weeks prior I had just raced @eigerultratrail 100k which is a burly mountain course. Which seems to be theme in Europe because @montreuxtrailfestival was no different even for a short race. I was in 4th place most of the day till the final descent The last downhill was around 4000 ft and I just said screw it let’s see what I got. Well I found out. With 5k to go I fell and split my eyebrow open. Best scar of my life and good reminder you are always stronger than you think. Only 27 days left of #quarantine #ihope #letsgetthroughthis #coronavirus #happyweekend #zerolimits #altrarunning #springenergy #natureup #bestracephotoever #finishphoto #savage #bleedforspeed PC @outdoorandnews A post shared by Meredith June Edwards (@merejune) on Apr 3, 2020 at 7:07pm PDT

    In this episode, we learn about her symptoms, her multiple diagnoses from physicians, and ultimately, what finally worked for her. We also talk about the race where she nearly busted her orbital socket, her secret desire to run more track events, kombucha, the Covid shutdown, and more.

    Meredith Edwards and Jason Schlarb running around the world

    Gear chat with Ben

    Patagonia Endless Run Shorts

    Loose on the front, tight on the back. Big, tight pockets for essentials.


    Tracksmith Session ShortsMens and womens info.Mens and women’s cuts and colors. Two pockets, one of them internal.




    Patagonia Long Sleeve Capilene Cool Lightweight Shirta rel="noreferrer noopener" href="https://www.

    • 1 hr 33 min
    Ellie Pell | Trails and Trials

    Ellie Pell | Trails and Trials

    Ellie Pell played team sports in high school then really took up running when she accidentally won a half marathon a few years ago. Since then, she’s lowered her marathon PR to 2:41, finished third at the competitive JFK50, earned a ton of attention with an outright win at a trail 50k, and most recently–just last weekend–ran in the Olympic Trials for the marathon.

    Ellie’s stoke level is on HIGH and you’ll hear her smile through your headset. She met a ton of runners in Atlanta, ran with joy and no pressure, grabbed a free pair of shoes that might pay for her next vacation, and now has her sights set on Lake Sonoma 50 miler next month. And hey Saucony, you hearing this???

    Anyone going to Lake Sonoma wanna go halfsies on my AirBnB? Retweet to save the planet 🌎— Ellie Pell 🦌📚🤙🏽 (@gazzellie) March 4, 2020

    Connect with Ellie Pell

    Ellie runs for Red Newt Racing through the Finger Lakes Running Company.

    Here’s her website.

    Here’s her podcast.

    Here’s her Instagram.

    And here she is on Twitter.

    Gear Reviews with Ben







    Brooks Caldera 4

    Saucony Peregrine 10

    • 1 hr 38 min

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684 Ratings

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My favorite ultra running podcast. Eric is highly knowledgeable and a deeply rooted part of this community which gives him the ability to control the conversation. I used to dislike this about Eric but then I realized him taking control of the conversation was him doing his job this podcast quickly became one of favorites not only in the ultra running scene but in general.

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