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Just a couple of post-Mormon, soul mates consciously creating the life of their dreams while sharing their unfiltered journey along the way!

Unconditionally Unfiltered Jalynn and Saunder Schroeder

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Just a couple of post-Mormon, soul mates consciously creating the life of their dreams while sharing their unfiltered journey along the way!

    S02:E07: The Truth Revealed

    S02:E07: The Truth Revealed

    Cough cough *our truth*. This is the most asked for episode in the history of our podcast. We have evolved a lot since our first season so we are sharing all things leaving religion, our experiences and tools we have use to heal an expand, and where we are now.

    We gave some updates in S01:E01 and S01:E09 if you want to follow more of the journey.

    • 41 min
    S02:E06 - Becoming Unstuck

    S02:E06 - Becoming Unstuck

    Jalynn unpacks her recent transformation including why she left SeneGence (the company she's been with for almost 7 years), what she's doing now, and all the things that lead her to this point—the REAL "tea" ;)

    Here's a link to her youtube video referenced in the episode: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qfm9hfuKs4E

    • 35 min
    S02:E05 - The Reversal of Roles

    S02:E05 - The Reversal of Roles

    Today Saunder & Jalynn talk about the reversal of roles in their marriage...not the bedroom. 😜 Saunder has experienced some recent transformation through working with a transformation coach, Egypt, the Journey to Nobody and other things.

    Show Notes:

    Saunder's Transformation Coach - Zach Blakeney: https://www.instagram.com/zackblakeney/

    Journey To Nobody: https://thejourneytonobody.com/

    • 33 min
    S02:E04 - We Found The Secret Sauce...

    S02:E04 - We Found The Secret Sauce...

    Saunder and Jalynn experienced an "aha" in Ceremony together. The secret sauce has been pushing their life forward ever since...it's crazy how much has changed in only 4 weeks.

    • 27 min
    S02:E03 - Egypt Unraveled

    S02:E03 - Egypt Unraveled

    After the information and experiences that were revealed in "A Night with Ms. Molly" (previous episode), we are now (finally) ready to dive into more of what has happened since then and our life changing Egypt trip...

    • 50 min
    S02:E02 - A Night with Ms. Molly

    S02:E02 - A Night with Ms. Molly

    Saunder and Jalynn continue on their journey of expansion. This time with a special visitor, Ms. Molly—a visitor they never planned on visiting. 😜

    Things don’t go as expected, for the better. 🙏🏼 They both discover two MAJOR blocks and connect like never before. 

    But wait…. There’s more. Listen until the end to hear the roller coaster ride that has followed! 

    • 45 min

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
219 Ratings

219 Ratings

Bickuss ,

Ayahuasca retreat

Your podcasts of your retreat was so inspiring and made me cry. My husband and I have wanted to do a ayahuasca retreat after listening to your podcast now I am going to book a retreat. I feel like that is what we are missing and it keeps coming to me that I need to go. ❤️❤️❤️ I love your story and I am a former Mormon as well. Thanks for sharing.

bdub1187 ,

Binge-able and meaningful

It’s not easy going through marriage. Throw on top of that a couple of dramatic core belief system changes and you’re in for a ride. Saundar and Jaylynn chose connection and their story is incredibly valuable because of that.

brittneyleester ,

vulnerability touches hearts ❤️‍🔥

jalynn + saunder have courage to be themselves in a world where everyone is trying to be the same. they share powerful, very personal stories about their life, relationship + how they are growing individually and together. such a healthy couple to hold as an example of living a life of freedom + conscious growth!

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