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Explore the diverse stories of some of the most advanced Intercultural practitioners from around the world with Marco Blankenburgh, who has been equipping people with cultural agility for 25+ years. Along the way, you will gain cultural insights that will help you find relational success in our globally diverse world.

Unlocking Cultural Agility with Marco Blankenburgh KnowledgeWorkx

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Explore the diverse stories of some of the most advanced Intercultural practitioners from around the world with Marco Blankenburgh, who has been equipping people with cultural agility for 25+ years. Along the way, you will gain cultural insights that will help you find relational success in our globally diverse world.

    Counseling Across Cultures with Nancy Wolf

    Counseling Across Cultures with Nancy Wolf

    Nancy Wolf captivates us with her experiences of moving from America to Africa, a decision that propelled her family into a whirlwind of cultural discoveries and personal growth. This journey is not just about relocating geographically but also about transitioning through a cultural metamorphosis, which often requires courage and openness to the unknown.

     Her insights illuminate the courage it takes to immerse oneself in an unfamiliar culture and the profound growth that results from such an adventure. Working in a foreign country offers a unique opportunity to form intercultural relationships, and it's these connections that can redefine how one perceives and interacts with the world. Nancy sheds light on the complexities of these relationships, especially in the workplace, and the valuable lessons learned.

     Through her experiences, we discover the importance of self-awareness and humility in becoming a cultural learner, and how these qualities can lead to trust and effective teamwork within a diverse setting. It's a rich examination of the power of curiosity and understanding in cultivating successful cross-cultural collaborations.

    Mental health professionals will find our discussion on intercultural relationships within counseling particularly enlightening. We delve into how varying cultural worldviews impact communication and conflict resolution in therapeutic settings. Nancy emphasizes the need for continuous learning and intercultural competence among counselors, particularly when supporting clients in intercultural marriages and relationships. Join us as we share stories, insights, and the undeniable importance of cultural agility in an interconnected world. Our conversation serves as a heartfelt reminder of the beauty and complexity of our global tapestry.

    In this episode, you will learn:
      --  How to develop a cultural learner mindset to be successful in intercultural environments.
      -- How to bring intercultural agility into the counseling setting.
      -- Skills to transition successfully across cultures.

    | Learn More about:
      --  Perception Management (https://www.knowledgeworkx.com/framework-perception-management)
      -- Four Keys for Building Trust on Teams (http://kwx.fyi/building-trust-teams)
      -- Cultural Learners Are Critical to M&A Success (https://www.knowledgeworkx.com/post/cultural-learners-are-critical-to-m-a-success)
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    Navigating Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging with David Myles

    Navigating Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging with David Myles

    We're delighted to introduce our esteemed guest, David Myles, who brings a unique perspective on race and intercultural agility. Born and raised an African-American in a largely white community, David's journey is one that shines a spotlight on the importance of investing in relationships and going beyond the conventional right and wrong approach. Our in-depth chat dives into the necessity of intercultural agility, a skill that's non-negotiable in our ever-evolving world, and how it helps in understanding ourselves and others better.

    We don't stop there; we venture further into the realm of Intercultural Intelligence (ICI), and how it impacts our personal and professional relationships. With an ICI certification, you gain transformative insights, tools, and language to navigate challenging conversations, particularly those around race and ethnicity. We get practical too, sharing an instance of using the DIR (describe, interpret, respond) tool to kickstart a meaningful conversation on race with a group that was initially resistant.

    Lastly, we tackle cultural preferences and their impact on leadership and decision-making. Utilizing tools like the cultural mapping inventory, we discuss how understanding these preferences can promote better decision-making and foster understanding. The conversation underscores the importance of self-awareness and understanding one's strengths and weaknesses within a cultural context. So, join us for this enlightening journey into the world of diversity and intercultural agility; it just might change the way you view the world.

    Get in touch with David at: pdmenterprisesme@gmail.com

    In this episode, you will learn:
    How to navigate DEI with intercultural agility.How cultural preferences impact leadership and decision-making.How understanding your own self-culture equips you to lead others.Learn More about:
    Unity in Diversity in Your Organization The Key to Unlock Success in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives Resolving Conflict Around Diversity -- Brought to you by KnowledgeWorkx.com

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    Killer Meetings with Marco Blankenburgh

    Killer Meetings with Marco Blankenburgh

    Are you ready to turn the intricacies of intercultural meetings from minefields into gold mines?
    Let's embark on this journey together with, Marco Blankenburg, the International Director of KnowledgeWorks. We'll interrogate the challenges of cultural nuances in meeting spaces, and how to navigate the virtual and face-to-face interactions in our current work environment. Get ready to learn from Microsoft's intriguing research on how the pandemic has modified meeting dynamics and how to foster a space where everyone is valued and can contribute freely.

    In our enlightening conversation, we delve into effective strategies to engage all participants in intercultural meetings and boost the overall structure. Marco will share the secrets behind a successful meeting - from preparation to the selection of a moderator. He'll also delve into the understanding of how cultural dynamics play a crucial role in affecting the contributions of certain individuals. Intrigued by the use of CC and BCC in intercultural meetings? We'll unravel the intricacies of this, and the subtle communication nuances that take place before and after these meetings.

    This episode promises to change the way you approach your next intercultural meeting. Don't miss it!

    In this episode, you will learn:
    What to do before a meeting to make sure it is effective.How to lead meetings that include everyone regardless of their cultural background.How to use meetings to increase your productivity.Learn More about:
     Grow Your Intercultural Team Into a High-Performing One Three Principles of Communication for Virtual Teams Creating Great Intercultural Teams Through Relationships -- Brought to you by KnowledgeWorkx.com

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    Power Across Cultures with Ming-Jinn Tong

    Power Across Cultures with Ming-Jinn Tong

    "Power tends to corrupt, absolute power corrupts absolutely." Lord Acton made this statement in 1887 and it still informs our view of power today.
     But is power all bad? Is there any beauty in it? If we have power, what do we do with it? Are hierarchical cultures based on power, "bad"? 

    Through these questions and many more, Marco and Ming-Jinn guide you in this exciting and enlightening deep dive into the nature of power. They leave us with a clear, insightful path forward to engage cultures driven by a Power/Fear worldview in a way that leads to the empowerment of everyone involved.

    You can reach out to Ming-Jinn at  ming-jinn@knowledgeworkx.com

    In this episode, you will learn:
      -- What is beautiful about power
      -- How to use power to empower and create safety for the people around you
      -- The influence of power on all three cultural worldview drivers

    | Learn More about:
      --  The Beauty of Power (http://kwx.fyi/beauty-of-power)
      -- Empowerment in Coaching (http://kwx.fyi/empower-in-coaching)
      -- Discovering the Power-Fear Cultural Paradigm (http://kwx.fyi/discovering-power-fear)
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    Bringing Intercultural Agility into the Classroom

    Bringing Intercultural Agility into the Classroom

    How can teachers create a cultural space in their classrooms where students of all backgrounds can thrive?

    Listen as Shelley Reinhart, KnowledgeWorkx Director of Education, unpacks this question with educators and Ph.D. students Yasemin Altas and Victoria Hopkin.

    Yasemin has been teaching at universities for nearly three decades. She is a faculty member teaching intercultural studies at the  Higher Colleges of Technology, in the UAE. She has a Master's in Management in Education, is a trained Celta Teacher Trainer, and has been involved in projects with the Ministry of Education. She is currently working on a Ph.D. in Education with a focus on intercultural studies. 

    Victoria is a teacher, school leader, coach, and educational researcher with a passion for cultural agility. As a trained and experienced intercultural coach, Victoria's Ph.D. research focuses on cultivating environments that are inclusive and culturally adaptive.

    If you want to learn how you can bring these skills into your classroom, sign up for the next Culture in the Classroom Course at: https://www.knowledgeworkx.education/teachers 
    In this episode, you will learn
    How to create a culturally agile classroom charter with your students.How to bring out the unique gifts that Third Culture Kids add to your classroom.How to understand and teach your students about their own unique cultural wiring. | Articles
     -- What Does It Mean to Be a Third Culture Kid? (http://kwx.fyi/what-does-it-mean-to-be-a-tck)
    --  Wandering the World - a Hopeful Tale (knowledgeworkx.com)
    --  KnowledgeWorkx Education Training (www.knowledgeworkx.education)
    -- Brought to you by KnowledgeWorkx.com

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    The International Business of Music with Iain Wilson

    The International Business of Music with Iain Wilson

    How did a small team from Northern Ireland create a world-renowned service and build up an international clientele winning multiple national and global awards for their excellence?

    Find out as Marco talks with Iain Wilson the CEO of IBC- Music and a Certified Inter-Cultural Intelligence Practitioner.

    IBC-Music specializes in helping international musical instrument brands find manufacturing and distribution partners across the world. Just last month, IBC Music won The King’s Award for Enterprise, the most prestigious business award in the UK. It is one of only 148 organizations to be recognized.

    On top of that, IBC helped one of its Canadian customers, Riversong Guitars, win the prestigious MMR Dealers' Choice Award for Acoustic Guitar of the year in 2022. IBC was the sourcing agent for the River Pacific P2P acoustic guitar, helping it beat leading international guitar brands.

    You can reach out to Iain at  iain@ibc-music.com

    Learn more about what IBC Music does  at: http://ibc-music.com/

    In this episode, you will learn:
      -- How to build and manage business relationships across the globe
      -- How the international music industry works and the significant role relationships play in it.
      -- The power of connecting people and the way IBC-Music has become so successful at it.

    | Learn More about:
      --  Building Deep Relationships that Cross Cultures (kwx.fyi/deep-relationships-crossing-cultures)
      -- Whole Systems Thinking (kwx.fyi/multiplier-effect)
      -- High Performing Intercultural Teaming (kwx.fyi/team-development)

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5 Ratings

Chinitawu ,


This podcast deepens and reinforces the concepts I learned during my excellent ICI training with Knowledgeworkx. The conversations here help me continue to look at intercultural situations from different angles.

Bartheil ,

Great Podcast on Cultural Agility

Cultural Agility is such and important competency to master and this podcast series gives great examples of why it’s needed and how to improve your Cultural Agility.

Caleb.p.Strauss ,

Incredible Stories!

Linda's story was amazing!

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