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Come join us on a weekly adventure thru the woods and waters of Michigan thru the eyes of the Up North Journal Team.

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Come join us on a weekly adventure thru the woods and waters of Michigan thru the eyes of the Up North Journal Team.

    DYI Alaska Caribou and Blacktail Deer Hunts

    DYI Alaska Caribou and Blacktail Deer Hunts

    Join the guys tonight as they talk with Dean Smith a Michigan Hunter about the 3 Do It Yourself hunts he took recently in Alaska for Caribou and Blacktail deer. He gives a few things to lookout for and suggestions on how you too can take a trip of a lifetime!
    Planning the trip 2018 Caribou Hunt
    Getting a group together Time frame Choosing an air transporting service Getting your license to hunt Getting gear out to hunting location Clothes and food Dealing with medical emergencies Water supply Making fire Taking photos The hunt Long distance shooting The 2020 Blacktail Hunt
    Why Kodiak Island Grizzlies What was different than the 2018 hunt A more physically demanding hunt than 2018 Conditioning before the hunt Packing meat home The 2022 Caribou Hunt
    Flying in land vs water landings Price ranges for the hunts Time of the year Weather conditions What did you do differently this time back for caribou Archeology site

    • 1 hr 11 min
    Kip Adams With The NDA Talks About Advantages of Michigan's Mandatory Deer Checks

    Kip Adams With The NDA Talks About Advantages of Michigan's Mandatory Deer Checks

    Talking with Kip Adams of the National Deer Association about the good of mandatory deer checks and how this is going to change management here in Michigan.
    20 years with Deer Management
    He has been involved with QDMA and NDA for 20 years Announcement from NDA today Field to Fork The 3 R's 20-30 year age group is now the focus The Back 40 with Mark Kenyon www.nationaldeerassociation.com Michigan's Mandatory Deer Checks
    Pennsylvania has had theirs in effect for many years How it use to be done How the data is going to help Pennsylvania data comes out a few months after season is over Michigan is now the gold standard Real time data available to the hunters This will help to make better management decisions Is dropping a pin point for kill site location a concern for hunters? Location is key for management How is the Amish community counted for deer kills? What is the future information that we might get from this program? Reporting is quick and easy Could this be used to report diseased deer? Other educational opportunities through NDA

    • 59 min
    Idaho Elk Hunting with Randy Stoppenhaggen of C3 Mitts

    Idaho Elk Hunting with Randy Stoppenhaggen of C3 Mitts

    Talking tonight with Randy Stoppenhaggen of C3 Mitts about the Idaho elk season which has already started. We will be covering a little bit about new info on elk breeding that Randy just learned about and talking about his recent elk hunt.
    Talking C3 Mitts
    Huge sale right now Multi Mitt Bow Mitt Crossbow Mitt Rifle Mitt Shotgun Mitt Idaho Elk Hunting
    Wildfires and the affect it has on elk and other animals Bear encounter Animal activity in smoky situation Hunting set up in early season Up close elk encounter Elk Breeding
    Rock Jacobson elk seminar August breeding  Breeding season will dictate the success of survival rate Breeding cow calls Moon timing Bull calling Estrus cycle 2nd and 3rd time Bull stress of continuous breeding on multiple cycles How hieroglyphs played into what we know about the early estrus cycle 13 days past full moon

    • 1 hr 9 min
    Arrow Builds with Sunrise Archery's Derek Vaughn

    Arrow Builds with Sunrise Archery's Derek Vaughn

    Less than a month to the opener of archery deer season, so it's time to get those arrows ready for the treestand! Tonight we are talking arrow builds for the upcoming hunting season. We are talking with Derek Vaughn of Sunrise Archery on what we need to do to get ready for the opener!
    Pro Shop's busy time of the year
    Strings Equipment Arrows Fletchings
    Four Fletchings Helicals Five and Six Fletchings Slip over fletchings Nocks
    Lighted nocks String serving and D loop fitting the nock Arrow selection
    Diameter Grains per inch Target vs hunting Heavy weighted inserts Adding weight Heavy weighted arrows vs a lighter arrow set up Arrow Scales
    Mechanical vs Fixed heads
    Broadhead weight
    Hunting Indiana and Michigan 

    • 1 hr 6 min
    Michigan's New Mandatory Deer Harvest Reporting Rule

    Michigan's New Mandatory Deer Harvest Reporting Rule

    Join us in the Cabin as we talk with Chad Stewart a deer biologist for Michigan's DNR about their new mandatory deer harvest reporting rule implemented this season.
    Chad Stewart's Outdoor background
    Pennsylvania background Indiana deer biologist West Virginia Degrees at Penn State and Illinois Talking about deer hunting heritages in Pennsylvania and Michigan
    Michigan's new deer harvest reporting rule
    Overview of what you need to do when reporting a successful kill What does the confirmation number do for us and what do we do with it What questions do they ask on the report Will you still have check stations to stop at and check your deer in How the confirmation number works Why do I have to list my kill location  How does the location work Why should I give them my location What information are we as hunters going to get out of this Reporting multiple deer kills When will the data be available to help make decisions Talking APR's
    Real time data will be available to the DNR and the public
    Hunter retention and recruitment

    • 1 hr 19 min
    What Does It Take To Pack In To Isle Royale National Park?

    What Does It Take To Pack In To Isle Royale National Park?

    Join us this week in the Cabin as we talk with a father and son team that took on a hiking trip the entire length of Isle Royale National Park! Learn about what it takes and what you need to take with you for such a trip!
    Why Isle Royale?
    Went once before with a friend Wanted his son to experience it Training for the trip
    Hiking Using weight in a back pack Some of the gear used
    Flashlights Backup Batteries for phones Compass In Reach device Leaving in case of an emergency Boots and walking sticks First aid pack Items that are must haves
    Item you took that you didn't think you'd need but were glad you had
    Size of the island
    Animals on the island and those that are not on the island
    Fishing the island
    Shelter permit
    Prepare for any weather and the bugs
    Water and food
    How much water do you need a day
    Edible wild food
    Making fire
    Taking care of business
    The survey marker
    Night sky description
    Bug problems and solutions
    Planning next trip
    Fire towers
    Journaling the trip

    • 1 hr 16 min

Customer Reviews

4.4 out of 5
66 Ratings

66 Ratings

stricknyn9 ,

Very informative. A/v problem

Listen to this show every Monday morning on y commute. I find myself constantly having to adjust the volume because one mic is so much louder than the other. My favorite Michigan show, keep it up!

raccoonman_tv ,

Five stars

Great podcast. Always amazing guests.

WoodyFenton ,

Mic levels

Love the show, I listen every week. Well I try anyway. I listen to the podcast with head phones while I’m at work in a shop. and my only issue has been mic levels. Dans level seems lower. I sometimes struggle to hear him. The latest episode with Marc Coleman I couldn’t get through cause of that. Other than that the show is very good and informative

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