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A podcast to nourish and strengthen your mind.

Utah AF Jake & Jill

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A podcast to nourish and strengthen your mind.

    Jake & Jill Browse Reddit... AF

    Jake & Jill Browse Reddit... AF

    -St George hosted the ironman World Championships. It's a big deal

    - Jake & Jill remark on a real estate ad from yesteryear

    - They give advice to a New Yorker who is moving to Utah

    - Jill inadvertently creates an awesome band name

    - Jake extolls the virtues of Bombay House (but calls it Bombay cafe. Sorry!)

    - Jill ventures into the Tinder subreddit

    - A discussion on Roe V Wade, and Jill shares a personal experience.


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    • 46 min
    Jake & Jill Give Bad Advice

    Jake & Jill Give Bad Advice

    Jake & Jill are bombarded with tens and tens of requests for advice each year. They're in a mood to give only bad advice.

    - New Utah transplants are worried about their kids fitting in because they are not members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints

    - Learn how to PROPERLY pronounce these places: Tooele, Mantua, Hurricane, Hooper, Paragonah, Toquerville, and Magna

    - The best place for an anniversary night AND a first date? Wendover!

    - Where to take a family member visiting from out-of-state? It all starts with a biblical river...

    - Jake & Jill form a tribal alliance around being on team Crossroads Plaza or ZCMI Center

    - Jake & Jill discuss what their names would be if they joined the Heaven's Gate cult. Even though there are ZERO cuss words in this entire episode, this topic continues our streak of never having an episode that's not explicitly rated. Shit. 


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    • 37 min
    Legislative Update 2022

    Legislative Update 2022

    Jake and Jill have no idea what happened this legislative session. What better time to find out than at the time of recording an episode about it?

    • 46 min
    Catching Up!

    Catching Up!

    Jake & Jill give an update on Utah AF world

    - Jake explains his new favorite travel hack

    - Jill aims to be a perfect 8

    - The underrated reason why Forrest Gump is implausible

    - Another embroidered pillow idea

    - Jake explains again why short people are superior

    - Submit your new state flag designs! (Please no beehives though)

    - Why it's ok for the legislature to devote time to trivial issues, like a new state flag

    - Jake & Jill reminisce about the SLC Olympics

    - Some...interesting...ideas on making the Winter Olympics more... interesting.

    • 31 min
    2021 Year in Review

    2021 Year in Review

    Jake and Jill reflect (not sarcastically at all) on what a great year 2021 was all around.

    -Jake gives a positive, friendly word of encouragement to high school aged kids going to the gym

    -Jill gives explicit directions on what to do with her body when she passes: Phish Food

    - The Utes are set to appear in the Rose Bowl, which we expect the Utes to lead all the way through the game and to not run out of gas in the second half and for their depleted secondary (including a running back playing corner) to hold up and to totally keep Ohio State's future first-round draft pick stud receiver in check, pulling out a thrilling and satisfying, program-defining victory! But it's only January 31 so we don't know what will happen tomorrow

    - SLC gets split 4 ways, and 4 ways is greater than 1 ways!

    -The Great Salt Lake dried up. That was cool

    - Dr Phil explains climate change

    - Jake and Jill vote on their favorite Capitol Insurrectionist character- it's the same one!

    - Enjoy an abrupt edit and wonder why the h they're talking about Hagrid's robes

    - The Jazz respected our desire to spend our summer nights outdoors

    - My neck, my back, my (former Runnin' Ute legend) Michael Doleac

    - How Utah being filled with wildfire smoke for most of 2021 was a blessing

    -Jake and Jill invite a Utah legend to ring in the new year with a 2022-specific motto.

    • 29 min
    Jake & Jill Browse Reddit

    Jake & Jill Browse Reddit

    Happy Thanksgiving! Jake & Jill are easing up on recording for the holidays but they made time to browse Utah-related Reddit groups.

    - What is the weirdest and worst town name in Utah?

    - Why do Utah drivers suck? (at driving)

    - Thoughts on Utah's redistricting

    - How a new dentist can make their patients feel more comfortable (bonus: why are there so many dentists in Utah?)

    - Jake and Jill envision a sequel to Napoleon Dynamite where the whole gang works in a women's health clinic and Napoleon is the gynecologist. 

    • 44 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
12 Ratings

12 Ratings

yrududujejee ,


I like these hosts, I wished they’d publish more frequently

FireZeMissles ,

Down to Earth and Fun

I always enjoy whenever a new episode drops. I can't wait for them to get back in the same room again and can't help but laugh along with them.
Hope there's more for years to come

Theyaskedforreviews ,

Great but needs more Utah content

It's a really great podcast, but I like it more when then focus on Utah-specific content. One example of something very good in this regard was Jake mentioning the best pie place in St. George that helped him out. Curtis' legislative reviews are great, as is Utah sports coverage. Its trajectory is to be a great podcast about Utah life. Keep that up!

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