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We are a movement of hope for the city and beyond!

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We are a movement of hope for the city and beyond!

    God's Guiding

    God's Guiding

    Trusting in God is a foundational part of being a disciple of Jesus. But, how often do we trust ourselves more than we trust God? In this message, Sebastian Mancillas, our Central Students Director, reminds us that trust and doubt can't coexist. If we try to control everything in our lives, then we're not able to surrender to Jesus. When Jesus called His disciples to follow Him, they didn't understand everything He was asking of them, but they still trusted and believed that, as they walked forward in obedience, He would provide understanding. The same is true for us! We don't understand first, then follow. We follow, and trust God to give us understanding. Where is God inviting you to trust Him with all your heart?

    • 34 min
    God's Working

    God's Working

    In times of trouble, we may have heard someone tell us a promise from Romans 8:28, that God works all things for His good – and He does! – but do we believe that? In this message, Dawson Shields, one of our Student Directors, looks back at the life of Paul and Joseph to remind us that God never promised us a life of constant ease and enjoyment, but He does promise us that He will always be at work on our behalf. When we look at our lives through God's perspective, we can see how He can use every situation in our lives to mold and shape us more into the image and likeness of Jesus!

    • 28 min
    God's Fulfilling

    God's Fulfilling

    The Bible is full of God's promises for us! In fact, we may know many of them or have them hanging on the walls in our home, but have we claimed these promises in our heart? In this message, Pastor Jason Hillier kicks off our new summer series, 60 Days of Unfamiliar Promises, by reminding us that God's promises are not common or familiar; they're beautiful and sacred. Our beliefs drive our behaviors. So this summer, can we claim, declare, and walk in the truth of what God has promised us?

    • 32 min
    Season 2 Review

    Season 2 Review

    Throughout Season 2 of A Different Way, we have received a deeper understanding of what it looks like to be a disciple of Jesus. In this message, Pastor John Stickl walked us through reviewing all we have heard from God in Season 2 of our A Different Way series. Reflecting on everything God has revealed to us helps us continue to renew our minds with His truth, and a renewed mind can see God's will! Jesus, make us more and more like You.

    • 43 min


    Jesus loved to celebrate! So as we continue to train ourselves in the ways of Jesus, we can't ignore the practice of celebration! Celebration is paying attention and calling attention to the goodness of God. In this message, Pastor John Stickl teaches us that there is always more goodness of God than there is brokenness of the world. Have we trained ourselves to see it? Or are we training ourselves to grumble? Celebration isn't looking at how good we are, or how good a certain situation or circumstance is, it's paying attention and calling attention to how good God is all the time! The goodness of God is everywhere. Are you looking for it?

    • 42 min
    Meditation, Part Three

    Meditation, Part Three

    People of God's kingdom are supposed to have totally different mindsets from the people of this world, because we were created to think like God! In this message, Pastor John Stickl teaches us that meditation is spiritual warfare. Whoever has a stronghold on our mindset has a stronghold on our life, which means we can't afford to think a thought that is not full of faith, hope, and love. The primary battlefield of spiritual warfare is in the mind. When we fill our minds with the thoughts of God by meditating on His Word, there will be no room left for anything else. How are you arranging or rearrange your life to fill your mind with God’s Word?

    • 52 min

Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5
177 Ratings

177 Ratings

Greg the Lawn Man ,

Wonderful Listen!

It’s always a blessing to be able to listen to the weekend messages again.

EKP Girl ,

Life Altering

Absolutely love Valley Creek! You can always planned to leave these messages challenged to see the goodness of God in all areas of life. Identity determines behavior. Grace and Truth work together. Thank you Pastor John and the teaching team for leading and reflecting Jesus so well!

Lofton Gage Williams ,

This church is amazing!!

Pastor John always says the right things that I feel like apply so well to my life. I have been listening to this podcast for a few months now and same with going to the Lewisville campus on Sundays. I just wanted to say thank you all for the hope and care that y’all show every single time I go. Love y’all!!

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