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Since August 3, 2019, I have been the host and creator of Vancouver’s True Crime Podcast.

Exploring the topics of psychopathy, cults, serial killers and the missing and the murdered.

Also a deep dive into the topic of narcissistic abuse and the dark side of online dating.

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Since August 3, 2019, I have been the host and creator of Vancouver’s True Crime Podcast.

Exploring the topics of psychopathy, cults, serial killers and the missing and the murdered.

Also a deep dive into the topic of narcissistic abuse and the dark side of online dating.

    What is Trauma Bonding?

    What is Trauma Bonding?

    In this podcast episode I have a conversation with @narcissist_survivor,

    We discuss trauma bonding, various sorts of abuse, and persistent, troubling claims about the current situation.

    Please contact the New Westminster Police Department non-emergency line at (604) 525-5411 and make a police statement if you have been harmed by Adam H.
    Reference file number NW23-1607.
    Trauma bonding is a psychological phenomenon in which the victim develops an emotional attachment to the abuser. This is possible as a result of the abuser's tendency to switch between controlling and adoring conduct, which generates a sense of unpredictability and excitement. In addition, the victim can feel obligated to the abuser for periods when they received love or support, which would make ending the relationship challenging.

    Even when the victim is aware that the connection is harmful, trauma bonding's effects can endure for a long time and make it challenging for them to end it. To assist break the cycle of abuse and start the healing process, victims should seek support from a dependable friend, relative, or therapist.

    • 48 min
    Kim 911 Operator and The Hush Podcast Host.

    Kim 911 Operator and The Hush Podcast Host.

    We chat about dating, relationships, her history with narcissistic abuse, her podcast, and her profession as a 911 operator in Tucson, Arizona.

    Hush! started off as a passion project for her and has since evolved.

    Kim chose to digitize storytelling and holds a bachelor's degree in journalism.

    She founded Hush! as a forum for a candid discussion of growing up sex, dating, relationships, and other topics that are typically kept on the hush

    • 1 hr 9 min
    What is Love Bombing?

    What is Love Bombing?

    In this episode, I interview @narcissist_survivor, who shares her experience and expertise dealing with these monsters.
    Please follow her on Instagram at narcissisit_survivor

    Love bombing is a tactic used in some forms of manipulation and emotional abuse where a person will shower their partner with excessive affection, attention, and gifts in order to control and manipulate them.

    This type of behavior can be used to create a sense of dependency in the partner and can be part of a pattern of manipulation and control in a relationship.

    • 1 hr 1 min
    Beware of predators who take appointments

    Beware of predators who take appointments

    WARNING: This story contains details that may disturb some readers.

    Leonard Krekic, who worked in Penticton and other cities in B.C., was found to have committed professional misconduct and unprofessional conduct while treating multiple female patients between 2012 and 2019 by a disciplinary panel on Aug. 5.

    On Dec. 21, the College of Massage Therapists of B.C. rendered their decision on what Krekic’s punishment would be.

    That punishment will be a ban from registering with the College to work as a massage therapist until January 1, 2048, and a fine and costs totalling $105,952.51.

    Six different former clients of Krekic had filed allegations against him with the College, beginning with an allegation filed in 2019.

    “This is one of the most serious cases to ever come before the Discipline Committee due to the nature and gravity of multiple instances of misconduct involving many different patients extending over a period of years,” reads part of the Aug 5 decision.

    “Sexual misconduct is a particularly serious form of misconduct because it involves a breach of trust and abuse of patients. The duration and frequency of Mr. Krekic’s conduct was serious, and its impact on the complainants was profound.”

    Krekic lived or worked in White Rock, Surrey and Penticton over the time where he treated the patients, though only the last patient is identified as having been treated specifically in Penticton.

    The decision stressed sexual touching of patients will not be tolerated and must be denounced.

    “Where this occurs, registrants of CMTBC will be met with the most serious penalties available,” the college stated.

    If you or someone you know is a victim of sexual assault, help is available.

    In an emergency, call 9-1-1
    In a crisis, call 1-800-563-0808
    To report a person under 19 who needs protection to the Ministry of Children and Family Development, call 310-1234 (no area code required)

    • 29 min
    Evil Intentions & Narcissistic Monsters, Part 4.

    Evil Intentions & Narcissistic Monsters, Part 4.

    The nature of evil intentions is a complex and multifaceted topic that has been studied by philosophers, theologians, and psychologists for centuries.

    Generally speaking, evil intentions can be defined as deliberate actions or motives that cause harm or suffering to others.

    Some people believe that evil intentions stem from a lack of empathy or compassion, and that individuals who engage in evil actions do not fully understand or care about the impact of their actions on others.
    Emotional abuse can be just as harmful as physical abuse.
    Emotional abuse can be difficult to recognize, as it often involves subtle tactics such as manipulation, gaslighting, and verbal abuse.

    Hypnotherapy can be an effective tool for helping individuals who have been in a relationship with a narcissist to heal from the emotional and psychological trauma caused by the abuse. Here are some hypnotherapy techniques that can be used in the treatment of narcissistic abuse: I end the podcast with a hypnosis script for overcoming emotional abuse and trauma:

    • 28 min
    Narcissistic Monsters & Dark Psychology, Part 3

    Narcissistic Monsters & Dark Psychology, Part 3

    Dark psychology is the study of the human mind and behavior in relation to negative or harmful aspects of human nature, such as manipulation, deception, and power. It encompasses a wide range of topics, including:
    Many of the concepts and techniques that fall under the umbrella of dark psychology can be used for positive purposes such as therapy and personal development.For example like Neuro-linguistic programming. Criminal and deviant psychology: the study of criminal and deviant behavior, including the psychological motivations and methods used by criminals and other deviant individuals.
    I also included 90s TV News clips and interviews regarding Paul Bernardo. Paul Bernardo, also known as the "Scarborough Rapist" and the "Schoolgirl Killer," is a Canadian serial killer and rapist who committed crimes in the Toronto area in the late 1980s and early 1990s. He was convicted of the kidnappings, rapes, and murders of several young women, including his wife Karla Homolka's younger sister Tammy Homolka. Bernardo also committed a series of sexual assaults known as the "Scarborough Rapist" attacks prior to the murder of Homolka and the other girls. He was arrested in 1993 and sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole for 25 years.

    • 1 hr 26 min

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5
25 Ratings

25 Ratings

staleilin ,


The host does a BRILLIANT job. I couldn’t sleep one night, decided to see if there were any new podcasts about the Boziak case. I was hooked after ten minutes of listening to episode 1. I’m almost done with Boaziak episode 4 - then I will continue binge on the rest. I love your theories, thinking process, etc. Very intelligent host. It’s my new fave true crime show. I hope you do a podcast on Barry and Honey Sherman. PS- I’m from Texas, been to Canada several times and absolutely love it.! Look forward to more episodes!

allansmw520 ,

Just started and already hooked...

Growing up across the US border in B’ham area I couldn’t agree with the thoughts and angles of the host any more. I’m just half way thru the 1st episode and I’m already hooked. This is absolutely a story that needs to be told and heard, and the analysis is perfect. This is endlessly fascinating! Very well done I’m so stoked I found this!

greenapplewarhead ,

you rock!!!

very refreshing and intelligent podcast that sticks to content-only episodes which i love! i got VERY interested in vancouver after first hearing about lindsay buziak and other cases on a few other podcasts. i had almost zero knowledge about the world outside the U.S.- sadly! the host reminds me of that best guy friend you can talk with for hours at the bar over some cold ones on a saturday night- love it!

-tampa, fl

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