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Good Word is an invitation. An invitation to explore biblical and theological topics presented in regularly published Bible Study guides. The Bible awaits our continued study and investigation; Good Word provides one way to approach it.

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Good Word is an invitation. An invitation to explore biblical and theological topics presented in regularly published Bible Study guides. The Bible awaits our continued study and investigation; Good Word provides one way to approach it.

    The Central Issue: Love or Selfishness

    The Central Issue: Love or Selfishness

    Major Texts: Isa. 41:10; Luke 19:41-44; Matt. 23:37, 38; Heb. 11:35-38; Rev. 2:10; Acts 2:44-47; John 13:35.

    Opening Question: “Should we regard persecution as something good for the Church, or bad?”

    The lesson this week picks up the story of the Great Controversy as it played out in the very early stages of the Christian era. It is widely known that the first few centuries after which Christianity appeared in Jerusalem, were very difficult years. The church faced a lot of adversity as did individual Christians. Some periods of time were truly grim featuring the execution of Christians because they would ...

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    The War Behind All Wars

    The War Behind All Wars

    Major Texts for this Lesson: Rev. 12:7-9; Ezek. 28:12-15; Isa. 14:12-14; Gen. 3:15; John 17:24-26

    Every story has to have a beginning. The verses listed above all speak to the beginning of the conflict.

    The first passage is truly remarkable, even disturbing for it tells of a war in heaven. One is hard-pressed to understand why or how there was war in what we would imagine to be a pristine, untroubled space. But the passage is quite clear, that there was war in heaven between Michael and his angels, and the dragon who is elsewhere identified with Satan, and his angels ...

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    Wait on the Lord

    Wait on the Lord

    Leading Question: Stories often have an arc. There is tension, and the story draws us along because in the unfolding of each story, we see a bit of ourselves and what it means to be human. When you think of stories that have been powerful in your life, where does waiting fit in the storyline?

    Scripture Focus: Psalm 27:14, Psalm 131, Psalm 126, Matthew 18:3

    The Big Idea: Waiting in the Bible is active, not passive. Active waiting can involve silence and sound,
    calm and activity. And while waiting is depicted primarily as a human activity, God also waits.

    For Discussion:

    In translations from ...

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    Worship That Never Ends

    Worship That Never Ends

    Leading Question: What does it mean to bless God? What does it mean to receive a blessing?

    Scripture Focus: Psalm 104, Psalm 103, Deuteronomy 6:13, Psalm 96, Psalm 98

    The Big Idea: Praise is the beginning, the end, and everything in between in the book of Psalms,
    absolutely fundamental to the life of God’s people both individually and in community.

    For Discussion:

    In Hebrew poetry, when a line is used to start and end a poem, it is called an inclusion. This creates something like a sandwich, holding the meat of the poem inside. Psalm 104, like Psalm 103, begins and ends with the ...

    • 12 min
    Longing for God in Zion

    Longing for God in Zion

    Leading Question: WFor you or people close to you, what is a place that is tied to spiritual experiences
    or memories of connection with God?

    Scripture Focus: Psalm 84, Psalm 125, Psalm 122, Psalm 46

    The Big Idea: For many of the biblical writers, Zion, or Jerusalem, was the place where God dwelt and from which God blessed the people.

    For Discussion:

    The author of Psalm 84 speaks with jubilation and longing about the dwelling place of the LORD. Perhaps most famous is the line in verse 10: “Better is one day in your courts, than a thousand elsewhere.” The subtitle of this psalm ...

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    Lessons of the Past

    Lessons of the Past

    Leading Question: What role do stories about the past play in equipping people to navigate life with
    all its twists and turns?

    Scripture Focus: Psalm 78, Psalm 105

    The Big Idea: Knowing where we come from is an important part of knowing who we are. Many of the psalms contain recitations of the long history of the people with God, and these recitations then form the foundation for discernment in the people’s continued journey with God.

    For Discussion:

    In our ongoing quest to make sense of life’s big questions and situate ourselves within some kind of larger narrative, the ways we remember and recount ...

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4.4 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

Mo Sena ,

Great brief bible study

Excellent pointers to study and grow in the Bible

Buff* ,

Great Lesson

Appreciated the lesson thoughts today (May 9) Wish it would go 30 minutes during this period of church closures.
Neil Biloff

disco_stu637 ,


This is a great podcast. I really enjoy listening to your perspectives on the lessons. It is especially interesting to hear your insights after reading the associated verses and lesson. Please keep up the great work!

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