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Warfare Parenting podcast helps parents create a battle plan with warfare strategies to win back their prodigal.

We will talk about addictions, suicidal thoughts, unexpected pregnancies, eating disorders, and more. And while we're going to talk about all the general parts of these topics, we will also share powerful real-life stories of the teen or young adult or the parent who fought this spiritual battle and won the war over the devil's plans.

The Warfare Parenting podcast welcomes you into real-life conversations with parents, counselors, pastors, doctors, and testimonies from healed prodigals. In the premier series of the Warfare Parenting podcast, we will talk about many of the challenges that face our teens and young adults and lure them into some serious struggles.

Leave each episode equipped, encouraged, and full of hope!

Warfare Parenting Laine Lawson Craft

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Warfare Parenting podcast helps parents create a battle plan with warfare strategies to win back their prodigal.

We will talk about addictions, suicidal thoughts, unexpected pregnancies, eating disorders, and more. And while we're going to talk about all the general parts of these topics, we will also share powerful real-life stories of the teen or young adult or the parent who fought this spiritual battle and won the war over the devil's plans.

The Warfare Parenting podcast welcomes you into real-life conversations with parents, counselors, pastors, doctors, and testimonies from healed prodigals. In the premier series of the Warfare Parenting podcast, we will talk about many of the challenges that face our teens and young adults and lure them into some serious struggles.

Leave each episode equipped, encouraged, and full of hope!

    From Trauma to Triumph: Amanda Florczykowski's Journey and the Mission of Able Moms

    From Trauma to Triumph: Amanda Florczykowski's Journey and the Mission of Able Moms

    In this episode of the Warfare Parenting Podcast, host Laine Lawson Craft dives into a powerful conversation with Amanda Florczykowski, founder of Able Moms, and author of Unraveled. They discuss Amanda's inspiring journey as a mother of 5 and her mission to help others after her daughter's abduction experience. Amanda shares her deep passion for empowering moms to become capable in their everyday practical parenting, unshakable in their faith, and memorable in their mentorship. Through Able Moms, Amanda aims to provide moms with the support and resources they need to navigate the challenges of motherhood. They also touch upon the success stories within Able Moms and the future goals to expand and reach more moms across the country. Tune in for an episode filled with hope, faith, and practical strategies for parenting in today's world.
    About Amanda
    Amanda Florczykowski, a career woman and mother of two, realized the true value of motherhood when she became pregnant with her second child. Despite being on the verge of receiving awards for her company, she had a profound realization that her children were what truly mattered to her. Understanding the eternal impact of motherhood, Amanda embraced her role as a mother and continued to view her work as a ministry. She found fulfillment in balancing her career and motherhood, recognizing the importance of both in her life.
    00:00 Successful career woman prioritizes family over accolades.
    03:31 Shifted focus to motherhood, joined moms group.
    07:13 Military mom finds support in vital community.
    11:50 Laine Lawson Craft offers hope and support.
    Key topics and points
    Primary Topic: Amanda’s Mission and Experience
    - Brief overview of Amanda’s experience with child abduction
    - God’s role in shaping Amanda’s mission
    - Amanda’s involvement with Able Moms
    Primary Topic: Core Mission of Able Moms
    - The purpose of Able Moms for mothers
    - Description of the resources and events provided by Able Moms
    - Emphasis on the spiritual and emotional support available through Able Moms
    Primary Topic: Testimonial - Impact of Able Moms
    - Highlights of a specific success story from Able Moms
    - Stress on the importance of community and support for struggling moms
    - The impact of Able Moms’ model on the participants
    Primary Topic: Future Goals for Able Moms
    - Vision for expanding Able Moms to every state
    - The significance of more moms stepping up as leaders
    - The potential impact of Able Moms’ growth on mothers nationwide
    Primary Topic: Able Moms Curriculum and Resources
    - Description of the curriculum and video content
    - Explanation of how the resources are utilized by local moms' groups
    - Emphasis on the simplicity and accessibility of the resources
    Primary Topic: How to Get Involved with Able Moms
    - Guidelines for moms interested in joining Able Moms
    - Details on where to find information and how to contact Able Moms
    - Availability of coaching and support for those interested in starting a local group
    Primary Topic: Conclusion and Next Episode
    - Gratitude for Amanda’s time and contribution
    - Teaser for the next episode
    - Encouragement for listeners to engage with the podcast and host's other resources
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    • 12 min
    Amanda Florczykowski's Unraveled Journey

    Amanda Florczykowski's Unraveled Journey

    In this episode of Warfare Parenting, we dive into the incredible and harrowing story of Amanda Florczykowski. With host Laine Lawson Craft, Amanda shares the chilling account of her toddler's near-abduction in a grocery store, and how this life-altering event propelled her into a mission to combat trafficking and protect children. As Amanda shares her story, we explore her founding of Able Moms International Ministry and her book, "Unraveled: Mothering Fiercely in a World Full of Fears." Join us as we uncover the powerful journey of faith, perseverance, and advocacy that has emerged from this traumatic experience, and how Amanda has transformed it into a mission of hope and healing.
    About Amanda
    Amanda Florczykowski's life changed when her family's life collided with the trafficking epidemic in the United States. As a college-educated mother of four, she was unaware of the issue happening in their own backyards. This realization prompted her to become an advocate and raise awareness about trafficking, especially within the church. Amanda sees the hand of the Lord in her life, building up to this moment, where she is using her voice to make a difference.
    00:00 Realizing divine purpose through unexpected encounter with trafficking.
    04:05 Helping couple at checkout, reflecting Christian values.
    09:18 Stranger takes daughter, disappears, leaving no trace.
    12:00 Believes daughter was likely being groomed for abduction.
    13:18 Series of divine connections lead to transformation.
    18:20 Church addressing social issues, confronting moral responsibility.
    21:16 Warfare parenting podcast: Hope, faith, and resources.
    Key topics and points
    Primary Topic: Introduction to Amanda and her experience
    - Introduction to Amanda's background and her role as founder of Able Moms International Ministry
    - Discussion of Amanda's book, "Unraveled: Mothering Fiercely in a World Full of Fears"
    - Laine expressing excitement about the upcoming episodes featuring Amanda's story
    Primary Topic: The Abduction Attempt
    - Amanda recounts her traumatic experience of a nearly-abducted toddler in a grocery store
    - Detailed account of the encounter with the suspicious couple and the man who tried to engage Amanda in conversation about her children
    - Description of the frightening moment when the woman tried to forcibly take Amanda's daughter from her
    - Amanda's realization and response to the potential danger, and the subsequent encounter with the cashier and the suspicious man
    Primary Topic: Shocking Discoveries and Pushback
    - Amanda shares her shock at the disbelief and pushback she encountered when sharing her experience and delving into the topic of trafficking
    - Discussion of the sacrifices and challenges faced by Amanda and her family, including personal tragedies that occurred in the aftermath of the abduction attempt
    - Amanda's reflection on the need for awareness and the sacrifices involved in advocating for the issue of child trafficking
    Primary Topic: Writing "Unraveled" and Founding Able Moms
    - Discussion of the simultaneous development of "Unraveled" and the founding of Able Moms International Ministry
    - Amanda's conviction to address the need for awareness and illumination of the dark realities of child trafficking
    - Amanda's recounting of the moments of spiritual conviction and motivation that led her to write "Unraveled" and establish Able Moms
    Primary Topic: Importance of Faith and Finding Purpose
    - The integral role of faith and spiritual conviction in Amanda's journey following the abduction attempt
    - Amanda's perspective on how the traumatic experience led her to a deeper connection with her faith and the mission of bringing awareness to child trafficking
    - The message of turning pain into purpose and finding strength in faith
    Primary Topic: Where to Get "Unraveled"
    - Amanda provides information on where to purchase her book, "Unraveled," redirecting potential readers to her website for access

    • 22 min
    Faith and Healing for Families

    Faith and Healing for Families

    Welcome to the Warfare Parenting podcast, where we bring you real-life stories of faith, hope, and healing for families. In this episode titled "Faith and Healing for Families," we dive into a powerful conversation about the struggles of parenting prodigals. Laine Lawson Craft and Monica Schmelter share personal experiences and stories of hope, discussing how faith can turn things around for families facing crises when a child abandons the faith they were raised with. Hear about the transformative power of God's intervention in the lives of three children, offering encouragement and tangible examples of how God can bring prodigals back home. Join us as we explore the path to healing and hope together.
    Laine Lawson Craft's life took a dark turn when her son, Stephen, fell into a 15-year struggle with drug addiction. However, a chance encounter with an Uber driver, who happened to be a pastor, changed everything. The Uber driver felt compelled to pray for Stephen, and as he prayed, the presence of God filled the car, leading to a powerful transformation in Stephen's life. This experience has inspired Laine to share a message of hope, emphasizing that Stephen didn't have to clean up his life for God to rescue him.
    Key Topics
    Primary Topic: Introduction to Warfare Parenting Podcast
    - Introduction to the podcast's purpose
    - Introduction to the guests and their personal experiences
    - Overview of the importance of faith and healing for families
    Primary Topic: God's Intervention in Family Healing
    - Personal testimony of how God intervened in the guest's marriage
    - The role of faith in turning things around
    - Drawing on past experiences of God's interventions for hope in the present
    Primary Topic: Stories of Prodigals
    - Sharing personal experiences of the host's prodigal children
    - Personal struggles and dark periods faced by the prodigal children
    - The impact of negative influences on the prodigal children's lives
    Primary Topic: Miraculous Interventions in Prodigal Children's Lives
    - Testimony of miraculous interventions in the prodigal children's lives
    - Unexpected catalysts leading to spiritual transformations
    - The role of prayer and God's diverse methods of intervention
    Primary Topic: Unforeseen Paths to Healing
    - Emphasizing that God can use unexpected means to bring about healing
    - Acknowledging that human plans may not align with God's plans
    - Highlighting the tangible nature of God's presence in personal experiences
    Primary Topic: Dealing with Depressive Thoughts
    - Sharing personal experiences of depression in one of the prodigal children
    - The transformative power of God's presence in alleviating depressive thoughts
    - The role of prayer in dealing with depression and God's timely intervention
    Primary Topic: Tying It All Together
    - Encouraging listeners with the message of hope and faith
    - Reiterating the availability of tangible, tangible support from God
    - Encouraging engagement with the podcast's resources and social media platforms
    Primary Topic: Conclusion
    - Closing remarks from the host
    - Promotion of resources, including a free chapter of the host's book
    - Encouragement to subscribe and stay connected with the podcast community
    00:00 Monica hosts discussion on children leaving faith. 03:21 Happy child, dark influence, life transformation miracle. 08:42 Fighting for children's mental health amid faith.  11:11 Parenting podcast offers hope and spiritual strategies.  
    parenting prodigals, faith in parenting, crisis of faith, raising children, family struggles, hope, faith, healing, personal experience, best selling author, award winner, podcast, rescue, marriage, relationship, religion, dark days, prodigals, return, personal experience, faith, journey, prodigals, sons, drugs, alcohol, transformation, demonic attack, healing, depression, spiritual strategies, encouragement.

    • 12 min
    Navigating the Crisis of Prodigal Children

    Navigating the Crisis of Prodigal Children

    Welcome to another episode of the Warfare Parenting Podcast. Today, we'll be delving into the complex and often challenging topic of navigating the crisis of prodigal children. Today, Monica Schmelter and Laine Lawson Craft, continue sharing personal insights and experiences as they discuss the struggles and hope that come with parenting prodigal children. From the impact of social media and peer pressure to the importance of taking authority as a parent, they candidly address the prevalent issues families are facing today. They also provide practical strategies and a message of hope for parents and guardians who are walking a similar path. Tune in as we explore this critical topic and discover the ways faith and resilience can bring healing and restoration to families.
    Laine Lawson Craft, host of the Warfare Parenting Podcast, offers a guiding light for parents navigating the challenges of raising a prodigal child. With a mission to provide support and share stories of hope, Laine offers practical advice and spiritual strategies to help bring wayward children back home. Through her podcast, she aims to show that with faith and determination, anything is possible. Join Laine on the journey to healing and hope, knowing that you are not alone in the struggles of parenting a prodigal child.
    00:00 Warfare Parenting Podcast: Faith, hope, and support. 05:47 Parents must be aware and take action. 09:20 Parents and grandparents have spiritual authority to pray. 11:12 Understanding mental health struggles in young people. 17:21 Parents under attack, prodigal and bringing home. 18:05 Parents lean liberal, being friends, lacking discipline. 23:25 Establish boundaries, listen, and affirm children's choices. 25:09 Ensuring safety and guidance for children. 27:16 Encouraging parenting podcast with Laine Lawson Craft.  
    Primary Topic: Introduction to Prodigal Children Crisis
    - Discuss the prevalence and impact of prodigal children in families today
    - Explore the influence of social media and technology on peer pressure and exposure to harmful content
    Primary Topic: Authority and Parenting
    - Emphasize the importance of parental authority and engagement in children's lives
    - Discuss the challenges faced by parents in the current cultural and technological landscape
    - Highlight the need for parents to take authority and constantly reevaluate and adapt their approach as children age
    Primary Topic: Parental Responsibility and Influence
    - Discuss the impact of influencers and media on children's behavior and perspectives
    - Emphasize the need for parents to take proactive measures in protecting and guiding their children
    - Discuss the prevalent issues of mental health, anxiety, and depression in young children and teenagers
    Primary Topic: Resetting Family Dynamics
    - Emphasize the power of apology and the concept of starting a "reset" as a family
    - Discuss the importance of setting new rules and implementing changes together as a family
    - Encourage open communication and collaboration between parents and children in establishing boundaries and consequences
    Primary Topic: Parent-Child Relationship
    - Discuss the challenges of wanting to be a friend to the child while maintaining parental authority
    - Highlight the need for open and honest communication between parents and children of all ages
    - Emphasize the role of parents as coaches and guides, particularly with adult children
    Primary Topic: Path Forward and Nurturing Change
    - Discuss the importance of prayer, honesty, and flexibility in nurturing positive changes within the family
    - Emphasize the impact of involving children in setting rules, boundaries, and consequences
    - Highlight the power of having signed agreements and clear expectations within the family
    Primary Topic: Resources and Support
    - Invite listeners to access free resources, podcasts, and books for further guidance and support
    - Empower parents with practical strategies, encouragement, an

    • 26 min
    Parental Challenges In Dealing With Prodigals

    Parental Challenges In Dealing With Prodigals

    In this episode of Warfare Parenting, Laine Lawson Craft and Monica Schmelter delve into the emotional and practical challenges that come with having prodigal children. Laine shares her personal experience of having three prodigals in her family and discusses the initial shock and emotional turmoil that parents often experience when they realize their children have rejected the faith they were raised with. She highlights the importance of setting healthy boundaries, maintaining a calm disposition, and trusting in God's sovereignty when dealing with prodigal children. The conversation provides hope and encouragement for parents who may be facing similar struggles, reminding them of the importance of prayer and the potential for miraculous life transformations. Join us as we explore the complex journey of parenting prodigal children and discover valuable insights for navigating this challenging experience.
    00:00 Challenges of prodigal children in Christian families. 05:02 Book shares spiritual approach to guiding children. 08:07 Worried about potential consequences of destructive choices. 10:05 Accept parental guilt, then release it to God. 14:26 Monica talks about prodigal children and emotions. 19:07 Seeking divine guidance with patience and faith. 22:40 Encourage prodigal's return home with faith. 24:34 Praying for prodigals and facing family struggles. 27:36 "I'll see you next week."  
    Key Topics
    Primary topic: Emotional Experience of Parents with Prodigal Children
    - Initial shock, anger, and resentment
    - Numbness and panic reactions
    - Emotional whirlwind of anger, resentment, shame, and guilt
    - Impact on marriage and family dynamics
    - Strategies to cope with emotional turmoil, such as leaning on faith and managing guilt
    Primary topic: Practical Strategies for Dealing with Prodigal Children
    - Setting healthy boundaries
    - Navigating parental guilt and the process of laying down children's lives to God
    - Prayer and waiting for God's intervention
    - Understanding and addressing the impact on the whole family
    Primary topic: Faith and Hope in Parenting Prodigal Children
    - Understanding the prodigal child as "lost" and in need of miracles
    - Sharing stories of transformation and miraculous experiences
    - Planting seeds of faith and hope while waiting for God's intervention
    Primary topic: Persistence and Connection with Parents of Prodigal Children
    - Offering encouragement to parents with long-term prodigal children
    - Maintaining the emotional connection and support for parents
    - Providing resources and information for parents dealing with prodigal children
    parenting podcast, Christian faith, prodigal children, crisis, challenges, award-winning author, family, shock, anger, resentment, sacrifices, faith, mistakes, boundaries, self-destructive choices, contemporary, spiritual mindset, battle, strategies, emotions, guilt, shame, hope, parental prayer, brokenhearted, darkness, lost, skepticism, miracles, marriage, connection

    • 26 min
    When Life Hurts

    When Life Hurts

    Welcome to the the Warfare Parenting podcast! In today's episode, "When Life Hurts," we delve into the challenging topic of parenting when faced with a prodigal child. Laine Lawson Craft, joined Monica Schmelter On Bridges to discuss the harsh realities and emotional toll of raising a child who walks away from their Christian faith. They explore the misconceptions and pressures faced by parents, offering valuable insights and guidance for navigating this complex issue. Tune in for an honest and uplifting conversation that will bring hope and encouragement to parents facing similar struggles. Please stay connected with us by following the podcast and joining the conversation on our social media platforms. Thank you for joining us on this impactful episode of the Warfare Parenting podcast!  
    Laine Lawson Craft is a well-known figure in the world of parenting and family dynamics. With a passion for helping others navigate the challenges of raising children, Laine hosts the popular podcast "Warfare Parenting". Through her show, she offers encouragement, helpful advice, and insightful discussions with guests to support her audience on their journey through parenthood. Laine also actively engages with her followers on social media, making it easy for them to connect with her and stay updated on the latest episodes of the podcast. With her expertise and dedication to her community, Laine continues to make a positive impact in the lives of parents and families everywhere.
    00:00 Discussion about painful times, specifically with prodigal children. 04:37 Cognitive choice to stand together for kids. 07:52 Pray for non-judgmental support for troubled families. 10:42 Believe in second chances, love until the end. 12:32 Join for parenting advice, stay tuned!  
    Primary Topic: Understanding Prodigal Children
    - The widespread issue of prodigal children in Christian families
    - Exploring root causes of children walking away from their Christian faith
    - Dispelling the misconception of bad parenting leading to children becoming prodigals
    - The impact of the current culture including peer pressure and social media on prodigal children
    Primary Topic: Navigating Complex Issues
    - Recognizing that chaos in the home can affect children
    - The importance of unified and supportive parenting, even in separated or divorced households
    - Addressing misconceptions and common beliefs about parenting and prodigal children
    - Combating isolation and stigma by seeking support and prayer from trusted individuals
    Primary Topic: Family Reconnect Phase
    - The belief in the possibility of turning around the situation
    - Initiating open communication and maintaining dialogue with prodigal children
    - Seeding positive words and nurturing hope for a turnaround in the prodigal child
    - Depicting how God's Word has the potential to soften hardened hearts and bring about change
    Primary Topic: Conclusion and Podcast Information
    - Providing encouragement and helpful information to parents
    - Call to action for audience engagement and feedback
    - Directing the audience to stay connected and offering ways to do so
    - Inviting feedback and support in the form of ratings and reviews for the show
    parenting, prodigal child, Christian faith, church, Christian parents, self-destructive choices, guilt, shame, isolation, peer pressure, chaotic homes, raising children, teenage children, prodigal, misconceptions, stigma, prayer, family, reconnect, communication, grace, mercy, turnaround, seeds, nurturing, God's word, encouragement, Instagram, Facebook, connection

    • 13 min

Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
13 Ratings

13 Ratings

Mollie_P ,


I highly recommend every parent to listen to this podcast! Laine has so much wisdom and insight to help! This is a powerful resource

HHShirley ,

What a wonderful resource!

Laine Lawson Craft speaks through her heart to give us a battle plan to deal with addiction with love and kindness. What anointed advice for parents struggling with prodigal children.

Ya ya Jax ,

Great tool for struggling parents

This podcast will help all parents! Those struggling and those that want to know what to do to help their kids and family. Very useful information.

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