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All and everything about adoptee rights, with interviews, discussions, and the ongoing complexities of being an adopted person in the world.

What Next? The Adoptee Rights Podcast Adoptees United Inc.

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All and everything about adoptee rights, with interviews, discussions, and the ongoing complexities of being an adopted person in the world.

    13: Astrid Castro

    13: Astrid Castro

    Greg talks with Astrid Castro, someone he's long wanted to have on the show. Astrid is a transracial transnational adoptee who was born in Colombia. She is also the longtime leader and current CEO of Oregon-based Adoption Mosaic, and has since 1990 provided programming, guidance, wisdom, and space to all people impacted by adoption, but with a particular focus and dedication to adopted people. 

    Part 1 of a two part interview, with Part 2 released simultaneously and covering Astrid's experience in running Adoption Mosaic.
    Show Notes:
    Adoption Mosaic is a BIPOC woman owned, adoptee-led mission-driven business. Its founders and leaders have created a robust, diverse community who want to see a future of more adoptee-centered and ethical adoption practices and critical thinking around adoption.
    Upcoming Adoption Mosaic events and programming, including the We the Experts Series.

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    20: Rescission - A Conversation about Ending Your Own Adoption

    20: Rescission - A Conversation about Ending Your Own Adoption

    Greg talks with Chelsey, a US-born adult adopted person who for years has been seeking to end her own adoption, and for good reason. They discuss her story and reasons, the various legal issues surrounding the rescission of an adoption, and the ongoing Adoptees United project that has led to a definition of terms and to a draft model bill that would establish a right as an adult to end your own adoption.
    More information about the Rescission Project and its collective efforts are on Adoptees United. Greg's prior overview of the issue is on his law firm website, though efforts have progressed since he published the initial post a few years ago.
    Support our work and conversations on the podcast by contributing to Adoptees United, a national nonprofit organization working to educate and empower adopted people and to challenge and change the dominant narrative of adoption.

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    Soap Opera

    Soap Opera

    Adoptee United's Gregory Luce launches the new podcast and talks with Marley Greiner about the origins of Bastard Nation, the history of adoptee rights, and the growing threat of Safe Haven Baby Boxes

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    Episode 2: Georgia

    Episode 2: Georgia

    Can a person really be born in two different places? Yep, if you were adopted in Georgia. Greg talks with Jamie Weiss about her backstory and about a new story moving forward: changing the law in Georgia through her work with the Georgia Alliance for Adoptee Rights (GARR).

    Support our work and this podcast by donating to Adoptees United Inc., a national nonprofit organization with an unwavering committment to equality for all adopted people. Make a tax-deductible contribution today: https://adopteesunited.org/donate/

    Sign up for the weekly What Next newsletter with updates on legisative and legal issues in the past and coming week: https://adopteesunited.org/whatnext For more information about GAAR and its work, go to https://gaallianceforadopteerights.org.

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    Episode 3: Infinite Money

    Episode 3: Infinite Money

    What could the adoptee rights movement do if it had infinite money? We work to answer this question with Shelise Gieseke of Adoption Mosaic, and we predictably end up discussing all sorts of other issues within the adoptee rights community. You can find more information about Shelise and her work with Adoption Mosaic at https://adoptionmosaic.com. And listen to another recent interview with Shelise on the Janchi Show, a podcast "about, by and for Korean adoptees."

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    Episode 3: Bonus Material

    Episode 3: Bonus Material

    Extended interview session with Shelise Gieseke in which we talk mental health resources, advocacy, Adoption Mosaic programming, and Greg's mom. Enjoy.

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