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Discussion of adoptee rights along with some humor. Featuring legislative updates, interviews, legal developments, and the ongoing absurdities of being an adopted person.

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Discussion of adoptee rights along with some humor. Featuring legislative updates, interviews, legal developments, and the ongoing absurdities of being an adopted person.

    Episode 12: @stoweyvik

    Episode 12: @stoweyvik

    More widely known among adopted people as @stoweyvik on Twitter, Vicki is a transracial UK adoptee, army veteran, and host of the weekly Sunday Zoom chats with adoptees and Vicki's special guests.
    Greg talks to her about her and her sibling's life in rural England and about her recent participation in the government's recent inquiry into forced adoptions that occurred in the UK between 1949 and 1976.

    You can connect with Vicki on Twitter at @stoweyvik, where she sends out links to her Sunday chats each week (when the sessions are being scheduled).

    More information about the Joint Human Rights Committee inquiry on the right to family life: adoption of children of unmarried women 1949-1976. The latest proceeding of the committee can be viewed here:
    May 25, 2022. Witnesses: Nadhim Zahawi MP, Secretary of State, Department of Education; Sarah Jennings, Deputy Director of Adoption, Family Justice and Care Leavers, Department of Education
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    Episode 11: DIB+

    Episode 11: DIB+

    Erica Babino talks with Greg about Roe v. Wade, diversity, inclusion, and belonging in adoptee rights, plus what an adoptee rights retreat could bring and do for the community. 
    Erica Babino is New York born and Texas-adopted. She has a long history in the adoptee rights movement, including as former legislative director of the American Adoption Congress and as a current board member with Adoptees United Inc. She currently oversees equity and inclusion work at a private educational institution in Portland.

    Erica is a consultant to numerous organizations on organizational issues of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging. She is also the author of Rolling Into Peace, a children's book that explores mediation and conflict resolution using a stimulating and visionary approach that is logical and relatable to children. Another book in the series is forthcoming.

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    Episode 10: Outside the Fold - Sandra Steingraber on adoption, cancer, and queerness

    Episode 10: Outside the Fold - Sandra Steingraber on adoption, cancer, and queerness

    A conversation with biologist and climate scientist Sandra Steingraber, about adoption, cancer, and queerness.

    Dr. Sandra Steingraber is a rockstar in her field, related to her research, writing, lecturing, and activism on issues related to chemical pollutants and environmental dangers in our communities, including fracking.
    But she's also an adopted person, and Greg talks with her about her lived experience as an adoptee within the context of all of her communities, including academia, science, cancer survivor, and, more recently, the world of adoptee rights, particularly her identity as a queer adoptee.
    Sandra Steingraber is also the subject of the documentary Unfractured as well as the acclaimed author of numerous books, articles, and essays, including:
    Living Downstream: An Ecologist's Personal Investigation of Cancer and the Environment; Having Faith: An Ecologist's Journey to Motherhood; Raising Elijah: Protecting Our Children in an Age of Environmental Crisis She also has a large following on Twitter, where she posts on issues of adoption and environmental science and climate justice.
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    Episode 9: History

    Episode 9: History

    Vermont is on the precipice of history as an unrestricted equal rights bill is poised to become law. And Louisiana is on the same track. 
    Greg talks with many of the advocates who are making history in Vermont and the Northeast, including Ellie Lane, Rebecca Dragon, Bek Henson, Annette O'Connell and Claudia Corrigan D'Arcy (plus a shout out to Mary King, who couldn't be with us as we talked about Vermont, equal rights, and when we will have our next round of beer together).

    Greg also talks with Elise Lewis about her and others' advocacy efforts in Louisiana, plus we have a rundown on other bills, including a quick update on the Adoptee Citizenship Act in Congress.
    Follow legislative actions on the Adoptees United legislative page, where we track both federal and state legislation that impacts adoptees across the country.
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    Episode 8: Lynelle

    Episode 8: Lynelle

    Most adoptees know who you are talking about when you say the name Lynelle. As in Lynelle Long, who has been a quiet and consistent powerhouse in working to secure adoptee rights globally, for all adoptees.
    I talk with Lynelle about her long experience, her work with adoptees across the globe, and about her own experiences as an advocate and adoptee.
    You can find more information about her and her organization, Intercountry Adoptee Voices, at the ICAV website. And if you are an an intercountry adoptee you can join the ICAV group on Facebook. More information about Lynelle is also available here.

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    Episode 7: Switched

    Episode 7: Switched

    What if you are switched at birth---and then adopted? How do you unravel all the legal threads of adoption to get to the truth, if not reconstruct relationships that may have been created from the wrong information and records?

    Greg talks with Minnesota-born adoptee Diane Bazella about discovering a truth about the records of her birth and adoption that has left her reeling--- and has compelled her to seek legal help. Sign up for the What Next Newsletter at https://adopteesunited.org/whatnext. And help Adoptees United continue to produce these podcasts by contributing a tax-deductible donation at https://adopteesunited.org/donate. 

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