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#Whereworkingactorstalk: An illuminating, entertaining, no bullsh*t look into the entertainment industry. Each episode features a candid chat between the SKS staff and a variety of Film and TV professionals ranging from seasoned actors to casting directors, talent representatives and directors as they share their experiences, provide advice and discuss issues that are pertinent to actors today. Follow us on Instagram @StanKirschStudios and go to www.StanKirschStudios.com

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#Whereworkingactorstalk: An illuminating, entertaining, no bullsh*t look into the entertainment industry. Each episode features a candid chat between the SKS staff and a variety of Film and TV professionals ranging from seasoned actors to casting directors, talent representatives and directors as they share their experiences, provide advice and discuss issues that are pertinent to actors today. Follow us on Instagram @StanKirschStudios and go to www.StanKirschStudios.com

    Eps 16: Kimberly and Brant Daugherty (Actors, Screenwriters, Producers)

    Eps 16: Kimberly and Brant Daugherty (Actors, Screenwriters, Producers)

    This week we talk with Hollywood power couple and writing team, Kimberly and Brant Daugherty. 

    Just in time for the holiday season, we chat all about how they went from dating, to writing partners, how they sold and starred in their first Christmas movie (A Christmas Movie Christmas), what inspired their latest Hallmark Christmas hit (Joyeux Noel), how writing and directing has helped them grow as actors, and all the projects they have on the horizon. 

    This is one busy couple, and we are so grateful for their time. 


    2:17: Kimberly's origin story. What brought her to LA and how she got into acting. How she got her SAG card, booked her first movie and got her first reps.

    8:07: How Kimberly found SKS and started taking acting class with us. What is her favorite part of the SKS acting and audition training style.

    10:01: Brant's origin story. How he went from behind the scenes as a PA on Bring it On, to getting an agent and jump starting his acting career. (Thank you Holland Roden)!

    12:07: Brant and Kimberly meeting at Holland's birthday dinner 10 years before they actually started dating.

    14:54: Brant may best be known for his role on Pretty Little Liars, but find out what role is most dear to him to date.

    20:22: How Brant and Kimberly became writing partners a year after dating and what they learned from each other in the process.

    22:01: How the concept for A Christmas Movie Christmas was born!

    26:43: The process of getting the movie sold to Marvista Entertainment (which happened a lot faster than you might think!)

    28:49: Was it always a given that they would play the leads, or was that something they were willing to give up, if they had to, in order to get the film made. Was it hard to wear so many hats on set, as both writers and actors?

    33:53: How they manage the highs and the lows of this business.

    37:50: All about their most recent Hallmark Christmas movie, Joyeux Noel, which recently premiered on the Hallmark Channel and was the most watched cable program of the ENTIRE day!!

    41:40: "I think you guys have hacked life. 'I want to go to Europe, I want to see these markets. Let's write it, set it in Europe, pitch it, do it. Live our best life'

    41:54: "Someone is out there doing that, and why shouldn't it be us? Someone's got that job...why not me" - Brant Daugherty

    42:07: What would they tell our listeners who are feeling inspired by this episode? What is one actionable thing they could do today to get on the track of writing a project or creating something?

    49:01: How Brant's 1 episode arc on Pretty Little Liars turned into 7 seasons!

    51:10: "My goal every day was not to get fired" - Brant Daugherty

    51:24: What's next for this dyanamic duo (besides having a 2.5 year old AND a newborn on the way!!) Spoiler alert: Kim has 4 projects currently in development!!

    56:16: Are there any acting roles that they are dying to play, whether it's a type of character or genre?

    A Christmas Movie Christmas: https://www.hulu.com/movie/a-christmas-movie-christmas-91260c22-f865-4331-a03a-b5a5e34f2e0b

    Joyeux Noel: https://www.hallmarkchannel.com/joyeux-noel

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    Eps 15: Dani Scott (Producer, Actress)

    Eps 15: Dani Scott (Producer, Actress)

    This week we talk with a woman who wears soooo many hats, and does it seamlessly. Dani Scott is an actress and producer currently working with Redacted Media. She lives for falling in love with new characters and complex stories, all with the goal of being a go-to comedic actress and award winning filmmaker. She has produced and starred in two features in the last three years, A Christmas Sunset and the upcoming The Demon Detective. She has worked for several comedy shows, as well as NCIS: LA, and has acted in several indie shorts and feature films. After graduating with her degree in acting from the University of Washington, she worked in casting in Seattle and LA for several years, before transitioning back to acting and starting as a producer in 2020. She has a penchant for sweets, is obsessed with dogs, and plans to travel the world her entire life.

    I LOVE this episode, because it reminds us that we have more control than we think in this crazy industry. Find out how SHE took control and became a wildly successful self-made producer, how her years in casting have helped her in every facet of her career, and her advice to any of you wanting to start producing for yourself!


    1:07 Dani's origin story in the business. How she got to LA, and the incredible advice her mentor, casting director, Jodi Rothfield gave her before moving out. (A must listen for any new actor moving to LA!)

    4:55 How she immediately became a casting associate for a major television show, working under head casting director, Lisa Soltau.

    7:54 Do casting directors give actors a second chance if they had a bad audition?

    11:05 Casting WANTS to find new talent! They really do!

    12:45 There is something charming about people on TV. Audiences want to watch the charm - even if you are playing the villain. Don't lose YOUR charm when you start acting!

    20:30 The life changing moment Dani knew she wanted to switch gears and focus on acting and producing.

    24:28 Working in casting led her to taking acting classes at Stan Kirsch Studios. She would look at other actor's resume's who she thought were great and see where they studied!

    25:05 How studying acting at SKS was a game changer for her.

    33:34 How she self produced her very first film, A Christmas Sunset, (during the pandemic, no less!)

    39:09 How she got A Christmas Sunset to Amazon once it was finished.

    40:47 All about her latest produced film, The Demon Detective - and everything she learned to do (or not to do) from her experience producing and acting in A Christmas Sunset.

    52:58 For those listening, who are inspired to follow in Dani's footsteps and self create - what is one thing you could do today to help get things moving in the right direction.

    Dani's IMDB

    Check out A Christmas Sunset:

    For more information about our acting classes, audition coaching and audition taping, head over to http://stankirschstudios.com/services

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    Eps 14: Joe Gressis (All things Demo Reels)

    Eps 14: Joe Gressis (All things Demo Reels)

    This week we talk all things Demo Reels with 3 time Emmy-nominated writer, editor and producer Joe Gressis. Joe has been named Best Demo Reel Editor by Backstage Magazine twice, and he is here to share so many tips and tricks on what makes a great demo reel edit. This is a must listen for any working actor in LA!

    We taped this during the pandemic, and it is still, to this day, our most requested zoom recording!


    :43 Colleen meeting Joe at a SAG-AFTRA workshop and knowing immediately she wanted to work with him.

    4:27 How working on the other side of production has helped him hone in on what casting directors, and directors are looking for in Demo Reels when they watch them

    5:22 What are your thoughts on having multiple reels. Just comedy, just drama, everything mashed together?

    8:28 What’s the deal with length? Is shorter really better? Do you need a speed reel?

    11:24 Trim the fat of the scene, and make sure it is focused mostly on you (while still making sense, of course).

    12:03 “You have served the project by being in it, and now the project needs to serve you”.

    13:42 Do you front load your demo with scenes that show famous actors, even if it’s not your best work?

    16:55 How do you make your demo reel “pop”.

    23:44 All about “air checks” and how to get footage. You can’t have a reel if you can’t get your footage!

    To find out more about Joe visit https://www.joesreels.com/

    To find out more about our LA and online acting classes visit www.stankirschstudios.com/services

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    Josh Brener (Silicon Valley, The Last Of US)

    Josh Brener (Silicon Valley, The Last Of US)

    Welcome to the SKS Acting Podcast, Where Working Actors Talk. This week Colleen Foy chats with one of my favorite people of all time and a former SKS teacher Josh Brener. Josh is one of the most talented actors I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and with over 70 IMDB credits, he is a wealth of knowledge in the entertainment industry. We hear how he prepped for some of the biggest auditions of his career,  the importance of trusting you’re enough as an actor, his thoughts on self tapes vs in person auditions… and how he handles the inevitable disappointments that every actor faces.


    2:31 Josh's origin story. Why he got into acting and why he decided to move to LA.

    4:32 How Josh got his first acting agent and his SAG card and booking his first series regular on GLORY DAYS.

    7:55 His audition process for THE INTERNSHIP - how he prepped for his chemistry read with Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, while also being in consideration for WE'RE THE MILLERS and prepping to chemistry read with Jason Sudeikis.

    15:43 When and how to use improv and "scripted' ad libs in auditions.

    18:06 The importance of preparation and rehearsing under duress. "Play how you practice and practice how you play" - How the SKS style of teaching got him ready for these high stake situations.

    21:20 The mental game of auditioning and how that differs from "acting".

    24:02 Finding the note behind a note when a casting director or director tell you to "be'' the essence of another famous actor. Finding your version of that and bringing yourself to it. "Lead with yourself".

    31:54 Trusting you are enough as an actor and you don't have to "do" so much. "You're thinking you're alive, you're present. And I think that's just the trust thing, right? Like, I don't have to, I don't have to turn it on here. Because this is enough."

    38:24 How does Josh handle the inevitable disappointments that come with being an auditioning actor.


    44:21 What is your dream role, that may not be something you would typically be cast as.

    46:21 How do things change once you've been a series regular. Do you get treated differently when you audition. Are things different having one of the top 3 agencies?

    50:31 Auditioning in the room vs. self taped auditions.

    58:07 What do you do in between jobs, especially now during the WGA and SAG strikes, to stay inspired and feel creative.

    1:02:42 Did you feel like the further you went into voiceover that you were seen being pulled out of live action more than Did you feel like it actually opened more doors for you?



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    Episode 12 - Adam Tsekhman (Actor, DC's Legends of Tomorrow)

    Episode 12 - Adam Tsekhman (Actor, DC's Legends of Tomorrow)

    This week Colleen Foy chats with the incomparable Adam Tsekhman. Adam tells us how a family trip to Moscow landed him his first job in television, how he turned a recurring role into a series regular on a major hit tv show, how he handles disappointments in the industry, the importance of gratitude, and his feelings on saying no to jobs. He is charming, insightful, witty and just so real. Enjoy!


    :20 How did he first come to SKS, and what was his biggest take away from studying with us?

    4:09 Adam's origin story: How he got into acting.

    8:15 How his dad pushed him to leave NY and move to LA. "LA's not coming to you. You have to push it, you have to be aggressive".

    9:48 How a family trip to Moscow led to his first television role.

    13:42 The process of getting his first acting agent in Los Angeles.

    18:51 All about finding his niche/branding as an actor, and how he feels about being typecast.

    25:32 Making his own projects - Comrades and Americanastan and his thoughts on pushing the envelope and being controversial. "Everyone is fucking worried about being offensive. Not me, Colleen".

    31:03 The casting process on DC's LEGENDS OF TOMORROW.

    36:39 Why it's important to be a team player, be grateful, be a good person. Don't be an a*****e.

    40:42 How he took a 3 episode arc and turned it into a series regular.

    43:50 When and how to fight for more as an actor and the fear it can bring up.

    54:50 The process of auditioning for NIGHT AGENT and what it was like working on the show.

    1:02:13 A little love for Colleen being an amazing actress, acting coach, and overall incredible person!



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    Episode 11: Elizabeth Knowelden - Uncover The World Of Audio Narration

    Episode 11: Elizabeth Knowelden - Uncover The World Of Audio Narration

    This week we have an illuminating chat with New York Times bestselling audiobook actor Elizabeth Knowelden. Listen as this multi-talented actress, singer and director opens our eyes to the wonderful world of voice narration, an industry untouched by the covid pandemic OR the current double strikes. Learn all the ins and outs and gain a ton of tips and tricks!

    (Transcript coming soon)

    **Disclaimer - This was recorded during a record heat wave in LA.  There will be a bit of AC noise throughout the episode. We understand the irony, given that this is an episode dedicated to voice acting and the technical aspects of it.

    2:48 Elizabeth's journey from England to LA

    Starting in drama school in the UK.
    Knowing at a young age she was meant to end up in America.
    After drama school, joined a networking week in LA and moved out within 6 months.

    7:35 What brought her to SKS

    When she moved to LA, she was auditing classes that were disturbing and left a bad taste in her mouth
    Had a lunch with a best friend who told her SKS was different and from the first consultation she knew this was the kind of school she wanted to be a part of.
    "Because there were certain things in the just the formulation of a script that if you don't do them, or if you do do them, it makes it much easier for them to visualize you and see you on screen in their specific show"
    It was like the heaven's opened up.

    10:53 What brought her into voice artistry?

    Audio dramas that led to audio books
    Many different little tangents and random roads that led her down this path

    13:58 Recording her first audio book

    Going into a studio vs building her at home studio during covid.
    Prepping for audio books and the characters.
    Audio books, audio drama, video games not being affected by the strike or covid.
    The beauty of being generate income from your own home, doing what you love.
    There is room for everyone's voice in this world.

    23:12 What would she tell someone listening who wants to pursue audio narration?

    For audio books you do not need an agent. Everything else voice related, you do need an agent.
    Make a great demo reel. For audiobooks, send your demo to audio book producers and publishing houses.

    35:15 Questions from the audience

    Do you ever struggle with the balance of slowing down your pace, but also trying to maintain the appropriate energy for the performance,
    Do you annotate your script to help you with changes of energy in the book.
    How to you maintain your vocal health?
    How do you go about cultivating relationships with producers and publishers?
    Any tricks for keeping track of the different characters?

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5.0 out of 5
38 Ratings

38 Ratings

Tseky ,

Fantastic Pod!

I love this show! Colleen is a legend! She’s so funny, insightful, curious and clever! Listen and don’t stop listening! Never stop listening!

Dwak-Z ,

One of the best working actor podcasts

Very entertaining and informative. One of the best actor podcasts out there!

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Great podcast

Really informative podcast. Been enjoying the guests they bring on, as well as the host Colleen. A lot of great topics too. Looking forward to more episodes!

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