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The Queer Witch is a podcast that explores the intersection between queerness and witchcraft. Join host Anna Joy for solo episodes & interviews with queer witches.

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The Queer Witch is a podcast that explores the intersection between queerness and witchcraft. Join host Anna Joy for solo episodes & interviews with queer witches.

    How I Got Into Femdom (part 1 of ?)

    How I Got Into Femdom (part 1 of ?)

    Watch the video version here:
    Hello and welcome to another episode of Whorrific with your host Morgan Lafeuille. Today Mogan brings you a solo episode that is the first in a series of chatty, personal experience-based solo discussion of their favorite topic and activity: FEMDOM
    In this episode you will learn:
    -the patriarchal origin of femdom and how marginalized identities play a role
    -imposter syndrome, authenticity and wondering if you‚Äôre a ‚Äúreal domme‚ÄĚ
    -Morgan tells the story of how they met and dominated their first irl submissive play partner
    Do you have any questions that you would like answered about Femdom from Morgan? Or just wanna say hi? Send a line via email to morgan@morganlafeuille.com or instagram @morganlafeuille 

    Support Gaza locally and abroad! 
    Resources for organizing in Burlington Vermont: 
    How to donate E-sims to Gaza 

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    Interrogating the Coaching Industry with Cara Kovacs

    Interrogating the Coaching Industry with Cara Kovacs

    Welcome to the Whorrific Podcast, where we delve into internal systems and their connections to oppression, particularly in alternative employment and sex work. Today, we're excited to have our first guest, Cara Kovacs from Cara Kovacs Coaching. 

    Cara is a business coach specializing in progressive leadership with a focus on social impact initiatives. She guides clients in ethical selling strategies and the development of non-hierarchical team structures. Cara, who identifies as queer, polyamorous, a witch, and someone with type 2 diabetes, actively challenges societal norms through her platform. 

    In this episode, Cara and Morgan revisit the coaching industry in response to Morgan's previous solo episode on MLMs and the coaching industry in 2023 ( https://www.morganlafeuille.com/whorrific-feed/2023/7/12/episode-4-mlms-and-the-coaching-industry-part-2-of-a-jupiter-in-taurus-series ). They explore topics such as alternative employment, the lack of regulation in coaching, and the resulting risks of unqualified practitioners, inappropriate care, power imbalances, and cult-like organizations. 

    Cara introduces us to the work of Emily Ann Brant, an indigenous coach who argues that coaching, as a modern industry, has lost touch with its ancient roots. 

    The conversation delves into Cara's journey to becoming a coach. After pursuing a degree in psychology and realizing the inadequate starting salaries in the field, she discovered the coaching industry. Despite finding success, Cara also became aware of the dangers discussed earlier. She opens up about divesting from a coach she worked with for years after recognizing their abusive dynamic. 



    Check out Cara’s work and join the final night of her free 3-part class series Tuesday, January 30th at 4pm PST/7pm EST you can find the details on her instagram! 


    Instagram @carakovacscoaching 

    Cara's podcast Business Witch: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/business-witch/id1679466699 


    Emily Ann Brant: https://www.emilyannebrant.com/ 




    Support Gaza locally and abroad! 

    Resources for organizing in Burlington Vermont: 



    How to donate E-sims to Gaza 



    Contact information for Morgan Lafeuille: 


    Instagram @morganlafeuille 

    Email: morgan@morganlafeuille.com 


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    Emotional Skills for Activism

    Emotional Skills for Activism

    Watch the video version of this episode on YouTube:
    Disclaimer: Morgan Lafeuille is not a licensed mental health practitioner 

    Welcome to another episode of Whorific. In this episode, Morgan shares specific techniques and viewpoints that help them navigate their triggers and emotional boundaries so that they can show up sustainably as an ally, specifically in the context of supporting Palestine’s current and ongoing struggle against colonization and genocide. 


    3 ways to help Palestinians right now: 

    1) do not look away 

    2) boycott brands that support Israel 

    3) contact your elected officials especially if you are a US citizen and demand an immediate ceasefire in Gaza 


    -palestinian journalists I follow 





    -bds boycott list 





    -bimbotheory’s podcast drunk church 


    -ghost of a podcast 



    Morgan Lafeuille’s contact info: 

    Support Whorrific on Patreon https://www.patreon.com/morganlafeuille 

    Morgan’s website: www.morganlafeuille.com 

    Contact Morgan via email at morgan@morganlafeuille.com 

    Find them on instagram at @morganlafeuille  






    Show starts at 2:00 

    -Morgan shares their urge to discuss the emotional boundaries they’ve developed to support them in showing up sustainably as an activist *especially as a white person* 


    -they want to address the conversation around *especially white* Westerners not looking away from Palestine while also wanting to log off or ‚Äútake a mental health break‚Ä̬†


    -the people of Palestine are facing a media blackout caused by the Israeli government, which makes the call for witnesses from the United States and globally not just about emotions but a call to action as allies. 


    -to choose whether or not to come online during these times is a privilege, and that must be acknowledged when processing any feelings of guilt, overwhelm, etc. 


    7:45 Someone across the world who you’ve never met asking for help is not making you feel guilty. Your personal schema of meaning and coping mechanisms are what’s making you feel guilty, and the good news is you have control over that. 


    8:30 how to deal with these feelings and take control? sit with and validate them. 


    9:15 you will do yourself and others favors when you release the attachment to how others are judging your actions 


    11:20- deal with these feelings in an intentional and closed container ideally with a therapist  


    12:00 Ask yourself these questions: why am I afraid? Why am I taking this personally? 


    12:50- taking care of my emotions doesn’t mean logging off, remaining neutral or disengaging. It means feeling my feelings and allowing myself the space to have my full trauma response so that I can show up again tomorrow. 


    16:00 by taking responsibility for our emotions, we can process them in a way that is supportive and safe to the other people around us 


    23:00 three ways you can support the Palestinian people, an in depth discussion of boycotting, witnessing, and contacting representatives. 

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    The Barbie Movie & Pink Capitalism

    The Barbie Movie & Pink Capitalism

    Welcome to the Barbie episode of The Whorrific Podcast, doubling as the first video episode. Watch the video here: 

    book a psychic consultation with Morgan and use code "PODCAST" to recieve 25% off your first session https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=15122990


    Morgan starts by sharing a brief update about their life and the podcast. Things have been going great they've been doing a ton of camwork on streamate  

    The we get into Morgan’s thoughts on the Barbie Movie. They introduce themselveds as Barbie’s #1 fan and describe what they feel Barbie is: a commodity and an icon 

     They pull a Tarot card to guide them in the rest of the podcast and it’s the 3 of pentacles. Then they go through and share their overall likes and dislikes of the movie. 



    -set design (set and setting as a way to access unconscious/psychic realm, exploring identity) 

    -casting- diversity of identity and fun 

    -musical numbers 

    -bringing together human beings 



    -body image and beauty standard issues, lack of physical diversity 

    -pink capitalism 

    -performative activism 

    -lack of class consciousness 


    Please share any feedback about this episode via a review on Apple podcasts and/or email morgan@morganlafeuille.com and visit the web site at www.morganlafeuille.com 

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    Jupiter in taurus Part 2: MLMs and the Coaching Industry

    Jupiter in taurus Part 2: MLMs and the Coaching Industry


    Have you listened to episode 1 of Morgan's Jupiter in Taurus series here on the Whorrific Podcast? Here is a link  



    This episode is a more personal discussion about the changes in Morgan’s identity as an entrepreneur because of life challenges and personal encounters with mlms 


    Morgan discusses how Jupiter in Taurus affected them in the last month: The ways their life has changed since creating the last episode of this Jupiter in Taurus series, having moved into a new home, reflections upon how their living circumstances have changed from being homeless to now  


    Here is a link to the tiktok from Mallorysthoughts that inspired this episode: https://www.tiktok.com/@mallorysthoughts/video/7231997328553561350?is_from_webapp=1&sender_device=pc&web_id=7164193771650025006 


    Here is a link to a video exploring MLMs and what they are:  



    Morgan discusses what coaching is by their own definition then continues with: 

    -reflecting on their current transition from surviving to thriving, how they ended up in this place, and what it feels like to be in that transition 

    -The trigger for this episode was a TikTok mallorysthoughts who is a creator that discusses pyramid schemes and compares the new age coaching industry to the mlm industry  

    -how Morgan experiencing acute trauma and homelessness during their career as an independent consultant or ‚Äúcoach‚ÄĚ brought them to interrogate their understanding and relationship to the ethics of the coaching industry ¬†

    -How Morgan was attracted to coaching as a person with a marketable skill (psychic mediumship) who also is disabled and not capable of full-time work in a traditional workplace  

    -how Morgan’s experiences in the coaching industry led them to feel uncomfortable with it as someone who is anti capitalist and was beginning to learn more about systems of oppression 

    -how Morgan met ‚ÄúCheryl‚ÄĚ the life coach/pyramid scheme member who Morgan hired to help them succeed in running my business full-time and how Cheryl actually helped Morgan succeed, then reeled them in to join Young Living, a MLM pyramid scheme ¬†

    Morgan reflects on the journey they have gone through as a full time self-employed psychic consultant of almost 5 years and how the coaching industry has played both a supportive and destructive role in that journey 
    Morgan shares their current views on the coaching industry as a member of it 

    Want to work with Morgan La Feuille in their capacity as a psychic coach? Use code PODCAST for 25% off your first psychic consultation at this link  




    You can contact Morgan at morgan@annajoyhealing.com 

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    Jupiter in Taurus Part I: Economic Breakdown

    Jupiter in Taurus Part I: Economic Breakdown

    Welcome to another episode of Whorrific where Morgan explores the connections between Taurus vibes, Jupiter, Uranus, and the last several years of global events. Morgan explains how the personal and the political connect during this astrological weather and gives thoughts about how to work with these transits that will certainly bring unexpected change and opportunity all year.  


    Synopsis: Morgan starts by intoducing the show’s subject and giving a brief update on their own life events. Then they get into discussing the current astrology, including Jupiter moving into Taurus and Uranus’ placement in Taurus since 2018. They build in their understanding of Taurus as a zodiac sign and give some astrological education. Then they pull a Tarot card from the Boyfriend Dick Tarot to guide us on our journey. Finally, Morgan expresses the connections they see between the changes in global systems of opression and the transits of Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus. This is a must listen! 


    To book an astrological natal chart reading or other psychic consultation visit https://app.acuityscheduling.com/schedule.php?owner=15122990 or reach out via email to annajoy@annajoyhealing.com  


    Look out for part 2 next week where Morgan will discuss their own personal changes in regard to their business and their identity as an entrepreneur.  

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
78 Ratings

78 Ratings

AlyssaComet ,

Great free content

I am so grateful for the community that Anna Joy creates! The free resources are invaluable and I appreciate this podcast’s social justice framework.

Mrs.Puddin ,

Thank youuuuu ūüĆłūüĆłūüĆł

This Podcast is exactly what I needed thank you so much for putting so much love and wisdom into this show I have only listened to two episodes so far but I am already so grateful for how you put all these things I have been experiencing into words so eloquently! You are doing really important work!! ‚̧ԳŹ‚̧ԳŹ‚̧ԳŹ

lolitsjesus ,

Essential, important resource for queer witches

This is the podcast I’ve been looking for - thank you so much for this resource. It took me 25 years to realize I’m a queer witch with psychic and empathic abilities that are strengths, not shortcomings to be suppressed in this dominant materialist culture. Every ep has its own unique and helpful insights and I’ve learned so much from Anna.

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