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To find purpose in our choices, we first must know the WHY!

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To find purpose in our choices, we first must know the WHY!

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    28 - New Music 101

    28 - New Music 101

    [LINK}:  https://open.spotify.com/playlist/58OTwFWyu5urNfj9rJA1iH

    [this week]

    “Hold On Tight” - Aloe Blacc

    “It’s Only A Heartbreak” - Dagny

    “Better Than This” - Paloma Faith

    “If We’re Being Honest” - Novo Amor

    “Little Did I Know” - Sofia Valdes

    “Strange Days” - The Struts/Robbie Williams

    “A Little Bit Yours” - JP Saxe

    “Come Over” - VanJess

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    27 - "G4-444" [the thousands]

    27 - "G4-444" [the thousands]

    This track can be found on our first full-length album titled CIRCULATION. I will try to update the lyrics and more details here as well as reformatting the music website to feature all our content. Love you for checking this out and thank you for being cool.


    Verse One - Plovo [coming]

    Verse Two - Mflow 

    It’s hard to believe that natural beauty surrounds

    A sea magnificent, Volcanic Underground

    Sunken without sounds and cliffs remain as crown

    Colors of the vibrant Santorini towns

    Yellow, Blue, and White radiate the night

    Glisten the day from sunlight to star bright

    And the vibes are tight, with a cooler essence at night

    Social senses to pressurize my flight

    I follow the sun in man-made tools above

    React without judgment, and float with the kindest knuggs

    Maintain my buzz; sustain the mediation like a traveled warrior

    Or the peaceful Zen Master would handle the torture

    Control the reactions

    Proactive supply of energy inside

    A sense of minds eye you’ll find in due time

    Perceived truth can be absolute or aloof.

    Your still stuck in a loop like beats broken in 2

    Or 3 degrees hidden in simple circuitry

    Horizontally sustain the zone

    Unique syllable textures packed in stacks and rows

    Locate M-Flow in shadow energy discrete

    Circle vertical my dimensions are concrete

    I live in your dreams, float thru imagination

    Make creatures connect thru semantic observation

    Dreams became session’s lyrics of transgression

    Momentary imprints believable impressions.

    Electric-nectar injections like morning wood erections

    From pen then to pad into mic comprehensions.




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    26 - Ron Bush

    26 - Ron Bush

    Ron Bush is a LA based Comedian, Actor, Writer from Philadelphia. He mixes personal stories mixed with social commentary to make a point. His act has been making him a leading voice among the LA’s LGBTQ comedy community. Ron currently has a show in development with Entertainment One. He tours regularly and performs regularly around town. Follow him for show info and more!
    IG: @ron.bush1


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    25 - "Justice Cream" [the thousands]

    25 - "Justice Cream" [the thousands]

    Album:  Circulation 
    Artist:  The Thousands 
    I stroll into the Summer. 
    As the blunders and bleeps increase the need for sensational speech. 
    Each time the beat climbs I unwind my neck, so the chords can come correct with the text. 
    Bless on the collage sound, dodgeball with bricks plucking my veins for the fix. 
    It's a strange way to live confined to the crib eating beat meals with a bib. I live to give good sounding syllables, Ill quote refillables, smooth verse construction, form vs function... 
    Doing this justice, 9 out of ten pens tend to comprehend.  
    That's why I'm in with lickity split raps, gram-cracker head smacks talk into the next turn smoking on the mic words. I word the absurd quickly with the justice cream. 
    Twisting your ears, triangles and spheres. 
    Medicine Park…like Q-Tips for years.
    Ocean sent; mighty, layered, and bent.
    Undiscovered country under the reefs. 
    Great Barrier Beats randomly pleased. 
    Twisted thru your spinal these beats are final. 
    What you've  seen magnified and scoped. 
    An independent artist, starving and broke. 
    Willing to choke on fluid grooves. 
    Lucy smiles and smoky rooms. 
    We would meet for coffee up the street. 
    She lives underneath my floor in 3D. 
    Struggled with her temper…alcoholic to vent. 
    Crying on my shoulder, “I can’t pay my rent”. 
    She got fired, her boss she admired. 
    Actress aspired her time expired.
    FB: https://www.facebook.com/thethousandsmusic/
    iTunes: https://music.apple.com/us/album/justice-cream/6390895?i=6390867
    Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/track/3SmMoT4s4uQlTyBa2s4bsy?si=pRAKkxLWRWaslFihrXi5SQ
    Join email: www.TheThousands.com


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    24 - New Music 101

    24 - New Music 101

    New songs added for the week of March 6th tp the NEW MUSIC 101 playlist found on Spotify.
    LINK:  https://open.spotify.com/playlist/58OTwFWyu5urNfj9rJA1iH?si=UmvQxms3THSXrsVHrl3npQ 

    “I Love Me”  Demi Lovato
    “What Are You Gonna Tell Her?  Mickey Guyton
    “Nikes On”  Healy
    “crowded room”  Christian French
    “In My Veins”  Lauren Alaina
    “Hold It Together”  The Marias
    “Sometimes”  Kodaline
    “Pawn Shop”  Brandy Clark
    “Stand By Me” John Newman

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    24 - Emylee Covell

    24 - Emylee Covell

    Emylee Covell is a Health & Wellness Coach · Los Angeles, California
    Providing the community at large with health and wellness programs and CrossFlow, a fitness regimen that combines yoga and Eastern mobility practices with the fat burning and strengthening benefits of high intensity interval training.

    She is the creator of CrossFlow.  A hands on fitness program designed to:  Trim Fat, Cultivate Strength, and Empower Change.
    IG:  https://www.instagram.com/emyleecovell/
    FB:  https://www.facebook.com/ecovell
    PHAROS:  https://jointhepac.fit/
    Emylee is part owner of PHAROS ATHLETIC CLUB https://www.instagram.com/pharosechopark/ Offering personalized mobility programs to prevent injury & enhance performance. Live life to your fullest range of motion.  
    JOIN PHAROS:  https://jointhepac.fit/join

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4.9 out of 5
17 Ratings

17 Ratings

patrickmoen ,

Love the pod

I really enjoy the setting Flowers has created on Why Lab. Keep rising!

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