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A podcast that combines two of my passions... Wine and financial planning. Subscribe to Wine and Dime with Amy Irvine. Each week, Amy sips one of her favorite wines, carefully paired with financial planning advice.

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A podcast that combines two of my passions... Wine and financial planning. Subscribe to Wine and Dime with Amy Irvine. Each week, Amy sips one of her favorite wines, carefully paired with financial planning advice.

    Equity Compensation... Don't Trust Your Google Searches

    Equity Compensation... Don't Trust Your Google Searches

    In this episode of Wine and Dime I welcome to the show three very special financial planners. https://flowfp.com/about/ (Meg Bartelt), https://www.financialstaples.com/who-we-are/ (Chloe Moore), and https://deanefinancial.com/about/ (Samuel Deane) are all financial planners that specialize in stock options.
    “A stock option gives an investor the right, but not the obligation, to buy or sell a stock at an agreed upon price and date. There are two types of options: puts, which is a bet that a stock will fall, or calls, which is a bet that a stock will rise.”
    Sounds simple enough, right? But they are much more complicated than that! And these three guests are experts on this topic, and go through some of the things to think about while thinking about these investments.
    Sit on back, grab your favorite beverage and enjoy the company, the wine, and the conversation!

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    Aromatherapy For Stress with Sarah Song

    Aromatherapy For Stress with Sarah Song

    Welcome to this edition of Wine and Dime with Amy Irvine. If you are a busy, hard-working, type A personality, then this podcast is for you. We welcome Sarah Song onto the show. It is just such a pleasure and to hear her journey and how she took herself out of that crazy corporate environment and started working on her own well-being through aromatherapy. You're gonna love this story and more. We are so excited to have Sarah on the show and we think you're gonna be so excited to hear some of the information about how aromatherapy can actually help with stress and well-being.
    So sit on back, grab your favorite beverage and enjoy the show.
    Sarah Songhttps://www.loveyourlimbic.com/ (LOVE YOUR LIMBIC)https://www.facebook.com/loveyourlimbic/?modal=admin_todo_tour (FACEBOOK)https://www.instagram.com/loveyourlimbic/ (INSTAGRAM)MEET SARAHSarah Song is a certified aromatherapist, neuroscience enthusiast, and advocate for workplace well-being based in Los Angeles, California. She founded Love Your Limbic in 2018 to bring her passion for the beauty and biology of self-care to a platform to help people with stress management. Having worked within fast-paced corporate environments in the beauty industry while juggling the ups and downs of everyday life, she struggled with burnout on more than one occasion. She came to value the importance of building a toolbox of self-care practices that could be used in and out of the workplace. Sarah’s personal journey led her here, to create Love Your Limbic to connect with a community of people who are also on the path to well-being.
    Sarah is super passionate about the art and science of how we thrive, starting with understanding emotional balance. Always curious and forever learning, Sarah studies the research on a variety of topics within neuroscience, well-being, aromatherapy, and productivity. She empowers her clients to find their own recipe for balance by sharing a diversity of information and practical tools that anyone can use.

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    Simple Money Strategies with Justin Krane

    Simple Money Strategies with Justin Krane

    In this episode of Wine and Dime, we welcome the show Justin Krane. Justin is a CFP who owns his own practice, has written a book, and is a fellow podcaster. Justin’s Book and podcast is called Money. “You Got This!” In both formats he really does offer simple money strategies, that can help anyone out. Be sure to tune and find out about this exceptional financial planner!

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    Diffusing the Legal and Estate Planning Bombs

    Diffusing the Legal and Estate Planning Bombs

    In this episode of Wine and Dime we are again talking about Estate Planning! Specifically we are talking about avoiding the estate "Bombs" that could potentially occur. I go through some of the documents that you may be looking at when planning with us, or your financial planner. I hope you enjoy the topic and of there is anything that you would like to hear about, reach out! We would love to hear from you. Be sure to rate and subscribe, and remember, "Life is about events, supported by dollars and cents!"

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    Becoming Financial Wise with Brittney Castro

    Becoming Financial Wise with Brittney Castro

    I'm thrilled to have on the show today Brittney Castro. Britney and I recently formed a partnership of sorts, and I'm just excited to share her journey.
    For those of you that don't know Brittany, she's an amazing woman. Brittany and I met a couple years ago. We've stayed in touch here and there but when she decided that she wanted to change the direction of her career... Yes, financial planners do that too. She and I started talking about ways that we could work together.
    She's been noted as a final financial expert and “go to” resource for national media outlets like CNN, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CBS and many more! Notably, Brittney has recently been elected one of the “40 under 40 in 2020” by Investment News as one of the 22 women to watch!
    So, please tune in, grab your favorite beverage and enjoy the show!
    Brittney Castohttps://www.financiallywiseinc.com/ (HTTPS://WWW.FINANCIALLYWISEINC.COM/)https://www.facebook.com/FinanciallyWiseInc (FACEBOOK)https://twitter.com/brittneycastro (TWITTER)https://www.instagram.com/brittneycastro/ (INSTAGRAM)Brittney Castro, CFP®, AAMS®, CRPC® is the founder and CEO of Financially Wise Inc., a Los Angeles-based financial planning and education firm whose mission is to teach individuals and couples the art of managing their finances in a thoughtful and proactive way. Brittney is a Certified Financial Planner™, Chartered Retirement Planning Counselor, Accredited Asset Management Specialist, entrepreneur, highly sought-after speaker, and host.
    The key to Financially Wise Inc.’s success can be attributed to Brittney’s simple yet highly effective method of approaching finance –in a fun, personalized, compassionate, relatable, and non-judgmental way. Since 2013, Financially Wise, Inc. has offered services ranging from fee-only financial planning, online money courses, and financial wellness workshops to speaking engagements and brand partnerships.
    Brittney is a noted financial expert and a go-to resource for national media outlets and platforms including CNN, CNBC, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, CBS, KTLA, Good Day LA, Fox 11 News, Glamour, Elle, Marie Claire, Darling, Entrepreneur, Woman’s World, Refinery29, Financial Planning, Investment News, Registered Rep magazine, and many more.
    Brittney was elected one of the 40 under 40 in 2020 by Investment News, as one of the 22 “Women To Watch” by Investment News in 2018 and was ranked 6th on INVESTOPEDIA’s Top Influential Financial Advisors list in 2017.
    Additionally, Brittney serves as the in-house CFP® for Mint and Turbo as well as the Head of Education for Altruist, both roles where she can continue her efforts of spreading financial literacy to the masses through media interviews, video content, and social media campaigns. She is a CFP® Pro spokeswoman as part of the CFP Board Center for Financial Planning’s campaign to educate minorities about financial planning careers.
    Away from the office, you can find Brittney meditating, traveling, exploring, and of course, dancing!


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    Jim Laughren Podcasts About Wine and Life

    Jim Laughren Podcasts About Wine and Life

    In this Episode of Wine and Dime, I welcome to the show Jim Laughren. Jim is “A writer, a thinker, a drinker, an author, an educator, a guy who’d like to share a glass of good wine with you…” Jim joins me as we talk about his writing, his book, life and wine! If you are a wine lover, like me, this is the episode for you!
    Jim Laughrenhttps://www.facebook.com/Author-Jim-Laughren-393068804559096/ (FACEBOOK)https://www.instagram.com/thewinewriter/ (INSTAGRAM)Jim Laughren loves wine. And has for a very long time. He is a former importer and distributor of fine wines from around the world. He is also a Certified Wine Educator who has both taken and taught dozens of classes and seminars dealing with various aspects of wine and spirits.
    But it’s sharing—with you!—that means the most to him. And it’s writing that allows him to share his knowledge, experience, and passion with all the people he’d love to meet but probably won’t have the chance to.
    He has little use for the snobbery and condescension that have, somehow, become part of the world of wine. “Wine is a joy, a gift of the gods, bounty of the earth, and should be shared and celebrated. Whether someone is brand new to the wine scene or has many years of vinous pleasure at his or her back makes no difference.
    “Wine, to me, is part of the human story. From Mesopotamia to the ancient lands of Egypt, Israel, Persia, Greece, or Rome, wine has been drunk and shared and influenced cultures and lives in ways we can only imagine.”
    Known for his irreverent, fun-loving approach and abiding enthusiasm, his writings, whether in the pages of “A Beer Drinker’s Guide To Knowing and Enjoying Fine Wine,” “50 Ways to Love Wine More,” or the coming series of “Everything You Need to Know About Wine in 15 Minutes” is targeted squarely at the wine enthusiast with an open heart and curious mind.

    https://www.amazon.com/Ways-Love-Wine-More-Appreciation/dp/0985533633/ (50 Ways to Love Wine More: Adventures in Wine Appreciation)Wine appreciation as it was meant to be. No textbook necessary, just open arms and a mind and palate ready to explore. 50 Ways to Love Wine More is about discovering wine on your terms, at your pace, with your friends and fellow wine lovers. Let your ideas and desires intersect with the wonder of wine to enhance and expand your wine knowledge and appreciation.

    Author Jim Laughren, a certified wine educator--and certifiable oenophile--shares the insights and lessons learned from 20+ years as a wine importer, distributor, collector, consultant and confirmed aficionado. He reaffirms what is important about wine and our relationship to it. With this foundation to build on, the details, the history, the geography, the art, and the science of wine are easy to assemble and appreciate.

    While 50 Ways to Love Wine More is brimming with facts and "vintellect" on a wide variety of wine-focused topics, what you'll learn most is how to let wine wrap you in its embrace, whisper its secrets in your ear, and welcome you to its confederacy of aficionados.

    https://www.amazon.com/Beer-Drinkers-Guide-Knowing-Enjoying/dp/0985533617 (A Beer Drinker's Guide to Knowing and Enjoying Fine Wine)Time to expand your horizons, impress some clients, or introduce your better half to that new wine bar down the street? Then here's the ideal wine guide. A Beer Drinker's Guide to Knowing and Enjoying Fine Wine is a friendly, arm-around-the-shoulder wine primer that educates and enlightens from a beer drinker's point of view. No geeky disquisition or convoluted wine writing, just a witty, easy-going explanation of wine styles and varietals, wine tasting and scoring, the major world-wide wine regions and inside tips for buying or selecting the perfect bottle. Infused with nuggets of beer lore, the keys to understanding "winespeak," and much more. All in all

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9 Ratings

NancyJuetten ,

Amy's Passion for Wine, Finance and Interesting Guests Shines Through

Listening to Wine and Dime is like cozying up with smart, savvy friends over virtual wine to learn something new, gain inspiration for success, and pause to consider how the bends in the road and turns of the vine in life can be catalysts for learning, growth, and opportunity. Amy is a gracious host who does her homework on every guest and asks eye-opening questions. It's always fun and fruitful to tune in. Thank you!

🐶⚽️🏆💗 ,

Pairing fine wine with fine stories.

I enjoy how Amy pairs a fine wine with a fine story. Every vineyard and every life has a story and it’s from stories that we are inspired. Each week is a new journey. Thanks Amy.

Boomer83)29392 ,

Great Content!!!

Making finance easy to talking about!!!

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