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Two fun-loving and God-fearing Irishmen, a Catholic priest and his good friend, grapple with the big questions about faith, religion, and life.

Wrestling with God Show Irish & Father Len

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Two fun-loving and God-fearing Irishmen, a Catholic priest and his good friend, grapple with the big questions about faith, religion, and life.

    Ep72 Imagine a World without Jesus

    Ep72 Imagine a World without Jesus

    Father Len explains how the radical ideas Jesus introduced 2000 years ago and the church he established have changed the world forever.

    • 30 min
    Ep71 Pride Poisons Everything

    Ep71 Pride Poisons Everything

    Father Len explains how pride can poison everything in life from relationships, to religion, to marriages, to organizations and companies.

    Highlights, Ideas, & Wisdom

    Pride and its effects are often so subtle as to be unrecognizable.

    The easiest way to manipulate people is to use their pride against them.

    Father Len shares the story of how an FBI agent uses the pride of criminals to induce them to confess their crimes.

    “The Truth Detector: an Ex-FBI Agent’s Guide for Getting People to Reveal the Truth” by Jack Schafer

    Prideful people are always defensive because their professed self-worth and inner strength is a façade.

    Father Len reveals how pride causes him to “freak out and become defensive and disrespectful” when people don’t respect his time.

    Pride is seductive and addicting.

    Pride is like an animal that must be fed over and over.

    Pride is like a freeway off ramp that takes you off the path to God.

    Father Len tells the sad story of how pride caused Alexander the Great to kill his best friend.

    Father Len explains how Satan uses our pride to tempt us to sin.

    “Little Shop of Horrors” Movie

    Prideful people have a constant need for outward signs to demonstrate that they’re okay which ironically leads them to feeling less and less okay inside.

    The prideful are always armored up and defensive.

    “The ruthless, sleepless, unsmiling concentration upon self is the mark of Hell.” – CS Lewis

    Prideful people have difficulty laughing at themselves because of their constant need for input on how great they are.

    Great leaders share two qualities: selflessness and humility.

    Leaders with excessive pride bring nothing but destruction to their companies and organizations.

    “Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap and Others Don't” by Jim Collins

    Father Len’s litmus test for a spiritual person: one who believes that pride poisons everything.

    Irish shares the story of how he’s been unwittingly sucked into a corrosive game of pride by a prideful friend.

    Humility and vulnerability are the antidotes to pride.

    • 30 min
    Ep70 Pride is a Demon

    Ep70 Pride is a Demon

    Father Len reveals that pride is damaging lies we tell ourselves about ourselves.

    Highlights, Ideas, and Wisdom

    Pride is a cancer that often goes undetected until it’s too late.

    “The Truth Detector: an Ex-FBI Agent’s Guide for Getting People to Reveal the Truth” by Jack Schafer

    The moment you tell a lie about yourself you are owned by the lie.

    Happy people don’t need to feel superior.

    The fall of humanity began when Adam and Eve were enticed by pride to define for themselves what is moral.

    The prideful lie is always about portraying yourself as superior in some way.

    Pride produces a damaging ripple effect on us and everyone around us.

    Father Len compares Albert Einstein and Richard Dawkins to illustrate the damaging effects of pride and the positive effects of humility.

    “I am not an atheist. The problem involved is too vast for our limited minds. We are in a position of a little child entering a huge library filled with books in many languages. The child knows somebody must’ve written those books.” – Albert Einstein

    The prideful are not open to truth because they feel compelled to defend the lies they tell about themselves.

    The prideful are always defensive and feel the need to posture, provoke, pick fights and bully because they fear wrestling with the truth.

    Confident and humble people don’t fear grappling with the truth and allow themselves to be challenged, probed, and questioned.

    The prideful can never be happy because they make their insecurities and flaws the center of their identities.

    The prideful don’t recognize or appreciate their self-worth.

    Lies about who you are, what you know, what you’re good at, and what you’re not good at are sure signs you have a pride problem.

    • 37 min
    Ep69 Becoming Truly Free

    Ep69 Becoming Truly Free

    Father Len explains what it takes to become truly free and how the common American understanding of freedom leads to selfishness and narcissism.

    Highlights, Ideas, and Wisdom

    Freedom involves being free from something in order to be free to become something.

    The American Revolution was about becoming free from the tyranny of a king and the injustices and oppression of a political system.

    70% of Americans say they are free or mostly free.

    Two thirds of Americans define freedom as being “free to do whatever I want.”

    Being “free to do whatever I want” is an immature definition of freedom and the least likely to lead to happiness.

    Being “free to do whatever I want” is a form of tyranny that allows you to intrude on the life and liberty of others.

    “The Unbroken Thread: Discovering the Wisdom of Tradition in an Age of Chaos” by Sohrab Ahmari

    We create laws to set the parameters for a working society.

    To be free theologically means that we are always working on freedom. Working to become more free from the tyranny of selfishness, oppression, and injustice.

    When the people of a country define freedom as selfishness, it will always be divided and destroyed.

    People who report the highest level of happiness tend to be religious and meditate regularly.

    People who report the most freedom from moral constraints tend to be the least happy.

    “Suicide, A Study in Sociology” by Emile Durkheim

    The really hard part of becoming more free is wrestling with our own egos and recognizing when we’re being selfish.

    Christians who believe giving up liberties for the sake of others makes them less free don’t understand the freedom of the cross of Christ.

    Ep68 Commitments, Happiness, Love and Having Kids

    Ep68 Commitments, Happiness, Love and Having Kids

    Reacting to why actor Seth Rogen says he and his wife don’t want kids, Father Len explains the relationship between making commitments, happiness, love, and having kids.

    Highlights, Ideas, and Wisdom

    “It’s not an easy haul having kids. You can’t be narcissistic. You have to give yourself over to parenting. Kids have got to be the priority.” – Howard Stern

    God asks of us that our lives be life-giving.

    Living life for yourself, free from commitments, is an immature definition of happiness.

    Commitments lead to greater happiness. Lack of commitments lead to greater unhappiness.

    You’ll never find yourself through your feelings and aspirations. What defines you is your commitments.

    "Without being bound to the fulfillment of our promises, we would never be able to keep our identities; we would be condemned to wander helplessly and without direction in the darkness of each person's lonely heart, caught in its contradictions and equivocations."-Hannah Arendt

    Being unable to settle on something means not being settled ever.

    People willing to commit to marriage and having children almost always test out happier than those who don’t.

    The world tells us self-fulfillment comes from being free of commitments. Truth says fulfillment comes after commitments.

    People who avoid commitments and constantly pursue pleasure in pursuit of an easy life tend to end up bitter and unhappy.

    Christ challenges us to not to choose the easy way, to make a sacrifice and give ourselves away.

    Life is not supposed to be easy, but rather a great adventure.

    Pursuing pleasure as happiness always ends up in unhappiness.

    Each year since 1972, there has been a gradual decline in people’s overall happiness in the United States. This despite the average person spending 22% more on eating out and entertainment, living in homes that have doubled in size, having huge screen TVs, access to the Internet, and social media.

    The moral question is not whether you should or should not have kids. The moral question is why you would not want to have children.

    Religion challenges us to look at everything in life and decide what kind of life we want to have.

    Once you fall in love, you can’t help but want to give yourself away. That’s what real love feels like.

    God’s perpetual command is to make an offering of our lives, to give ourselves away.

    Those who don’t know the power of commitment are yet to know what love is.

    God is a trickster who tricks people into falling in love and willing to sacrifice everything for those they love.

    • 28 min
    Ep67 The Myth of Self-Esteem

    Ep67 The Myth of Self-Esteem

    Father Len exposes the dangers of focusing on boosting self-esteem as a means to improve lives.

    • 22 min

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4.9 out of 5
73 Ratings

73 Ratings

Mmwhite3117 ,

Father Len will leave you speechless

So a priest is supposed to interpret the Bible in his way and relay that message to you….?…. Correct? What if that priest gets it wrong? I remember a story Father Len said how about doing a sermon at a different parish and he said that it translated men be submissive to your women. After the sermon the priest who taught the regularly ….. said you can’t say that to my parishioners because that’s not what I tell them. He said well it says what it says. I don’t want to be bald but I am. 😂. Father Len in all of his wisdom has maybe one of the most strongest relationships with God but he understands the Bible and he has taken it to A whole new level by educating himself through college courses/degrees. This is a man who is going to be missed beyond words. And Coeur d’Alene has no idea what kind of gift God is giving them. I hope they take full advantage of it. Because he will be missed beyond all of the tears in the words that consume this valley. He is truly a magnificent soul that will bring many people to a relationship with Christ. I am blessed to have had him baptize me, I am blessed for all of the knowledge that he shared with me and I have been able to pass on and I’m truly blessed for all those years that I was able to spend in his presence.

JoyAveGirl ,

Father Len

Father Len has been my parish priest for 14 years. He’s been given a new assignment by Bishop Peter and will be transferring to his new parish in early July. Fr Len has left a quite an impression on me, our parish, our parish school which he was instrumental in building and our community. His love of RCIA and Adult Ed has transferred nicely to these podcasts. In 14 years I’ve learned more about my faith than the previous 47 combined. I’ll continue to listen even when he leaves so I can enjoy his intellect tinged with a bit of his prickliness. Thanks Irish for putting up with Father and getting these podcasts on.

Sunshin13 ,

WWG- the Christmas Story

These PODCASTS are amazing and full of wisdom and a snippet of the joy in this journey we can experience. Totally new way fo appreciating Advent.

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