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"Transforming minds through empowering conversations on mental health, society, and pop culture. Join Stacey and me on the WV Uncommonplace podcast – where we explore the uncommon in the ordinary. 🎙️ Let's navigate the depths of culture together! #MentalHealthEmpowerment #PopCultureTalks

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"Transforming minds through empowering conversations on mental health, society, and pop culture. Join Stacey and me on the WV Uncommonplace podcast – where we explore the uncommon in the ordinary. 🎙️ Let's navigate the depths of culture together! #MentalHealthEmpowerment #PopCultureTalks

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    5. Street Fighter Alpha Two

    5. Street Fighter Alpha Two

    Street Fighter Alpha Two, known as Street Fighter Zero Two in Japan, holds a special place in the hearts of many gamers. J.R. takes us on a nostalgic journey back to the days when this game hit the CPS2 arcade and later made its mark on the Sega Saturn.


    Sega Saturn Era: J.R. recalls the days of playing Street Fighter Alpha Two on the Sega Saturn, highlighting the smooth gameplay and the impact it had on his gaming experience.
    Character Roster: Delve into the extensive character lineup, featuring iconic fighters like Akuma, Dan, Zangief, and many more, which contributed to the game's richness and allure.
    Gaming Impact: Discover the significance of Street Fighter Alpha Two in the gaming landscape, its role in the evolution of Street Fighter, and its lasting legacy.
    Platform Differences: Unveil the disparities across different versions, including the less-impressive Super Nintendo edition, and the Saturn's knack for executing 2D fighters flawlessly.

    Personal Reflections:
    J.R. shares personal anecdotes, discussing his gaming journey and the impact this particular game had during a pivotal time when transitioning between gaming consoles.

    Closing Thoughts:
    Street Fighter Alpha Two remains a testament to the charm of classic 2D fighters. J.R. reflects on the Sega Saturn's prowess in delivering an unparalleled gaming experience and shares insights into why this game holds a special spot in his gaming archive.

    Join the Conversation:
    Have fond memories of Street Fighter Alpha Two? Share your gaming stories, favorite characters, or experiences with J.R. on social media using #StreetFighterAlpha2 and #GamingNostalgia.


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    Recognition in Indie Book Awards: A Path to Success

    Recognition in Indie Book Awards: A Path to Success

    Joel Bond, an international traveler, speaker, writer, and educator is renowned for his expertise in navigating cross-cultural systems. Notably, he has an eclectic background encompassing a professional magician, member of the International Brotherhood of Magicians, Italian vineyard worker, London-based flight attendant, and an Iraq-based worker. His worldly experiences have molded his perspective on indie book awards, viewing recognition as a much-needed validation of his work. Being a finalist in the best indie book awards competition, he has experienced firsthand the reassurance and validation such recognition brings, enhancing the joy in the process of creation and serving as motivation to continue exceeding his previous successes. Rather than letting recognition inflate his ego, Bond sees it as an encouragement to continue pursuing his passion for writing.

    (00:00:53) "So my main goal really is to help people connect with others on a deep level and to go across cultures and see how they can really move and work in this world." - Joel Bond" - Joel Bond

    (00:05:14) "People don't understand this about education. Once you provide someone with education, you give them the foundation and the groundwork, and the groundwork from there could lead to you, you making the next international president somewhere, or not making, but helping, aiding someone and going further than what they would have done." - JR Sparrow

    (00:07:33) "Home really is the place where you are known, where you're most connected, where you've created and established a sense of community, and how do you do that?" - Joel Bond" - Joel Bond

    (00:14:38) "I think just having spent those five months in Greece, on that island, and working with refugees there, and seeing the global migration crisis, basically 1% of the world's population has been displaced due to conflict." - Joel Bond

    (00:18:37) "Sometimes when you find yourself faced with serious trouble to press into it, to embrace it, because it's only through recognizing your failures that you develop that resilience over time." - Joel Bond" - Joel Bond


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    Uncovering Hidden Stories of Sexual Revolution

    Uncovering Hidden Stories of Sexual Revolution

    Leanne Wolf, a former professor and sexual anthropologist from Palo Alto, California, holds a unique perspective on the sexual revolution of the San Francisco Bay Area, influenced by her decades-long career in academia and her personal experiences. As a native witness to the transformation of the area before the emergence of tech giants, Wolf saw how the accessibility of birth control and the pre-AIDS era nurtured an atmosphere of sexual freedom and experimentation. In her view, the period's shift in morality lessened judgment towards casual relationships and one-night stands. These experiences and observations not only shaped her perspective but also steered her career path. As a sexual anthropologist and counselor, she devoted her later years to fostering a safe space for individuals to investigate and converse about various aspects of sexuality without fear of stigmatization.


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    Nintendo 64 Games That Matter : WCW vs. NWO World Tour

    Nintendo 64 Games That Matter : WCW vs. NWO World Tour

    WCW vs nWo: World Tour is a professional wrestling video gamereleased in 1997 for the Nintendo 64 game console. Released at the peak of World Championship Wrestling's (WCW) dominance in the Monday Night Wars, World Tour was THQ's first foray into the N64 wrestling scene and is a semi sequel to the lesser known WCW vs. the World for the PlayStation. It is the second best-selling wrestling game for the N64 console.[1]
    Asmik Ace Entertainment and AKI approached the title by producing a wrestling game similar to Puroresu and fighting games. The resulting game was well received for its tight construction and ease of play, especially compared to Acclaim's comparatively more difficult and convoluted game, WWF War Zone. In fact, the playing style of World Tour, namely its revolutionary "grappling system," set a standard for pro wrestling video games to be expanded in future THQ titles for many years following.[2] source wikipedia 


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    7. Final Fantasy 7

    7. Final Fantasy 7

    Episode Content:

    Game Background:

    Introduction of Final Fantasy VII, released in 1997 by Square.
    Initial development plans and the transition from Super Nintendo to PlayStation.
    Overview of the revolutionary elements such as full motion videos, 3D graphics, and 2D backgrounds.

    Personal Impact:

    J.R.'s experience and the excitement of owning Final Fantasy VII at Christmas '97.
    The extensive gameplay duration from December '97 to July '98 to complete the game.
    Notable aspects of the story, character development, betrayals, and deaths in the game.

    Game's Influence:

    Exploring the game's lasting impact on RPGs, setting standards for storytelling and character development in games.
    The influence on subsequent RPGs and its enduring legacy in the gaming community.

    Soundtrack and Gameplay Mechanics:

    The significance of the game's soundtrack in setting the tone.
    The functionalities and significance of mechanics such as the Materia system.
    J.R.'s thoughts on why it's not higher on his list due to the lack of replay value.

    Wrap-Up and Sign-off:

    Summarizing the game's significance and the impact it had during that time in J.R.'s life.
    A call-to-action for the audience to engage, like, and subscribe to the podcast for more content.

    Audience Engagement:

    Encouragement for audience members to share their own experiences and thoughts on Final Fantasy VII.
    A prompt to reflect on the game's influence on their gaming journey or any specific memories associated with the game.


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    Unlocking the Power of Advertising with Robert Brill

    Unlocking the Power of Advertising with Robert Brill


    Host welcomes listeners to the episode and introduces the guest, Robert Brill.
    Robert Brill, founder of Brill Media, shares insights from his 20 years of experience in the advertising industry.

    Differentiating Marketing and Advertising:

    Robert explains the distinction between marketing and advertising.
    Marketing encompasses various elements, including advertising, public relations, SEO, etc.
    Advertising specifically involves paying to reach people with messages, such as social media ads or billboards.

    Challenges with Digital Advertising:

    Robert discusses common pitfalls in digital advertising, focusing on platforms like Meta (formerly Facebook).
    He emphasizes the importance of strategy over simply boosting posts and recommends working with experts for effective advertising.

    Empowering Businesses with Bro Media:

    Robert shares the inspiration behind founding Brill Media.
    The company aims to democratize digital advertising and provide small to mid-sized businesses access to corporate-level insights.

    Monetizing Podcasts through Advertising:

    The discussion shifts to podcast monetization strategies, particularly advertising.
    Robert offers advice on approaching businesses for podcast advertising and maximizing value for both parties.

    Utilizing Data for Informed Decisions:

    Robert stresses the significance of leveraging data for better business decisions.
    Data insights help businesses understand customer behavior, product-market fit, and advertising effectiveness.

    Sustainable Tactics for Long-term Growth:

    Robert outlines sustainable tactics for long-term growth in digital advertising.
    He emphasizes broad targeting on platforms like Meta, creative testing frameworks, and optimizing ads for maximum impact.

    Case Study: Driving Business Growth with Brill Media:

    Robert shares a success story of a consumer products brand scaling its advertising from $90,000 to $300,000 per month profitably with Brill Media's approach.

    Shameless Plug and Conclusion:

    Robert invites listeners to connect with him on the Brill Media website and learn more about their services.
    Host thanks Robert for sharing valuable insights and concludes the episode.


    Host signs off, thanking listeners for tuning in and encouraging them to reach out with feedback or questions.


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4.9 out of 5
127 Ratings

127 Ratings

Florida Cyclist ,

Podcast Guest

JR was a tremendous host. He asked the difficult and challenging questions while at the same time being an encourager. I look forward to the opportunity to meet with him again.

joeldavidbond ,


JR and his team were SUPER interviewers. Professional, prepared, engaging, insightful. He focused on concise, direct, deep-cut questions -- the kind of 'meaty' content you want to get to. They know what they're doing in the podcast world!

Deannafire ,

Amazing personality and show

Such a pleasant person to converse with. I would love to be on the show again. This show is amazing!

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