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The Yo! Podcast (yo.fm) celebrates great design and development, spotlighting incredible designers, developers, makers and entrepreneurs building their own future.

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The Yo! Podcast (yo.fm) celebrates great design and development, spotlighting incredible designers, developers, makers and entrepreneurs building their own future.

    #021 - Traf

    #021 - Traf

    Traf is a Canadian designer and digital craftsman, with an impressive portfolio of online creations. His journey skyrocketed in 2020 when his minimal iOS12 icon pack became a viral hit. He amassed a staggering six-figure sum in just six days, and has since raked in upwards of $400,000. Now paved with runway, Traf further leaned into his passions, collaborating on NFTs, forging innovative more digital products and more recently launched a course on how he builds with Framer. We rap about the the tech stack behind his online course, working solo and staying lean, his dedication to minimalism, creator mental health and why he's so bullish on the potential of Framer.

    • 38 min
    #020 - Matthew Smith @Whale

    #020 - Matthew Smith @Whale

    Matthew Smith (@whale) is a successful entrepreneur and product designer. He has worked with figures and organizations like Seth Godin, the Gates Foundation, and the US Postal Service. In 2014, he co-created Really Good Emails, which quickly became the world's premier source for email design inspiration. In 2021, driven by his pursuit of meaningful work, Smith co-founded Bunsen, a niche creative studio aiding science-oriented companies with strategy, branding, and messaging. We rap about our inherent desire to curate online inspiration, strategies for effective sales pitches to clients, and just how to find an industry you'll love working in.

    • 48 min
    #019 - Jorn van Dijk

    #019 - Jorn van Dijk

    Jorn van Dijk is a Dutch designer, startup investor and CEO of the Framer website builder. After leaving his role as one of the early product designers at Facebook, he co-founded Framer in 2014, which was then a prototyping tool. Nine years and several strategic shifts later, Framer evolved into a robust website builder, earning admiration from top designers worldwide. We rap about the upcoming road to $100m revenue, explore their product roadmap, the potential impact of AI on the template building industry and just how Framer hype up a good product launch.

    • 39 min
    #018 - Michael Riddering

    #018 - Michael Riddering

    Michael Riddering AKA Ridd is an experienced designer who recently found huge success teaching online. After strategically providing a ton of free value across multiple networks, he launched his Figma Academy in 2022 earning over $300,000 in the first 4 months. This green-lit and helped boost his next startup Dive, an online learning platform with a world class team to help level up your design career. We rap about what it takes to stand out as a UX designer, how AI could assist online eduction and we get practical with a value-packed case study on how to plan, hype and launch a digital product if you have no audience.

    • 47 min
    #017 - Drew Wilson

    #017 - Drew Wilson

    Drew Wilson is an accomplished designer, developer and entrepreneur with a prolific portfolio of online projects. In 2014 he founded payment startup Plasso which was later acquired by GoDaddy. Drew now works on his new venture Logical to help startups visually build and launch web services. We rap about AI disrupting the film industry, surfing with beefy sharks, why Letter Banking closed down, film vs web, his passion project Ryte and exactly what angel investors are looking for in pitch decks.

    • 1 hr 1 min
    #016 - Dru Riley

    #016 - Dru Riley

    Dru Riley is the founder and editor of the successful Trends.vc newsletter. Boasting over 50,000 subscribers and 1,000 Pro members, Dru dedicates all his time to deliver highly informative reports to his growing community of business owners and marketers. We rap about the software he uses, growth vs retention, mental health, social media vs community, and what it takes to run a premium newsletter publication.

    • 29 min

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5.0 out of 5
8 Ratings

8 Ratings

Music editor46 ,

I always learn something

I’ve been following Rob’s content for years. It started when I discovered One Page Love. I learned so much from that and continue to learn so much from everything Rob puts out. Always time well spent reading, watching and listening

Thorkar Jurgasson ,

Insightful, motivating, fresh, incredible!

When I found this show, I put all the others away for a bit. The quality, the guests, the questions, everything is so well made, which makes this podcast a real gem. It’s always engaging and insightful, tons of great content to inspire and learn from, never a dull moment, always entertaining and creative. I love it, more of this please!

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