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    YHBG ~ Choujin X Chapter 8

    YHBG ~ Choujin X Chapter 8

    Tokio and Ely settle in at Yamato Mori, where Our Supreme Leader™ Hoshi Sandek wants to know their answers to life's most important questions.
    Spoiler alert: it's not 42 

    4:18 Chapter 8 reaction
    16:36 Reddit discussion

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    Read Choujin-X for free (US)
    Read Choujin-X for free (EU)
    Choujin X chapter 8 subreddit discussion

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    YHBG ~ Choujin X Chapter 7

    YHBG ~ Choujin X Chapter 7

    It's time for FULL-BEAST-IFICA-TION as Tokio continues the fight with Riza. Plus more worldbuilding and more characters! Momtaku and Luna are getting hype for this series!


    Links this episode

    Read Choujin-X for free on the Viz Media website:

    Chapter 7 subreddit discussion: https://www.reddit.com/r/ChoujinX/comments/pbibmm/choujin_x_ch_7/

    • 36 min
    YHBG ~ Choujin-X Chapters 5 & 6

    YHBG ~ Choujin-X Chapters 5 & 6

    It's another chase scene but this time Tokio gets saved by a familiar face and we see all that the snake choujin can do! Our read-through of Choujin X continues with chapters 5 and 6. 

    • 33 min
    YHBG ~ Choujin-X Chapters 3 & 4

    YHBG ~ Choujin-X Chapters 3 & 4

    We continue our readthrough of Sui Ishida's latest work, Choujin-X. Since Ishida works faster than most humans can manage, we're covering two chapters this week.

    Thanks as always for listening!! 

    • 22 min
    YHBG ~ Any Way The Wind Blows

    YHBG ~ Any Way The Wind Blows

    Podcast regular @attackonmomlife and fandom writer @stillmadaboutpetra join YHBG co-host @momtaku to discuss Rainbow Rowell's latest in the Simon Snow series, "Any Way the Wind Blows". 



    00:00:32 Introduction to guests 

    00:01:26 Introduction to the series

    00:02:24 Trigger warnings

    00:03:30 How did you find the series and are you normally a fan of YA literature?

    00:09:40 One thing we loved, one thing that surprised us, and if there was anything we were maybe less than enthused about.

    00:14:40 Our involvement in the fandom  


    00:17:41 Shepard Love & the triumphs and travails of being a fandom writer

    00:22:22 Fandom nerves after Wayward Son and why Wayward Son was awesome

    00:26:20 Rainbow's quote about intimacy and trauma



    00:33:20 Initial thoughts about the Chosen One narrative 

    00:37:09 Simon and intimacy

    00:48:08 Implications of being a dragon, immortality and vampire world building

    00:52:28 Was the plot too light?

    00:54:14 Simon's eagerness to believe in a new Chosen One. Why?


    The World of Mages

    00:57:30 We all hate the World of Mages. Thank goodness for Shepard

    01:03:06 The important of the Old Stories (or lack thereof)

    01:08:08 Will Simon get his magic back?


    01:15:53 Too many loose threads? Spoiler alert: No! 



    01:18:46 Simon's discover of his biological family

    01:22:51 Fiona is stinky and vampires were not important

    01:26:25 Three cheers for Daphne

    01:28:32 Would Natasha have accepted Baz?

    1:30:00 BREAK


    Agatha and Naimh

    01:31:17  Mixed feelings about Agatha's return to the magical world

    01:34:20 Rainbow's quote about difficulty writing Agatha. Our thoughts on her place in the story.

    01:38:04 Agatha as the new Ebb?

    01:40:36 Naimh

    01:43:00 Agatha's sexuality and sexy times with Simon?   

    01:45:38 Ensemble moment gathering the goats and Momtaku's favorite meme

    01:47:15 Penny's time to solo shine ... as a crime lord

    01:49:22 Pippa and Baz's redemption

    01:53:43 Favorite Quote? Favorite Spell?

    01:56:24 If Rainbow were to continue the story, what would you want?

    02:01:31 Shoutout to the EsGAYpe From Reality podcast 

    2:03:06 Thank yous and goodbyes


    • 2 hr 5 min
    YHBG ~ 3 Year Anniversary AMA Announcement

    YHBG ~ 3 Year Anniversary AMA Announcement

    Our three year anniversary is coming up and we want to celebrate it with a return to AoT for an "Ask Me Anything" episode.  News, drama, the "real" ending, interviews, anime, MAPPA, appallingly low wages, merch, and so much more... there's no end to things to talk about when it comes to AoT and we'd love to talk about it.

    We'll be recording in mid-August so there's plenty of time to send us your questions or topics you'd like us to consider. You can do that on tumblr, twitter or via our website youhearbiggirls.com.


    Thanks as always for listening!

    • 2 min

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4.6 out of 5
27 Ratings

27 Ratings

SamiBowden ,

Loving the ladies

Love you ladies! Have to skip the manga y’all bc I’m anime only but loving it.

Slifer2289 ,


I was overjoyed to discover an Attack on Titan podcast that doesn’t shy away from discussing the latest insane twists & turns in the manga. The hosts are intelligent, insightful, & a pleasure to listen to.

kitty666cats ,

Fix the audio cutting out!

Yes, I know, long distance calls and such, but this is a relatively easy issue to alleviate

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