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Welcome to Your Success Frequency Podcast! I am your host, Jen Gitomer, Jen Gitomer and I am dedicated to helping you grow a business you absolutely love. A business that creates both massive impact and massive income.

If you're looking to step into your next level self, increase your revenue and your profit while unsubscribing from hustle culture, then you’re in the right place.

This podcast is your place for a weekly dose of business mind, body and spirit tea. That’s right, I spill the tea on the best strategies, tools, resources and energetic hacks that will save you time and make you more money.

So join me each week to create the sales success you’ve been hoping for, improve your productivity and create deep meaningful connections.

Thank you for being here today. Let’s get into it!

For more information about the podcast, tools, resources and other strategies for making sales, growing your business and living your best life, check out www.jengitomer.com.

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Welcome to Your Success Frequency Podcast! I am your host, Jen Gitomer, Jen Gitomer and I am dedicated to helping you grow a business you absolutely love. A business that creates both massive impact and massive income.

If you're looking to step into your next level self, increase your revenue and your profit while unsubscribing from hustle culture, then you’re in the right place.

This podcast is your place for a weekly dose of business mind, body and spirit tea. That’s right, I spill the tea on the best strategies, tools, resources and energetic hacks that will save you time and make you more money.

So join me each week to create the sales success you’ve been hoping for, improve your productivity and create deep meaningful connections.

Thank you for being here today. Let’s get into it!

For more information about the podcast, tools, resources and other strategies for making sales, growing your business and living your best life, check out www.jengitomer.com.

Connect with me on Social Media:
IG: @jengitomer
Facebook: Jennifer Gitomer

    How to Make Yourself Invaluable

    How to Make Yourself Invaluable

    Is it just me, or does it seem like AI technology has made some big leaps this week? Between the photo generating apps on Instagram & Tiktok blowing up, and several new systems introduced to me by colleagues, I’m once again amazed by the advances in technology we’re seeing in a relatively short period of time. 
    While impressive, perhaps you also (rightly so) find these developments more than a little scary. Whether you’re a writer, a video editor, or other service provider, it may not be long before AI will be capable of producing the work you do - for far faster and cheaper. 
    So the question becomes, how do you maintain your job and continue to stand out in this changing world?
    In today’s new post, I’m sharing how you can leverage the tools that are out there to make your job easier, while still providing a greater level of service to your clients than any AI can compete with. 
    Read on to learn how to make yourself truly invaluable & irreplaceable in 2023. 

    Smarter & faster
    Years ago, on an episode of the Sell or Die podcast I host with my husband, we had Richard Brody on as a guest. He’s an incredible tech mind with many claims to fame, most notably (to me) the spell-check function in Microsoft Word. On the show, he said something that scared the hell out of me. He said, “The machines are going to become smarter than we are.”
    Those words have stuck with me ever since. And now, all of the sudden, I feel like I am seeing that prediction come to life. 
    Between the way photo apps are now able to create mock images of you in both the past and future, to the data we get on the words we use in our sales proposal videos (Use something more persuasive! Insert an empathy word here!), it’s becoming abundantly clear that technology is exceeding many of the capabilities of humans. What the machines are able to accomplish rapidly is absolutely incredible. 
    This may have got you thinking: Am I going to be out of a job soon?

    How to not become obsolete
    If you’re a service provider of any kind, it’s not dramatic to be asking yourself that very question. There’s no outsmarting or outpacing a machine. 
    You can now go to a website, pop in a couple of topics, and get an entire blog post written for you in minutes. You can download a program that allows you to upload a long video and have it broken down for you into short, usable clips. AI can do work that typically takes you hours within minutes. 
    So what can you do to increase your own job security going into 2023? How can you make yourself invaluable?
    Here are a couple of things you can do to be irreplaceable:
    Use technology to enhance what you're doing.
    Leverage the tools that are out there to make your job easier. Rather than hiding behind technology, it's going to be the people who stand in front of it, who use it as a stepping ladder, that ultimately get ahead. 
    Provide a greater level of service to your clients.
    The level of service that you provide and the experience that you give to your customers is so freaking important. If you want someone to choose you over a bot, you’ve got to deliver a 5-star experience. You may not be faster, but your clients need to see that working with you is superior overall in your interactions and delivery. 
    Showcase your human empathy. 
    Empathy is your ability to relate and connect with the other person to form a relationship. You need to show your customers that you deeply understand where they’re at and what they’re seeking. Then, you create trust in your ability to help them get there. 

    Relationships take time. Building trust takes time. And so now more than ever, with machine learning becoming so prevalent and AI being so sophisticated that you can basically say what you want and get a form of it immediately, the human element will be what sets you apart. 
    Your voice and the energy behind it are irreplac

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    Year End Energy Management: How to Achieve More by Doing Less

    Year End Energy Management: How to Achieve More by Doing Less

    How are you feeling?
    We’re in the home stretch of the end of 2022, soon to be launching into the new year, and a lot of entrepreneurs are feeling… Busy. Frenzied. Overwhelmed. Add the holidays on top of that, and it’s easy to see how so many are experiencing an energetic depletion. 
    If any of that feels familiar, you’re not alone. I recorded this week’s brand new podcast episode & compiled the accompanying notes below just for you. 
    In today’s new post, I’m sharing how you can set yourself up to win the rest of the year and hit the ground running in 2023 without the frenzy.
    Read on to discover how to achieve more by actually doing less, working with your energy instead of against it. 

    First, let’s check in with where you’re at.
    I’d like you to pause for a moment before proceeding. Take a deep breath, hold it at the top, then let it go. Take a few more, if it feels good, releasing any stuck energy and re-centering your body. 
    Now - from this neutral, grounded state - how are you feeling? Really, truly - I want you to reflect honestly. Perhaps even journal out a few lines. What kind of energy are you operating from at the moment?
    We’re in the home stretch of 2022. Are you feeling the need to rush to complete the things you have yet to accomplish this year? Are you furiously planning for next year, feeling hectic and frenzied, like there’s just not enough time for it all? How are the holidays affecting you? This season can also bring up some complicated emotions. 
    There is a lot going on and our bodies can only handle so much. If you’re experiencing overwhelm, you’re not alone. 

    Adjusting your state of being
    I’m glad you’re here and taking the time to stop + reflect because - and this is important - big achievements and growth do NOT come from a frenzied state of energy. 
    The top entrepreneurs who get ahead and will be set up to win in 2023 will do so by adjusting their state of being to exactly who & what they want to be. They figure out how to regulate their bodies and minds so they can create from cool, calm, collected energy. They deeply understand that success frequency matters. The move forward with intention. 

    The power in setting a daily intention
    Intentions are powerful stuff. They make things happen. Intentions can and will create transformation in your life and business. 
    When you set an intention for the day, you activate a part of your brain that then searches, filters, and sorts information in a way that allows you to have a one track path to achieve that intention. 
    Your intention for the day can be simple. It could be that you want to focus on being extra kind to everyone you encounter. Or it could be that you want to show love to the members of your family. Your intention could be that you want to finalize the details of a project you’ve been working on. Or it could be that you want to show up and make an impact in your Instagram stories. 
    Whatever it is, the minute you set your intention, your brain starts to look for ways to help you make it happen. You approach your day with your energy focused on what you want to achieve. 
    But it’s also true that if you don't set an intention, and you just roll into your day, your brain isn’t working to make anything specific happen. And, most likely, a lot of goodness that could happen simply doesn’t happen. 

    How to incorporate intention setting into your daily routine
    I always wanted to be a person who set a daily intention but for a while, I couldn’t get it to stick. I would forget to do it and it wasn’t happening for me consistently. 
    So, I decided to use the technique of habit stacking to help incorporate intention setting into my morning routine. 
    Each and every morning, I prepare and drink my cacao. It’s a ceremony I treat myself to to calm my nervous system. Starting the day from this ground

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    Your Frequency Begins with the Gratitude you Bring

    Your Frequency Begins with the Gratitude you Bring

    Are you being bombarded by Black Friday sales already even though it’s not even Thursday yet? Me too!
    These days, it seems like Thanksgiving gets lost where Halloween ends and Christmas begins. But I’m not ready to write it off as the lost holiday - it’s just too important.
    In today’s new post, I’m encouraging you to use this Thanksgiving holiday as a time to reinstate & refresh your own gratitude practice. 
    Because cultivating consistent gratitude can literally change your life. 
    Read on to peek inside my own daily gratitude habit and learn how practicing gratitude daily will have compound effects that transform every aspect of your world from your sleep to your relationships to your business.  
    Training your brain to operate from gratitude
    I went shopping with my mom yesterday, and we visited one of those big discount stores that tends to be hit or miss. On our way in, she turned to me and said, “I don't know if this is worth it, Jen. The last three times I've been here, it's really been a miss. I haven’t liked anything.”
    My response? “Terrific. This is a hit or miss kind of store. So if you’ve had a bunch of misses, that means today is going to be a hit. We’re going to walk in and find a bunch of stuff we love.”
    She looked at me like I was nuts, but I could tell her mood had improved and she was entering the store with a fresh energy. 
    While this is a bit of a trivial story about shopping, I share it because it’s the epitome of how I think. When encountering negativity or roadblocks, my brain quickly refocuses its energy onto a more positive direction. And I attribute a large part of this skill to a conscious practice of gratitude. 

    Where’s your own gratitude practice at?
    Do you have a gratitude practice in your day to day life? What does it look like? Does it feel like it suits you, or could it use a refresh?
    This week, you’re no doubt hearing more about gratitude than normal. But with all of the benefits that gratitude can bring to your life, I can’t help but wonder why we as a society only tend to focus on it for one week out of the year. 
    The many benefits of a consistent gratitude practice have been scientifically proven again and again. Physically, it improves sleep and cognitive functioning. Emotionally, it improves overall happiness, optimism, and positivity. Gratitude allows us to feel more satisfied with our lives because it trains our brains to seek out the good. The more grateful we are, the more we naturally dwell on the positive versus the negative.

    A simple gratitude practice you can adopt daily
    So with all of the indisputable benefits in mind, why aren’t more of us regularly incorporating gratitude into our daily lives?
    I hear from clients that they tried for a bit, but couldn’t get the habit to stick. Or, they found that it worked for a while, then it stagnated. 
    For me, daily gratitude comes naturally now. But it didn't always.
    I believe that gratitude is truly a practice. And just like anything that you practice - a sport, a musical instrument, a foreign language - the more you do it, the better you'll get at it and the more natural and easy it becomes. 
    To reap the full benefit of gratitude, you’ve got to commit to it daily. 
    My daily gratitude practice begins each morning with journaling. I keep it simple, jotting down everything I’m feeling grateful for at the moment. Then, I read it back to myself aloud so I can hear it as well. Next, I express my gratitude to someone else. This step keeps the positive energy of gratitude circulating. 
    It’s really that simple. And because it’s simple, it makes it easy to stick to daily. 

    Use this Thanksgiving to reinstate your own gratitude practice
    This is the perfect time to launch a daily gratitude habit of your own. Make sure it’s something you can commit to every day. Here’s wh

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    How to Empower Yourself by Embracing Rejection

    How to Empower Yourself by Embracing Rejection

    Have you ever received a no - whether in life or business - that stopped you in your tracks? 
    If so, you’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs have experienced a complete halt in progress at some point in their careers due to a rejection that stung so badly that they never launched again, stopped selling their course, or otherwise quit what they were pursuing. 
    But the most successful people don’t let rejection take them out. In fact, they use rejection as a stepping stone on their way to yes. 
    In today’s new post, you’re getting my signature Rejection Cycle Method - an empowering process that shifts your energy towards rejection and allows you to change your station to open you up to greater opportunities moving forward. 
    Read on to learn how embracing those nos can end up leading to more yeses than you’ve ever dreamed of. 

    How do you view rejection?
    When I say that word, rejection, what comes to mind for you? Do you immediately make a meaning of it? Do you immediately get a feeling inside your body? Is everything inside of you saying, Oh, no… I don't want to get rejected. The feeling can be uncomfortable. That’s because your brain is making meaning of rejection. 
    I find that so many entrepreneurs feel like rejection means something about them. Perhaps you feel this way, too. When someone says no to you, or when they don't choose to move forward with the offer that you presented, maybe you feel misunderstood or invalidated. Perhaps there’s even some resentment bubbling up. Rejection can feel personal when we make it about us, about our own self-worth. 

    Identifying your rejection story
    There are so many stories that happen in your brain when someone says no to you. I want you to identify the story that's happening inside your head. We'll call that your “radio station” - it’s the station that goes on, playing on repeat like a broken record over and over in your head whenever you are experiencing some form of rejection. 
    These stories cause us to create meaning. And these meanings don't necessarily mean what we think they mean. These stories can be rooted in childhood, or have been developed over time through our life experiences. We make them up in our head, then live them out again and again whenever rejection surfaces. This is why it’s so important to identify them, so you can become more aware of when they’re playing on your radio station and stop them so you can change the channel if/when they’re no longer serving you. 

    The rejection domino effect
    If you don't stop the rejection stories playing on repeat and change your channel, they will likely prevent you from moving forward. 
    The next time a launch doesn’t go as planned, your stories may cause you to never have the courage to launch again. The next time a new product doesn’t sell, your stories may cause you to stop developing new products altogether. Your stories are powerful forces when left unchecked, toppling your progress, drive, and overall confidence. This is your opportunity to change the channel before they do the damage. 

    My Rejection Cycle Method
    This process is about embracing rejection, not just overcoming rejection. I am going to teach you how to actually embrace it in a way that helps you further your business. 
    The Rejection Cycle Method has 5 steps:
    Embrace the nos Celebrate the nos Stop the bleeding Change your station Cycle back to embracing the nos

    So how do you go about embracing the nos? You begin by taking away their meaning. You no longer allow no to “say” anything about you. No isn’t good or bad; it’s just no. 
    You can then celebrate the nos by seeing them as valuable information you can use. When you remove the emotion surrounding rejection, you allow your brain to move back to creativity mode. In creativity mode, you can brainstorm solutions on how to get back to yes. 
    Stopping the bleeding is

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    How To Create Your Best Year Yet In 2023 - Starting Now

    How To Create Your Best Year Yet In 2023 - Starting Now

    While it may only be the start of November, I’d like to invite you to begin shaping your 2023 to be your happiest and most successful year yet, right now.  
    Now is the perfect time to go inward and align yourself with everything you’re hoping to achieve in life and business for next year, before the busyness of the holidays and end of year festivities dominate your days.
    After all, if you wait to start planning your 2023 until January, you’ll already be starting off behind. 
    In today’s new post, I’m sharing the dynamic end of year process that I use to lead myself and my clients through wrapping up the current year mindfully, and preparing to launch into the new year with intention + direction. 
    Read on to walk through the exercise with me and ensure you start your 2023 full of fresh energy to achieve your biggest + brightest goals in life and business. 

    How you can create your most successful and blissful year yet
    What does that look like for you? Those things - success and bliss - are different for everyone. For some people, success is money-related. For others, it’s more time-related. For many, it’s both, but the rewards of each are highly individualized. Creating a business and lifestyle that works best for you means you first need to get clear on the outcomes you’re seeking. 
    In this exercise that I’m going to share with you, you’re going to dig deep into what’s meaningful for you and what you really want to achieve in 2023 so you can enter into the new year with the intention you need to make your dreams come to fruition.
    I use this exact exercise each year myself. I check myself into a spa to set the high vibrational tone for my day. Most spas don’t allow electronics, which allows me to disconnect and go inward. The peaceful environment - from the smells, to the music, to the energy - calms my nervous system and allows me to connect with my true feelings as I reflect and plan. I bring a journal and get to work. 
    Step 1: Set goals + intentions for the new year
    Determine what your goals and/or intentions are for next year.
    What goals are you wanting to achieve in 2023? Are you trying to scale an offer so that you can work less and create a bigger impact? Are you trying to create multiple offers? 
    You can separate out your business and personal goals, too. Often, they aren’t always the same. We get so ingrained as entrepreneurs when we hear the word goal that we automatically think it must be business oriented. But you can also incorporate personal goals in your planning. Do you have health or wellness goals? Family-centric or relationship goals?  
    Begin to think through what your goals are and write them down.

    Step 2: Audit this past year
    Review what worked well and what didn't work well this year.
    After you’re looked ahead by setting goals, it’s time to reflect on this past year. Afterall, in order to best get ahead, you need to look at your history. 
    In this step, do an audit of the programs you have now, and determine what's working for you and what's not.
    Note: When I say “working for you” I don’t just mean what’s been bringing in profit.  “Working for you” means it's something that’s utilizing your energy in the best way possible. For example, if you have a program that's bringing in a shit ton of money, but every time you have to do something for that program, you feel like it's draining you, then that program is in some way not working for you; it is actually working against you. Your energy is everything. You get a certain amount of energy a day, and if you use it and lose it in ways that don't create significant acceleration for your business, then you lose the opportunity to maximize the rest of your time. 
    As you assess your programs, if you find something that no longer feels aligned, ask yourself, Is it something I need to either get rid of? Or can I twea

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    When it’s Time to Change your Frequency

    When it’s Time to Change your Frequency

    How do you know when it's time to change or pivot in your business? 
    A good indicator is when you find yourself consistently not wanting to do something in your biz. In these moments, it’s useful to stop and ponder, Why? What’s coming up for me? What’s no longer feeling in alignment?
    I’ve been experiencing some of this tension myself with my podcast, and I’m excited to share that after much consideration, I’ve got a new name & new direction to share with you. 
    Meet the Your Success Frequency podcast. 
    In today’s new post, I’m sharing behind the scenes details of the podcast’s evolution, what exactly I mean by frequency, and how you can begin to dial in to the right frequency for greater success, purpose, and overall well being. 
    And don’t worry - I’ll still be bringing you the insights you came here for in the first place on sales, business, and mindset. Though now, it will be framed through the fresh & transformative lens of frequency. 
    Read on to discover how this new podcast is going to help you shift your energy to create change in your business that brings forth the highest yields. 

    Is it time to make a pivot?
    I have been sitting on this feeling for months that I've wanted to change my podcast’s name, but I couldn't quite figure out what I wanted to change it to. Over the past year, there's been this massive transformation for both me and my clients with tons of growth, and the name “Breakthrough Babe” no longer felt aligned. 
    Have you ever felt the same in your business? You've started out as one thing, and it’s worked well for a while, but over time you grow, you change, you transform into your next embodiment and suddenly you know it’s time to pivot. 
    When you find yourself feeling uncomfortable or resistant, that’s the time to dive deeper into the root of what you’re feeling. Because when you’re in alignment, you’ll be in flow, not force. So how do you create that flow when it’s missing in your business?

    Meet Your Success Frequency
    I am renaming the podcast to Your Success Frequency. Frequency is the energy you have inside, which is then the energy you put out on the outside. That energy is the make it or break it between sale and no sale. You can feel someone’s frequency by the energy they’re putting out - from their verbal and nonverbal communication, to their social media posts, to their proposals, and more. 
    Your frequency gets transferred into everything you do. So in order to be successful in business, what I have boiled it down to is your frequency, and how high vibrational that frequency is. 
    What I have uncovered in the last decade of being an entrepreneur and being in the company of high achievers who are doing amazing work and enjoying massive success is that the one thing they all have in common is their frequency. They are all tuned in to a high vibration frequency in their head. 

    What station are you tuned into?
    We are always creating something based on the energy we’re bringing to what we do. Think of your frequency as a radio station you tune in to. 
    If you’re tuned in to a low vibe frequency, you may often find yourself feeling like a victim. You make decisions from a place of scarcity. Your misery loves company and regularly seeks out fellow low vibrational people to commiserate with. 
    On the other hand, if you’re tuned in to a high vibe frequency, you act and make decisions from a place of abundance. You believe there is always more coming to you, and that there’s plenty for everyone. You shine your light into every situation you come into, literally shifting the energy in the room to a higher vibration. 
    So if you don't like your current outcomes, it’s time to change up the station you’re tuning in to. On my podcast, we're going to talk a lot about how to change up that channel, and how to tune in to the right frequency. And tha

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
16 Ratings

16 Ratings

Trevor Oldham ,


One of my new fav podcasts!

tarbabyrudd ,

I made time to review even after years of reading and listening to the Gitomer’s!

I have listen to Jenn for over a year and just recently re-listening to all of the last 10 shows again. She really helps me get into my head more and how to improve myself. And get pumped up to sell more. I am in radio sales and made more this year than ever and continue to believe that it takes reading, training listening to things that will help you grow. Thanks Jenn and her husband Jeffery. I have read all his books about read his little red book twice. Keep pushing guys.

JLG16 ,

Ladies, listen up!

And of course, men can, too! But I enjoy Jen’s enthusiastic podcast about growing your business, breaking through anything that might be holding you back and fun stories she shares about her sweet dogs! She’s real, honest, asks the tough questions and gives solid solutions to help you breakthrough in life and in business! Thanks Jen!

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