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Welcome to Your Success Frequency Podcast! I am your host, Jen Gitomer, Jen Gitomer and I am dedicated to helping you grow a business you absolutely love. A business that creates both massive impact and massive income.

If you're looking to step into your next level self, increase your revenue and your profit while unsubscribing from hustle culture, then you’re in the right place.

This podcast is your place for a weekly dose of business mind, body and spirit tea. That’s right, I spill the tea on the best strategies, tools, resources and energetic hacks that will save you time and make you more money.

So join me each week to create the sales success you’ve been hoping for, improve your productivity and create deep meaningful connections.

Thank you for being here today. Let’s get into it!

For more information about the podcast, tools, resources and other strategies for making sales, growing your business and living your best life, check out www.jengitomer.com.

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Welcome to Your Success Frequency Podcast! I am your host, Jen Gitomer, Jen Gitomer and I am dedicated to helping you grow a business you absolutely love. A business that creates both massive impact and massive income.

If you're looking to step into your next level self, increase your revenue and your profit while unsubscribing from hustle culture, then you’re in the right place.

This podcast is your place for a weekly dose of business mind, body and spirit tea. That’s right, I spill the tea on the best strategies, tools, resources and energetic hacks that will save you time and make you more money.

So join me each week to create the sales success you’ve been hoping for, improve your productivity and create deep meaningful connections.

Thank you for being here today. Let’s get into it!

For more information about the podcast, tools, resources and other strategies for making sales, growing your business and living your best life, check out www.jengitomer.com.

Connect with me on Social Media:
IG: @jengitomer
Facebook: Jennifer Gitomer

    Discover Your Unique Blueprint to Success ft. Rachel Varitimos

    Discover Your Unique Blueprint to Success ft. Rachel Varitimos

    In this episode, join Jen as she interviews Rachel Varitimos, a Human Design Expert and Empowerment Coach, who helps individuals harness their unique potential and transform their lives. Dive into the world of Human Design, learn about its components, and how understanding your own blueprint can bring clarity and confidence in your personal and professional life.
    Show Notes:
    Introduction to Rachel Varitimos (00:45)
    Human Design expert and empowerment coach
    Passionate about hosting retreats and building sisterhood
    What is Human Design? (02:35)
    How it combines astrology, I-Ching, with the human chakra system, and quantum physics
    Offers insights into your unique strengths and weaknesses
    Understanding Human Design Types (07:15)
    Manifestor, Generator, Manifesting Generator, Projector, and Reflector
    Each type has its own strategy for decision-making and energy management
    Rachel's Journey with Human Design (13:10)
    Personal experience with Human Design
    How it changed her life and business
    Jen's Human Design Reading (22:50)
    Discovering Jen's type, strategy, and authority
    Tips for better decision-making and tapping into her potential
    How Human Design Can Benefit YOU as an Entrepreneur (34:40)
    Identifying your strengths and weaknesses
    Aligning your energy and decision-making with your type
    Enhancing collaboration and understanding within a team
    Incorporating Human Design into Retreats and Coaching (49:13)
    The power of sisterhood and community
    Emphasizing vulnerability, trust, and safety in personal growth
    Connect with Rachel Varitimos (52:42)
    Instagram: @Rachel_Varitimos
    Retreats, masterminds, and Human Design coaching services
    Learn how to step into your true potential by understanding your unique Human Design blueprint. Listen to this insightful conversation with Rachel Varitimos and discover how to make decisions confidently and create a life you love. Connect with Rachel, get your personalized reading and explore the transformative power of Human Design in your personal and professional life.

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    How to Avoid the 3 Most Common Selling Mistakes in your Business

    How to Avoid the 3 Most Common Selling Mistakes in your Business

    Do you remember those books of mazes from childhood? The ones where you’d start at one end, then have to navigate your way through a series of obstacles to get to the other side?
    I like to think of (and teach!) the selling process like those maze games. Not only is it such an accurate visual, but by gamifying it, sales automatically become way more fun. 
    Selling doesn't need to feel icky or uncomfortable. In fact, if selling feels that way to you, then you're doing it wrong.
    If you want to make more sales this month, this week, or even today, then this new post is for you!
    Read on to learn how to identify the common selling mistakes service-based business owners and coaches make, and how to avoid them in your business to create the outcomes you desire.

    Navigating the Sales Maze
    Much like the maze games, when you’re selling, you start at one end with your prospects with the goal of coming out at the other end with them as your customers. You may hit walls or obstacles along the way, you may even need to backtrack at times, but you’ve got to keep going, searching for alternative routes. 
    If you're someone like me who really manages and thinks about using their energy strategically, then you may put a little bit more effort in upfront to figure out your game plan to get to the end goal, versus just trying to go through the maze haphazardly. When you learn from the mistakes of others, and you navigate the sales maze with intention, focus, and a strong desire to close, then you can reach your destination, aka the sale, more efficiently. 
    I make a lot of high ticket sales. And that requires focus and intention to navigate the maze. Sometimes I come up against a wall that I didn't even know was there… I come up against a prospect's obstacle because I didn’t dig deep enough at the start, so I didn’t know it existed. And this is key, whether you’re selling low, mid, or high ticket offers: You need to understand your prospect’s motives for buying. You need to uncover their reason for why they want to make the purchase and what may prevent them from doing so. These are the potential obstacles that you need to help them overcome. This is the sales maze. And if you treat it like the game it is, it can be incredibly FUN. 
    Avoiding the 3 Common Selling Mistakes 
    I'm going to give you the 3 common mistakes that service-based business owners and coaches make. And of course, I'm not just going to give you the mistakes, but I will also share ways to avoid them. 
    Mistake #1: Not being confident in your offer’s value 
    Now, notice I didn't say “in YOUR value.” While being confident in yourself and the value you bring to the table is a foundational component, often what ends up happening is the value of your offer gets lost in the process. Both matter, but you and your offer are two separate identities. 
    The key to your prospect is the results you are going to bring to them through your offer. We have a tendency to make things about ourselves when in reality, it's not about us. So stop making it about you, and start making it about them. Stop making the sale about you and start making the outcome the focus of the sale. What happens after they purchase? When you focus on your prospect’s outcomes, you take yourself out of the equation. 
    The minute you believe in the value of your offer -  of your product or service - then you're able to communicate that value naturally and authentically, with believability. And that energy gets transferred to your prospect like a magic wish. It's really freakin’ powerful. 

    Mistake #2: Focusing too much on selling, rather than relationship-building
    Some people actually focus too much on selling. What do I mean by that? They're not focused on relationship-building, they're focused solely on selling. I want you to ask yourself, Is my focus consumed by the transaction? 
    You may feel as though

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    Behind the Scenes: 3 Lessons I Learned from my High Level Mastermind

    Behind the Scenes: 3 Lessons I Learned from my High Level Mastermind

    I’ve just come back from attending a retreat in Sedona with my high level mastermind group, and I’m bursting with fresh energy and ideas to share with you. 
    Retreats like these are vital to help us think differently, but that won’t translate into us attaining our goals unless we then take action and do differently as well. 
    As I launch into taking steps to implement the 3 biggest lessons I learned into my own business, I’m inviting you behind the scenes so you, too, can immediately put them to use for greater success in your business. 
    Read on to get a peek into the high impact changes I’m going to be making based on my time amongst a powerhouse group of multi-6 & 7-figure entrepreneurs. 

    Here are 3 lessons that I learned from my high level mastermind that you can begin to implement immediately in your business. 
    Lesson 1:
    Throughout the weekend, I realized that a recurring theme for me was that sometimes I need to slow down. To speed up, you need to first set the right foundations into place. What this really comes down to for me (and, I believe for you, too) is looking at the different actions I’m  taking in my business and assessing the intentions behind those actions. 
    Is there a purpose behind all of the actions that you’re taking? And is that purpose driving you towards the goals you want to achieve? 
    If the intention isn’t there, then all of the podcasts you record, the social media posts you put up, every item you check off your to-do list is missing the impact you could be making if it had the driving force of intentionality behind it. 
    This weekend was a huge reminder for me to look at the different actions I'm taking to determine how I can get more intentional with them so that they take up less time, and they serve more of a purpose.
    Lesson 2:
    The second big lesson I had over the retreat was the importance of building a team and becoming a better leader. While I have people on my team, once I started to look at their roles from the perspective of an integrator, I realized that I have three different divisions to fill: Growth, Operations, and Fulfillment. 
    Growth is everything sales related. Operations is all the what I would call “boring stuff” like accounting, HR, and legal. Fulfillment is everything that happens after the sale in my client’s journey. 
    This all comes from the book, Traction, which I read a couple of years ago. And after hearing it again and again over the weekend, it just really dawned on me that I need to get my team in order. Maybe this is the 15th time you're hearing you need a team, too. If you've resisted it, I would re-read that book, and get the right support because a team can really impact your business. 
    Now, I'm not going to spend tons of money I don't have on hiring, but I am going to figure out how I can make a team of people from a mix of contractors, part-timers, and perhaps one full time person to help me generate revenue and grow my business. I see where I'm at right now and know that in order to get to my next level, I need more of a team.
    For me, there are a ton of things in my business that are not getting done that are revenue-generating activities. And I know that if I put my focus there, and had some help behind the scenes to make more things happen, it would immediately result in more revenue. So for where I'm at in my business, even though I called Operations “the boring stuff,” that's not my next hire. My next hire is someone who can help me with Growth. This will be someone who can help me with all of the specific intentional activities that will help grow the business.
    Once you outline this all on paper, and put a chart together of who's doing what role in your business, then you can see where the gaps are and it becomes so obvious what you need to fill.
    Lesson 3:
    The third lesson I took away from the retreat was not something that

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    Do you have Sales Resistance in your Business?

    Do you have Sales Resistance in your Business?

    Did you know that many entrepreneurs often resist sales, even though they know it is the lifeline in their business? 
    If you, too, find yourself avoiding this crucial component to achieving your goals, you’re not alone and today’s new post is here to help!
    Below, we’ll get to the root of where your resistance lies to uncover the beliefs swirling around in your head that may be holding you back. 
    Read on to build your sales confidence, learn how to sell with intention, and lower your resistance to talking about all the things that make you squirm like pricing. 

    Do you ever feel like you're held back in your business by sales resistance? 
    Do you feel like you either struggle to close deals because you don’t ask for the sale on a discovery call, or you simply don't talk about your offers as much as you could or should?
    That sales resistance is present within your business. Today, I'm going to share some strategies that will help you break through that sales resistance, and help you overcome those sales obstacles so that you can create the coaching business or the service-based business that you're hoping for. 
    First, we need to understand where the resistance comes from. Because, just like anything else, we're not going to simply put a bandaid on top for it to resurface later; we need to get to the root of it. 
    In my conversations with hundreds of entrepreneurs, I have found that resistance often comes from fear - fear of rejection, fear of failure, or a general lack of confidence, not just in yourself, but in what you offer. 

    What beliefs exist in your head that cause you to resist selling? 
    Are these beliefs your own, or are they stories that you’ve heard and searched for supporting evidence to enhance them over time? Are these stories serving you? Or are they limiting your business’ ability to thrive?
    Let's take the common belief that selling is manipulative and pushy as an example. You may know that, logically, people don’t have to be pushy to sell. You’ve likely bought plenty of things sold to you that didn’t make you feel manipulated in any way. So why does your brain tend to think that, “Oh, if I talk about my offers, I’m going to sound pushy.”
    Well, the thing is, we've all been pushed before, and we don't like that feeling. And as a result, we REALLY don't want to generate that feeling for other people, so we’ve built up this story to protect ourselves from that. 
    But you absolutely CAN sell your offers without being manipulative or pushy. To do so begins with your intention.

    Where's your intention? 
    Did you start your day with intention? Did you start your sales with intention? Because sales need to begin with intention and purpose to not come across as pushy or salesy. If your purpose is to genuinely help solve a customer's problem and you approach your sales from that intention, you will create a win-win where both you and your customer feel at ease and empowered. 
    Here’s how to sell with intention:
    Identify the right customers 
    Build trust and credibility by offering value, giving them free resources in some way that they value
    Be clear on how you're helping them
    Start talking about your offers in a helpful way

    Finally, in order to lower the resistance to making sales and talking about your offer, you also have to get comfortable with pricing.
    Now, there's one big sales resistance piece that I didn't talk about and that is the resistance entrepreneurs create for themselves. This is a self created thing around money and talking about pricing and selling. 
    If you're struggling to talk about pricing, then that goes back to building confidence in the value of your services. Don't make it personal - this isn’t about self-confidence, but rather confidence in the value that you offer. 
    Write down (for yourself) the benefits and outcomes that you offer to yo

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    Is it Time to Conduct a Business Edit?

    Is it Time to Conduct a Business Edit?

    Don’t you just love when life presents you with inspiration in the most unexpected ways?
    A recent bathroom renovation in my beach condo has got me thinking about business renovations or, what I like to call, a business edit. 
    A business edit is a process where you get rid of the things that are no longer serving you, and then call in more of the things that are for greater reach & profitability. 
    Periodic assessments like this can be powerful vehicles for transformation - for both you AND your clients. 
    Read on to tune into your gut, realign with your zone of genius, and serve more from a place of purpose. 

    What is a gut renovation? 
    I’m currently in the midst of a gut renovation in my master bathroom, which is where literally everything is torn out to be redesigned. You take the room “down to the guts” and start fresh. 
    I love the imagery of taking things down to the guts, of getting down to the root of things in order to rebuild something better. This same concept can be applied to your business. There are times when it is useful to go back to your foundation and restructure with intention. 
    The use of the word “gut” here also has a dual meaning. When renovating your business down to the gut, you also want to work from your internal gut aka your internal, intuitive compass. 
    Tune into your breath, and intentionally find your flow. Then, I want you to ask yourself, Was my business built by listening to my gut?
    If, like so many others, you built your business by doing All The Things to get it up and running (and have been running ever since), now could be a great time to take an assessment, review what’s making you money, review where you’re spending your time, and determine if all of that is actually the way you want to proceed. 

    Think of it as an exercise like cleaning out your closet
    When you clean out your closet, you’ve first got to take everything out to see exactly what you’re working with. Then, you begin editing it down - some stuff is given away to charity, some tossed out, and the rest is left to be put back in and organized as a more curated collection. Boutiques do the same thing - they don’t present a full clothing line but only hand-selected items that they call an edit. 
    That’s why I like to call this process a business edit - you’re curating your offerings and workflow. In your business edit, you want to put all of your cards on the table. You want to assess what you’re doing, how you’re doing it, what’s making you money, what isn’t, what you enjoy, what you don’t. Then, from your gut, you want to determine what you’re going to put back on the shelf - and what’s being edited out.  
    You literally get rid of the things you no longer need that are no longer serving you and, in doing so, call in more of the things that are. What you’re left with is a collection of things you actually enjoy doing and you get to monetize that collection, because this is YOUR business. 

    Do this mindfully
    Word of warning: If you keep doing this over and over, you may never make traction in your business. But, if you haven't reassessed your direction in a while, now is a great time to pause and check in with your gut. 
    What is your gut telling you is your zone of genius? What is the thing that you were put on this planet to do? How can you serve more people by creating more aligned offers with your purpose?
    When you conduct your business edit with client outcomes in mind, it makes it easy to monetize your curated offerings. Powerfully describe the ways in which you can help your clients transform. That’s what’s going to help you take your business to the next level.  
    Diving deeper
    If you’d like more guidance in tuning into your success frequency, please join us in Your Success Frequency Membership - it’s a must have for anyone who wants to transform their business

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    Here’s What To Do If Your Efforts Aren’t Delivering Your Desired Outcomes

    Here’s What To Do If Your Efforts Aren’t Delivering Your Desired Outcomes

    We’re officially one month into 2023, and it’s a great time to pause for a little self check-in: How is your year going so far?
    If you didn’t get the results you wanted in January, don’t despair. I’ve got a quick new post to help you get to the root of what may be the missing piece of your puzzle. 
    Read on to drive yourself to success with a simple tune-up to your sales engine. 

    When you find yourself asking, “What can I do now?”...
    When you're trying to earn more money, most people immediately go to the camp of, What can I do? How can I work harder? How can I do more things to achieve my goal? 
    Because we are a society of doing, we've been taught all of our lives that the harder you work, the more money you earn. Do, do, DO. But the thing is, at a certain point, there aren’t any more hours to work. And even if there were, you didn't get into entrepreneurship to become your own worst boss. 
    So what do you do if what you're doing isn't resulting in what you want? 
    My answer: Look back at your energetics. 

    Your sales engine needs fuel. 
    Recently, I switched back to a gas car from a Tesla. And much like cars require fuel to run, when you're selling, you also need sales energy to drive your sales engine to reach your intentions and your targets. Simply put, if you're in high vibes, operating from a high frequency, you are more likely to come across as motivated, confident, even persuasive in a positive way. And then, when you're faced with an objection, you might even look at it as their indication that they want to buy, and you may be able to react and respond differently because of the energy that you're in. Ultimately, this leads you to earn more money. 
    On the other hand, if you have low energy levels or are running on a low sales fuel tank, you may struggle to put yourself out there. That energy will come across on social media, in the emails you send out, and in your interactions with others. This can result in low or no sales, and can cause you to miss out on a lot of opportunities. Just like your car can't run without fuel, your business, your income, and your sales can't run without positive sales energy. 

    Where to start to refuel your sales energy
    Where does your energy come from? Think about it. It comes from a good night's sleep. It comes from regular exercise, and what you consume and eat in your diet. It comes from your attitude, your gratitude. These are your energetic foundation. 
    When you take care of your physical and mental well being, then you can create the sales energy that you need to succeed in your business. It's just like fueling up a car - you need to fuel up your sales engine. When you do that, that helps you maintain your focus and accelerate; it helps you put your pedal to the metal. 
    In this society of doing, I want you to also understand that it's not just about doing, it's about who you're being. Who you're being is not thought about or questioned often. And yet, if you don't take a look at who you're being, you're missing a really important piece of the puzzle. 
    Think about this: Who would you be if you were already the person who achieved your goals? What would that look like? What would that feel like? What would the energy of that be like? How would you be making decisions? And how could you live that in advance? 
    If you want to be the person that's making half a million dollars (or whatever your goal is), determine what that person would have energy for. And what would they not have energy for? What would their non-negotiables be? How would they be showing up? What would that look like for you? Because if you've dreamt of a goal, then that is the first signal that you can achieve that goal. 
    So if you didn't get the results that you wanted in January, then you need to ask yourself, Where are you being that person? Who would be getting those results? And if you did, then you

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Customer Reviews

5.0 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

Trevor Oldham ,


One of my new fav podcasts!

tarbabyrudd ,

I made time to review even after years of reading and listening to the Gitomer’s!

I have listen to Jenn for over a year and just recently re-listening to all of the last 10 shows again. She really helps me get into my head more and how to improve myself. And get pumped up to sell more. I am in radio sales and made more this year than ever and continue to believe that it takes reading, training listening to things that will help you grow. Thanks Jenn and her husband Jeffery. I have read all his books about read his little red book twice. Keep pushing guys.

JLG16 ,

Ladies, listen up!

And of course, men can, too! But I enjoy Jen’s enthusiastic podcast about growing your business, breaking through anything that might be holding you back and fun stories she shares about her sweet dogs! She’s real, honest, asks the tough questions and gives solid solutions to help you breakthrough in life and in business! Thanks Jen!

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