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This podcast is a place to talk about creativity, learn about some artists and writers. It is a safe place for artists and writers to learn about each other's creative processes and craft.

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This podcast is a place to talk about creativity, learn about some artists and writers. It is a safe place for artists and writers to learn about each other's creative processes and craft.

    Lee Matthew Goldberg

    Lee Matthew Goldberg

    Lee Matthew Goldberg is an awesome fiction writer and screenwriter hailing from NYC.  Listen to us discuss his new book, "The Ancestor", learn what led him to writing, how he starts his novels, & find out some of his inspirations & processes!

    Order your copy here:  https://downandoutbooks.com/bookstore/goldberg-ancestor/
    BIO:  Lee Matthew Goldberg is the author of the novels THE ANCESTOR, THE MENTOR, THE DESIRE CARD, and SLOW DOWN. He has been published in multiple languages and nominated for the 2018 Prix du Polar. ORANGE CITY is forthcoming in 2021. After graduating with an MFA from the New School, his writing has also appeared in The Millions, Vol. 1 Brooklyn, LitReactor, Monkeybicycle, Fiction Writers Review, Cagibi, the anthology Dirty Boulevard, The Montreal Review, The Adirondack Review, The New Plains Review, Underwood Press and others. He is the editor-in-chief and co-founder of Fringe, dedicated to publishing fiction that’s outside-of-the-box. His pilots and screenplays have been finalists in Script Pipeline, Book Pipeline, Stage 32, We Screenplay, the New York Screenplay, Screencraft, and the Hollywood Screenplay contests. He is the co-curator of The Guerrilla Lit Reading Series and lives in New York City.

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    John Compton

    John Compton

    Listen to poet, John Compton, read his poetry and discuss his journey into writing poetry, publishing, and connecting with industry folks!
    Bio:  John Compton (formerly John Thompson) is a 33-year-old gay poet who lives in Kentucky. His poetry resides in his chest like many hearts & they bloom like vigorously infectious wild flowers. He has published 1 book and 5 chapbooks: "trainride elsewhere" (August 2016/TBA) from Pressed Wafer/Rouge Wolf Press; "that moan like a saxophone" (December 2016); Ampersand (March 2019) from Plan B Press; "a child growing wild inside the mothering womb" (June 2020) from Ghost City Press; "burning his matchstick fingers his hair went up like a wick" (Fall), From Dark Heart Press, "to wash all the pretty things off my skin" (end of 2021) from Ethel Zine & Micro-Press. Compton has been published in numerous magazines and anthologies.



    winter poem
    mouth open
    letting snow cover my burial plot
    of words
    & fingers too cold to dig
    the tongue out:
    frozen corpse,
    the stature of teeth chirping
    a ruptured poem
    we seeded him holy
    you'll find him in a chair
    gay is vandalism
    we used white rags &
    smoke to purify him

    to bleach the sin, to poach the black resin
    from the heart-skin
    to bring him
    by rules of man

    his arms & ankles tied
    the naked body a rosary
            bead tucked in each wound
    how we bury fish
    motionless in my womb...
    i remembered
    my fish - i was eight.
    it was floating belly up.
    i tapped on my stomach
    as a mother – a little girl
    trying to tap her fish
    from sleep.
    i gave birth to a stillborn.
    my father explained to me
    how we bury fish: i heard the toilet flush
    behind my sobbing.

    John Compton Book Launch and Open Mic with Redheaded Stepchild

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    Clinnesha D. Sibley

    Clinnesha D. Sibley

    Yay!  The 60th episode.  How surreal.  I introduce to you Clinnesha D. Sibley, a writer & playwright with many publications and theatrical productions under her belt.  Hear us discuss her process, her advice to writers, & what creative projects she's working on now. 

    A Love Letter to Ntozake
    You played with Barbies and watched as little boys gawked at Cindy Crawford in a
    Pepsi commercial.
    Your teacher suggested The Babysitters Club, “Kristy’s Great Idea” for your book
    project because it was heartwarming, not um…controversial… like The Bluest Eye.
    You watched The Cosby Show and knew you wanted to be that kind of black.
    You were eating grandma’s field peas and okra when you got your period.
    Mama was workin. Stayed workin.
    Your body changed immediately and grandma gave you a girdle.
    Same kind of girdle she gave your mama.
    You stayed lookin in the mirror hoping your ass would catch up to your chest and hips.
    It never did, not on its own.
    Sophomore year, he let you wear his letterman.
    It was warm and smelled like November.
    He never let anyone but you wear his letterman.
    He told you he loved you.
    You didn’t know a man could ever do that.
    He would take back the number 7 when y’all hated one another.
    Back and forth, the jacket began to smell less like autumn and more like alcohol and
    You were in the McDonald’s bathroom when you got one line and a faint.
    You cried into your chicken nuggets.
    You told your best friend and her mama who’s cool.
    Then, cool mama told you ’bout Mrs. Poole…
    He said he would come, too.
    He lied.
    But he brought you somethin to eat afterwards.
    You left home after graduation.
    Your mama had to work graduation day, and the day you moved away.
    Grandma put a rolled up one hundred dollar bill in your hand for gas money and
    You got a job on campus.
    He needed money and you would take care…he hated that you could do that.
    You hated going home, and seeing him reminded you of how much you hated yourself.
    So, you changed your look.
    You found a college best friend who got you into places you were too young to be in.
    She’s better than your old best friend who’s been actin real funny.
    You hate her cuz you hate you.
    And she hate you cause of that thing with him.
    You say she pulls you down every time you get elevated.
    But you high more than you elevated.
    (High, drunk people don’t keep their scholarships.)
    Your school daze become filled with nights you don’t remember.
    And now, you goin back home.
    At least you tried.
    One day, you’re gonna finish.
    Friend was like, I told you.
    You had white liquor in you that night, and you fought her.
    You looked at yourself in the McDonald’s bathroom mirror and didn’t like the
    scratches, or your nose, your eyes, what the perm did to your hair, your dark skin, or
    the fact that you flunked out of college.
    Maybe your mama waz right when she called you a dumb ho; that was before she got
    in bed with her best friend’s man.
    You hate everything about yourself, and your mama’s probably right about you bein a
    dumb ho, so…
    You sleep with him again.
    He tightens his sweaty palm around your heart.
    You remember the baby.
    This time, you won’t need Mrs. Poole.
    Two healthy babies later, you’ve changed your look again.
    People wonder what’s different.
    They don’t wonder what your new hurt is. They just know you’ve got babies by him,
    and so does your best friend.
    But you’re the main one cuz he looks at you just like the boys looked at Cindy
    You haven’t seen him since y’all got into it at his mama’s house.
    You’ve been texting her cause she helps you understand him more…she cares about
    you more than your own mama…more than your best friend, who loves him, too.
    You finally talk to your mama about him, and she hugs you. Apologizes and says things
    can only get worst.

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    Dominique M. Carson

    Dominique M. Carson

    Dominique M. Carson has interviewed over 100 notable figures in entertainment.  Listen to us discuss how she became a journalist for major publications and author of two biographies as well as how message therapy has sustained her while she continued to pursue her artistic goals.

    BIO: Dominique M. Carson is a freelance journalist, researcher, massage therapist, reporter and author. Carson's work has been featured in several publications including Ebony.com, The Grio, NBC News, Singersroom.com, Soultrain.com, Education Update, and Brooklyn news media outlets. She interviewed over 100 notable figures in entertainment such as Charlie Wilson, Regina Belle, Patti Labelle, Kirk Franklin, and many more. She also collaborated with Brooklyn historian and journalist, Suzanne Spellen and launched a 118 page journal on Lefferts Manor, a neighborhood in Brooklyn, and is releasing a biography on an R&B musician this fall while her first book is going through some legalities.

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    Angela M. Brommel

    Angela M. Brommel

    Listen to this week's featured guest, poet, Angela M. Brommel.  We discuss her influence & her new poetry collection, "Mojave in July". We also talk about her past & current projects supporting the art & literary community as an art curator & Editor-in-Chief at the Citron Review.

    Mojave in July
    by Angela M. Brommel
    You can’t explain to friends from home how the desert makes it better, but you try:
    Imagine a heat so dry that it presses down into the earth, releasing its scent so that it takes on the comforting smell of clay pots in your grandmother’s kitchen when you were a child, or your hideout under the evergreens where you used to sit for hours smelling only the dirt, the sap, the pine.

    Imagine a smell that reminds you of the kitchen on holidays: sage, rosemary, and something you chase that is reminiscent of honey, but feels like love.

    Some people still fight it. They call the heat oppressive, they call it unrelenting. They have not learned how to live within it.
    You must learn to smell the water beneath the surface.

    You must learn to let the heat pass through you,
    warming your bones, your ligaments, and all the pieces
    that you call you.

    Let the heat draw out everything unneeded.
    Let it put you to bed midday.
    Let it make you new.
    Images/Angela M. Brommel
    Book cover image art/Su Limbert
    BIO: Angela M. Brommel is a Nevada writer with Iowa roots. In 2018, her chapbook, Plutonium & Platinum Blonde, was published by Serving House Books. Her poetry has been published in The Best American Poetry blog, The North American Review, The Literary Review’s (TLR) Share, and many other journals and anthologies. A 2018 Red Rock Canyon Artist in Residence, Angela served as the inaugural poet of the program. She earned an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University and an MA in Theatre from the University of Northern Iowa. Mojave in July is her debut full-length poetry collection. Angela is the Executive Director of the Office of Arts & Culture as well as affiliate faculty in Humanities at Nevada State College. You can also find her at The Citron Review as Editor-in-Chief.

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    Gay Majure Wilson

    Gay Majure Wilson

    Gay Majure Wilson wrote a biography on the suffragist, Sue Shelton White, entitled: "Some Woman Had to Fight: The Radical Life of Sue Shelton White".  Listen to us discuss Gay's story on how she started writing and how she decided to write Sue Shelton White's biography.


    BIO: Gay Majure Wilson has a bachelor’s degree in journalism from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville and has worked as a writer, editor and project manager in software development and investment banking in Dallas, New York and London. She earned a master’s degree in family and consumer sciences from the University of Tennessee at Martin and is now an author and registered dietitian in Jackson, Tennessee.
    Book Synopsis
    Some Woman Had to Fight: The Radical Life of Sue Shelton White
    This biography explores the personal, political and professional life of Sue Shelton White, a militant suffragist, pioneering Tennessee lawyer and vocal leader in the controversial protests and tireless lobbying campaign for ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment, granting women their equal right to vote 100 years ago.

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