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A podcast for Zwift fans

Zwiftcast Simon Schofield

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A podcast for Zwift fans

Customer Reviews

DLanceZwift ,

Truly excellent

Fantastic high quality podcast on all things Zwift. Often listen to this while riding. Always worthwhile.

geoffgg2 ,

So professional

Hi - hey I’ve been listening to podcasts for 15 years about 4 hours - so a lot! And I just got into Zwift and starting to this one... and it is so well done, so professional, very organized .. great personalities and host.
I started in 2019, but it’s been enjoyable to go back to the beginning episode one listen to the past 53 episodes, it’s fun to hear how Zwift evolved and all of it is very applicable... so a 50+ hour audio course on everything Zwift.

tuxkilla615 ,


Maybe it’s my car audio, but Simon’s voice volume is like a sine wave in intensity. I am constantly having to adjust my volume to hear certain portions of the podcast. Outside of this small nitpick, it’s a wonderful podcast with great content.

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