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We talk gemstones- the science, the history, and the fashion of the industry. Hear from gemologists, jewelry designers, and jewelry enthusiasts as they delve deep into a world of color.

Gem Junkies Parle Jewelry Design's Jonathan and Brecken Farnsworth.

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We talk gemstones- the science, the history, and the fashion of the industry. Hear from gemologists, jewelry designers, and jewelry enthusiasts as they delve deep into a world of color.

    Gems Of The US - Georgia And Florida

    Gems Of The US - Georgia And Florida

    It’s been a while! Between (2) quarantines and a terrible case of a stomach bug, we’re back on track to bring you Florida and Georgia.

    00:00:00 Name that bool
    01:30:00 Long time, no chat
    03:18:00 So Florida
    05:07:00 Moonstone (For more details on moonstone check out our episode – “Phenomenon-phe-no-me-no-me-non !!!”)
    06:45:00 Popularity
    07:06:00 Florida state stone
    10:41:00 State shell
    12:11:00 Georgia – Quartz
    13:36:00 2nd most abundant mineral on Earth
    14:38:00 Most common mineral on Earth’s crust
    15:18:00 Most common mineral in Earth
    16:34:00 The core of the Earth
    18:42:00 Onto the state mineral—Staurolite
    20:33:00 Fairy crystal
    20:55:00 Good luck
    22:00:00 The legend of the Fairy Crosses

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    Gems Of The US - Connecticut And Delaware

    Gems Of The US - Connecticut And Delaware

    Hello, 2021!! It’s already been off to a crazy start but we will kick things off with the continuation of our “Gems of the US” series. Up next we’ve got Connecticut and Delaware.

    00:00:00 Rabbit hole
    00:25:00 We’re back
    01:45:00 Storytime – wallpaper
    O3:00:00 Onto Connecticut and Delaware. Neither of which has a state gemstone.
    04:12:00 Connecticut State Mineral = Almandine Garnet
    05:10:00 The role that Garnet has in Connecticut
    05:52:00 The geology of Connecticut
    08:40:00 The Garnet trail
    09:42:00 Where to collect Garnet
    11:19:00 Connecticut has gem-quality material and should have a state gemstone
    11:46:00 Understanding mining in CT
    12:24:00 Feldspar
    12:42:00 Mica
    13:25:00 Beryl
    16:20:00 Morganite = JP Morgan
    18:26:00 Onto Delaware . . . Sillimanite
    19:16:00 Where does the name come from?
    20:01:00 Why Sillimanite?
    21:02:00 Sillimanite as a gemstone
    21:56:00 What’s out on the market?

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    Gems Of The US - Colorado

    Gems Of The US - Colorado

    Up next on our journey exploring gemstones across the US we’ve got Colorado. Not only does Colorado have a state gemstone but it also has a state mineral we haven’t covered yet – rhodochrosite. Pull up a chair as we look into into this double-gemmy episode.

    00:00:00 Notes
    00:29:00 Colorado
    01:10:00 The Charlemagne connection
    03:52:00 Ranking in most hated states
    05:30:00 Aquamarine
    05:47:00 1880’s
    08:20:00 The discovery at Mt. Antero
    09:30:00 About Mt. Antero
    09:55:00 High altitude gemstones
    12:07:00 Mining story
    14:34:00 Commercial mining
    16:07:00 Largest aquamarine crystal to be found in CO
    18:43:00 Renewed interest in mining
    19:46:00 Get a claim
    20:41:00 Rhodochrosite
    22:13:00 Single-crystal versus an aggregate specimen
    23:23:00 Sweet Home Mine
    25:52:00 The 1960’s
    26:11:50 The Alma Queen
    27:03:00 1991
    27:26:00 Alma King discovery
    27:44:00 The Crystal Wall
    29:07:00 Smithsonian
    30:13:00 Off-limits
    31:31:00 Other gemstones found in Colorado

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    Gems Of The US - California

    Gems Of The US - California

    Continuing with our series Gems of the US and up next we have California. A state that encompasses a plethora of gemstones we focus dabble about Spodumene, Tourmaline, and of coarse, it’s state gemstone--Benitoite. It's a big state so it is only fair to recognize these two influential gemstones.

    00:00:00 Calimocho/ Kalimotxo
    01:58:00 Cookie Monster + Wednesday Addams = Happy Halloween
    03:24:00 This week –California
    04:41:00 Benitoite
    05:16:00 Its discovery
    09:10:00 What is it?
    12:44:00 Gemstone matrix and removing the crystals
    14:40:00 You can visit the site it was discovered at
    16:24:00 Cost of benitoite
    17:28:00 All other minerals in California
    18:10:00 Leading gemstone mined in California
    18:47:00 All the Tourmaline colors
    18:57:50 Rubellite Tourmaline
    19:11:00 The Chinese connection
    20:24:00 Spodumene = Kunzite
    21:19:00 Highschool drama w/ Kunzite
    26:30:00 Color fading
    27:24:00 JP Morgan + George Kunz
    28:07:00 Other California Gemstones
    30:24:00 [SIDE NOTE] What is California’s ranking in the most hated states?

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    Gems Of The US - Arizona And Arkansas

    Gems Of The US - Arizona And Arkansas

    Working our way down the alphabet which means we’ve got Arizona and Arkansas up next. These two states bring a plethora of gemmy goodness.

    00:00:00 Deck issues
    00:58:00 “The United States”
    02:10:00 Arizona & Arkansas
    03:02:00 Arizona = Turquoise
    03:20:00 Rich history in Arizona
    03:37:00 State neckwear
    05:15:00 First mined in 200 BC
    06:06:00 Turquoise legends
    06:35:00 It’s found throughout the state
    07:31:00 Native American translation for turquoise
    08:17:00 Usage with Native Tribes
    08:49:00 Healing properties
    09:50:00 Famous turquoise mines
    12:21:00 Sleeping beauty
    14:12:00 Kingman Mine
    15:12:00 Other cool gemstones in Arizona
    25:37:00 Alright, Arkansas
    24:55:00 State gemstone = DIAMONDS!
    25:05:00 State flag
    25:23:00 Feb. 22nd, 1967
    27:02:00 The geology of Arkansas
    28:16:00 The discovery of diamonds
    29:47:00 The largest diamond found in Arkansas
    30:47:00 The start of Arkansas
    34:11:00 The early 90’s
    35:08:00 The appearance of the diamond in their rough
    36:03:00 Average diamond findings
    38:25:00 Other gemstones found in Arkansas

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    Gems Across The US - Alabama And Alaska

    Gems Across The US - Alabama And Alaska

    With so many people unable to travel beyond the US border and taking more local road trips we figured now was the perfect time to explore each state’s gemstone. To start things off we’re talking about Alabama and Alaska.

    00:00:00 Who’s starting?
    01:01:00 Alabama and Alaska . . . cue the states song
    03:17:00 Alabama – Blue Star Quarts
    03:26:00 Thought it would be something red
    03:48:00 1990
    04:04:00 But why?
    06:23:00 How is it found?
    07:32:00 Blue Star Quartz being an oddity
    09:22:00 Is there any mining going on in Alabama?
    09:55:00 The Lane Cake
    12:16:00 Moving onto Alaska
    12:43:00 Jade = nephrite jade
    To learn more about Jade listen to our episode “Stone of Heaven, Hello Jade!” -- https://soundcloud.com/user-141776549-657959872/stone-of-heaven-hello-jade
    13:16:00 Native Alaskan Inuits and their use of jade
    13:27:00 Where is Alaskan Jade found?
    14:34:00 First non-native to rediscover jade
    15:14:00 [Storytime] The legend of the Jade House.
    18:27:00 Jade Mountain
    19:36:00 About the man who made the Jade Lamp
    20:45:00 [Storytime] The Jade Lamp
    25:00:00 Another modern legend
    25:27:00 Washington Monument
    27:19:0 0 Other gemstones that are being mined in Alaska?

    • 30 min

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