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This is the main feed for all of TechCentral's shows and podcasts, including TCS - The TechCentral Show and TCS Impact Series. Never miss anything we produce and publish by subscribing to this feed.

    TCS | Inside AfriForum's plan to deploy modular nuclear reactors in SA

    TCS | Inside AfriForum's plan to deploy modular nuclear reactors in SA

    AfriForum, the vocal Afrikaner civil rights organisation, wants to deploy pebble-bed modular nuclear reactors (PBMRs) in South African communities to help solve the country’s crippling energy woes. But why PBMRs? And how will the project work exactly?
    It might seem strange for a non-governmental organisation like AfriForum to want to involve itself in electricity generation, but the move makes perfect sense, argues Johan Kruger, its head of community independence. This is especially so as the state is failing to provide basic services like electricity, necessitating the involvement of private capital.
    Kruger joined TechCentral editor Duncan McLeod on the TechCentral Studio (TCS) – previously, TC|Daily – to discuss AfriForum’s plans. (Watch or listen to the interview below.)
    In the show, Kruger unpacks how AfriForum wants to help homeowners and businesses extricate themselves from the Eskom mess by deploying their own power generation systems, including rooftop solar.
    In the longer term, the organisation hopes to work with the private sector to reduce or entirely eliminate communities’ dependence on the state for electricity supply.
    Kruger explains that the government’s inability to provide not only electricity reliably, but also water and other basic services, means that many of these will be offered in future by the private sector or by communities themselves working with private entities.
    Rapport and City Press reported on 22 January that AfriForum CEO Kallie Kriel was engaging with André Pienaar, a South African businessman and founder and CEO of C5 Capital – a venture capital firm that invests in companies focused on space, cybersecurity and nuclear energy – about deploying PBMRs in South Africa.
    C5 Capital is an investor in X-Energy, a US company whose staff includes senior South African nuclear scientists. X-energy is taking forward some of the pioneering work into PBMRs that was done on South African soil before government withdrew its funding for the project in 2010.
    In this episode of TCS, Kruger unpacks the South African origin of the PBMR technology and what an AfriForum-supported deployment of modular reactors into communities might look like.
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    TCS Impact Series | Cybersecurity: not sure which direction to move?

    TCS Impact Series | Cybersecurity: not sure which direction to move?

    Amid intense disruption in recent years, cybercrime has skyrocketed as attackers continue, and even ramp up, their schemes in times of crisis. And as the threat landscape evolves, cybersecurity solutions need to evolve, too.
    Concurrently, while C-level executives’ minds are used to looking at things through a business lens, this isn’t the case for cybersecurity leaders, whose approach tends to focus more narrowly on technical objectives.
    However, security professionals need to support the business and enable it to do what it needs to do to succeed. At the same time, they must protect the organisation from the confidentiality, integrity, availability and legal impacts of a breach that could prevent the business from achieving its strategic goals.
    This means that today’s chief information security officers need to wear many hats. Hyperconnected workplaces mean CISOs need to be mediators, investigators and highly tech-savvy individuals, too. Most importantly, they need to stop being enforcers, and start being influencers, and do this while ensuring their organisation isn’t the latest target of an attack.
    In today’s podcast, we delved into how all of the leaders need to work together to drive a culture of collaboration and prevention, instead of viewing each other as opponents across the boardroom. Doing this successfully will result in a better flow of communication and greater transparency among all stakeholders, resulting in stronger defences and reduced exposure to risks.
    This was the at the heart of our conversation with Cyber1 Solutions and Next DLP.
    The conversation inevitably turned to the security skills and tools that are needed to protect organisations both large and small. It became clear that for any cybersecurity strategy to be effective, it needs to be delivered by people with deep knowledge and expertise. These people need to understand how to manage vulnerabilities and build cybersecurity strategies that are backed by real threat intelligence and use the right technology at the right time to make a real difference to the business.
    Our guests in this episode of TCS Impact Series are Jayson O’Reilly, MD at Cyber1 Solutions, Troy Gabel, chief revenue officer for Next DLP, and Fallon Steyn, regional sales manager for the Middle East and Africa for Next DLP.
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    TCS Impact Series | Akhram Mohamed unpacks the new Huawei Mate50 Pro

    TCS Impact Series | Akhram Mohamed unpacks the new Huawei Mate50 Pro

    Huawei Technologies has officially launched its flagship Mate50 Pro smartphone in South Africa, and the company’s Akhram Mohamed is in the studio to tell TechCentral’s audience all about it.
    Mohamed, who is vice president of operations at Huawei Consumer Business Group South Africa, unpacks the key features of the Mate50 Pro, including its Ultra Aperture XMAGE camera system and Kunlun Glass, which greatly enhances screen drop resistance – and we put it to the test rather dramatically in this episode of TCS Impact Series.
    The smartphone, available through network operators or the Huawei online store, features a distinctive new “Space Ring” design for the rear camera system and comes in two different types of rear cover: silver or black glass, or a premium orange vegan leather.
    And, no, thanks to US sanctions on China, there is no official Google Mobile Services support for the phone – but Mohamed explains in the interview why it’s now easy to access apps and services through Huawei's AppGallery.
    Other key features of the new Mate50 Pro include:
    * IP68-rated water resistance;
    * 6.74-inch Huawei FullView Display with a screen resolution of 2 616x1 212 pixels and a high refresh rate of 120Hz and 1 440Hz PWM dimming to reduce flickering and relieve eye fatigue
    * A 4 700mAh battery, despite a slim-body design;
    * 66W fast-charging via cable or 50W wireless fast-charging; and
    * Low-battery Emergency Mode that activates when the battery level falls to 1%, with SuperEnergy Boosting that allows the Mate50 Pro to extend standby time by three hours, or 12 minutes of call time.
    The Huawei Mate50 Pro is available in South Africa from all network providers and is priced from R24 999 for the 256GB and R26 999 for the 512GB version.

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    TC|Daily | Rob Godlonton on his plans for +OneX - and what went wrong at EOH

    TC|Daily | Rob Godlonton on his plans for +OneX - and what went wrong at EOH

    In the final TC|Daily interview of 2022, Duncan McLeod is joined in the TechCentral studio by +OneX founder Rob Godlonton for a wide-ranging discussion on the company and the South African IT sector more broadly.
    Godlonton tells McLeod about his career history, including the 10 years between 2009 and 2019 he spent in senior management at EOH Holdings.
    Godlonton, who EOH CEO Stephen van Coller said at the time of his (Godlonton's) departure that he was in no way implicated in the malfeasance that took place at the company, shares his views on what went wrong.
    In the interview, Godlonton also talks about:
    * Why he returned to South Africa after a career abroad.
    * Where the idea for +OneX came from and how it became part of the JSE-listed Reunert.
    * +OneX's strategy, and where it's positioned in the market.
    * The company's acquisitions, and why it's still on the hunt for deals (even big ones).
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    TC|Daily shows will return in mid-January. TechCentral wishes its readers a pleasant Christmas and New Year break and all the best for 2023.

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    Impact Series | KnowBe4's Anna Collard unpacks her predictions for 2023

    Impact Series | KnowBe4's Anna Collard unpacks her predictions for 2023

    Although it’s not easy to predict the year ahead, one thing is certain: cybercrime will become more prevalent and will, if it’s not already, become a risk agenda for company boards.
    Anna Collard, senior vice president of content strategy and evangelist at KnowBe4 Africa, recently attended the World Economic Forum’s annual security meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, where she met with some of the world’s leading authorities in the tech space.
    As a global influencer and expert in this field, she brings a wealth of knowledge and insight into what we should all be more aware of. Vigilance, she says in this Impact Series episode, is the name of the game.
    Collard explains how important it is to collaborate to prevent security incidents, especially given that organisations are all facing similar adversaries. After all, no business is an island.
    Collard reiterates in the show what she has said in previous episodes: the importance of identifying existing and new people in and around your business who demonstrate a promising attitude towards cybersecurity, an attitude that will in turn form valuable skills and help build a digital culture around your organisation’s security needs.
    Cybercriminals are limbering up for another year of extortion and ransomware as they seek new ways to hack the world. We don’t need a crystal ball, says Collard. Rather, we need collaboration, vigilance and a focused workforce.
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    TC|Daily | Alan Dickson on why Reunert is thriving

    TC|Daily | Alan Dickson on why Reunert is thriving

    Despite being one of South Africa’s oldest companies – it was founded in 1888 and listed on the JSE in 1948 – Reunert is a picture of health.
    The group, which owns assets in engineering, electronics, IT and defence, last month reported a 16% improvement in full-year revenue to 30 September 2022 and a 17% improvement in operating profit – not bad for a company operating in an economy that’s going nowhere slowly.
    Reunert CEO Alan Dickson joins TechCentral editor Duncan McLeod in the TC|Daily studio to chat about the group, its origins – it was founded by two immigrants, Theodore Reunert and Otto Lenz – and its storied history. Only two years older than the City of Johannesburg, Reunert was created to serve the needs of the early mining companies on the Reef.
    But it has transformed itself many times over in the past 134 years, and it is this innate cultural ability to adapt to change, Dickson says, that has given Reunert its longevity.
    The business, which had always had a purely industrial focus, later branched into new business areas, including office automation and telecommunications through brands such as Nashua, Nashua Mobile and, more recently, ECN and SkyWire.
    In addition to chatting about Reunert’s history, Dickson also unpacks the group’s strategy under his leadership; why the business is outperforming the rest of the economy; and why he’s bullish about renewable energy and “new-age” IT systems integration.
    Lastly, he talks about Reunert’s acquisition strategy, and why the group, which has always had an acquisitive streak, is on the hunt for deals.
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11 Ratings

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