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Australian Design Radio is a podcast to provide Australia and the world with conversations and commentary on Australian Design. Hosted by Flyn Tracy and Matt Leach with regular industry guests.

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Australian Design Radio is a podcast to provide Australia and the world with conversations and commentary on Australian Design. Hosted by Flyn Tracy and Matt Leach with regular industry guests.

    EP122 with Michael Wong

    EP122 with Michael Wong

    Michael Wong (aka Mizko) joins us in the studio to talk about entrepreneurism, start-up culture and growing up a hustler. Professionally he’s a UI/IX expert, internationally known and awarded. He’s recently formed Raw Studio, with his good friend Philippe Hong, so we get into that and go deep on their process, looking at how they build relationships with clients.

    We also delve into Michael's past and look at the experiences that formed Mizko. Growing up, somewhat of an outsider, we were keen to understand where his incredible energy and motivation came from. It’s a great story of never-ending optimism and seeing the opportunity in everything.

    As always, much love to Streamtime — we love you guys. If you haven’t tried them out, do it now. Unsurprisingly, they were shortlisted for this year's Webbys. We have our fingers and toes crossed. ADR listeners get a special discount by following this link: streamtime.net/adr2020



    Raw Studio: https://raw.studio
    Raw on Dribble: https://dribbble.com/rawstudio
    Raw on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/rawstudioco
    Raw on Twitter: https://twitter.com/rawstudioco
    Mizko: https://www.mizko.net
    Mizko on Insta: https://www.instagram.com/mizko
    Mizko on Twitter: https://twitter.com/mizko
    Streamtime: https://streamtime.net/
    Streamtime Webby: https://streamtime.net/vote-for-streamtime-at-the-webbys

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    EP121 with Andrew Hochradel

    EP121 with Andrew Hochradel

    In this episode, we spoke with Andrew Hochradel.

    Andrew is a brand identity designer from Los Angeles, CA, who creates visual systems that are sustainable, innovative, and engaging. He's often found speaking, teaching and entertaining at physical and online events like Adobe Live, CreativeMornings, Creative South and Circles.

    Andrew's ability to entertain and teach is what got us talking in the first place, and this episode is no departure, we spoke about teaching online vs the classroom, stirring up creativity in others, semiotics, emu's and more.

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    EP120 with Nick Moir

    EP120 with Nick Moir

    This episode we are teaming up with Andrew Johnstone from TAKE Magazine to interview the Chief Photographer of The Sydney Morning Herald, Nick Moir.

    Known as the ‘fire guy’, Nick has built a reputation on capturing award-winning imagery and being in the right place, at the right time. He passes it off as being lucky, but the passion of his descriptions and depth of his research suggests it's more about his genuine commitment and love of the profession.

    Beginning at SMH at the tender age of 17, Nick co-founded the Oculi collective with other well-known documentary photographers. We look at why a group like this was needed and how it has evolved through the evolution of the web and social media. We touch on storm chasing and end up discussing the fires that dominated headlines at the end of 2019. Hearing Nick relate the experience gives you an insight into an event we shouldn’t soon forget. If you haven’t seen his work we’d suggest you check it out while you are listening to get the full experience.

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    Nick’s website: http://www.nickmoirphoto.com/
    Nick Insta: https://www.instagram.com/nampix/
    Oculi website: https://www.oculi.com.au/
    SMH stories and features: https://www.smh.com.au/by/nick-moir-h10ewz
    TAKE Magazine: https://www.instagram.com/take_magazine/
    Great video of Nick talking through his shots: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UUFvFtNRMzY

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    EP119 with Alex Skougarevskaya

    EP119 with Alex Skougarevskaya

    In this episode, we spoke with Alex Skougarevskaya, Design Manager for Atlassian Design System.

    Alex has had just about every job title designer can have, from her start as a 'graphics monkey' to a 'speck' in the big world of Advertising before the Global Financial Crisis. She's been a web, visual, graphic and interactive designer before moving her way over to Atlassian.

    We spoke to Alex in the lead up to her talk at NoBs conference where she'll be talking about the Atlassian Design System, so we spoke a bit about working with teams around the world to her new adventure moving to San Francisco.

    We spoke about getting things done, which is what Streamtime does for us! If you don't already use Streamtime give it a go for free over at https://streamtime.net/adr2020

    Heading to the NoBS conference? Use the link below for a special ADR discount at checkout https://events.humanitix.com/no-bs-conference?discountcode=ADR


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    EP118 with Tegan Wotton

    EP118 with Tegan Wotton

    In this episode, we spoke with Tegan Wotton, Design Director at Space Between in Melbourne.

    Tegan has an interesting career path which we get stuck into straight away, growing up in the bush has given her a strong connection to her home and what the idea of home can be. Unsurprisingly she has found herself working with a band of likeminded designers at Space Between Melbourne, where is the design director.

    Outside of her design role, she also co-hosts the Melbourne chapter of Ladies Wine Design, we touch on the importance of networks and space like this for women and non-binary people and spent some time talking about Eat Town, another side project of hers. Eat town is dedicated to cataloguing the best places in China town to eat. She even has a ramen tattoo.

    Hosting this episode was Matt Leach and Flyn Tracy.

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    Australian Charities for Bush Fire Appeal

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    EP117 with Johanna Matt and Flyn

    EP117 with Johanna Matt and Flyn

    EP117 WITH Johanna, Matt and Flyn

    It’s that time of the year when everyone is winding down for Christmas… who are we kidding, everyone is frantically trying to get things finished before the enforced shut down. Either way, the ADR crew decided to sit down and chew the fat (as a vegetarian, Matt finds that somewhat offensive), review the year, pinpoint highlights and favourite interviews, before looking forward to what 2020 might bring. Can you believe it’s nearly 2020?!

    We also just wanted to say thank you, to the listeners, for all the great support you’ve given us throughout this year. 2019 was a big period of growth for ADR with new presenters coming onboard, Johanna fixing our social and generally just getting better at running a podcast. All the feedback and suggestions we’ve received have been amazing. Keep it coming.

    A massive thank you to Streamtime as well. Longtime supporters and friends of ADR, it’s been wonderful to have them involved for so long. If you’re new to Streamtime use this link to get an ADR discount: streamtime.net/adr2020


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4.8 out of 5
75 Ratings

75 Ratings

Matthew TDC ,


Big ups to Matt and Flyn. Love finding out about the raddest creatives in the world! Keep it ripping boys!

laeliner ,

Good listening

The best work alongside podcast for those that work in isolation- I really have a better sense of the design industry and community after trawling through these episodes- good work and good yarns.

SK_Pin ,


I love this show so much!

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