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A podcast that puts eco-living at the heart of your life. Each episode we showcase sustainability superheroes who share their knowledge and tips that you can implement immediately to experience the joy of living simply and sustainably every day.

Beaming Green Hosted by Jeremy Melder

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A podcast that puts eco-living at the heart of your life. Each episode we showcase sustainability superheroes who share their knowledge and tips that you can implement immediately to experience the joy of living simply and sustainably every day.

    Living a rich and purposeful life - EP 3

    Living a rich and purposeful life - EP 3

    In this the final episode of three with Stephen Armytage, he discusses what it means to live a rich and purposeful life. Stephen explains that his goal in sharing this course, and his overall mission, is to leave the world in a better shape than he found it. He reveals the secret to achieving this is coming from a place of abundance and connection.
    Stephen believes that living a rich and purposeful life means being the best husband, father, son, and community member possible, together with acknowledging the enrichment that this creates.

    Stephen discusses the common misconception that people who have a good start in life don't struggle and are happy. He says that everyone starts somewhere, and we all have different starting places. He understands that some people don't believe they have the power, permission, or deserve to live this way. Stephen emphasises that improving yourself is possible, regardless of your starting point.
    To learn more about how to live an abundant and fulfilling life retreat, beginning May 31st, 2023, head to LARPL to register or sign up to the mailing list to hear about future events. You may also want to check out Gymea Eco Retreat, the stunning spot in Northern NSW where Stephen is holding the retreat. I'll be attending and hope to see you there for what promises to be a powerful and transformative five-day experience.

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    Living a rich and purposeful life - EP 2

    Living a rich and purposeful life - EP 2

    In episode two of Beaming Green, we learn about the next chapter in Stephen Armytage's journey towards Living a Rich and Purposeful Life (LARPL). Stephen shares what brought on his self-described 'spectacular midlife crisis', which was a growing discomfort about the direction in which the world was heading, particularly around how humans were treating the earth.

    While working in high-level government consulting, Stephen talks about his need to explore further, or dig deeper into himself to feel his own authenticity. This led him to embark on his own version of the hero's journey to become a sustainable man, father, husband, and community member, which involved spending six months traveling around Australia with his wife and two kids, living in a small camper trailer. On this trip he connected more deeply with his family and learned how to live an abundant, enriched life with minimal impact on the environment.
    This prompted his decision to move to Northern NSW and some of the challenges and choices he and his family needed to make to be more sustainably authentic.
    Stephen reveals how from that space he and his family manifested the perfect place to live and work at Gymea Eco Retreat where they were able to further develop and explore their connectivity with the land, themselves and their wonderful community.
    We also delve a little deeper into his passion for LARPL and what to expect at his upcoming retreat starting on the 31st of May 2023.

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    Living a rich and purposeful life EP1

    Living a rich and purposeful life EP1

    Are you ready to to live a rich and purposeful life?
    In this episode of the podcast, I sit down with Stephen Armytage to discuss his upcoming program, Living a Rich and Purposeful Life. Stephen has spent the last 15 years developing a universal approach to helping people live a fulfilling and thriving life. During the conversation, Stephen shares his personal journey of hitting rock bottom and how it led him to reinvent his life.  He also discusses how COVID-19 has presented an opportunity for deep reflection and how his program can help people move into a new phase of their lives.  Living a Rich and Purposeful Life is a four-night retreat, aimed at those who feel disconnected and are asking questions like "Is this all life's about?"
    The program is designed to assist people in living a rich and purposeful life, which for Stephen, is a thriving life.  We also delve into the importance of taking purposeful steps towards the kind of life you want to live, and how his program can help people do just that.
    The episode concludes with Stephen sharing a snippet of how his program came about and how he has evolved over the years.  We delve deep in a three part interview that will provide you with an insight into how he got to where he is now.
    If you're feeling a little off-color or disconnected, then this episode is a must-listen. It's a great opportunity to learn about how you can start living a more purposeful and fulfilling life.  For more information about the upcoming retreat visit. https://larpl.com.au/

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    Sustainable Schools Network - Katie Norman

    Sustainable Schools Network - Katie Norman

    Educating our children and making them aware of how to live their lives sustainably is no mean feat.  In this episode, I speak with Katie Norman about her business called the Sustainable Schools Network (SSN).
    Katie is the chief steward for the organisation that has been in operation for almost two years. The SSN philosophy on Education for Sustainability (EfS) is to engage in an ongoing reciprocal dialogue that explores playful possibilities in our collective educational spaces.  As much as this is an inward, and at times, personal journey for us all, it is very much about creating a shared path and a shared vision that engages curiosity, critical thinking and creative expression.  Although they started this organisation with a focus on sustainability, the more they lived the experience of sustainability, the more they realised that sustainability is about learning.
    In this interview, we discuss how:
    the Sustainable Schools Network came aboutsustainability requires a whole-of-school approach that involves everyone from the kids to the teachers, school staff and parentsthe journal that they produce quarterly to educate students on a wide array of subjects around sustainability is becoming a great success and a useful toolthis program is available to all schools throughout Australiachildren can influence change, not just for themselves, but for the people around them, including their parentsschools that engage with this program and educate children about sustainability has a ripple effect, with  9,100 schools throughout Australia using it, shaping our future leaders change starts with us as individuals sustainability wasn't included in curriculum for student teachers as part of their core subjects.I really enjoyed this interview with Katie and am sure that you will too.

    Sustainable Schools Network

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    Living Well, Dying Well - with Hermione Elliot

    Living Well, Dying Well - with Hermione Elliot

    In this week’s episode I am excited to welcome guest presenter Andia Cally. Together, we interview Hermione Elliot, who shares her wisdom and wealth of experience and knowledge on a subject that eventually impacts us all—death. Based in the UK, Hermione is an End of Life Doula and the Director of Living Well, Dying Well, an organisation that pioneered (and continues to offer) the only certified end of life training in the UK, since 2009.
    It was a rich and very rewarding conversation. Hermione’s compassion, experience and insight around the importance of preparing for, and creating, a positive end-of-life experience was humbling.
    We touched on many topics, including that:
    the role of a End of Life Doula is to create a calm, comforting, safe and loving space to help the dying person and their family let godeath itself is brief and much of their work is around supporting the preparation for death and what comes afterfor the dying it is often important to tie up loose ends and let go of attachments to things and peopleevery death is unique and often reflects how a person has livedend of life can be harder for the ones being left behind than the one dyingwe can rehearse for death by regularly ‘stopping to listen to the whispering of [our] soul’ rather than waiting for deathbed regretsdeath is a human, rather than a medical event, which is why hospitals and institutions don’t do death wellthe end of life is treated differently in various culturesdeath and permanent brain injury can affect people at any age, so it’s worth creating an advanced health care directive a.s.a.pCovid-19 has made people more aware of the importance of having loved ones with you as you dieevery person that does their training is doing a public service as they normalise and expand the conversation around deathincluding children in the conversations and experiences of death will help them to face the inevitable in the futurehealing rituals, like washing the body of a loved one, or bringing them home for a few days can be very healing.Death is a challenging topic for many of us, including me. I hope that like me, you find this interview enriching and feel reassured that it is possible to die well.
    Bio of Hermione Elliot
    After a career in nursing, midwifery, palliative care, training, health coaching and mentorship, Hermione brought all her interests and experience together to develop the End of Life Doula Training in 2009.  She established Living Well, Dying Well as a not-for-profit organisation to further this work.  She is passionate about engaging with people from all walks of life, encouraging them to become more informed and confident about being with death and dying – recognising it not as something to be feared, but as a natural and normal part of life.
    Links to training and information
    Home | Living Well Dying Well – End of Life Doula Training (lwdwtraining.uk)
    Home End of Life Doula UK – Death Doula in the community (eol-doula.uk)

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    Repair, Reduce, Refuse, Reuse, Recycle with Justin Bonsey

    Repair, Reduce, Refuse, Reuse, Recycle with Justin Bonsey

    To mark Plastic Free July, we go a little deeper and look at waste and recycling in New South Wales, Australia and beyond.  I speak with Justin Bonsey who works in the waste industry. 

    Justin is the Strategic Lead of Resource Recovery at the Southern Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC), overseeing regional projects on infrastructure planning, waste data, regulatory reform and circular economy markets and has a long history working in various waste and recovery sectors.
    Justin isn't one to stand still and is passionate about finding waste solutions, having co-founded Responsible Runners and Responsible Cafes.
    In this interview, Justin speaks about how:
    helping a friend in Northern Thailand sparked his interest in how to live more sustainablyhis experience of seeing a lot of waste while running on Bondi Beach gave him the idea for Responsible Runners, encouraging runners and walkers to pick up any litter they see on Sydney's beacheshe campaigned with Boomerang Alliance to introduce the container refund scheme in NSWthe impact of banning exported plastic waste and tyre waste to South East Asia meant local authorities had to find another, more sustainable solutionin NSW glass is being recycled and used for building roadsconsumers not knowing what is and isn't recyclable can contaminate a whole truckload of wastethe Responsible Cafes movement grew from 800—5000 cafes in a couple of months after the ABC's War on Waste aired.I really enjoyed the discussion with Justin and was grateful that he gave some of his time and shared his considerable expertise on a Sunday, proving how committed he is to reducing our waste consumption.
    Bio of Justin Bonsey
    Justin Bonsey is Strategic Lead, Resource Recovery at the Southern Sydney Regional Organisation of Councils (SSROC), overseeing regional projects on infrastructure planning, waste data, regulatory reform, and circular economy markets. Formerly a Boomerang Alliance campaigner for container deposits and bans on single-use plastics, he co-founded sustainability initiatives Responsible Cafes and Responsible Runners to address litter and marine debris, and help businesses improve their sustainability practices.
    Responsible Runners Facebook
    Responsible Cafe's
    Justin Bonsey Interview Transcript

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26 Ratings

matrixhybrid ,

Excellent content!

I thought a knew a bit about bees but listening to the Beaming Green podcast really broadened my thinking. The discussion around the impact of honey bees on native species was fascinating and important.

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Great show !!!

TrixthePix ,

A great, sustainable, community centric podcast

Thanks Jeremy...such unique, interesting, motivated guests. I’ve really enjoyed your podcasts!!

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