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The number one podcast about tech business and culture, from James "JR" Hennessy and Raph Dixon.

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The number one podcast about tech business and culture, from James "JR" Hennessy and Raph Dixon.

    Investigating Real Estate Agent Drip

    Investigating Real Estate Agent Drip

    Real estate tech is an underrated part of the broader tech ecosystem. From listing and buying platforms to property management apps and everything in-between, there's a suite of tech solutions for selling, buying, renting, investing and just having a squiz at property.
    In this ep, we take a little tour through real estate tech, which mostly ends up as a struggle session.
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    • 31 min
    Who Made This? (PREVIEW)

    Who Made This? (PREVIEW)

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    While the northern hemisphere is on summer holiday, we grind. Given there's not much tech news floating around as a result, we continued the discussion of AI from last episode – this time getting wildly philosophical about legal rights and the art of creation. With a few diversions along the way ;).
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    • 3 min
    You're Spending How Much On Graphics Cards?

    You're Spending How Much On Graphics Cards?

    Over the past few weeks, several equity reports – from the likes of Goldman Sachs and Barclays – have sounded the alarm on the amount of capital expenditure currently being spent by the tech industry on building out AI capacity. Analysts and investors are asking: how are you going to pay for all this? And how long do we have to wait for that?
    In this ep, we talk about the current discourse, connect it to the dot com bubble, and arrive at a 100% correct take no one could possibly dispute.
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    • 36 min
    Gimme Money! Media Edition

    Gimme Money! Media Edition

    Australia's experiment with forcing big tech to pay media companies like Nine and News Corp for content is running into choppy waters, as Meta refuses to play ball and Google seems less keen on news than it once was. 
    In this episode, we catch up with the media and how it's handling today's dynamics of the internet and – especially – the new era of AI deals.
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    • 43 min
    A Small Modular Nuclear Reactor For Every Australian (PREVIEW)

    A Small Modular Nuclear Reactor For Every Australian (PREVIEW)

    Nuclear is in the air. (Not literally.) In Australia, politicians are debating it, while a huge range of nuclear startups are ruling it out for funding and attention. In this episode, we chat about nuclear power and how the tech industry is talking about it.
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    Hitting The Nvidia Wall

    Hitting The Nvidia Wall

    Nvidia is the engine room of the AI moment, but they are struggling a little right now. The stock underwent a massive correction this week, and founder Jensen Huang is reportedly worried that the gravy train is about to end.
    We used that as an excuse to dive into a few interesting trends going on in AI, Apple's moves, whether the hype is matching the product, and what it all means.
    Note: we said in this episode that Apple was striking an AI deal with Meta, but now Bloomberg is saying it ain't so. Still, broader point holds.
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    • 37 min

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5.0 out of 5
81 Ratings

81 Ratings


Tech Biz Chat (NO DORKS)

Easy going and extremely consumable discussions about Tech Business. Level headed, amusing, informative. Does a good job of on-ramping for some of the more “inside baseball” topics. Plus now I can sound like a big brain with an opinion if I end up talking about Going On The Computer.

Markos tacos ,

A good podcast for brain geniuses

This podcast has made me the kind of guy that recommends podcasts to friends. High praise for the pod, and a damning indictment on me as a person.

Personal highlights. “James…Raph,” intros, BUSTED sound effect, references to suburbs near where I live.

Five stars, recommend it to a friend at ur peril.

Spotify is far superior ,

My partner hates this podcast

I went on a 4 day work trip and inadvertently listened to 30 episodes of this podcast during the extensive and banal solitary moments. It made me look like a deluded moron because I was probably the only person in Canberra actually smiling or learning anything. I’ve subsequently come home to a caring partner who has to endure me describing everything as cursed and insisting on ranking everything from cringe to based.
Would be good to get an episode somewhat similar to that one about all the things that make you rage, that instead talks up or gives some practical useful advice for numpties like myself whose technological understanding hasn’t advanced since they played doodle jump on their iPod Touch. Career advice could also be interesting - public servants are boring as.

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