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A short form, straight to the point podcast. Offering listeners conscious insight upon wisdom and knowledge, to leverage and actualise your inner potential. Use the short offerings as a tool to harness you individual ability to perform confidently without stress. And to build your personal curriculum of inner skill and resourcefulness, creating more meaning, joy and prosperity in your life.


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A short form, straight to the point podcast. Offering listeners conscious insight upon wisdom and knowledge, to leverage and actualise your inner potential. Use the short offerings as a tool to harness you individual ability to perform confidently without stress. And to build your personal curriculum of inner skill and resourcefulness, creating more meaning, joy and prosperity in your life.

    Energy Management

    Energy Management

    Clean up the leaks in this episode...

    Resolve split energy, and get right on track to leverage your greatest currency.

    Energy; like knowledge is great to have, but it isn't worth much until it becomes coupled with clear + right action,

    It must be focussed through the lens of output, to create action, that produce outcomes.

    All the leaks of energy being disbursed and wasted- is costing you, and it's draining time, energy and money...

    It must be cleaned up practically, and I'm going to bring you briefly into a the first module of The Prosperity Mastermind.

    We will generate get the means, with wisdom, to take a deep dive with this nuance and overlooked piece of who and what we are.

    For people, organisations this is hack you want to get active on.

    It will create a rapid shakeshift as it has done within The Sold Out Prosperity Mastermind.

    Let's get into it!

    ENERGY MANAGEMENT 1 awaits....

    • 26 min
    Get On With It (Momentum)

    Get On With It (Momentum)

    Welcome to Season 2!

    How many books must I read, before I get on with it?

    I titled this podcast “Get on with it”.

    What am I suggesting here?

    Well we do an outstanding job of consuming.

    And an even better job of procrastination and avoidance.

    By now we probably have gathered enough information that we can use.

    How much more do we actually need?

    At some level do a terrible job of taking the action we know we need to take.

    And we are stressed out, overwhelmed and overcommitted.

    Do you think more information is the answer?

    Because of this we are under delivering.

    You will only get as far, as you are clear.

    Clarity is first point of call, we generate the means and energy to get clear.

    Then we ask ourselves how many books must I read before I get on with it?

    How many people must I collect validation from.

    How many courses do I need to do, to start making impact and deliver my message.

    The truth is, no one cares. They really don’t unless you have something they want. When people get what they want, you see who they are. When they don’t get what they want you will see who they are faster.

    This tells us something,

    It tells us that despite our fears of what people think, what they may say or do, we must move on with it.

    Because nothing anyone says or does has anything to do with us, its a projection, and they are flying in the wind around this period of chaos in time.

    So most of this now is just yourself and your own inner critic trying to keep you low.

    You were not born this way, you were born worthy and knowing.

    But now, you are in the practice.

    Self care and self reliance is a practice to get there.

    Do we really care how many books you read these days?

    I think it’s more like this- show me what you have done with it.

    Show me who you are, and that is what is required.

    • 16 min
    Consistency Embodied

    Consistency Embodied

    Consistency said, I knew what outcomes I wanted, so I built the steps into my plan.

    I focussed on the stepping stones and where they lead to.

    Consistency said, I figured out my highest priorities and had the courage, pleasantly and unapologetically to say “no” to other things.

    Consistency said, the way it is possible is by having a bigger “yes” burning inside.

    It said, even when I wasn’t motivated, something else drove me.

    And consistency knows, it is the key to success, no matter what you are doing.

    Without consistency, mastery in the important or specific areas of your life becomes fleeting, vague or even unachievable.

    Mastery in how it applies to you is an embodiment that says I value and care more about knowing myself than the judgement of others.

    It says I enjoy my existence, and I want to learn about it deeply to harness my potential.

    And mastery was possible because I didn't deny consistency, the right of being the primary focus in all areas of my life, because it’s said how you do 1 thing is how you’ll do them all.

    I waited for the right time to release these words, and this podcast...

    In this practical episode I assign meaning to consistency, for the word to be embodied- where it really counts.

    • 19 min
    Adversity to Alchemy

    Adversity to Alchemy

    We are always students first, and when the ego starts to think otherwise we are reminded in a not so gentle way. 

    The teacher and the taught create the teaching.

    In this episode I let you in on what it was like processing a compromising ordeal where I was robbed of $50,000 from my own home.

    I take you through the process and what it has been able to teach me.

    This episode is raw + reflective.

    I thought that would be the best way to bring things back.

    • 19 min
    Bridge The Gap (Special)

    Bridge The Gap (Special)

    Dan is a mentor of both mine & Jarreds, so to sit down with him to dive deep into his story was incredibly fascinating. Welcome to episode 25 of the Bridge The Gap Podcast with Dan Ballard.

    Dan is a mentor & a re educator, who has filled the last 3 decades with a massive amount of questions, suffering, growth and intelligence, which is what makes this one of our longest, but deepest podcasts we’ve had so far.

    Dan dives into his experiences growing up, finding an outlet in the gym and moving into the world of performance enhancing drugs. The insight into this world is something I’ve never heard before, and Dan doesn’t hold back. He takes us through his pain and suffering, and how it lead him into the man he is today.We talk on key relationships and transitions, the introduction of Yoga and how that impacted his reputation in the fitness industry. 

    There are so many times where Dan has gone against the grain, and with his heart which showed true challenges, but immense growth. I strongly believe there is an opportunity in this episode for you. It’s an opportunity to challenge yourself by really listening to what’s being said, because there’s a huge part of our conversation that may trigger you, or may seem like too much. 

    I want you to know that if you feel this way, I was exactly like you. I wasn’t interested in deep thinking and understanding myself, but as Dan explains so well throughout this episode, for us to really take control and understand ourselves, we must start on the inside, and there are so many incredible tools in this episode to begin to learn and develop that deeper.

    • 1 hr 49 min
    The Inner Voice

    The Inner Voice

    The most common problem I’ve recognised that people have on their hands:

    deep down they crave true self-confidence and meaningful direction, so they can express themselves.

    But instead, people are concealing their reality.

    Holding split energy inside.

    They want change, yet the emotional emptiness remains. Despite trying all the things that make us ‘feel’ better, it doesn’t fill the void.

    I’ve known this deeply first hand to share this.

    Just because someone carries it well, doesn’t mean it isn’t heavy right?

    I know that when we feel worried, anxious, doubtful, ashamed, or even scared to be ourselves; we tend to care more about the opinions of others.

    That’s interesting because, among these ‘others’, most are also hiding under a veil, not showing who they really are.

    They don’t even like themselves, and you’re wrapped up in what they think.

    We care, and that’s normal. We’re social beings.

    But when what’s ‘normal’ comes at the cost of what is true, and what’s needed for our peace, health, success & fulfilment;

    You will feel stuck, resistant, resentful/ angry and disempowered.

    What’s this telling you?

    You’re trading your authenticity for approval.

    I’m calling you to this podcast my friend.

    I’ve titled it “The Inner Voice”.

    The approval we seek of others, is actually the same approval we seek of ourselves. These words stuck with me for years from a mentor. 

    I’ve also learnt that empowered living is a decision you can make at any point.

    Seeing Problem vs Solutions is a choice. What precedes our change in behaviour, is repeated choice.

    You will need 🎙14 mins for this one, bring YOUR choice. Let’s invest where it truly matters.

    • 13 min

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5.0 out of 5
15 Ratings

15 Ratings

ParraForLife ,


Dan is so full of wisdom in an honest, genuine and humble manner. These podcasts are short and sweet with practical advice. I’ve listened to each episode more than once and there’s so much to gain when you’re ready to hear what he’s sharing!
Totally recommend!

kcgcfgmj ,

So relatable

Such a genuine pod cast. Really relatable and practical.

Blake McGeee ,


What a guy! Dan Ballard! Be listening, learning and adapting to Dan’s wisdom for years and now it’s great that there is a podcast for everyone to gain from.

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