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ExtraVirgin Food & Travel is a podcast for adventurers, armchair travellers and gourmands. Join your host, food and travel journalist Natascha Mirosch, as she chats with amateur travellers and dedicated explorers, food experts, cooks and producers.

ExtraVirgin Food & Travel Natascha Mirosch

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ExtraVirgin Food & Travel is a podcast for adventurers, armchair travellers and gourmands. Join your host, food and travel journalist Natascha Mirosch, as she chats with amateur travellers and dedicated explorers, food experts, cooks and producers.

    Australia's Guy Grossi and "La Cucina Italiana"

    Australia's Guy Grossi and "La Cucina Italiana"

    Guy Grossi has carved out a distinguished career and made a significant contribution to the hospitality scene over the last forty years, both as a restaurateur and chef. In fact, in 1996, Guy was awarded the L'insegna Del Ristorante Italiano by no less than the president of Italy, for his dedication to presenting and promoting "La Cucina Italiana" and the Italian lifestyle.
    He’s written four cookbooks and has been on a slew of television programs, from "Food Safari" and Iron Chef, to "My Kitchen Rules." He also runs a small empire of highly regarded restaurants countrywide, including his flagship, Grossi Florentino.
    In this episode of ExtraVirgin, Natascha Mirosch and Guy chat all things food and hospitality, as well as Italian travel. They discuss why Italians don’t like penne lisce and the difference between fast and slow dried pasta, what’s wrong with the hospitality scene and how the financial crisis is affecting it, his favourite dishes from his Pugliese father and Venetian mother; who he'd invite and what he'd serve at a fantasy dinner party and more.
    Guy also gives us some great Italy travel and food tips - from the Amalfi Coast to Florence and Puglia.

    • 45 min
    How to Buy a Property in Italy and Those One Euro Houses

    How to Buy a Property in Italy and Those One Euro Houses

    We've talked about those one Euro houses in Italy in a previous podcast (episode 81) but in this episode we’re about to revisit the subject (and the topic of buying property in Italy as a foreigner in general) with Michele Capecchi, a lawyer based in Florence, who has extensive experience in guiding foreigners through the red tape that is buying a property in Italy.
    Michele is managing partner of Studio Legale Capecchi , teaches  International Business Law at at the European School of Economics and has been a a legal columnist with The Florentine, the international magazine of the expat community in Florence for over 10 years.
    Michele discusses with Natascha:
    The positives and pitfalls of the one Euro homes scheme
    The legalities of foreigner home ownership in Italy
    Where are good places to buy?
    How much are you likely to need to realistically spend, plus more.
    If you're keen to find out how you can be enjoying la vita bella in Italy in your own home, you'll enjoy this episode.
    And don't forget to sign up for the ExtraVirgin newsletter "The Olive," on the website.

    • 38 min
    What's an Antarctic Cruise Really Like?

    What's an Antarctic Cruise Really Like?

    Have you been thinking of (or dreaming about) taking an Antarctic cruise?
    Cruising is huge and estimates have the cruise industry growing by another 9% in 2024.
    For some regular cruisers, particularly those with large disposable incomes, the great white continent, represents just another an as-yet unexplored cruise destination to conquer.
     For others, Antarctica is a long-cherished dream.
    But what’s it really like? What can you expect on a cruise to Antarctica?
    Natascha Mirosch puts that question to travel journalist Catherine Marshall, who has been to Antarctica not once, but twice.
    They discuss the dreaded Drake Crossing, life on board an expedition ship, Antarctica’s wildlife and shore excursions. Catherine tells us about the fascinating post office at the end of the world, and the British post mistresses who come to this remote spot to man it as well as the time she had a polar swim.
    They also talk about the environmental impacts and whether a visit can have a positive impact.
    If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to cruise to Antarctica, have a listen.

    • 58 min
    How to Hike, with Caro Ryan

    How to Hike, with Caro Ryan

    We all know that getting out and communing with nature is good for both our body and our mental health, but where to start if you've never done any hiking but are keen to give it a go?
    Trekking, hiking, tramping, rambling or just plain walking - whatever you call if and whatever you aspire to, whether it's a kilometre on a flat countryside track to conquering rugged terrain over multiple days, or even taking it easy with a Great Walk of Australia, it's an activity that most of us can achieve. 
    If, like ExtraVirgin host, Natascha, however, you have lots of questions: (Am I too old? Am I too unfit? is hiking hazardous? What gear do I need? What happens if I get lost?) then listen up, because our guest on this podcast will answer all those questions and more. 
    Among her many other talents., Caro Ryan is an expert bushwalker and search and rescue volunteer. She started her blog, LotsaFreshAir.com to inspire, teach and encourage people to get into hiking and the outdoors safely. It’s all about connecting people to wild places in meaningful ways, so they can look after themselves, their mates and these precious places we visit. She teaches wilderness navigation, authored the book, ‘How to Navigate - the art of traditional map & compass navigation in an Australian context’ and hosts, ‘Rescued - an Outdoor Podcast for Hikers and Adventurers.
    In addition to imparting some incredibly useful  (and potentially life-saving) tips, Caro shares her genuine passion for getting out in nature. We guarantee that she will inspire you to want to do the same.

    • 47 min
    Playing with Fire, with Agnes chef Ben Williamson

    Playing with Fire, with Agnes chef Ben Williamson

    Agnes Restaurant was recently awarded Restaurant of the Year by Australian Gourmet Traveller Restaurant. In this episode of ExtraVirgin, Natascha Mirosch chats with Agnes executive chef, Ben Williamson, who also co-owns other popular restaurants  Same Same, Bianca, Honto and Agnes Bakery.
    Western Australian-born Ben spent time travelling the Middle East, where he sharpenened his kitchen skills and learned about cooking from the heart - something that would become the cornerstone of his culinary philosophy. 
    On his return to Australia, he settled in Brisbane, working in some of the city's most highly regarded restaurants, including a lengthy tenture at Gerard's Bistro, where introduced the city to his modern re-imagining of the cuisine of The Levant, gaining the venue many accolades including two hats. 
    He then went on to establish Agnes, a wood-fired restaurant in a characterful, historic building; a restaurant generally regarded as the best in Brisbane. 
    In their chat, Natascha and Ben not only delve into his background, but discuss his food philosophy and influences, what he might have done differently in his career, food trends, where he likes to eat out, his future plans and more. 

    • 55 min
    From Gauchos to Glaciers - Adventures in South America

    From Gauchos to Glaciers - Adventures in South America

    Is South America on your wish list but you worry it might be too challenging or unsafe?
    In this episode, ExtraVirgin host, Natascha Mirosch  who has just returned from 3 weeks in Uruguay, Argentina and Chile, shares her experiences. Her trip, travelling by plane, car and boat, starts in Santiago in Chile, where she visits an extraordinary museum and wanders the vibrant Yungay and Lastarria barrios.  From there, she explores the Uruguayan capital, Montevideo, with its unique architecture and excellent restaurants, as well another fascinating museum dedicated to a famous and tragic incident in Uruguayan history.
    Then it’s onto a ferry across the widest river in the world, the Rio de la Plata to Buenos Aires.  Here Natascha discovers the origins of the tango, visits Eva Peron at Recoleta cemetery and the balcony of ‘the pink palace’ where she gave her final speech to the Argentinian people. She does a walking tour of the colourful La Boca district, takes i a beautiful bookshop in a theatre and more.
    In Patagonia, Natascha visits a glacier, attempts to hike up another one, gets up close with the iconic Fitz Roy, eats the world’s best lamb and drinks a liqueur made from a local berry in a bar at -15c.
    From there, it’s onto the province of Mendoza, where she stays in a ‘dome with a view’ overlooking the Andes, visits a couple of wineries and has an unforgettable horse ride with a gaucho.
    If you’ve thought of visiting South America, you’ll want to have a listen as Natascha shares the details of her new favourite destination.

    • 41 min

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4.6 out of 5
21 Ratings

21 Ratings

saraiceland ,

Media 101 in easy to understand sentences

This podcast covered the essentials and dotted the conversation with some really great & practical tips.
Especially helpfully and great listening

CarolHaffke ,

Influencers ... I had no idea

I found your latest podcast so interesting. I had no idea about the extent that some food influencers go to and hadn’t heard about the couscous for comment hashtag. Thanks for having a look at it from all sides. I’m now following Kerry and John, too! Looking forward to your next episode. 😀

Tiffinbitesized ,

A Scotsman in Japan

No surprises that a tall blonde man with a Scottish accent stands out in a crowd in Japan. This is a delightful thumbnail sketch for the life a Gaijin (or any outsider in any country really). Fun to listen to and has encouraged me to seek out Ian’s book.

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