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Flying through the entire history of Doctor Who. With Cake.

Flight Through Entirety: A Doctor Who Podcast Flight Through Entirety

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Flying through the entire history of Doctor Who. With Cake.

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chocalateandwalnut ,

Fear of the Welsh planet

Thank god they’re finally back. And now FTE is doing the new series. In this episode they cover everything from the possibility that the new Dr Who could have been played by Claudius through to the Doctor’s relevance to Brexit, Trump and Todd’s dark adolescents fantasies. Love Classic FTE, but now it’s about a show that most viewers were alive when it was made. A tour de force (despite their unremitting Mickey abuse #mickeytoo)

Matt Cardier ,

The only podcast that...

A look at the entire run of Dr. Who and spinoffs from 1963 to the present. Full of helpful information, trivia and critical analysis, these guys quite often disagree but do so respectfully, and the jokes often have me chortling at inappropriate times (I listen to the podcast at work), and seeing the show with different eyes sometimes.

Subtitles2 ,

Its not at all tiresome

These guys are some of the most knowledgeable people in fandom, and its always a pleasure to hear them. Warning, Don't binge listen, or you'll end up catching up and waiting is painful! Im a little worried though, they're almost at series 22, and I love series 22...

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