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All the latest music interviews from the team at HEAVY Magazine.

HEAVY interviews the worlds leading rock, punk, metal and beyond musicians in the heavy universe of music.

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All the latest music interviews from the team at HEAVY Magazine.

HEAVY interviews the worlds leading rock, punk, metal and beyond musicians in the heavy universe of music.

We will upload the latest interviews regularly so before to follow our social accounts and our podcast account on www.speaker.com/user/heavy

    The Second Coming Of THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT With Clint Boge

    The Second Coming Of THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT With Clint Boge

    The Butterfly Effect – to their fans at least – are a band who can do no wrong.
    Even the small matter of fourteen years passing between albums has done little to dampen the enthusiasm of a large portion of this countries population when it was announced the gang was getting back together.
    Ever since the bands self titled debut EP graced the airwaves in 2001, The Butterfly Effect have been melting souls and mesmerizing sensibilities with their emotionally driven sonic landscape capable of at times working the listener into a frenzy and at others soothing them to quiet.
    Front man Clint Boge was – and still is – unlike any vocalist seen or hard in this country, his vocal range and sincerity able to snap into bouts of aggression effortlessly and at will.
    Never aggressive enough to be classified as anything more than a hard rock band, but also capable of unleashing the demon within, The Butterfly Effect have always been more than just a band.
    They are an experience.
    When Boge announced his departure in 2012 many – and rightfully – foretold the demise of The Butterfly Effect, who respectfully attempted salvation with another vocalist. This was short lived and always doomed to failure, with The Butterfly Effect flapping their wings for what was, for all intents and purposes, the last time in 2016. Not because of the lack of love and respect afforded to the remaining and new members, but more for the fact a vocalist like Boge is impossible to replace.
    Following a chance meeting between Boge and guitarist Kurt Goedhart the following year, the band unanimously agreed to hit the road for again possibly the last time, in part to see if the fires still burned but also more as a show of gratitude to the loyal legion of fans who could have justifiably felt robbed by Boge’s departure some five years earlier.
    The rest, as they say, is history. The shows sold out in record time, vindicating the bands desire to offer fans closure, but more importantly the band members found their own passion quickly restored and thus the caterpillar once more took flight.
    The only thing that could have excited the now happy Butterfly army more was new material, and when The Butterfly Effect Dropped the balls out rock number So Tired late last year it seemed the planets had finally aligned almost a decade after the walls fell crumbling inwards for many.
    So Tired was followed by Nil By Mouth before the softer paced, but still meaty track Visiting Hours was released along with absolute confirmation that The Butterfly Effects’ fourth album – appropriately titled IV – would be released on September 2.
    Even HEAVY was excited and we jumped at the chance to chat with the top bloke that is Clint Boge, who was in good spirits when we caught up despite only being one coffee into his day.
    "Holy crap, yeah man,” he replied when I pointed out the obvious. “Look, you've had to wait longer for this one than you have a tool album, so that's saying something! It's crazy, but you know what, when we left off with Final Conversation Of Kings we wrote a whole bunch of songs, and Visiting Hours was one of those songs. So we had these five songs flapping in the breeze with all these other instrumental demos. I think it was like 20 or 30 songs and we've got them on hard drives so we just threw them into a drop box folder and just started cherry picking the best that we could find, or the songs that resonated most with us. So, all of the songs that you're hearing bar one or two, or maybe three are old songs demoed. So this is all written off the back of Final Conversation Of Kings and it was interesting to get Kurty to write new music, because he was kind of like ‘I don't know man’, but after that reformation tour in 2018 - I think when Brisbane sold out in under ten minutes - he was like, okay, maybe we should do some new music.”
    The Butterfly Effect have always layered their music with enough emotion and atmospherics...

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    Travelling The Rock Highway With DAVE LESLIE From TRUCK

    Travelling The Rock Highway With DAVE LESLIE From TRUCK

    There is definitely something special about Australian rock.
    No matter how many bands around the world try to emulate that spirit, few actually get close to the sound that has shaped a nation.
    What many people outside of this country can’t comprehend is that Aussie rock can’t be just learnt or played. It has to exist inside you, gnawing away at your bones until it reaches the surface and manifests itself into something much more.
    Bands like Rose Tattoo, The Poor and the Screaming Jets have that rock swagger in abundance but most of the new or emerging generation can’t quite seem to grasp the concept.
    So, then, it is refreshing and exciting when a new band comes on the scene that taps straight into that invisible well of talent and moves backwards to go forwards on a musical plain.
    Usually – as is the case with Truck – the band members have some pedigree in the old school of rock, for this is something difficult to learn and even harder to master.
    With an engine room that involves Baby Animals guitarist Dave Leslie and the vocal prowess of Andy McLean from Horsehead there was never any doubt what trajectory Truck’s music would follow. It is exactly what you would expect.
    Pure Aussie rock. Front to back. Side to side. In and out.
    After releasing their third single in eight months, the raw and rock drenched number Unconventionally Rising, Truck drove straight out to the highway for a string of shows with Baby Animals and Rose Tattoo, proving the old adage that music is in the blood. Yes, it can be taught, but lessons can only ever teach you so much.
    HEAVY caught up with Dave for a chat and to find out how he has managed to keep the rock flame burning successfully for so long.
    "This is kind of the stuff we grew up on, you know,” he agreed. “As far as that aesthetic goes, we wanted to be old school, heavy like Deep Purple and the Faces, that sort of thing. Just unapologetically classic rock. We're not trying to reinvent the wheel or anything like that, but we definitely wear our influences on our sleeves."
    While I have him on a roll, I ask Dave what it is that he thinks defines the spirit of Aussie rock.
    "I think Angry Anderson put it well one time when he said no-one attacks a guitar like an Australian,” he laughed. “There's a certain sort of... you play from the front foot, you know what I mean? It's like there's a bit of a kill aspect going, and we have that as well. One time we supported Rose Tattoo down here in Melbourne and they did their soundcheck then we jumped up and they let us use their drum kit and everything like that, and all the foldback levels were set from where their sound check was, and man, it was the loudest gig we have ever played. The crew were like phwar. There was guitar screaming at me through wedges and I thought wow, this is so loud, and the crew were saying do you want us to turn it down and we said no, no (laughs). It was blistering, but we had a really good night that night as a result of that."
    In the full interview, Dave talks about finding like minded musicians to play in Truck with, the new single Unconventionally Rising, their limited edition physical EP, plans to extend that into an album, being on the road with Rose Tattoo and Baby Animals, playing two shows some nights with different bands and how he focusses, their upcoming single launch party at Melbourne’s Cherry Bar and more.
    Interview intro track: AUDIO REIGN 'My Betrayal'

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    Unsolved Mysteries With SOHNELM

    Unsolved Mysteries With SOHNELM

    We here at HEAVY love a good mystery, so it was with much trepidation and worry for his personal safety that we sent Jimmy Glinster off to interview new outfit Sohnelm.
    Jimmy normally offends the world with his straight up album and live reviews, so to break his interviewing cherry we thought it safer to send him off to interview someone he already knew.
    Jimmy’s skinsman from Azreal, Chris Dennis, also hits things for Sohnelm so we sent the Great Big Aussie Mouth off on his merry way to find out even something about these new kids on the block.
    Playing what the band describes as hesh dungeon rock or hippy killing dungeon rock, Sohnelm at present have one demo floating around on Soundcloud and that’s all we know…
    Join Jimmy as he possibly gets more than he bargained for.
    "We wanted to take our musical influences and also look at the state of the world,” offered guitarist/vocalist Matt Power, “and looking back through mythologies and how the worlds been coming to an end as long as it's been here. There's a story that comes out of mythology on that and we wanted to, I guess, take all of those influences so that what comes out is not necessarily one or the other. It takes in different influences with medievil kind of idea. I'm not a religious person but I love the religious stories. They are inspiring."
    Jimmy tries to bring us all up to speed by discussing where Sohnelm come from and what they wish to achieve, with Power stonewalling him and giving him tidbits.
    "I guess we've moved a little slower than most bands,” he measured. “Two of our members live in Sydney so most of the time it's me and Chris bouncing ideas off each other and slowly working things up into songs. With me not playing guitar in a band before we are getting to the stage where we can present what we've been working on in the best light. We managed to get the first track that we were happy with out of the ones that we had."
    Listen to the full interview for full disclosure, with Jimmy using every charm in his arsenal to get to the truth – which he assures me he did.
    Who are Sohnelm?
    What do they want?
    And why are they talking to an album reviewer???

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    Going The Distance With OCEAN SHORES

    Going The Distance With OCEAN SHORES

    Based around Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, Ocean Shores are more than your typical metal band.
    They combine old school sensibilities with modern textures to bridge the divide between genres in the most simplest and purest of fashions.
    By allowing the music to do the talking.
    Following the release of the band’s debut EP One Foot In The Grave Ocean Shores found themselves at the mercy of a global illness, much like the rest of the world’s population, but being a band still in their infancy did not have an existing and established fan base that could be guaranteed to still be there when the world resumed.
    Instead of labouring on what could have been, Ocean Shores set themselves the task of improving on an already impressive body of work, taking one of their existing tracks Go One More and placing it in the capable hands of As Paradise Falls’ guitarist Danny Kenneally to do the mixing and mastering.
    The result is an even greater slab of aggression than ever before which captures the full raw intensity of a band that has emerged triumphantly from the shadows with a renewed path and vigour.
    HEAVY caught up with vocalist Eli Sapolu to talk about the new song, which will be released through streaming platforms on August 12 before ramping things up with a film clip on August 19.
    “We've come up with this song, and obviously we jammed it a few times until we figured out how we were going to structure it properly,” he explained. “Brenton, our guitarist, came up with the idea of making it fast and making it heavy. Something enjoyable that you can take to the gym and do that workout and try to push that extra bit hard. We came together and collaborated it together as a band - they wrote the music - and we went to As Paradise Falls' guitarist Danny Kenneally's place to do all the pre-pro, tracking, guitars, everything to the vocals. That's where we ended up with him. He's pretty good, really switched on and did everything really quickly. He was just easy to work with. It was a lot different to where we've been before in recording studios where there was a bit more pressure. As a band we knew nothing. Before Brenton joined, we knew nothing about pre-production. We had no idea what it was (laughs). With our EP we just went to the studio and said let's go and the producer would say 'are you happy with that' and we would say 'yeah, I think so'. We were happy with the EP, it turned out okay, and then we had people like Danny came up to us and said ‘have you done pre-production before?’ And we were like, ‘what the hell is pre-production?’"
    In the full interview, Eli talks more about Go One More, the meaning behind the song, the upcoming video and what to expect, working with Danny, learning as a band, future new music, upcoming shows and more.
    Intro song FRANKENBOK 'Confidence Man'

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    Defining Yourself Through Music With LIVECONFORMDIE

    Defining Yourself Through Music With LIVECONFORMDIE

    Perth metal hybrid Liveconformdie are about as eclectic musically as a band could get.
    Citing influence from bands like Slipknot, Korn and Limp Bizkit to $uicideboy$, Nirvana, Royal Blood and Brockhampton, Liveconformdie are a musical force unto themselves, caring little for the trappings of mainstream success or acceptance.
    A true, hard working, DIY type band, Liveconformdie are in complete control of their own destiny, which now looks in increasingly positive territory following the release last earlier this month of the bands new EP Vol II: Music For Living Failures.
    HEAVY’s Coco Le Sex Bomb sat down with Jeremy Pickett, or Jez, the bands guitarist, vocalist and producer for a chat just ahead of the EP’s release.
    "There's a bit of everything really,” he explained of the sound of the EP. “We really branched into a lot of different genres and we took a lot of advice from reviews of our previous album and we tried to go a bit weirder with it. We're definitely showing a lot of our inspiration in this one. I love the weird factor. We're using a lot of different sounds. It's not just strictly guitar, drum, bass, vocal. There's a lot of other stuff going on."
    Intro track DISKUST 'Maniac'

    • 17 min
    Keeping Things Simple With NOCTURNAL ANIMALS

    Keeping Things Simple With NOCTURNAL ANIMALS

    Adelaide noise machine Nocturnal Animals are one of those bands that are impossible to genre classify.
    With healthy lashings of punk, rock, alternative rock and the odd metal spice, the boys are a musical entity unto themselves.
    Which is refreshing in the modern world of music.
    Three younger musicians with a sharp wit and even sharper sense of humour, Nocturnal Animals have just released their latest in your face song, A Simple Fuck You.
    It is a song that is as catchy because of its lyrics as it is the music, and one which basically urges you to cast off any shackles or inhibitions you may have and just have fun.
    Couldn’t be much simpler.
    On stage Nocturnal Animals have a panache for the theatrical, with a skeleton type look punctuated by bright reds and neutral whites that almost dare you to pre-judge the band or their music.
    HEAVY had the pleasure of sitting down with Stu, Dyl and Bamm for an entertaining chat that started with the new single and went off in tangents from there.
    We started off by asking how people reacted to being engaged with what amounts to verbal abuse in some quarters.
    "Actually pretty good,” Dylan began. “It's kind of created a fun back and forth for people telling us to fuck off and we get to tell them to fuck off. It's good"
    "We've had a couple of nice people giving us middle fingers coming back at us and stuff," Stu added.
    "We're really proud to have the song have the word fuck in it,” chimed in, “because we thought it was a good artistry thing to have the word fuck and I like saying the word fuck if you don’t know (laughs)."
    Whereas a number of bands might release a song with profanities in the title, many censor their work with a view to reaching a larger audience.
    Not so Nocturnal Animals who believe if they are going to sing it, they may as well spell it too.
    “We did have a discussion about that over the course of a week actually,” Dyl replied, trying to keep a straight face. “It was a big decision."
    "It was stressful,” Bamm continued, “because you know in todays age you have to be careful what you say with your words and whatnot's, and even a profanity word like this on a song title you're excluding a lot of demographic out there. Kids can't listen to it. Parents need to show Parental Guidance and that stuff, but then you're defeating the art."
    "And there's a lot of radio stations that won't play it because of it,” Dyl concluded. “But in the end, we thought fuck it. We come from a punk ethos, and it would be pretty not punk to put something else in its place."
    In the full interview, the boys talk about the genesis of the track, the upcoming film clip and what to expect, whether A Simple Fuck You is a stand alone single or part of a larger body of work, their outfits and what inspired the idea, maintaining humour in music without overstepping the line, their upcoming run of shows and more.
    Intro track HELLZ ABYSS

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