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The Best Politics Podcast produced by an Australian Gambling Company

    S2 Ep 12 - "This used to be a podcast about politics"

    S2 Ep 12 - "This used to be a podcast about politics"

    In the season finale of I'm Usually More Professional, the team give their hot take on the never ending presidential election.
    Was it an error by Trump's team to host a press conference in the parking lot of landscaping company?
    Do the Republicans have any chance in challenging for the top job in Washington DC?
    Sam predicts a historical legacy that will change the world. And it's not the Biden Presidency.
    And as a farewell treat, all the innuendo and scuttlebutt with Gallery Whispers.

    • 40 min
    S2 Ep11 - America Decides...sort of / Sportsbet Pays Out

    S2 Ep11 - America Decides...sort of / Sportsbet Pays Out

    After a rollercoaster of election highs and lows, there is still no official word on which presidential candidate will occupy the White House for the next 4 years.
    But has anyone told the Don and Sleepy Joe that Sportsbet have paid out for a Biden victory?
    If Trump does fail after one term in the office, where does the Republicans party go from here?
    And if it is a blue wall that comes our victorious, how will the democrats re-unite a country that's so divided?

    • 39 min
    S2 Ep10 - Calm Before the Storm

    S2 Ep10 - Calm Before the Storm

    With only 6 days until America decides on the 59th President of the United States, Joe Hildebrand, Alice Workman and Sam Dastyari break down where it will be won and lose.
    Can Donald J. Trump get 'suburban women' to vote for him? Will Sleepy Joe swing the states of Florida, Michigan and importantly his home state of Pennsylvania?
    Joe takes a look back at the week that was, including Trump's swipe at one of his closest allies.
    And the bloke who convinced Sportsbet to pay Bill Shorten markets out in the last federal election, Sam finds you some winners as we build up to next Tuesday's election.

    • 43 min
    S2 Ep9 - Natter with Katter

    S2 Ep9 - Natter with Katter

    Last week, the team had some fun with Alice's Mum, but what wasn't revealed was that Sam had already had fun with Alice's mum before. But you'll never guess where?
    Joe's new segment "Meanwhile at the Ranch" guides you through another eventful week in US politics, except nothing has happened.
    Barack Obama hits the campaign trail to encourage the youth to vote, but is it a waste of time or a tactic that could move the democrats into office.
    And there are only 3 guarantees in life. Death, taxes and the twitter quiz. This week, who said it, Donald Trump or David Brent?

    • 50 min
    S2 Ep8 - The most unsexy sex scandal exposed

    S2 Ep8 - The most unsexy sex scandal exposed

    It's only 19 days until the first Tuesday in November, but the circus of the 2020 presidential election continues to amaze.
    Trump now believes he is super human after overcoming COVID-19, but could suburban women be his campaign kryptonite?
    First it was Osama Bin Laden's niece who endorsed the president, now another extremist group is on the Trump Train.
    Yes, we have another quiz, this time it's Donald V Buddy from the movie Elf
    And in a "I'm Usually More Professional" exclusive, the team uncovers the most unsexy sex scandal in the campaign so far.

    • 41 min
    S2 Ep7 - Not giving an inch with Hinch

    S2 Ep7 - Not giving an inch with Hinch

    Sam not always known for pulling out the Trump card, but today he managed to get the Human Headline himself, Derryn Hinch on the phone.
    Did Australian journalist, Miranda Devine out-fox, Fox News?
    Has COVID-19 de-railed Donald Trump's presidential campaign or strengthen it?
    And Australia's favourite podcast quiz (said nobody ever) returns!
    Who typed it? Senator Kamala Harris or Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla Parker Bowles?

    • 39 min

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82 Ratings


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