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Welcome to the SuperFeast Podcast! Join tonic herbalist and health educator Mason Taylor as we explore the magical world of Tonic Herbalism. We will explore the relevance of these ancient herbs and medicinal mushrooms in our modern culture of health to invigorate the body, restore organ health, create badass immunity and bring harmony to the hormones. Want to enhance performance, longevity, energy and radiance? Then dive in with us and learn why tonic herbal adaptogens have been used for millennia for this exact intention. So get ready to activate your SuperHuman health as we deliver this deep tonic herbal philosophy right your eardrums.

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Welcome to the SuperFeast Podcast! Join tonic herbalist and health educator Mason Taylor as we explore the magical world of Tonic Herbalism. We will explore the relevance of these ancient herbs and medicinal mushrooms in our modern culture of health to invigorate the body, restore organ health, create badass immunity and bring harmony to the hormones. Want to enhance performance, longevity, energy and radiance? Then dive in with us and learn why tonic herbal adaptogens have been used for millennia for this exact intention. So get ready to activate your SuperHuman health as we deliver this deep tonic herbal philosophy right your eardrums.

    Heart Perception In Herbalism with Stephanie Hazel

    Heart Perception In Herbalism with Stephanie Hazel

    In today's episode, prepare to be transported into the enchanting world of herbalism as Mason sits down with the incredible Stephanie Hazel. Stephanie, a traditional Western herbalist, teacher, and earth lover, brings forth a passion for her craft that is as robust as it is poetic, inviting listeners to explore realms beyond intellectualism and linear thought.
    Stephanie and Mason embark on a captivating exploration of the sensory landscapes, diving deep into topics that range from heart perception and animism to herbal dieta and apprenticeship. With each exchange, they unveil the rich tapestry of wisdom woven through Stephanie's experiences and teachings.
    At the heart of their conversation lies the concept of heart perception in herbalism—an idea that transcends the notion of the heart as merely a pump. Stephanie eloquently elucidates how heart perception involves listening with both body and heart, allowing for profound insights into the healing properties of plants to emerge. Emphasising the fusion of intellectual knowledge, intuitive knowing, and embodied experience as essential components in cultivating herbal wisdom.
    Stephanie generously shares her approach to teaching herbalism, highlighting the importance of reverence and respect when interacting with plant allies. She advocates for a guided process that honours the deep connection between humans and plants, ensuring a safe and meaningful exploration of this sacred relationship.
    For those eager to delve deeper into Stephanie's teachings, her courses—Plant Allies and The Wild Edge of Herbalism—offer unique opportunities to engage with herbalism in a way that transcends conventional education. Each course is a doorway to a world where plants become not just subjects of study, but cherished partners in the journey of self-discovery and healing.
    Stephanie's wisdom shines through as she and Mason explore the practice of embodied listening, highlighting its transformative power in fostering harmony with plants and the environment. Their conversation serves as a poignant reminder of the importance of honouring perceptive senses alongside intellectual understanding—a testament to the profound wisdom that awaits those willing to listen with an open heart.
    Tune in today for a powerful and profound journey into the heart of herbalism with Stephanie Hazel—a true plant person and universal voyager whose insights will leave you inspired and enlightened.
    To learn more about Stephanie and her courses, visit her website here.
    Mason & Stephanie discuss:
    - Heart perception in herbalism.
    - The power of using single herbs over formulas.
    - What it means to hold an animist worldview, in herbalism, and life.
    - Plant dieta and the importance of holding reverence in herbal practice. 
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    Stephanie's Wild Edge Of Herbalism Online Course

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    Journey To The West with Sibyl & Zoe Coldham

    Journey To The West with Sibyl & Zoe Coldham

    Sibyl and Zoe Coldham join Mason on the show today, to share about their documentary, Journey To The West, an award-winning film that follows the journey of Chinese medicine into Western culture, exploring the roots of the profession, and the many obstacles it has faced, especially within the realm of consciousness held by mainstream medicine and allopathic thought. 

    Journey to the West navigates between an in-depth exploration of Chinese medicine's struggle for legitimacy and a serene unveiling of Chinese medical philosophy. Weaving historical and contemporary plot lines, to reveal the intricacies of a profession that seeks acceptance and understanding by the Western medical model at large.

    Throughout the podcast Sibyl and Zoe speak passionately from the heart, discussing the film's inception, creative process and their overarching intention; to tell the story of Chinese medicine in a way that is accessible to a wide audience.

    The women express that limitations in the Western education system, including the curriculum often offered, stand as great obstacles to the continuing legacy and authentic practice of the craft. Highlighting that the methodologies of the scientific model, particularly the placebo effect as applied to acupuncture, should never get in the way of the actual medicine.

    They go to share why energetic medicine can not be accurately measured in the same way as a pharmaceutical drug, where the placebo is a dead entity, and results against an active constituent will never compare.

    Western medicine's political terrain is also covered, particularly within the context of the UK's National Health Scheme, who's views on Chinese medicine differ greatly from those here in Australia. An aspect of the conversation that allows us to understand the influence of social ideology on the integration of Chinese medicine and acupuncture into mainstream systems of healthcare at large. 

    The duo emphasise the importance of understanding the philosophy and principles of Chinese medicine and the need for practitioners to continue their work with patience and perseverance.

    An illuminating chat today, offering many thought provoking concepts for us all to marinate on.

    Dive in and enjoy.
    Sibyl, Zoe & Mason discuss:
    - The challenges Chinese medicine faces in the West.
    - The scientific model and its limitations when applied to Chinese medicine.
    - Where Chinese medicine fits within an allopathic system.
    - Why Chinese medicine can't change to appease the limitations of the education system. 
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    Preconception & Naturopathic Care with Jennifer Ward

    Preconception & Naturopathic Care with Jennifer Ward

    Today, Tahnee welcomes Naturopath Jennifer Ward of Halsa Health onto the show. Jennifer specialises in women's health, particularly in preconception, pregnancy and postpartum care.

    The women share a beautiful conversation surrounding preconception, what it is, what it entails, the role diet, lifestyle and stress play in hormonal health and why both women and men need to share the load when it comes to fertility and conception.

    Throughout their chat, Tahnee and Jennifer explore the intricacies of preconception, delving into the many elements that are involved on the journey of preparing the body and psyche to carry and birth a child. 

    Jennifer, through her extensive work within a holistic and clinical setting, emphases the importance of an individualised approach, one that involves simple, sustainable, daily health practices to create an environment in which the body feels safe to host a growing child.
    Jennifer highlights that ideally fertility is engaged with as a daily practice, and not thought of as something that is only tended if and when a woman wants to become pregnant.

    Offering practical advice on managing stress and tuning into the body's natural rhythms through simple acts such as getting enough sleep, spending time in nature, and practicing gratitude.

    The women explore the nuanced balance between being informed and becoming overwhelmed by the plethora of information available on preconception care, and the often overlooked role that male partners play in the preconception process overall. With attention called to the fact that their health and stress levels also play a crucial role in a successful conception.
    This episode is a reminder that the journey to motherhood and beyond is deeply personal, and that women, by taking the time to listen to their bodies and seek support from the modalities and practitioners that feel aligned with their innate and individual needs can make all the difference.

    After all each woman is the oracle of her own living system. 

    For those interested in learning more about Jennifer's work or seeking personalised support, find her at Halsa Health, and the links below. 
    Jennifer & Tahnee discuss:
    - Body literacy and the menstrual cycles.
    - The importance of preconception care for both women and men. 
    - How diet, lifestyle and stress influence fertility and hormonal health.
    - Embracing preconception as a long term daily practice.
    - The connection between diet culture and nutrient deficiencies in women. 
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    Halsa Health Website
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    The Blue Zones Uncovered with Dan Sipple & Marcus Pearce

    The Blue Zones Uncovered with Dan Sipple & Marcus Pearce

    Mason, and long time SuperFeast friends, Dan Sipple and Marcus Pearce join forces today for an insightful conversation around diet, lifestyle and longevity in the world's Blue Zones, and how the quality of life experienced by the individuals living in these areas is cultivated through joy, community, resilience and pace.

    The tread that weaves itself so gracefully throughout this conversation is one of unbridled self expression, of the value in allowing ourselves the freedom to include and relish in the aspects of our lived experience that we most enjoy, those feel like a balm not only to our bodies and hearts, but our souls as well.

    We're given insight on these musings as Marcus shares from his experiences spending time with the people of Ikaria, an island located on the coast of Greece in the Eastern Aegean Sea. Here the people live slow and in community, moments are savoured and enjoyed, alcohol is commonly consumed but rarely in excess, the same goes with meat. Things get done in the time it takes to do them and deadlines are not really a thing.

    The pace and the variants considered essential for life are vastly different to those that we are indoctrinated to esteem through the Westernised systems that the majority of us are engaged in, with motivation for "success" often derived from pursuits laced in capitalism.

    Listening to Marcus, Dan, and Mason discuss research on the factors that contribute to wellbeing and longevity in the Blue Zones worldwide, we can identify that it is not the frantic striving for shinier, more, better, higher, younger, that enables a human to flourish, it is in fact the very essence of the dutiful notion of chop wood, carry water, and not duty as in oppression, more so an agreement with what is, carried forward allowing space to enjoy the simple yet enriching facets of life that can only be accessed in the present with presence.

    We're introduced to the fact that when measuring the two separately, social connection has a more potent positive influence on health than diet, and those that have the most abundant sense of health are embracing both in equal measure.

    In the field of wellness individual's are so often told (and sold) that health is something that can only be accessed on the other side of "clean" living, and that longevity is derived from the perfect morning routine, nutrient intake, exercise and supplement regime. However in reality often the people that live the longest (and happiest) lives are those that are living in joyful communion with the things that they enjoy, vices included.
    We've all seen or heard the stories of the 100+ year old woman or man who attributes their longevity to their daily cigarette, coffee or can of coca cola.

    Centenarians are not exclusively green juice drinking yogini's or those who engage in a multifaceted wellness routine, Many are those that live simply, at natures pace, in community with purpose and without too much stress. Those who are culturally rich.

    How your life looks is not nearly as important as how your life feels, for you, regardless of the thoughts/opinions of an external audience.

    It is not always accessible for those living in the psyche of the Western grid to live like the inhabitants of the Blue Zones, however what is accessible is the knowledge of a different way, and the inspiration to include more of what and who you love in your days, and that that is often more powerful than any perfected way of living.
    Mason, Dan & Marcus discuss:
    - The Blue Zones diet controversy.
    - Adapting Blue Zone lifestyles to a modern setting. 
    - Traditional lifestyle and its influence on health. 
    - Social life over diet for longevity.
    - Authenticity and success, what it is and how you measure it.
    - The power of adopting an individualised approach to health. 
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    Chinese Medicine; Beyond The Surface with Peter Galle

    Chinese Medicine; Beyond The Surface with Peter Galle

    Today Mason welcomes the remarkable Peter Galle onto the show. Peter is a practitioner of true Classical Chinese medicine, one of many exceptional individuals keeping the practice of this lost healing art present and alive in the current diluted culture of Westernised appropriation.

    Peter and Mason go deep in this episode, inviting us to acknowledge with gravity, the enormous value the sensory faculties of sight, smell, taste, touch and perception hold in the fruitful practice of healing, regardless of the modality.

    Both men share their knowledge and insights passionately, many of which are heavily influenced by the Huang Di Nei Jing, The Yellow Emperor's Classic Of Internal Medicine, a seminal text on Chinese medicine that captures the root intention of the Classical approach.

    Peter speaks from the heart, with care and diligent reverence for those who walked before him, whose path of mastery was apprenticed in alignment with the original guidance of this ancient craft.

    Covering all manner of topics; including the challenges practitioners face when working to harmonise complex pathologies, the importance of honouring lineage and working with classical texts, why self-cultivation and self-care are crucial aspects for the longevity of the healers' practice, developing perceptual sensitivity and the acuity and discipline that is required to accurately read the body and its subtle cues, plant medicine and the indigenous use of Cannabis in China and so much more!

    This episode is rich and valuable, a truly insightful listen for all, especially those in communion with the practices of Chinese medicine. 
    Peter & Mason discuss:
    - The difference between commercialised Chinese medicine and true Chinese medicine.
    - The challenges faced by practitioners in treating complex illness.
    - The magic and interconnectedness of plants in healing.
    - The importance of self-cultivation for practitioners.
    - The layers of the body and disease in Chinese medicine.
    - Honouring the lineage and working with classical texts in Chinese medicine.
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    High Performance Herbalism with Logan Christopher

    High Performance Herbalism with Logan Christopher

    In today's episode Mason shares the mic with Logan Christopher founder and CEO of US company Lost Empire Herbs. The gents discuss performance based herbalism, the power of spagyrics and the Taoist approach to health, all the while sharing deep camaraderie around what it's like to grow through an evolving family owned business.

    Logan takes centre stage as he narrates his personal journey through the herbal landscape, shedding light on the significant role herbs play in bolstering vitality and well-being. The duo examine how herbal tonics, with their multifaceted properties, can be strategically utilised to cultivate distinct levels of health and performance, while providing a holistic approach to personal wellness.

    Logan shares his insights on spagyric tinctures, and the transformative experience's he's faced while working with them, offering us a glimpse into the alchemical intricacies and multidimensional nature these meticulously crafted elixirs can embody. 

    We're introduced to the concept of "health beyond danger" and reminded of the Taoist principals surrounding balance and moderation.

    Mason and Logan share candidly about the challenges and rewards that come with owning a herbal business, both reflecting on what's involved in their roles as founders and CEO's. From the nuances of decision-making to the art of team-building, the men emphasise the importance of building a cohesive team that aligns with the company's overarching vision. Both sharing anecdotes and lessons learned from their journey's at the helm of a burgeoning herbal empire.

    Tune in for more.
    Logan & Mason discuss:
    - Logan's introduction to tonic herbs and his journey in the health industry. 
    - Herbal spagyrics and their metaphysical nature.
    - Performance and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).
    - Herbs and business; going from founder to CEO.
    - Tonic herbs for hormonal/sexual health.
    - Lost Empire Herbs latest product range. 
    Resource guide
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    Lost Empire Herbs Instagram
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    Lost Empire Youtube
    Lost Empire Herbs Website
    Legendary Strength Website
    Logan's Substack
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4.9 out of 5
441 Ratings

441 Ratings

lenny-91 ,


The lastest podcasts on parenting is the most refreshing parenting conversation I’ve heard in a long long time. Such great insights and so so non judgmental and beautiful!

rainbowsandrain88 ,

Love all these guys have to offer

Mason and Tahnee are so knowledgeable and take on so many different aspects of health, this podcast is such a must listen for everyone. Also, I really love their products, I take them everywhere with me 🙌🏽✨ keep doing what you do guys

debbree ,

Healing by listening

Love listening to Tahnee and Mason as well as all of their amazing guests, talk about all things health and well-being. My favourite podcast.

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