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The Curious Life is hosted and executive produced by therapist and author, Jana Firestone. In this series, Jana talks with some of Australia’s most well-loved television, media and sports personalities about how they have turned their tragedies into triumphs. These are inspirational stories of overcoming and becoming the best version of ourselves, no matter what plot twist life throws in your way.

The Curious Life Hosted and Executive Produced by Jana Firestone

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The Curious Life is hosted and executive produced by therapist and author, Jana Firestone. In this series, Jana talks with some of Australia’s most well-loved television, media and sports personalities about how they have turned their tragedies into triumphs. These are inspirational stories of overcoming and becoming the best version of ourselves, no matter what plot twist life throws in your way.

    Shed Your Shit with Heidi Anderson

    Shed Your Shit with Heidi Anderson

    Heidi Anderson is a bubbly ball of brilliant energy, who has pivoted from a life in the reality and radio spotlight, to PR and confidence hype queen.

    But she's not all sequins and sass, Heidi has had to do the heavy lifting to overcome significant challenges in her own life. From body image and self-esteem, to her new normal of balancing a busy work and media life, with her role as a doting mum to her beautiful young son and partner to her loving hubby. To manage this, Heidi is constantly evolving and doing the work in a meaningful way.

    In this conversation, we dug down into some of Heidi's most vulnerable spots. From grieving former identities and
    the path through a very difficult family choice, to a harrowing parental diagnosis that has brought Heidi and her family closer together than ever before.

    This one has laughter and tears but through it all, I hope it inspires you to ask yourself the hard questions, to talk to the people you love about the scary things and as Heidi says - to shed your shit!

    You can work directly with Heidi through her VIP PR Champagne Confidence Club – offering a personalised PR plan, pitch templates, access to Heidi and her media expert besties and so much more. So, if you’re ready to make a splash – contact Heidi today on socials at

    While you’re at it, grab a copy of her book “Drunk on Confidence” and why not grab a copy of my new book, PLOT TWIST, while you’re there!

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    This Is Not A Game with Marc Fennell

    This Is Not A Game with Marc Fennell

    Returning guest and one of our favourite documentarians, Marc Fennell sat down to unpack his new project that explores the early days of the internet and where it all went wrong, through a deep dive into a previously unexplored world of tech hippies, eccentric web subcultures and simmering paranoia, uncovering how this tongue-in-cheek artistic experiment backfired on its creator and went on to influence much of what’s wrong with the internet today.

    Marc was quite candid about his approach to documentary making and storytelling, and to my delight, shared just how he really felt about being labelled as the "cheerful Aussie version of Louis Theroux" - the same day he was sitting down to interview Louis himself.

    This is a fun one.

    The Audible Original series, This is Not a Game with Marc Fennell, is out now. Listen for free at audible.com.au/notagame”

    My new book Plot Twist is available now in bookstores everywhere or online and I'd love to hear your thoughts! Hit me up with a DM on socials at @thecuriouslifepodcast or send me an email at thecuriouslifepodacst@gmail.com.

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    A Thousand Wasted Sundays with Victoria Vanstone

    A Thousand Wasted Sundays with Victoria Vanstone

    Victoria Vanstone has lived the nightlife of a rockstar –
    blazing through bars across the world, waking up in random locations with hazy memories of the night before, with clubbing injuries and risky scenarios all part
    of her weekly experience. It was a blisteringly good time – until it wasn’t.

    As a mum of three kids, and an author with a thriving
    podcast, Vic is now sober and living in Queensland, in stark contrast to her blackout days.

    She has had some wild adventures, that she recounts in quite hilarious fashion, in her book A Thousand Wasted Sundays. We got right to the heart of things, unpacking Vic’s journey to sobriety, through her early years growing up in the UK, to her many misadventures across the world – including a traumatic firsthand account of the Boxing Day Tsunami, bearing witness to the unthinkable tragedy in the unfolding days.

    We got deep about the complexities of parenthood, grief, peer judgement and accountability – and so much more.

    Vic’s story is entirely engaging, totally relatable and incredibly inspiring.

    Listen to this ep and then grab yourself a copy of her
    brilliant book A Thousand Wasted Sundays, but be warned – you won’t be able to put it down!

    You can hear more of her story in her award-winning podcast Sober Awkward and on socials at @drunkmummysobermummy.

    Find me at @thecuriouslifepodcast and @thedaysthatfollow.

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    Not So Late Nights with Chris Franjola

    Not So Late Nights with Chris Franjola

    We are back with Season 6 and we’re kicking things off with a huge announcement! Plot Twist! You’ll hear it here first and I’m so thrilled to finally be able to spill the beans.

    Following that big announcement, we welcome back returning guest, comedian Chris Franjola – live from Las Vegas. Well, he was live on location at the time of recording anyway. Chris brings some much-needed laughter and lightness into the conversation, and we talk about his Hollywood connections, what’s next for Megan Markle, a tangential royal education for Chris – and the realities of life on the road as a touring comedian. We also connected over the battles of parenthood and unwelcome input from strangers – this episode really has it all.

    There are plenty of laughs and relatable moments in this
    one, and it’s the perfect start to the year.

    You can keep up with Chris on socials at @chrisfranjola and find out where he’s touring next at www.franjola.fun.

    You can find me at @thecuriouslifepodcast and @thedaysthatfollow and pretty please leave us a rating and review on iTunes so that this episode and the show can reach as many people as possible.

    The pre-order link to Plot Twist: a personal guide to surviving life’s unexpected curveballs can be found below!

    Twist by Jana Firestone | A personal guide to surviving life's unexpected
    curveballs | 9781761470448 | Booktopia

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    Not Like Other Dads with Sean Szeps

    Not Like Other Dads with Sean Szeps

    Welcome to the final episode for 2024… And what an ep it is!

    In this lucky last conversation for the year, I had the
    absolute privilege of meeting one of my favourite content creators, the brilliant Sean Szeps.

    If you’re not already a fan – you soon will be. Sean is an American expat, author and a married father of twins who makes a living creating hilarious content on the (rude) realities of parenting.

    But in this conversation, I got to know the more serious
    side of Sean. The real Sean.

    Growing up in a religious family in New Hampshire, Sean’s early discovery that he might be gay was a terrifying prospect. This sparked the beginning of a deeply existential and extremely difficult period in Sean’s life, where he began to question everything.

    Sean has been through many difficult transitions in his life,
    but we go deep on the one that changed everything.

    We talked parenting and partnering, post-natal depression and mental health, and Sean left me with fresh ideas and insights on many aspects of family life, that we should all be pausing to consider.

    Sean shares all of this and more, but if you’d like to go
    even deeper, you must read his wonderful book Not Like Other Dads.

    You can find Sean on socials at @seanszeps.

    Connect with me at @thecuriouslifepodcast or
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    The Road to Self with Rachael Coopes Part 2

    The Road to Self with Rachael Coopes Part 2

    Get ready for Part 2 of The Road to Self via Paris, with Rachael Coopes. This episode opens with a personal interruption, that could not have been more perfectly timed. It illustrates the balance we are daring to strike at all times, as busy working parents, pulled between commitments and responsibilities, with demands on our time and energy tugging us in every direction.

    So how do we find ourselves in and among all of this
    beautiful chaos? How do we find stillness, follow our hearts and thrive in the middle of the maelstrom?

    We unpack that and plenty more, in this zinger of a second
    half of a conversation I could have carried on all day long.

    Listen now on all the podcast apps.

    Don’t forget to leave us a rating and review on iTunes please! The team here at The Curious Life would be incredibly grateful for the support!

    You can find Rach at @rachaelcoopes.

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5.0 out of 5
50 Ratings

50 Ratings

E2! ,


Fabulous guests and deep dives covering a range of relevant and interesting topics - a must listen!

Sezjade ,

Great conversations

Such a great podcast, Jana is a great host along with many great guests she brings onto chat with. Always on my list to listen & recommend

Podlovincriminal ,

Love this pod

Updating my review because it’s been a long time. Long time listener here! I love this show, always agree with Jana’s outlook on issues and the guests are fire. Such a great vibe, love the energy. This podcast is my absolute favorite and I can’t wait to hear more!

Old review below:

A friend put me onto this podcast and I’m so glad she did. It’s a new take on interviewing with a new talent in the industry. The guests are so intriguing and the host Jana has a natural interviewing style that’s so refreshing in today’s saturated market. This one is going to be big - get in early!

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