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The Curious Life is hosted and produced by therapist, writer, entrepreneur and passion-seeker Jana Firestone. As a highly skilled and compassionate interviewer, Jana has talked with some of Australia's most well-loved television, media and sports personalities about how they have turned their tragedies into triumphs. These are inspirational stories of overcoming and becoming the best version of ourselves.

The Curious Life Written, hosted and produced by Jana Firestone

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The Curious Life is hosted and produced by therapist, writer, entrepreneur and passion-seeker Jana Firestone. As a highly skilled and compassionate interviewer, Jana has talked with some of Australia's most well-loved television, media and sports personalities about how they have turned their tragedies into triumphs. These are inspirational stories of overcoming and becoming the best version of ourselves.

    Girl Transcending with AJ Clementine

    Girl Transcending with AJ Clementine

    AJ Clementine always knew she was a girl. Even when her mum was pregnant with her, she was certain she was having a girl and had all the cravings and symptoms to prove it.

    Imagine the confusion all round, when she was born into the 'magical' shell that looked, on the outside, like a perfect little boy.

    Starting life as a boy on the outside made the world a very confusing place for AJ.

    In her teens, this conflict between her outer and inner selves exploded, igniting years of anxiety and panic attacks.

    In the final episode of the year, AJ shares some of the pieces of the journey of her gender transition and her transformation into a model, digital creator and transgender advocate.

    AJ is a ray of light and generous with her thoughts and experiences. We unpack some of the themes of her book Girl, Transcending and find out what life has been like for AJ in the years since those dark times.

    You can find AJ on Instagram at @ajclementine_ or on YouTube at https://youtube.com/c/AJClementinexo

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    Fearlessly Failing with Lola Berry

    Fearlessly Failing with Lola Berry

    You might know Lola Berry from her myriad endeavours as a nutritionist, television presenter, podcaster, yoga instructor, entrepreneur and author. She is passionate about throwing yourself at your dreams, giving everything a red hot go and not being afraid to fail. Which is exactly what her new book Fearlessly Failing is all about.

    In this episode, we chat about the big risks that Lola has taken along the way and Lola's firm belief in regular therapy for managing all the aspects of her life. From the lessons of failures in love and in life to why it is so important to run towards the disappointments, rather than away from them.

    Lola's new life includes two big moves to LA and the Byron, splitting her time across the world and immersing herself the scary new landscape of acting classes in the home of Hollywood. So how does she balance her long-distance relationship, her businesses and her passions alongside the big life questions about what next?

    The answers might surprise you.

    You can find Lola at @yummololaberry or at www.lolaberry.com and can order her new book Fearlessly Failing via the link in her bio.

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    Ciao Bella! With Kate Langbroek

    Ciao Bella! With Kate Langbroek

    Kate Langbroek has been a shining star of radio and television for the last two and a bit decades and is known for her quick wit and mirthful observations - and isn't afraid to share a strong opinion, either.

    Two years ago, Kate was at the top of her game with a top rating radio show with a legion of avid listeners and regular, much-loved television appearances. At the height of this acclaim, Kate and her husband Peter, made the bold move to pack up their family of six and move them to Italy for a year.

    What came next was a combination of highs and lows, time for reflection and a healthy dose of la dolce vita.

    One year in Italy rolled into two, when Kate found herself at the epicentre of the global pandemic during what should have been her sweet escape.

    So, what sent her packing? And how did she manage with all those kids in an apartment during months of intense lockdown on the other side of the world?

    Kate chats with Jana about the magic of Italy, the stark realities of life as a busy mum of four and the depths of grief that having a child with a cancer diagnosis brings.

    Kate has plenty of advice for Jana as she gives us insight into her own little wolf pack and just how she is raising her three boys to be good men. They chat about the changing landscape of friendships, medieval plague doctors and all the beauty that lies within Kate's brilliant new book Ciao Bella!

    It's a vibrant conversation that will have you both laughing and crying, much like Kate's book.

    You can find Kate on Instagram at @katelangbroek

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    Future Woman with Jamila Rizvi

    Future Woman with Jamila Rizvi

    Jamila Rizvi is a best-selling author, sought after public speaker, thriving podcaster presenter and gender equality advocate. You may remember her incredibly rousing speech at the Women's March 4 Justice earlier this year, sharing her thoughts on the painful experiences of women in Australian politics.

    Jamila lives in Melbourne with her husband and young son and although it sounds like she might just have it all, she is also living with the devastating damage caused as a result of a recurrent brain tumour.

    This impacts her life in every way imaginable and in this episode, Jamila shares some of the battles she has had to face in dealing with this from initial diagnosis, through treatment and in the unexpected ways that her mental health has been challenged beyond the medical interventions.

    As the host of The Secret Life of Carers Podcast, Jamila found herself immersed in the stories of mental health carers and we unpacked some of the ways in which their experiences resonated with her own.

    It's an insightful chat about mental health and resilience and the many surprises that life might have for us all in the ways that our lives unfold.

    You can find Jamila on Instagram at @jamilarizvi where you will fin the links to all her podcasts, her work with Future Women and latest collaborations.

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    Life Is Tough But So Are You with Briony Benjamin

    Life Is Tough But So Are You with Briony Benjamin

    Briony Benjamin, is the kind of woman you want to be best friends with. She is a self-confessed video mischief maker, global storyteller, keynote speaker and author. She's incredibly down to earth to boot.

    Briony was living a fabulous life, working at Mamamia and flexing all her creative muscles, when things started slowly falling apart.

    Suddenly Briony found herself having to tell a story she never thought she would be telling, when she was diagnosed with Stage 4 lymphoma at just 31. She made a video of her experiences called "You Only Get One Life" that went viral, and has now been seen by over 200 million people.

    The way Briony handled life's biggest curve ball is a great reminder that Life Is Tough But So Are You...which happens to be the name of her brilliant book - out now.

    In this episode, Briony will take you through her incredible story of grit and resilience through the darkest days of her life, with great wit, charm and a massive dose of inspiration.
    Listen now wherever you get your podcasts.

    You can follow Briony on Insta @briony_benjamin.

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    Nothing But My Body with Tilly Lawless

    Nothing But My Body with Tilly Lawless

    Tilly Lawless is a queer, Sydney-based sex worker who is using her platform to break down the many misconceptions and stereotypes about the sex industry. But as you'll hear, that is just one string to the bow of this multifaceted, brilliant young woman.

    Tilly was outed as a sex worker by the world news, when she sparked a movement by creating the hashtag #facesofprostition, in response to an unfair depiction of sex workers in an article published by Mamamia. Tilly's response on social media led to a global response from sex workers around the world, bringing to light the real people behind the sex work industry.

    Tilly is an accomplished speaker, activist and Ted Talker, breaking down the barriers and sharing her insights into the challenges faced by many in the sex industry.

    Tilly has shared some of her own personal experiences as a sex worker in her brilliant debut novel, Nothing But My Body. Her writing is a literary feast, taking us deep into the inner sanctum of her brothel work while taking us through the complexities and the emotional turmoil of a breakup, her deep connection to her friends and to her roots in northern NSW.

    Tilly's insights are vivid, sharp and thought-provoking. If you've ever wondered what it's really like to be a young woman in the sex industry, then strap in for this one. Tilly does not hold back. This conversation may just change your own thoughts about sex work and the sex industry, that perhaps you weren't even aware you held.

    You can purchase Tilly's novel Nothing But My Body here:

    And you can find Tilly on Instagram at @tilly_lawless

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5.0 out of 5
46 Ratings

46 Ratings

bubbalicious2 ,


As someone just recently diagnosed with bipolar (and with a husband who is a Gold Rush fan!), I found Jana’s interview with Tyler Mahoney particularly relevant and refreshing. Bringing issues like bipolar and depression (which are so widely misunderstood - often even initially by the people who have them) is such an important step towards achieving greater mental health awareness and both Jana and Tyler should be congratulated for this episode. Jana’s light and friendly interview style worked really well with Tyler’s open and frank responses. Well worth a listen!

Mere Mortals Podcast ,

Bringing The Firestone!

Jana is a great host and found myself diving deep into her episodes. Particularly enjoyed the chat with Mike Goldman as he made some great points about chasing fame and how you can lose yourself in this ultimately unfulfilling pursuit.

OleKB14 ,

Inspiring stories

Fascinating and entertaining real-life stories from inspiring people. Do yourself a favour and listen to Jana and her guests.

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