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The Curious Life is hosted and executive produced by therapist, author and entrepreneur, Jana Firestone. As a highly skilled and compassionate interviewer, Jana has talked with some of Australia’s most well-loved television, media and sports personalities about how they have turned their tragedies into triumphs. These are inspirational stories of overcoming and becoming the best version of ourselves.

The Curious Life Hosted and Executive Produced by Jana Firestone

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The Curious Life is hosted and executive produced by therapist, author and entrepreneur, Jana Firestone. As a highly skilled and compassionate interviewer, Jana has talked with some of Australia’s most well-loved television, media and sports personalities about how they have turned their tragedies into triumphs. These are inspirational stories of overcoming and becoming the best version of ourselves.

    Best Laid Plans with Georgie Abay

    Best Laid Plans with Georgie Abay

    This is one of those episodes that when listening back, I was crying, laughing and doing both at the same time. Georgie Abay gets it.

    Georgie’s new book Best Laid Plans truly spoke to my soul. Having recently had Baby #3 and trying to strike the balance between ambition, passion and family demands, I was underslept, overwrought and so, so ready for this conversation.

    Georgie and I clicked immediately and went deep into her experience as a mother, having had two traumatic and premature births in quick succession, challenging first months with her babies, along with enviable career opportunities to rival any Hollywood movie.

    We unpacked the raw and ugly truth about the toll that parenthood can take on your mental and physical health - as well as your relationship - and the complex layers that compound all of these issues for so many of us.

    Georgie Abay is a busy woman, a creative and a former Vogue Australia deputy editor, founder of The Grace Tales and current acting Head of Marketing Campaigns, Operations & Content at Mecca. She truly knows the pressure that so many of us feel as women – but best of all – she is willing to talk about it. What worked, what hasn’t and why.

    Don’t miss this one – and grab yourself a copy of Georgie’s book now for an inside look at her brilliant career, the highs and the lows, and her generous gift of insight and reflection that I know will connect with so many.

    You can find Georgie on socials at @thegracetales or via her website at www.thegracetales.com

    Find us at @thecuriouslifepodcast and @thedaysthatfollow on Insta for all the latest updates.

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    Putting On A Show with Rob Mills

    Putting On A Show with Rob Mills

    Rob “Millsy” Mills rose to fame on Australian Idol in 2003 and spent the immediate years following, under the dizzying and intense spotlight of fame. At the height of the Idol frenzy, Rob had a terrifying panic attack that literally took him right to the edge and back. This was his first brush with mental health in a serious way and one that we got into during our conversation in this episode.

    Rob is a bit of an open book and has taken that approach in his new role as an author, sharing so much of his own life and reflections while exploring all the edges of masculinity and mental health, and what it means to be an “Aussie bloke”. Turns out there isn’t one single way to be a man in this country and thank god for that!

    We unpacked Rob’s reasons for diving into such a meaty topic, and what he learned from the conversations he had with some of the country’s top experts in mental health. Rob also shared his thoughts on the complexities of shifting family dynamics, mateship and the incredibly important role his relationship with his two brothers has had over the years.

    Rob has done a huge amount of research for this book, covering areas like toxic masculinity, gender equity, violence, suicide, online misogyny, penis size and sexuality but all handled with humour and deep insight that has certainly left me, a mother of three young boys, rethinking so much of what will be important in raising them. It's a great chat.

    Grab your copy of Rob’s book “Putting On A Show”, read it and give it to all the men in your life.

    You can find Rob on Insta at @robmillsymills or at www.robmills.net.au.

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    The Girl Who Fell From The Sky with Emma Carey

    The Girl Who Fell From The Sky with Emma Carey

    At age 20, Emma Carey literally fell out of the sky. She landed at full speed on the ground, with an adult male strapped to her back – and survived. But that’s just the beginning of the story. Two minutes that changed everything and started Emma on the most painful, impactful, inspirational journey that has led her to where she is today. Surviving the fall was one thing, but how did Emma survive the recovery process? The lengthy legal process? The psychological battle that she had the grit and determination to win. But interestingly, there was already a dark undercurrent that Emma had been dealing with since she was a teenager.

    Emma learned some invaluable lessons in her recovery from her massive, life-altering injuries and she quickly developed an impressive resilience and gained a remarkable positive outlook on life.

    She shares those lessons with us, as we unpack anxiety, facing mortality and discovering gratitude for the small things in life.

    Emma’s memoir “The Girl Who Fell From The Sky” is available everywhere and you can find her at @em_carey on socials.

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    Cover to Cover with Chris Franjola

    Cover to Cover with Chris Franjola

    Chris Franjola is a writer and comedian, who you may know from his years on Chelsea Lately and After Lately with Chelsea Handler, from his stand up work, or from his podcast Cover To Cover. He’s also a fan favourite with Heather McDonald’s Juicy Scoop crowd, and that’s how I was lucky enough to connect with him.

    In this episode, I revealed much of my not-so-secret, decades long, obsession with Elvis and we unpacked some of the tragedy that played out on the big screen in Baz Luhrmann’s epic recent production of “Elvis”. We also chatted about Will Smith and that Oscars apology, the life-altering impact on mental health that stratospheric fame brings and Chris’ former friendship with arguably one of the most famous people on the planet, Meghan Markle.

    There's plenty more as we took a dive into pop culture, American gun culture and life as touring comedian.

    Chris shares much of his insights on Hollywood from his own perspective and what it is that keeps him feeling grounded and well from a mental health perspective.

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    Love on The Spectrum with Jodi Rodgers

    Love on The Spectrum with Jodi Rodgers

    You might recognise Jodi Rodgers from the smash hit series, "Love On The Spectrum" which aired on ABC and is now available on Netflix.

    Jodi is a qualified sexologist, counsellor and special education teacher, and her role on the show saw her supporting the cast on their quest to find love.

    Jodi is one of those very special people, who connects deeply with the people she is working with and with those around her. This conversation is no different. We talked about her time on the show, sex and intimacy in relationships and of course, the beautiful community of people on the spectrum that she knows and loves. Jodi's honesty and generosity is just beautiful and I know you'll love this chat.

    You can find Jodi on Insta at @jodirodgers_ or look her up in her private practice at www.birdsandbees.com.au

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    The Self-Love Bible with Ariella Nyssa

    The Self-Love Bible with Ariella Nyssa

    Ariella Nyssa is a breath of fresh air. Not only is she an incredible advocate for body positivity, she is also the author of The Self-Love Bible, which is jam-packed with anecdotes and exercises designed to get readers reflecting about how they think and feel about themselves from the inside out.

    But things weren't always so rosy for Ariella. Growing up in a religious community, the expectations of what her future should look like were vastly different from the world she now lives in. These expectations and beliefs saw Ariella fall in with the wrong crowd as a teenager, making choices that saw her fall deeper into the religious beliefs of her community.

    As a result, Ariella found herself getting married and then divorced, all before the age of 20.

    Her mental health suffered significantly, to the point where she was actively considering ending her own life. This was a terrifying realisation and a lightbulb moment that led her to the glorious path that she is on today.

    Ariella is a bright light, full of warmth and insight who has seen the darkest days and been able to turn them into beams of positivity.

    Her story is inspiring.

    You can find her at @ariellanyssa and @theselflovebible_

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5.0 out of 5
46 Ratings

46 Ratings

bubbalicious2 ,


As someone just recently diagnosed with bipolar (and with a husband who is a Gold Rush fan!), I found Jana’s interview with Tyler Mahoney particularly relevant and refreshing. Bringing issues like bipolar and depression (which are so widely misunderstood - often even initially by the people who have them) is such an important step towards achieving greater mental health awareness and both Jana and Tyler should be congratulated for this episode. Jana’s light and friendly interview style worked really well with Tyler’s open and frank responses. Well worth a listen!

Mere Mortals Podcast ,

Bringing The Firestone!

Jana is a great host and found myself diving deep into her episodes. Particularly enjoyed the chat with Mike Goldman as he made some great points about chasing fame and how you can lose yourself in this ultimately unfulfilling pursuit.

OleKB14 ,

Inspiring stories

Fascinating and entertaining real-life stories from inspiring people. Do yourself a favour and listen to Jana and her guests.

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