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A podcast that shines an entertaining light on the Australian Flyfishing scene

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A podcast that shines an entertaining light on the Australian Flyfishing scene

    Episode 55 - The Flathead Special

    Episode 55 - The Flathead Special

    Buckle in for Episode 55 where we take on one of the most accessible fish in Australia the humble Flathead. Listen as we try to fill an hour an a half of talking about a species that could easily be narrowed down to a 30 mins chat  hahaha. In all seriousness, the Flathead is a great target for flyfisherman. Experienced guys can target slabs and people transitioning fro m trout to Saltwater can also get runs on the board early on with this species. We both genuinely hope that this show inspires you to look at Flathead as a fly target or to re look at them as a challenge.
    Big thanks to Captain Super Bad (Alex Roy) as well for letting us use a pic seeing we don't have anything as stunning as this picture. 

    • 1 hr 26 min
    Episode 54 - Adam Altman

    Episode 54 - Adam Altman

    Episode 54- We chat with Adam Altman about monster Murray Cod on fly. I get the feeling that making comparative or competitive statements would embarrass him, but I don’t think anybody had as many big cod on fly as Adam. It was a real pleasure talking with him about his passion. He is not afraid of a donut, and what makes it more creditable is that he is fishing in below freezing conditions at dawn or dusk throwing cast after cast. Now imagine that you hadn’t had a bite in the last 10 trips... yep, that committed. For me it was a real insight into a guy who does get it done.I reckon you guys will enjoy this, thanks for your time Adam!!

    • 2 hrs 2 min
    Episode 53 - Royce Shanks

    Episode 53 - Royce Shanks

    Episode 53 - On this episode, we chat to the Luderick Jedi .... Royce Shanks. Royce is a second generation Sith Lord of all things Blackfish. We go over the technical aspects of fly fishing for Blackfish or Luderick. This species is very common along the eastern side of Australia and is considered a bread an butter species by many, they can be caught inside estuaries or on the edge of open water with either very basic gear or you can get as technical as you like. The flies that Royce uses are very interesting and are easily made by any fly tyer which make fly fishing for Luderick a very accessible species for a large part of the population for Australians and New Zealanders....
    Join us as we allow the midichlorians of the dark side flow through us while we learn what we can in this, the latest saga of the The Intermediate Line strikes back.
    We also discuss the latest poses you can do in front of camera so you can look red hot on the flats this summer
    There is also a Podcast listener fly tying special offer.... its at the end

    • 2 hrs 3 min
    Episode 52 - The very cool SVS Podcast

    Episode 52 - The very cool SVS Podcast

    Episode 52 - The wonderful SBS podcast.... this is a long show that is pretty much a get together between 2 podcast juggernauts and we talk about world domination.
    On the intro, we also include the outro... how efficient is that!!  
    Oh, and we hear how Voltzy spacks out with and early fly tying accident. 
    Checkout the SVS podcast on iTunes, Podbean and every other place you would expect quality shit talking podcasts 

    • 2 hrs 59 min
    Episode 52 - Fly Tying Special 2

    Episode 52 - Fly Tying Special 2

    Votzy and Chris get into all things fly tying. We go through a range of listener questions, and give up some advice based on our combined experiences. Be prepared for a show that mainly centres around adopting a mindset for fly tying that can give you the angler a unique approach to adapt to your unique situation wherever you are from or whatever you fish for.

    • 2 hrs 31 min
    Episode 50 - Rod Harrison ( Harro )

    Episode 50 - Rod Harrison ( Harro )

    Episode 50- To many, this man will need no introduction, but for those who are very new to the sport or have been sheltered from any form of Flyfishing media in the past 50 odd years, Rod Harrison or Harro as he is affectionately known as, is one on the most influential personalities in Australian fly fishing. If you don't know who he is, keep in mind that what your doing (saltwater and Australian natives on fly) may have been very different in Australia without this man. Harro has influenced not only the sport, but countless anglers and industry products from around the country including your hosts Voltzy and Chris. We are honoured to bring you this show
    Also on this show we reflect on 50 episodes and 50,000 Downloads and also Voltzy's romper room mirror looks out to some of the highlights of the week in Australian Flyfishing.

    • 2 hrs 9 min

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5
49 Ratings

49 Ratings

freoflyfisher ,

Excellent Show

Great podcast ... good content with classic Ozzie humour. Always end up learning something and have a good laugh on the side 👍🎣

damos fishing!! ,

Rad music

Great listening content very informative and pretty funny! Long episodes but definitely fills the long days at work!
Stay fluffy.

Nat Mackerel ,

Highly addictive

Really enjoying the content here ... from the banter & sledging right through to expert analysis and discussion. Usually I’d not listen to a 2hr podcast but this is highly addictive.... really enjoy it guys.

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