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Australia's premier general medical academic peer-reviewed journal.

Customer Reviews

drsair ,

Pitch too basic

Agree with previous reviews about sound issues (although seems improved on recent recordings) however my concerns run also into content. I find that level is pitched too low, no medical knowledge seems to be assumed. This allows for superficial coverage only for issues that could be fleshed out a bit more. There also appears to be very little critical evaluation of studies discussed which is disappointing.

Drmarty62 ,

Fix the sound

This would be an excellent podcast if you could clearly hear the interviewees. I cannot tweak the sound enough to hear enough of their input so sadly am unsubscribing. Hope you fix it. There are plenty of podcasts recorded over the phone so there has to be a technical fix. Will try again later.

jeske20xt6 ,

A good podcast that could be great

As others have said, sound quality is terrible.

But more to the point, you JUST had Dr Ada Cheung on talking about how the #1 thing trans and gender diverse patients want is doctor literacy in trans issues, yet in every episode about a gendered medical issue you have doctors referring to gendered patients. It is possible to talk about abortion without constantly referring to “women” and “mothers”. Furthermore, the doctor who came on to discuss erectile dysfunction actually referred to doctors in general with the pronoun “he”, to absolutely no response from the host.

The AMA needs to enforce a style guide here and live what they’re apparently in support of. Lazily imprecise language = lazy and dangerous practitioners.

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