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A weekly conversation series with leaders in the psychedelic community. Designed in service of therapists, healers, retreat leaders, and passionate enthusiasts. Presented by Maya, the psychedelic therapy intelligence platform and hosted by Eamon Armstrong.

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A weekly conversation series with leaders in the psychedelic community. Designed in service of therapists, healers, retreat leaders, and passionate enthusiasts. Presented by Maya, the psychedelic therapy intelligence platform and hosted by Eamon Armstrong.

    Bia Labate (Chacruna): Psychedelic Healing is Political

    Bia Labate (Chacruna): Psychedelic Healing is Political

    Today I am speaking to Bia Labate, the Executive Director of Chacruna, a popular psychedelic website and research institution. She is the Public Education and Culture Specialist at MAPS, adjunct professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies (CIIS), and author of over 20 books.

    On the show we discuss the mission of Chacruna--to give a voice and platform to people who have been traditionally excluded from the field of psychedelic science. We discuss how psychedelic therapists can become more engaged with the movement and give back to the community. We explore topics of social justice in the field and Bia’s own personal journey coming to California from Brazil. Finally, we highlight how psychedelics can be used for collective and how psychedelic healing is inherently political--from queering psychedelics--to Black Lives Matter.

    Bia is a huge proponent of including more diverse voices in the psychedelic community, especially of queer, women/non-binary, Latinx, and indigenous folks in these important and societal-shifting conversations.


    Bia Labate: https://www.bialabate.net/
    Chacruna: Chacruna.net 


    :05 - The goal of Chacruna is to give voice and platform to the people that have been traditionally excluded from the field of psychedelic science.
    :15 - A PhD Anthropologist, Bia loves psychedelics because they are “mega cool.”
    :21 - How should new psychedelic therapists acquaint themselves with the movement?
    :25 - How can individual therapists give back to the psychedelic community?
    :36 - How Bia’s understanding of social justice, and her own personal liberation came from moving to California from Brazil.
    :41 - Psychedelics are political, from queering psychedelics to Black Lives Matter
    :54 - Psychedelic healing is collective healing
    :59 - Bia speaks directly to psychedelic therapists

    • 1 hr 8 min
    Kevin Franciotti: Psychedelics in Recovery

    Kevin Franciotti: Psychedelics in Recovery

    Today I am speaking to Kevin Franciotti, founder of Psychedelics in Recovery, a fellowship of individuals in 12-step programs who wish to use psychedelics and plant medicines as part of their recovery. A passionate enthusiast of psychedelic medicine, Kevin’s work is informed by his own relationship to addiction.

    On the show we discuss Kevin’s experience using ibogaine as a treatment for his own opiate addiction and how his work in recovery helped him become a leader in the community.. We talk about the history of Alcoholic Anonymous and other 12-step programs. We explore recovery with a harm-reduction ethos and finally how psychedelic therapists can collaborate with the recovery community.

    Kevin is a journalist, a psychedelic researcher, a harm reduction educator, and a substance use recovery advocate.


    Kevin’s Website:  http://kevin.franciotti.net/
    Psychedelics in Recovery https://www.psychedelicsinrecovery.org/
    Kevin on Twitter: https://twitter.com/KevinFranciotti


    :05 - The history of Alcoholic Anonymous
    :13 - 12 step groups beyond AA and Psychedelic and Recovery
    :21 - Kevin’s personal experience with opiate addiction which led to ibogaine treatment
    :28 - How ibogaine works for opiate addiction
    :37 - Kevin’s experience with 12 step programs and other accountability after his ibogaine treatment.
    :46 - The creation of Psychedelics in Recovery, a 12 step community with a harm reduction ethos
    :53 - How do psychedelic therapists collaborate with this community and others like it

    • 1 hr 3 min
    Dr. Charles Flores: Psychedelics and Addiction

    Dr. Charles Flores: Psychedelics and Addiction

    Are you curious about psychedelic medicine for addiction and people in recovery?

    Today’s guest, Dr. Charles Flores (Vital Puma Integral Recovery), has spent 25 years exploring transpersonal psychology and substance abuse disorders.

    On the show we discuss how psychedelic medicine can facilitate breakthroughs in addictive patterns. We talk about “process addiction” and the default mode network and we do so through the lens of pornography and internet addiction. Dr. Flores cautions against seeing psychedelics as a silver bullet for substance abuse issues and that the integration process must be longer and more skillful.

    Dr. Flores is a nationally certified psychotherapist and advanced drug and alcohol counselor. He is a professor of Chemical Dependency Studies at Cal State, East Bay and is also the new Psychedelics and Addictions Fellow for the CIIS Center for Psychedelic Therapies and Research.

    There are no simple answers in addiction treatment, but over the next hour, Dr. Flores helps us better understand the landscape.


    Vital Puma Integral Recovery: www.vitalpuma.com


    :05 - How Dr. Flores’ childhood inspired him to study addiction
    :11 - What is addiction?
    :18 - Psychedelics for process addictions - for example addiction to internet pornography.
    :26 - The default mode network and patterns of addiction
    :29 - If you remove the trauma do you remove the addiction?
    :35 - Can psychedelic use itself become an addiction?
    :44 - Working with addiction requires skill and longer integration practices
    :50 - Resources for psychedelic therapists working with patients in recovery.

    • 1 hr 3 min
    Maria Teresa Chavez (Sacred Earth Warriors): The Way of the Spiritual Doula

    Maria Teresa Chavez (Sacred Earth Warriors): The Way of the Spiritual Doula

    Today I am speaking to a Spiritual Doula, Maria Teresa Chavez. The former Therapeutic Director of Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center has gone all in on integration.

    On the show we talk about her work at Crossroads, which is now closed, and the particular therapeutic qualities of ibogaine (from the west African Tabernanthe iboga plant) and 5-MeO-DMT (from the Sonoran Desert Toad) which were administered at Crossroads in tandem. We discuss Maria’s own story of healing including the psychedelic San Pedro cactus and the purgative kambo frog. Most importantly we talk about the healing power of nature and meditation and the profound importance of integration.

    Maria is a transformational and spiritual doula, a holistic health coach, and an educator with 16 years of expertise in the metaphysical and holistic lifestyle fields. In addition to her work at Crossroads, she is the founder of Sacred Earth Warriors, a transformational healing event and retreat company. Pairing her Peruvian and Venezuelan heritage and background of shamanic plant medicine work, she brings a reverence for the land and aspects of ceremony into all of her offerings.


    Crossroads Ibogaine Treatment Center (now closed): https://crossroadsibogaine.com/
    Sacred Earth Warriors: https://www.sacredearthwarriors.com/
    Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sacred_earth_warriors/


    :04 - Crossroads Ibogaine Clinic
    :11 - How Iboga works both neurologically and psychologically to reveal maladaptive coping skills
    :17 - How nature, meditation, and mindfulness set a foundation for Maria’s future psychedelic healing
    :22 - Integration and the role of the spiritual doula
    :38 - Maria’s first experiences with Kambo medicine and Wachuma (San Pedro) the medicine of her Peruvian ancestors
    :48 - How to be better stewards of the psychedelic renaissance in terms of sustainability and marginalized people.
    :54 - Maria speaks to psychedelic practitioners

    • 1 hr 1 min
    Akoni Anthony (Maya): The Science and Art of Psychedelic Medicine

    Akoni Anthony (Maya): The Science and Art of Psychedelic Medicine

    Psychedelic medicine is both a science and an art, and Akoni Anthony, co-founder of Maya Health finds his joy at their intersection.

    On the podcast we discuss Akoni’s personal relationship to psychedelics including how he connected with his name. We talk about barriers to psychedelic medicine for the Black community and what white healers need to understand to better serve people of color. We talk about measuring the ineffable and why we need to collect data about psychedelic experiences. Finally Akoni emphasizes the importance of striking a balance between science and spirituality.

    Akoni is the co-founder and Chief Data Officer of Maya Health, a psychedelic software company that presents the Psychedelic Therapy Podcast. He previously worked in the cannabis sector, leading data for Baker Technologies. Akoni has also served as the Chief Technology Officer for Realm of Caring, a nonprofit in cannabinoid education and research helping over 55,000 families world-wide through observational data.

    Maya Health: https://www.mayahealth.com/


    :05 - The origin of the name “Akoni”
    :18 - How psychedelics entered Akoni’s life
    :19 - The barriers to approaching psychedelic medicine in the Black community
    :28 - Why do we need data about psychedelic experiences?
    :33 - How do we measure the ineffable?
    :40 - How can white psychedelic healers support the black community?
    :46 - The balance between science and spirituality

    • 1 hr
    Richard C. Schwartz, Ph.D (Internal Family Systems): IFS & Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

    Richard C. Schwartz, Ph.D (Internal Family Systems): IFS & Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy

    Richard C. Schwartz, is the founder of a style of psychotherapy called Internal Family Systems. IFS is based on the idea that the mind is made up of discrete subpersonalities and that healing occurs when they are brought into harmony. Dick is bullish about psychedelics as a way of accessing and understanding these different subpersonalities or “parts” and believes that IFS can be a helpful topography for anyone doing psychedelic-assisted therapy.

    On the show we discuss the IFS system and why it’s particularly good for working with trauma. Dick shares his personal experiences with psychedelic medicines and Eamon shares his own spontaneous IFS work during his iboga journey. We talk about how IFS can inform psychedelic-assisted therapy and why a knowledge of parts is important for the therapist. We talk about indigenous wisdom traditions and the spirit guides of the DMT world. As always, we conclude with Dick’s specific advice to the aspiring psychedelic therapist.

    It is an honor to speak to such an affable and studied luminary in the field of Psychology and we are excited to bring you other perspectives beyond the psychedelic community moving forward.

    One important note: This podcast, Maya, and I personally support the Black Lives Matter movement. We recognize that the Psychedelic Renaissance has challenges with diversity and we commit to continuing to platform the enormous gifts of BIPOC communities as well as subjects like equal access to psychedelic medicine, healing ancestral trauma, and social justice on this podcast. There are many brilliant melanated voices carrying psychedelic wisdom, if you’d like to nominate a guest for this show, please let us know in the Psychedelic Therapy Facebook group.


    IFS Institute: https://ifs-institute.com/
    Richard C. Schwartz, Ph.D: https://ifs-institute.com/about-us/richard-c-schwartz-phd
    “MDMA-Assisted Psychotherapy: How Different is it from Other Psychotherapy?” By Michael Mithoefer, MD: https://maps.org/news-letters/v23n1/v23n1_p10-14.pdf


    :09 - Forthcoming Studies with Internal Family Systems and MDMA, psilocybin, and ketamine.
    :12 - What is IFS and why is it so good for dealing with trauma
    :22 - Dick’s personal experiences with ketamine and MDMA
    :28 - Eamon shares his spontaneous IFS experience during an iboga journey
    :33 - The IFS map of parts including protectors, managers, firefighters, and exiles
    :41 - How a psychedelic therapist can better hold space by being aware of their own parts.
    :47 - The importance of safety for IFS & psychedelic healing
    :54 - IFS through the lens of Ayahuasca and other indigenous wisdom traditions
    :59 - Dick Schwartz’ advice to aspiring psychedelic therapists

    • 1 hr 8 min

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