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Health and HIV information

    The Olympics and LGBTIQ Communities

    The Olympics and LGBTIQ Communities

    All eyes are on Tokyo as they host the Olympics. With reports that this year's Olympic Games has more out LGBTIQ athletes competing than ever before, Cal Hawk talks to Pride Cup CEO James Lolicato about LGBTIQ representation at this year's Olympic Games and elite-level sport.

    Then, 2020 John Marriott LGBTIQ Sportsperson of the Year GLOBE Award winner and Queer Sporting Alliance Founder and President Stella Lesic joins the conversation to talk about QSA and LGBTIQ participation in sport.

    As Climbing makes its Olympic debut, Climbing QT's founding member Riley Edwards explains what we can expect to see at this year's games and how you can get involved if you're keen to have a go.

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    Mental Health

    Mental Health

    Mental health concerns impact LGBTIQA+ people more than the general population. Michael and Rachel chat with Venetia Brissenden, Manager of Therapeutic Services and Capacity Building at Thorne Harbour Health to unpack anxiety, depression, and how to recognise the signs of our mental wellbeing needing a bit of attention. Later we speak with Joe Ball, CEO of Switchboard to discuss the Mental Health Royal Commission findings, and how they support our community and its services.

    This podcast includes mention of suicide.

    Up for the conversation? Listen to the Let's Talk About Suicide JOYcast - joy.org.au/letstalk/ 

    Useful Links

    Beyond Blue - beyondblue.org.au

    Lifeline - lifeline.org.au 

    Suicide Callback Service - suicidecallbackservice.org.au

    Thorne Harbour Health's counselling services - thorneharbour.org/lgbti-health/mental-health/counselling/

    Switchboard - switchboard.org.au

    Rainbow Door - rainbowdoor.org.au

    QLife - qlife.org.au


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    International Non-Binary People’s Day and Pride Centre

    International Non-Binary People’s Day and Pride Centre

    Join Tex and Jessie as they pay tribute to International Non-Binary People's Day and Pride Centre with special guests Rowen and Zi, both facilitators of the RISE workshop at Thorne Harbour.

    RISE is a single-session monthly peer-led workshop for people who identify as non-binary or gender diverse (including, but not limited to: genderqueer, genderfluid, agender, trans masc and trans femme). This workshops provides a safe and social space for enby and gender-diverse people to connect with each other and engage in discussions and activities relevant to non-binary experiences.

    Tex also chats about his visit to the long awaited Pride Centre.


    Useful Links: 

    For more information on the RISE Workshop: https://thorneharbour.org/lgbti-health/peer-workshops 

    Email: peer.ed@thorneharbour.org 

    Pride Centre: https://pridecentre.org.au

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    SOPV Outreach Volunteers

    SOPV Outreach Volunteers

    Sex on premises venues (SOPVs) are places for men to meet, cruise, and play, and to connect with community and services, like Thorne Harbour Health's outreach volunteers. Michael and Tex chat with Thorne Harbour Health's Volunteer Coordinator, volunteers themselves, and a SOPV punter about what makes these spaces hubs for fun and communtiy education. We talk about the social and community benefits of volunteering for an LGBTI organisation like Thorne Harbour Health.


    Thorne Harbour Health: thorneharbour.org 

    Volunteer with us: thorneharbour.org/get-involved/volunteer

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    Well Beyond 50

    Well Beyond 50

    This week Cal is joined by Dean Cassano from the Burnet Institute and Richard Keane, CEO of Living Positive Victoria, to talk about Well Beyond 50 — a new website for people living with HIV aged 50 and over. Featuring an array of health topics, personal stories, and opportunities for social connection, Well Beyond 50 offers a wealth of information to people living with HIV as well as carers and supporters.

    The website officially launched this week and can be found online at: wellbeyond50.livingpositivevictoria.org.au

    And anyone keen to be a part of the Well Beyond 50 project by sharing their story can reach out via the website at: wellbeyond50.livingpositivevictoria.org.au/ask-a-question/

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    PrEP for overseas born men

    PrEP for overseas born men

    The HIV notifications amongst overseas-born men who have sex with men (MSM), in particular those from South East Asia have been rising over recent years, whilst the numbers amongst Australian-born MSM have been decreasing. Join Jessie & Michael as they unpack the complexities associated with these rising rates as well as provide a clear roadmap for PrEP for overseas born men highlighting services that are free for those without Medicare and who may not choose to use their overseas health insurance.

    They invite Dr. Jason Ong from the Melbourne Sexual Health Centre to talk about HIV & STI services available there, as well as the PrEP ME Clinic which cater specifically for PrEP for overseas born men. They are also joined by Eswar, a front line staff member and Lead Peer Test Facilitator at PRONTO! the rapid HIV testing centre at Thorne Harbour, to discuss what happens during a rapid HIV test. Jessie and Michael continue the discussion on how to access PrEP through the PAN website for those who may be financially struggling.

    Want it translated? This week's transcript is here


    Useful Links: 

    PRONTO! - Rapid testing services : https://thorneharbour.org/lgbti-health/pronto

    Melbourne Sexual Health Centre : https://www.mshc.org.au/default.aspx

    PrEP Me Clinic info : https://www.pan.org.au/no-medicare

    PrEP Me Clinic / HIV Prevention Line : 1800 889 887

    Email: prep@alfred.org.au

    PAN [PrEPaccessNOW]: https://www.pan.org.au/

    PrEP'D For Change - Multilingual resources : https://www.prepdforchange.com/faqs

    HIV Drug Interaction Checker: https://www.hiv-druginteractions.org/checker 

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