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Inspiration, clarity, confidence and wholehearted growth strategies, the Podcast especially for women who are stepping into their next chapter in business and life. Angela Raspass shares her own insights in solo episodes and hosts expansive conversations with women around the world, discussing their choices, paths, challenges, and triumphs.

Your Next Chapter - Business & Life Beyond 40 Angela Raspass

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Inspiration, clarity, confidence and wholehearted growth strategies, the Podcast especially for women who are stepping into their next chapter in business and life. Angela Raspass shares her own insights in solo episodes and hosts expansive conversations with women around the world, discussing their choices, paths, challenges, and triumphs.

    129 Wayapa Wuurk – a practice of deep reconnection

    129 Wayapa Wuurk – a practice of deep reconnection

    Canadian born, with Welsh heritage, Sara Jones came to Australia as a 14-year-old. Many years later, after years of work with indigenous communities, Sara has developed a deep, reverential relationship with the land through the practise of Wayapa Wuurk, an earth connection practice that is based on ancient Indigenous wisdom that focuses on taking care of the Earth as the starting point for creating Earth Mind Body Spirit well-being. It has changed her life and the lives of all who choose to explore it.
    Show Notes
    Our planet is a terrarium. It is the earth that sustains us, not the Universe A daily interaction with our environment leads to an understanding of our reciprocal relationship We all have hunter gatherer ancestors who lived off the land – it’s time to honour the ancient ways of those who loved successfully in harmony with the environment Living in cities has led to our sense of disconnection from the land, and often a sense of overwhelm that can lead to emotional paralysis. When we take time to pause, to regenerate, hope and purpose rise again Ethical, conscious purchasing habits can make a big difference on an individual level. It’s also important to pause and consider intergenerational wellbeing – where will your purchase go when you are no longer here? Wayapa Wuurk is an embodiment practise with a story heart, anchored in the Creator, sun, moon, earth, lightning, rain, wind, tree, air, land animal, water, hunter, gatherer and child (the future creator) and gratitude for all that sustains us My own journey out of addiction and the disconnection that results was a journey into acceptance, total personal responsibility and love I can now go out and share this understanding with the world  

    About Sara
    Sara Jones wants to live in a world where Indigenous Knowledge is rightfully respected. She is the co-founder of Wayapa Wuurrk®.
    Having worked within the Indigenous Community for over 15 years, Sara believes life could be so much better, if only we listened to the wisdom of the world’s oldest living culture. Bringing a deep respect for Aboriginal culture, Sara combines her business experience within Community, with her passion for Energy Healing, Metaphysics and any natural wellness practices. She has experienced the deep healing and wellbeing effects of Wayapa® personally so is dedicated to sharing it with others for a better world.
    Together with her partner Jamie Marloo Thomas, Sara is passionate about challenging thinking and restoring connection within and between people, the Earth and Spirit.


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    128 Leaving your corporate life behind

    128 Leaving your corporate life behind

    What do you do when you come back from a year of travelling and realise you can no longer fit into your previous corporate life? You do the thing that’s calling you, because you know you don’t want regrets. “My inspiration began with a backpack, a handful of dreams and a vision - to bring ethical and beautifully handcrafted accessories to a global market, whilst ensuring the artisans who create them are empowered to earn a dignified and sustainable income”, explains Harjit. The result? A beautiful, ethical business fashion business for stylish women that places the artisan at the heart of the story, with each and every product handmade by the artisans who are empowered by a fair and sustainable income.
    Show Notes
    70-80 years of life – it’s such a tiny period of time, really When my Mum began to become unwell, it made me question – would I ever make my own dreams come true? When she got well, I felt I needed to make the change more than ever – I was compelled When my husband and I travelled for a year I felt more fluid and more purposeful than I ever had. I needed the freedom to think We stumbled across so many artisans and from an initial seed of an idea, an entire business eventually grew I could not slot back into “normal life” again - I used to be happy in a creative marketing role, but over the years it changed into a more traditional corporate role and it just didn’t fit me anymore. I felt trapped by commitment As I looked back, I could see the Universe was showing me signs – “this is what you love, this is what’s for you” I worked through self-doubt and imposter syndrome, again and again, it’s an ongoing thing I had so much to learn – when you work for a business, it’s all done for you, when you have to do it all for yourself, it’s hard I got a mentor to help me shape my ideas and a community for encouragement and support I have to pinch myself now, when I see how far I have come! It’s so good to have purpose, to be doing the things that lights me up  
    Harjit Sohotey-Khan

    A wanderlust seeker, changemaker and curator of ethical fashion and homewares, Harjit empowers artisans and stylish women through conscious style at Jewelled Buddha, her online boutique specialising in unique, fair trade jewellery & accessories sourced from social good around the world.

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    127 Keeping promises to yourself

    127 Keeping promises to yourself

    When Maria started on this entrepreneurial adventure she told herself “if in 5 years’ time I can’t make it work, I can always go and get a job”. Once she realised she needed to let go of the idea of there being a formula to follow, she was able to see that she’d been going in the wrong direction, trying to build a business based on the wrong things, overriding her own intuition. This realisation freed her and the result – a beautiful, bountiful thriving business that supports her just as much as she supports her clients all around the world.
    Show Notes
    You need to try, you need to know you gave IT a shot

    Trust your gut, you’re the only one who knows what’s right for you

    Let go of the opinions of others – that’s tremendously freeing!

    Get a Mentor to help with emotional mastery  
    I now know to make decisions in business and life that are based on my values – Truth, Service and more recently, Sovereignty  
    The most important thing you can do in business is build relationships  
    My philosophy is to become financially independent and time rich  
    Maria Doyle

    Maria Doyle helps passionate professionals create quality learning experiences that engage, inspire and motivate their clients to create real change. It’s her life mission to take the lack-lustre courses, workshops and presentations of this world – both virtual and live – and transform them into ‘it-changed-my-life’ experiences.

    Her qualifications include an MEd (TESOL), Cert IV TAA, Cert IV TESOL, CELTA, BA (Modern Languages). Maria has extensive international experience, teaching, developing and managing courses in Australia, Indonesia, Japan, the UAE, the UK, Hong Kong and Kiribati. Her areas of expertise include curriculum development, teacher training, project management, assessment and evaluation, and also language and communication skills.


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    126 Where can I make a difference in the world?

    126 Where can I make a difference in the world?

    “I’ve always been drawn to the environment to indigenous culture, a connection to country” Suzy tells me. “It embodies more than just living in the country. We are connected to that land and we impact the land in what we do and how we do it”. Suzy speaks with a reverential appreciation that underpins all that she has done, is doing and will do in what she describes as a mosaic, portfolio career. In one of her core next chapter focus projects, Suzy has founded Two Green Threads, a NFP that cares for the carers of our wildlife, a significant and much-needed entity.
    Show Notes
    I fell into this work really. I saw wildlife hurt on the road and when I went to a country show and came across a wildlife group who rescue, rehabilitate, and release. I signed up for an orientation course on the spot.

    Within 3 months I was juggling my daytime work and caring for wildlife. It delivered a fair bit of stress but I loved it.  
    It feels like a privilege to care for animals, you need to adopt a stillness no matter what is happening around you. You detach from the frantic spinning of the human world and experience a connection with a little being.  
    The intense connection with the wildlife is beautiful, but there was no conversation about the demands and the personal impact of the work, a consuming and emotional experience.  
    It took a number of years for me to be able to recognise and articulate what the problem was. It was my personal experience with my father’s mental instability, the fragility of the mind, that finally allowed me to decide to take action.  
    Two Green Threads is a national registered charity that offers wildlife carers understanding and acknowledgment along with a respectful and neutral shared language. It encompasses podcasts, webinars, PDF downloads, and will soon have courses rolling out.  
    Even though I could see and feel and had experienced the need, I still felt like an imposter when I addressed it. I was asking myself “is this what I am supposed to be doing? Is it simply grief distraction?”.  
    I bought myself a set of bracelets that had the inscription “but what if I fly?”, a powerful statement to bring me back, to anchor myself if I ever felt doubt.  
    Suzy Nethercott-Watson

    Suzy is an experienced Non-Executive Director with a strong reputation for insight, strategy and value adding and the Founder of charity, Two Green Threads. She has a vision to make a positive difference in the lives of wildlife carers at a critical point in time for wildlife conservation and natural ecosystems.


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    125 How to change everything and thrive

    125 How to change everything and thrive

    Kerry describes herself as being “born as a therapist”, with people coming to her for as long as she can recall with their emotional issues, eager for guidance. In this conversation, she shares many of her own emotional growth experiences, from navigating single parenthood, learning how to prioritise her own needs, escaping a poverty mindset, and gathering her courage to take the leap from full-time employment into the world of entrepreneurship where she now openly shares her journey with chronic illness with an almost 10,000 member strong online community, supporting her clients through their own challenges so they can mindfully thrive in their new lives.
    Show Notes
    The Louise Hay program, where I became a You Can Heal Your Life trainer was a turning point for me. I knew my Mum (who had terminal cancer and passed away whilst I was in training) regretted never having had the chance to achieve what was possible for her, so I answered my own call and quit my job

    This was my first experience of trust in the universe – evidence that you will be looked after

    I see myself as a Trailblazer – there was no one who had walked the path I was on to show me the way. That was hugely challenging, but ultimately deeply rewarding.  
    I rely on my lived experience to guide me – I am the expert on me  
    Letting go of other people’s opinions is liberating!  
    My diagnosis with Hashimotos, an auto-immune disease saw me physically and cognitively disabled, and my Dr told me I just had to accept this and adapt to my new normal  
    Instead, I doubled down in helping myself, research, research, research… I changed everything, my diet, my experience of stress, my mindset. Our bodies do heal – that’s what they are designed for.  
    Chronic illness does involve a great deal of grief – the present I had and the future I thought I would have were gone, and this is just one of the reasons why emotional support and resilience are absolutely vital  
    I was initially afraid of being vulnerable, but when I am, my people, the ones I am here to help, know they are seen, heard and understood  
    We can tell ourselves scary stories about what might happen in business and life – it can actually be attractive to spend time in the dark places, and even kick ourselves when we are down, but we can equally choose to talk to ourselves about the good things that can happen too  
    Everything I have committed to in the past readied me for my next challenge  
    Kerry Jeffery

    Kerry is a clinical hypnotherapist, counsellor and life coach who works exclusively online helping people around the world to resolve the complex emotional issues that come from being diagnosed with and living with chronic illness.

    Kerry knows exactly how this feels as she lives with 4 chronic autoimmune disease myself that affect her life every day.

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    124 Stop overthinking and take action

    124 Stop overthinking and take action

    Marnie Downer describes herself with self-deprecating good humour as a Generation Xer with a misspent youth, a penchant for travel and a burning desire to change the sickness model in or society. Our conversation ranged far and wide from her early days as a naturopath and teacher within her industry to a new-found passion for supporting women through the menopause journey after she experienced anxiety fear and a sense of guilt and found so little full-bodied support available. Great Dames, Embrace the change one hot flush at a time is her next chapter.

    Show Notes
    Starting my business was terrifying! It was easier traveling through Iraq then it was taking on this challenge.  
    I experienced a whole lot of “I can’t do this” and then the penny dropped after about 2-3 years in business  
    Marketing was a little scattergun at first and then I realised there is no magic, and that consistency is the key  
    Resilience, tenacity and a commitment to your why are all vital  
    At 48 I had a strong story, a sense of well-being, all the angst of my younger years was gone… and THEN anxiety and a sense of grief hit. I felt as though I had achieved nothing at all  
    I went searching for answers and realised I was in perimenopause – my memory got so bad I could plan my own surprise party!  
    I regrouped and started my next chapter because age is not a barrier to starting something new, learning something new, starting a business… whatever calls you!  
    Continue to have purpose – don’t just mark time  
    I’m a Great Dame, and I’m on my way to being a Grand Dame  
    Marnie Downer
    Marnie is a naturopath, clinic nutritionist, herbalist and educator with a passion for supporting women as they transition through menopause. This was not always the case though! It wasn’t until she ran headlong into ‘the change’ herself that she realised that this period of life was often misunderstood, neglected or downright denied. It was at the point she decided to set about changing the way we view this process.

    She is committed to helping women achieve greatness by unlocking their true potential through acts of self-care and nourishment.

    Marnie believes that if you change the relationship with self, you will change the world.

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5.0 out of 5
29 Ratings

29 Ratings

Kim Crowley ,

This just might have changed my life!

110 How to create Purpose, Vision & Mission Statements - wow. I THOUGHT I knew what my 'Purpose, Vision & Mission' was...until I listened to your podcast because when I wrote them down, I FELT something change inside me because I was so much more honest with myself compared to if I hadn't had listened to your advice.
You just helped me brake through a barrier. Thank you!

Sarahmard ,

Always engaging

I always enjoy listening to Angela’s podcast - she’s a warm and thoughtful host, and I learn something new and interesting each time! I like the solo episodes too. Your voice is pleasant and inviting too, Angela :)

GPPossum ,

100 episodes and I learn so much each time

Congratulations Angela on 100 episodes of helping women navigate their way into their next chapter. Each interview and episode answers the myriad of questions about starting a new phase of working life - I value you work and highly recommend all ladies to listen.

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