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Inspiration, clarity, confidence and wholehearted growth strategies, the Podcast especially for women who are stepping into their next chapter in business and life. Angela Raspass shares her own insights in solo episodes and hosts expansive conversations with women around the world, discussing their choices, paths, challenges, and triumphs.

Your Next Chapter - Business & Life Beyond 40 Angela Raspass

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Inspiration, clarity, confidence and wholehearted growth strategies, the Podcast especially for women who are stepping into their next chapter in business and life. Angela Raspass shares her own insights in solo episodes and hosts expansive conversations with women around the world, discussing their choices, paths, challenges, and triumphs.

    118 The importance of being seen, heard and understood

    118 The importance of being seen, heard and understood

    You will probably have heard about the Know, Like and Trust factor, the KLT in business. All three of these things are incredibly important. But I have found there is something even more important and it needs to come first. This is the Seen, Heard and Understood factor, the SHU, if you like. I believe this is the most important thing you can focus on. It’s about getting off you and getting more into the shoes of these people that you're here to serve. And the magic is, when you focus on providing value, transparency and authenticity when you focus on being interested rather than on being interesting, when the members of your community do feel seen, heard and understood, they tend to like and trust you!

    This episode unpacks this approach more for you.
    Show Notes
    The SHU Factor is enhanced by:
    Narrowing your focus to deepen your impact – when you focus on a particular slice of the market, you are better equipped to meet them where they are at, developing a deeper understanding of what they are experiencing  
    Practicing active listening and deep questions – listen more than you talk, reflect and check for understanding  
    Revisit your why – reconnect with the who and why you are doing what you do  
    Check the copy and messaging on your website, ensuring you avoid the “Three Little Pigs” syndrome of it’s all about “me, me, me”. Swap this out for inclusive, inviting and empathetic messaging instead.  
    Seek deeper, leisurely conversations with people in your audience - coffee dates, as I call them. Explore “what would be most useful for you”?. Take notes, check understanding, utilise their language in your copy.

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    117 When you’re standing at the crossroads A Conversation about the Coronation

    117 When you’re standing at the crossroads A Conversation about the Coronation

    All great change begins when you’re thinking is challenged – COVID 19 is a great unknown, it’s provided a non-optional pause for great slices of the world and for many of us this space has allowed contemplation – what might change as we move forward again?
    My own musing was significantly expanded when I was introduced to an essay by Charles Eisenstein, a graduate of Yale University with degrees in economics and philosophy (a most unusual combination, so it’s perhaps not surprising that his writing is both ground-breaking and thought-provoking in many ways).

    You can read The Coronation Essay here ( https://charleseisenstein.org/essays/the-coronation/) .
    Charles is also a social philosopher focusing on themes of human cultural evolution, economics and consciousness, and the author of many books including Climate a new story and Sacred Economics, The More Beautiful world our hearts know is possible.
    My good friend, author and Purpose Proponent, Carolyn Tate, was also an enthusiast reader and when we were comparing notes, we knew there was a deeper conversation to be had.
    And so here it is… we hope it inspires you to have a conversation about what changes are now waiting for you in Your Next Chapter too. 

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    116 Committed to making the impossible, possible

    116 Committed to making the impossible, possible

    “You’re an active creator”, Angela Philp tells us. “You can take the circumstances facing you and shape them for yourself”. Self-Leadership is the key – what’s the seemingly impossible you want to make possible?
    A dynamo of energy, fierce focus and commitment, Angela has found her passion and focus in life – “I believe that women need to make have 50% of the decision making capacity in this world”. To further that vison, Angela supports and challenges high achieving women with similarly big visions to take action on their dreams.
    She is remarkable. And our conversation will energise and inspire you into your own new possible.
    Show Notes
    Remember who you are – not the conditioned self, not the should and rights and wrongs There is always an inkling of an idea inside of you – be still and search for it I’ve found my soapbox – gender equality and equal leadership – what’s yours? Women are not a niche! I tempered my voice in the past – “Maybe I might not be liked” quietened me. Not anymore. The cost of keeping quiet is too high. Use your mistakes as springboards I cannot separate my work from who I am – each fuels the other When we’re focused on what we might lose from taking action, we miss what we may gain Follow your joy When you’re on a growth edge when you’re heart led, that’s when fear shows up. And that’s when you can choose to can meet it with courage. Say YES to your gifts and put them at the centre of your life and work. Your life’s work. Take a stand for something I your life that’s bigger than you, that you’d like to defend. Imagine, if I lived my life standing for that, how would my life be different? To change one’s life is a decision

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    115 Conscious choices in the midst of change

    115 Conscious choices in the midst of change

    How the world can change in a very short period of time! I’ve been absent from the Podcast for the past 3 weeks as I was feeling a little discombobulated. I did not want to “add to the noise” online, I wanted to contribute to the conversation instead. So, I allowed myself for these last 10 days or so, just to feel the feels” before I was ready to share with you again. I’ve now gathered some initial thoughts and would love to share the concepts of conscious choices in times of change with you.

    Show Notes
    We need to allow our emotions, all of our emotions. IN the Recover Movement we all this “feel, deal, heal”. Whatever comes up for us, we need to experience it to move through to the other side. There's nothing to be gained by pushing it down, or avoiding our emotions or anything like that, because they will come back and demand to be hear! Whatever feelings you've been experiencing, I hope you can move yourself this space where you can simply allow yourself to feel them because none of them are wrong. Brene Brown talks about the FF T's - the effing first time, and this is certainly a FFT for most of us. There isn't a rulebook, there's nothing that we can turn to that says, “here’s the way to handle this”. So all we can do is “Google inside”, I guess, to work out what this new normal means to us. If you are a solo micro small business owner, what does it mean for your business going forward? What do you need to do now, next and later? I believe as we move through and out of this situation, we're going to be connecting even more deeply to meaning and purpose going forward in response to the recognition of how deeply important connection to other people is, how deeply important being of service to others is, and how deeply important adding value to the world is. It’s time to be a Lighthouse and an Anchor for your clients, to be, as my colleague and friend Donna Brown says, a refuge for your clients, a safe space to be away from the turmoil. Many brands have tended to rely on fear to sell and position themselves, using FOMO (fear of missing out) to close sales. This never really was appropriate but now it’s not at all! It’s really important for our economy to stay as a river and not a pond and we can contribute by continuing to invest in different ways. A pond that has no movement becomes stagnant, becomes a swamp. We do not want that for our businesses or for other people's businesses as well. A river may not be possible right now, perhaps think of it as a stream. What small investments can you still make to keep things moving? It’s not business as usual, we’re not moving full speed ahead with all the same messaging and activities as we had before this pandemic. That doesn't feel right. But neither does hiding. So pause and ask yourself, what does Conscious Visibility look like for you? And then do that. Now consider Conscious Observation - the power of example. What are other people doing in your space or in the business world at the moment? What makes you go aha, there's an idea, how might that work for me? This is about looking for inspiration. And now look at Conscious Connection. How can you collaborate and co create with other people at the moment? And finally, Conscious Kindness. Wherever possible, work with kindness, kindness to yourself, and kindness to others wherever possible. In any given situation that you're facing that is difficult, or that is threatening or that is scary or, or unusual, uncertain, pause and ask yourself, what would love to do in this situation? What would love do? The discussion continues in the Your Next Chapter Community - come and join us!

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    114 Are you asking the right questions?

    114 Are you asking the right questions?

    In this episode, we explore how you might be self-sabotaging yourself by asking the wrong questions. 
    Your brain is a meaning-seeking machine and so when you pose questions, it will happily supply answers to you. If the questions you ask create disempowering answers, they become roadblocks that can keep you stuck in discontent and results that are far from delightful!
    Once you recognise this tendency, you can change it, asking better quality questions that are expansive and supportive and help you to move around self-sabotage and into growth.

    Show Notes
    The first step towards asking better questions is to recognise that you have a result in your business and life that is not what you desire. This self-awareness opens the door to change.
    Underneath the result is a behaviour, and that action, of lack of action, is created by your feelings. The questions you ask yourself can be empowering and expansive, leading to positive feelings and actions or they can be disempowering and reductive, creating roadblocks that you may not even be aware of.
    Debbie Ford summed this up perfectly - "Questions supply you with the wisdom you need to make what was previously unconscious, conscious so that you can choose with all the power that comes from being fully aware."
    If you've recognised the need for change, let''s start with the conversations you have with yourself! Try flipping your questions:
    "Why is this so hard" becomes "How can I make this easier?" "Why can't I work this out" becomes "What do I need to be able to tackle this?" "Why can't I show up consistently online" becomes "How can I make showing up online more enjoyable for me?" Now that you're opening up to more positive questions and answers, make and commit to the decision to change and then take a single action today in the new direction to get the ball rolling.

    The key example in today's episode focused on my client who wants to be more visible online for her business growth, but there is an endless selection of possibilities that you can develop better questions, and choices, for.

    I love the ten questions that Debbie Ford poses, and here they are for you:
    Will this choice propel me toward an inspiring future or will it keep me stuck in the past? Will this choice bring me long-term fulfilment or will it bring me short-term gratification? Am I standing in my power or am I trying to please another? Am I looking for what’s right or am I looking for what’s wrong? Will this choice add to my life force or will it rob me of my energy? Will I use this situation as a catalyst to grow and evolve or will I use it to beat myself up? Does this choice empower me or does it disempower me? Is this an act of self-love or is it an act of self-sabotage? Is this an act of faith or is it an act of fear? Am I choosing from my divinity or am I choosing from my humanity? The discussion continues in the Your Next Chapter Community - come and join us!

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    113 How to find your Pricing Sweet Spot

    113 How to find your Pricing Sweet Spot

    Deciding what to charge for your services can sometimes create confusion and tension! In this episode, I walk you through some of the key considerations when setting your prices to make the experience a little easier.
    Whilst there is no magic formula to reach an answer, as each business is so very personal, there is guidance to help you make a decision and there is always opportunity to change your pricing when you’ve had feedback from your market.
    Show Notes
    Pricing decisions should not be made in isolation – there are several factors that exert influence over your price points Don't be afraid of competition – it’s actually a good thing as it shows you that there is a market for whatever it is that you're offering. Where do you want to be positioned in the marketplace? Are you going to be really accessible, set in the middle portion of the market or sit way up high? Create a positioning matrix to map the market – investment level/price on one axis and level of service on the other. Place yourself and other key service providers/alternatives to your brand on the matrix for clarity on your own relative positioning Once you have made your positioning decision, ensure congruence across all of your marketing that reinforces that positioning Consider your own Financial goals when setting your pricing Do not make a financial decision for your clients – ensure your own money mindset does not get in the way of your being well compensated for the value you add to the world Where does this products or service sit in your Offer Staircase? How will you price it relative to what else you provide to the market? Have you created a clear Value Proposition? Your offer needs to Resonate, Differentiate and Validate to be strong Check your testimonials for key areas of similar feedback to help establish your “uniqueness” The Sweet Spot of pricing sits between the Resentment Point (where you are cranky about how much you are doing for what you are being paid) and the Snap Point (where you are so terrified by the price you’ve set that you can’t think straight)

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5.0 out of 5
30 Ratings

30 Ratings

Kim Crowley ,

This just might have changed my life!

110 How to create Purpose, Vision & Mission Statements - wow. I THOUGHT I knew what my 'Purpose, Vision & Mission' was...until I listened to your podcast because when I wrote them down, I FELT something change inside me because I was so much more honest with myself compared to if I hadn't had listened to your advice.
You just helped me brake through a barrier. Thank you!

Sarahmard ,

Always engaging

I always enjoy listening to Angela’s podcast - she’s a warm and thoughtful host, and I learn something new and interesting each time! I like the solo episodes too. Your voice is pleasant and inviting too, Angela :)

GPPossum ,

100 episodes and I learn so much each time

Congratulations Angela on 100 episodes of helping women navigate their way into their next chapter. Each interview and episode answers the myriad of questions about starting a new phase of working life - I value you work and highly recommend all ladies to listen.

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