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Met Studio Stijn breng ik inspirerende verhalen van en voor iedereen die op zoek is naar nieuwe inzichten, tips en trics voor zijn persoonlijk en professioneel leiderschap. Echte levensverhalen vanuit het hart, door en door authentiek.

Studio Stijn: Inspirerend Leiderschap Stappen met Stijn

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Met Studio Stijn breng ik inspirerende verhalen van en voor iedereen die op zoek is naar nieuwe inzichten, tips en trics voor zijn persoonlijk en professioneel leiderschap. Echte levensverhalen vanuit het hart, door en door authentiek.

    #90 Ted Wallach: 'Relationships is what thrives us as humans'

    #90 Ted Wallach: 'Relationships is what thrives us as humans'

    #90 Ted Wallach. Discover why relationships are what thrives us as humans both professionally as in our personal lives. In the first place the relationship with what we need and what is good for us. To enhance our relations with ourselves and others we need to learn how to communicate in a more profound deep and intimate way. Ted shares his unique insights and wisdom about the evolution of relations in mankind!

    In his early years Ted was a movie director and producer in Hollywood, Bollywood, The Middle East and Europe. A global man you could say. After his moviecareer he became the creative director for WeWork to launch social campaigns. He was the CEO of TimeRepublic a global digital time bank were he discovered his passion for guiding colleagues through obstacles and supporting others to reach new heights.

    So Ted decided to begin a clinical practice in feeling management and manifestation combining multiple disciplines he had studied over the years (Taoism, Quantum Mechanics, Psychology, Restorative Justice Circles, Design/Systems Thinking) When he became a visiting scolar at Stanfords Peace Innovation lab he dove into the topic of Man and masculinity where he created the Quantum Warrior, an organization to scale the reach of men’s circles and spread the lessons learned from this work. He brought these Circles to the United Nations Global Help Desk .

    To get in contact with Ted Wallach please mail; ted@enterportal.se

    Get inspired to inspire!

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    #89 Linda Keen: 'Saying YES to my intuition gave me the best of life!'

    #89 Linda Keen: 'Saying YES to my intuition gave me the best of life!'

    #89 Linda Keen is an American healer, author, and teacher of metaphysics, as well as a professional musician. She is the author of in total 7 books. Her international bestseller: Intuition Magic: Understanding Your Psychic Nature is a fundamental book for all who want to explore more about the power of ones intuition.

    In 1987 she was the cofounder of one the largest schools in energy management and intuition in Holland before she moved to the US in 1993 where she has been living and working since.

    The most striking realization Linda had in the course of her work was how each and every human being has full access to his or her own elaborate body of spiritual information. That is if only they have the interest to seek and find it. This access is one of the lesser-known and/or acknowledged gifts of the remarkable human psyche.

    In this podcast Linda and I will elaborate more on the topic of intuition,how it works and how you can benifit from it. We elaborate on the human spirit and how energy can help you to life a life that is in service of you and others. Where true happiness and contentment is found despite the many challenges we might face in our daily lifes.

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    #88 Dr. Marc Gafni: 'Discovering your Unique Self is the key for new Conscious business Leadership!'

    #88 Dr. Marc Gafni: 'Discovering your Unique Self is the key for new Conscious business Leadership!'

    #88 Dr. Marc Gafni. In this episode Marc Gafni shares his ideas about Conscious business, Conscious Leadership, purpose and the importance of developping yourself as a conscious leader, manager and, in fact for any human being, in order to serve others. He elaborates on the idea of 'The Unique Self for leaders and their business in todays world'.

    Marc is a visionary thinker, spiritual teacher, social activist, passionate philosopher, and author of ten books, including the award-winning Your Unique Self: The Radical Path to Personal Enlightenment. He holds his doctorate in philosophy from Oxford University, is a rabbi and had a talk show on Israelin television.

    Together with John Mackey , CEO of Whole Foods Market and entrepreneur Kate Maloney he brings revolutionary ideas on how business should and can be meaningfull far beyond the individual benefit but serving for the better of society and the world.

    Marc is known for his rare combination of brilliant mind and overflowing heart. He is a leading public intellectual and has been called a trail-blazing visionary in opening up new possibilities for love, Eros and relationship.

    In that regard he is the co-founder and president of The Centre of Integral Wisdom and at the end of August he will be in Belgium leading a retreat called the ‘Eros mystery School’.

    If you want to attend his retreat: you can use this link:


    Thank you Marc for sharing your wisdom and insights

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    #87 Isabelle Gonnissen: Choose Positivity, choose life!

    #87 Isabelle Gonnissen: Choose Positivity, choose life!

    #87 Isabelle Gonnissen. Do you know that negativity sticks longer in your mind? Do you know we tend to believe negative things rather then positivity? How can you change your mindset to a more positive one without forcing it?

    With Isabelle Gonnissen we dive into the topic of positivity. Isabelle is the founder of '30 Days without Complaining' that celebrates its fifth anniversary in January 2023 and she launched the campaign "Join in and Make a P". In the meantime, Isabelle wrote 2 books 'Choose Positive' and 'Choose consciously' about her passion: to be more conscious and to choose for a positive mindset.

    Indeed, Isabelle believes that we can actively choose for a positive attitude in life. She is the perfect next guest for the podcast Inspiring Leadership.

    'Knowing what takes energy and what gives you energy is so important. Stop doing things that don't give you energy. Your personal energymanagement is crucial for a happy life'.

    Being surrounded by positive people is another great tool to support you to change your mindset. However you can start by being positive towards others. That's why Isabelle started the P-sign campaign.

    'By making a P-sign (of Positivity) you get more conscious about what is positive around you. For example when someone brings you a cup of coffee you give a P-sign. In that way you create more positivity in your life and that of others.'

    We also talk about how to deal with all the outer negative circumstances.

    'We can not change the outer world. We are responsible for the reaction we give to it. Start to put a small smile on your face and you will feel differently'.

    And as dessert we share insigts on how to be and stay in the flow of life!

    Thank you very much Isabelle for this beautiful interview.

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    #86 Lieven Taillie: 'Traagheid en kunst brengen nieuwe inzichten en inspiratie voor leiders'

    #86 Lieven Taillie: 'Traagheid en kunst brengen nieuwe inzichten en inspiratie voor leiders'

    #86 Lieven Taillie. Wat kan geschiedenis en kunst ons leren over leiderschap? Hoe beleefden de groten der aarden zoals Helmut Kohl en Francois Mitterand (gewezen presidenten van Duitsland en Frankrijk) hun leiderschap? Wat maakte dat zij slaagden in hun opdrachten?

    Lieven Taillie mocht velen van hen interviewen en diepgaande gesprekken met hen voeren. Als gerenommeerd Europees journalist en gewezen commercieel directeur van de Muntschouwburg wijst hij op het belang van geschiedenis en kunst in een geslaagd leiderschap.

    'Nieuwsgierigheid is de grote drijfveer in zijn leven, het is de tegenhanger van angst.' Zo stelt Lieven. Verder is hij gepassioneerd door kunst en geschiedenis.

    'Geschiedenis geeft perspectief. Er zijn periodes van optimisme en groei, daarna volgen periodes van moeilijkheid en angst. Ik vrees dat we daar nu in zitten. Maar daar zitten net ook een oneindig aantal mogelijkheden voor groei en verbetering.'

    Over het leiderschap van de grote leiders van Europa vertelt Lieven: ' Alle leiders hebben een hoge mate van theatraliteit. Maar de bescheidenheid van de grote veranderaars, zoals Jean Monnet, de founding father van Europa is en blijft voor mij een bron van inspiratie.'

    We verdiepen ons in de snelheid van dit leven. Lieven merkt op dat de grote leiders fervente wandelaars waren, zoals President Adenauer en Jean Monnet. Onze huidige leiders zoals bv Verhofstadt zijn koersfanaten.

    'Koersen geeft een heel ander perspectief. We hebben traagheid nodig, vertraging geeft rust en nieuwe inzichten. Wandelen is altijd een omweg maken. Je vertrekt naar een doel maar je komt altijd op dezelfde plek terug.'

    Verder onderstreept hij het belang van een goede entourage van elke leider.

    'Je wil geen hofhouding rond je. Dat is de valkuil van macht. Iedereen wil in het licht van de zonnekoning staan en niet altijd met de beste bedoelingen. Omring je met vertrouwelingen en krachtige medewerkers.'

    Laat je meeslepen in dit boeiende en inspirerende gesprek vol geschiedenis en kunst in podcast nummer 86.

    Dankjewel Lieven voor deze inspirerende podcast.

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    #85 Aegir Ingolfsson: 'I got my freedom thanks to Quantum Intelligence'

    #85 Aegir Ingolfsson: 'I got my freedom thanks to Quantum Intelligence'

    #85 Aegir Ingolfsson. How do men become true men. Healthy men that can handle both their firm side and their soft side. Their dreams, emotions and feelings, disappointment and victories. And discover that we will find the most joy in becoming a true human being in service of others and not only for self interest.

    Aegir Ingolfsson shares his story how he changed from a, what he calls, a male chauvenistic pic, into a more kind and loving person.

    'It is truly possible!' he laughs, 'I disconnect from old and non serving beliefs. I learned how to reconnect with my true human spirit. Love and kindness.'

    Aegir Ingolfsson is a former well known Doctor in dentology who had his practice in Iceland and the United States. Since more then 20 years he is also an active yoga and meditation practicioner and teacher. The last years he specialised himself in Quantum Intelligence and men’s work. With a rough Icelandic background he is a wonderfull and heartfull human being to be around with. His wisdom is an inspiration for all who is interested in personal growth to create a healthy and happy life.

    'I grew up in a context where there were four states of being: angry, drunk, laughter or horny. For years I did not know what to do with feelings. Thinking of it made me almost as if I was to die'

    He found a wonderfull practice in Quantum Intelligence. How shifting your life into a new paradigm, the one of love and kindness. He teaches this now to other men throught retreats in Iceland. The next one is in july 2023.

    'With Quantum Intelligence you go to a new level of consciousness. You feel a true connection with all that is around you and you experience the infinite possibilities that you have as a human being on this planet. It turns your paradigm of survival into thriving and creating.'

    Aegir spent days in solitude in the forests of the Amazon and the caves of Iceland. In the latest he met all his demons, as he calls them, in complete darkness, with food and with a temperature of -4 degrees Celcius.

    'It is like you become mad! All you demons or emotions you did not see yet or did not want to see, they will come and pay you a visit. The liberation afterwards is indescribable. You find freedom.'.

    You get more inspiration and teachings about meditation, solitude and Quantum Intelligence. Looking what a quest can do for you? Join us at Hornstrandir from July 19th till July 23 2023. See you then.

    Enjoy, dear listener.

    #stappenmetstijn #studiostijn #bewustleiderschap #succes #inspiratie #leiderschap #ondernemen #energie #verandering #humor #kracht #ondernemerschap #innovatie #authenticiteit #quantumintelligence #consciousness

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